Sunday, 30 December 2012

Merry xmas!

Bit late, but happy Christmas everyone :)
Happy new year to!

I been busy so no games and a lack of updates! sorry!

But hope you enjoyed 2012 :)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Warmachine, Menoth Finished?

So here is a list of my entire Menoth collection, now is it finished? I reckon it isnt far off!



Light Jacks-
Repenter x 2

Heavy Jacks-
Reckoner x 2
Fire of Salvation
Avater of Menoth

Max Bastions
Max Cinerators
Max Choir
Max Errants + UA
Min Flameguard + UA
Max Deliverers
Max Daughters x 2
Juviah and Honor Guard

Vassal of Menoth x 2
Paladin x 2
Vassal Mechanik


Battle Engine-
Vessel of Judgement

Rhupert Carvolo

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trail run: Judicator!

So I gave it a run! 30 points vs cryx

Used it with pkreoss for pop and drop, and it worked, it help massively to win the game!

Missile pods are amazing!
Creates 1 focus
can take a punishment


Overall I like it and will continue to try it out!

I was up against a very infantry based list, so hopefully next time I will be up against more heavier stuff! To give it another try out!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Made Judicator!

Makes a change, my phone wont connect to the pc any more, so out comes the digital camera! (Which university paid for)

So here it is built and standing tool!
Next up I will be spraying it and painting it, but I reckon that wont happen to January now! Hopefully I will get a game with it soon :D

Friday, 30 November 2012


So my Judicator for Menoth has arrived! Now when I have built it I will pist a picture, but so far nice model and even nicer rules!

Mwahahahaha :D

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

2 mistakes, 2 days!

So two mistakes, one yesterday by me and one today Chelsea!

So first one,

Warmachine, my Menoth vs Cryx!

Well a couple of mistakes in this game, leaving one guy left in a unit...only for him to kill and spawn more followers... and placement of my warcaster, completely forgetting his warcaster ahs a spell, so his Helljack can charge over terrain!

So he won this game!
But only had his warcaster (on 7 life) and half of his hell jack left, while i still had two jacks, choir and one errant! O well!

And Chelsea sacking RDM and hiring rafa is the mistake by Chelsea, Spanish twits should be kept out of England!

O well!

Thats about it lately :D

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

So 2 more warmachine games!

So yep played two more warmachine games (both were only demo games tho)

The first one was against retribution and I won, but the main idea was to show him how to play!

Second game the other player borrowed some of my menoth, he won with pop and drop pkreoss, and again only a demo so I didnt go in to ripping them both up!

Next week I have a game against the 3rd and final player but he knows what he is doing! So I am going in for a good game I reckon. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

So a bit slow!

So not a lot is happening atmo, a few more Warmachine players in St Neots who are interested!
And about it!
Still thinking about the next 40k campaign, I reckon I am going Guard, as they can ally with any of my armies! So that could be fun!

Err about it...

Mostly playing fifa 13 and started playing skyrim again... yep this whole post was a bit pointless!

Also I am looking forward to the end of this Month when the Judicator is out for Menoth (Warmachine) Thats already on my shopping list :D

About it for now!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Warmachine 50 points!

So my Menoth had a 50pts game vs my usual Khador player! And I won, it was a tightly fought game, but after I had pkreoss feat, the next few turns turned into a blood bath, the feat allowed me to take out a few certain models and help get my models in position for the next few turns!
He did chuck everything in range at my Warcaster in his last turn, but kreoss has 2 boxes left and so he conceded.

10 Man Errants with UA are awesome, good tarpit with defenders ward and can really dish out damage as well as take it!
Vessel of Judgement, I have always been undecided on battle engines including this one, but it did really well,   caused a lot of problems with its boosted shooting and setting things on fire!
Reckoner's, This is the first time I have used them, so I used two! One got wrecked early but the other one, kept causing problems and doing well!

My warcaster placement is still off, I need to practice that more, sometimes my war caster found itself horribly exposed, I am lucky the Khador player didn't take full advantage
Mechanic, I will continue to use him, but I need to make sure I place him better to make sure I am in B2b with either a Jack or the Vessel of Judgement

So we are playing tomorrow! And hopefully we will get two games in, instead of one as we have a bit more time! Good to play again though as we havnt been able to play in a while!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Warmachine Vessel of Judgement

So after my plan to use the Vessel today, I thought I would post pictures of it as the blog has been quiet lately

First picture is the whole thing, the second is a close up of the front.
I havnt played a game in ages I think I am going to have to go up to Cambridge to play, as with only 1 player in my LGS, and now I can no longer make the gaming night being back at Uni till late on Thursdays! Time is limited to play.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Warhammer 40k, Eldar vs Wolves

So long time since I have played a 40k game! But last night I got my Eldar out (First time in over 3 years) for a 1.5k game vs Wolves!

Well only a quick post this one!

3 Objectives and neither of us hold either so we drew!
or so I thought intill now while I am writing this! We forgot about the secondary objectives! I killed warlock and had line breaker he had first blood...

So I would have won if we remembered that!

O well, so first game with Eldar in a long time, I now remember why I have some many jetbikes! 4 of them did well, so think of loads * Evil thoughts*
Pathfinders I found to be okay, didnt seem to kill that much.
Avatar rocks.. ripped through 3 squads and a rune priest!  Had 1 wound left after the game!

Overall though, I should have brought more Dire Avengers and took out my Warp spiders, (They did nothing and were the first blood kill)   Or learnt to place them better! I guess this game werent helped by my habbit of rolling 11's with my Farseers tests! And my dice rolling meaning I failed 7 4+ in a row!

O well good game though!

Might use Eldar again next time, but with Guard for a bit more numbers and firepower!

Warmachine, Repenter and Redeemer!

So some more painted stuff! First up are my two Repenters, one was painted ages ago and one yesterday! And below is my Redeemer! So another 10 points done!

Also my second reckoner have arrived!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Warmachine Bastion and Army update!

So a painted squad of Bastions!

Army update (What I have and whats painted)

pseverius (Painted)
pkreoss (painted)

Repenter (Painted)
Vanquisher (Painted)
Reckoner (On Order)
Castigator (Painted)
Crusader (Painted)

Max Choir (Painted)
Bastions (Painted)
Max Daughters
Max Daughters (Unmade)
Max Exemplar Errants with UA
Max Deliverers (Painted)
Rhoven and Honor Guard
Paladin of the wall
Paladin of the wall
Nicia (Painted)
Vassal of Menoth (Painted)
pEiryss (Painted)

So 5 Warcasters and 132 points! (140 when second Reckoner arrives) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Warmachine, Battle Reports

So my Menoth had two games tonight, none against a 15 point Cryx list and one vs a 25 point Khador list!

Game 1-
15 Cryx
He used battle box!

I had
min Choir
min Errants

So I won this, my feat turn wiped out 3 out of his 4 jacks, the 4th one didnt last much longer either!
He charged his Warcaster at Kreoss and chucked all his focus at him (bad mistake on my part) but Kreoss had 3 boxes left... so guess how it finished!
The feat was awesome vs Cryz, auto hitting against high def was really the big turning point in my game as to start with it was looking grim!

Game 2
He had
Battle box Warjacks

I had
Min choir
Max Bastions
Min Deliverers
Vassel of Menoth

Another win, not the most convincing though, Drakun had a early end when the Vanquisher boosted by Choir and Eye of Menoth made quick work of him!
Game was looking close, but after my Bastions turned Drago into scrap, he pushed eVlad behind my lines, and lined him up against my Warcaster knowing he was going to be hard to hit, I feated (clearing off his focus) and cast Death Sentence, My Bastions (still at full strength) Turned around and walked up and splatted him!

Good game, wish I had my Reckoner for this one though (should arrived tomorrow)

so 6-5 I am winning now overall between us two!

ekreoss I really like and I can see some big advantages with the Errants too!
Cant wait to try them out again!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Warmachine Update

So I just bought the plastic reckoner box for £14.50! Look forward to that when it arrives!  Our second best jack behind the Avatar, so could be fun!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So my second Repenter came through the post today! £3 for a brand new one! Bargain!

Right so now the other Warmachine player has started Cryx which will be fun, but as they are a lot of stealth and high def and as Menoth has loads of blasts and a higher then average Mat, I hopefully will be okay!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Warmachine Painting!

So at my Girlfriends house again today and we did some more painting! Here are a few more bits which I painted today!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Quiet week

Been a quiet week, so no updates currently, have bought some more models though!


And one more but that is a surprise :D

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Warmachine, my army


Avatar of Menoth

Max Daughters of the Flame
Max Choir of Menoth

Max Exemplar Cinerators
Max Exemplar Bastions
Max Deliverers
Vassal of Menoth
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and Honour Guard

Warmachine, Crusader and Vanquisher painted

My vanquisher first, and Crusader second :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Warmachine, Crusader+ Vanquisher

So I have started painting my Heavy Jacks from the two player box set! No pictures this time, but will be when I am done! Hoping to try and get them done this week in-between work! But no promises!

But yes quick update as I have work soon :(

Monday, 20 August 2012

Warmachine, Choir, Castigator and Serverius Painted!

So today in the Garden with the girlfriend I got some more painting done! Some pictures below of what I completed, I also got a couple of other Heavy Warjacks based ready to go! But because I am now working all week till Sunday I don't think their will be any more painting or blogging this week!

Castigator, Menoth Heavy Warjack!
                                                            Choir of Menoth!

                                                                      Warcaster Serverius

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Warmachine, 25p Menoth

pSeverius +6

Vigilant 4
Vanquisher 8
Crusader 6
Daughters of the Flame 5
Min Choir 2
Vassel of Menoth 2
Rhoven and Guard 4

Overall I think it could be a fun list,
with severius casting Eye of Menoth, making models that little bit nastier and Defenders Ward on the Daughters to make them 17 def!
Also with Vision, I can hopefully not take as much damage as maybe I should do!

Will have to see how it goes when I get chance to play test it!

Warmachine, Vessal of Menoth

So here is my Vessal of Menoth, the first of my models to be completely painted, for my Menoth I plan to do this scheme throughout, (Red, Green, Bronze) And other colours for warcasters and bigger models, I wanted something quick and easy and still looks okay on the table, as I have never been one for painting I dont plan to paint great detail but I just want them to look okay on the table top!!
So tomorrow I got a busy day, as me and my girlfriend (Who I love  :P )  are having a arty day, so I hoping I  can get a warjack done, my choir and my Deliverers at least! Hopefully anyway! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Warmachine, Menoth v Khador

Right so my Menoth (which has way to much money spent on it) was up against my mates Khador!

Game 1-
35 points
We objectives, vs to seven points (get a point if you hold a objective at the end of your turn)

So Drago walks up and rips the arms, legs, cortex and also the head of my Avatar! So that wasnt pleasing! Overall it was a close game, with pkeors feat evening it up again, but over all he won with 7 points to 3!

So drago is broken!

Game 2-
35 points
No mans land

Well it was a interesting one, my feat at the right time, allowed me to take down all his ninjas and most of his man'owars leaving me in a very power position, specially as the Avatar gets revenge walks up to a jack and rips it limb from limb! Overall a win for me by Warcaster kill after my Crusader showed his warcaster why you dont stand in front of a POW 18 mace which is on a Jack with 3 focus!

Good games overall. except from knocking them down his Ninjas they seem to be a nightmare to kill!

So anyway I have placed another order, to get me two more Warcasters ( I need them if we play in the Cambridge Storm Roller events)  some daughters of the flame (my own ninjas with can easily be a match for his ninjas, and also Rhoven and his bodyguard, because some of his abilities are funny and his body guards are tough cookies and can hit hard!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Escalation ideas for War Machine

So we are looking to do a escalation league, one game a month slowly building up.

This is only a idea not the final copy!


-All games will be played on one day, to be agreed upon by the players
(Recommend last Thursday of each month)
-All players must play each other once on the chosen day.
-Proxies and unpainted models are allowed, but proxies will incur a point penalty.


3 for Win
1 for Lose
0 for not Playing (In which case other play automatically gets 3 points)
1 for a new fully painted Warjack (Must be one that has been added to the new list)
2 for Entire army painted (Has to be ENTIRE army, so not painting one month, is going to make you full behind)
- 1 for each War Caster/WarJack/Solos Or unit that has been proxied. Unit add ons that are attached to a unit, do not count as a each point.  Example- 10 Winter Guard unpainted - 1 point, if the UA is unpainted but attached it still is only a -1 point total.

Example Month
Month 1-

Player 1,
Win 2
Loses 0
2 Painted Warjacks
Total 8 points

Player 2,
Wins 1
Loses 1
3 Painted Warjacks
1 proxied War Caster
Total 6 points

Player 3
Wins 0
Loses 2
5 Painted WarJacks
Painted Army
Total 9 points

Warmachine so far!

So I have now played 3 games of Warmachine, winning 2 and losing 1!
So far I am still getting used to making sure placement is correct, and I am finding ti harder to make Warmachine models then 40k, but the 40k Metal glue is awesome on the white metal figures! But most are Plastic anyway!

So far with what I got and what I have ordered I am up to 70 points! So a 35point steam roller, would be do able, but I do need to get a second War Caster!

O well, hopefully we can get one more player interested for the escalation league!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Warmachine Review

Right so played two games of warmachine last night for the first time and here is what I got to say about it!
Well to start with I won both, first game he charged his war caster in and I smashed top the ground with a heavy jack and some Knights.

Second game he had me down to my war caster and that was it, I had 1 life left, while his war caster had ten live, he also had a heavy jack and some man o wars. But his was caster was in charging range so I chucked all my foucs into extra attacks and extra power and well... it was all or nothing as he would of won if it didn't work. But it just about worked!

Game play-
Easy enough to learn but not to basic. Had to think about placement and ways of killing their war caster without them killing yours. (which helped first game, because mine is a support caster while his was a stronger fighting caster)

I really liked this element as it made the game that bit more random, not knowing how the other player was going to spend his focus means you can never be sure what the other player is going to do! (for example when I killed his war caster second game, I stopped all upkeep spells and when for it)

I really enjoyed it, do I enjoy it as much as 40k? Dont know yet, but it makes a changed playing small games with a few models instead of big games with loads of models! And it is cheaper! Needless to say I have already bought half of the two player kit and I think I am playing again Monday and Thursday!

Happy Gaming!!! 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heroclix Arrival!

Yep so today more Heroclix arrived by post, now I dont think I need any more from Chaos war as these were the last ones I wanted!

Scarlet Witch (from the ff pack)

Why? Because Perplex and PP on one click? With Mystics? Make her one of the best Support pieces in the game along side Donald Blake

2 Iron Man Drones

Why? So Now I have four drones :D  Two Ultron and Two Iron Man drones

Max Fury

Why? Because his awesome, end of

7 Shadow Soldiers

Why? Because they make a 300 point team with Max Fury!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heroclix, Infinity Gauntlet

So my Infinity Gauntlet has arrived! Dont have any Gems yet, so not usable, but o dear.. didnt realise how broken it could be.
Can add this for 15-40 to any heroclix character! So Chaos King for example making him a 390 monster, that has extra abilities!! But image if Chaos King stayed alive long enough to reach the Ultimate Godhood clix!
What makes this worse is that it isn't a feat and is perfectly legal in all games! Need to buy some Gems now though!

I reckon this would work better on a 100-150 point model that could do with the boosts and abilities more!

Still could be worse, image it on Sentry/Void it would be unbeatable! I reckon I am going to run it on a character around 100 points mark.

Monday, 6 August 2012


So I am going to play a practice game of Warmachine on Thursday, must say I am up for it, as it looks a interesting system, just going to wait and see how it plays.

Will let you know! Better get my Space Wolf Dreds out for heavy jacks and Guard sentinels for light jacks!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Heroclix update

So gone quiet on 40k at moment, as I have got really into heroclix lately, 

The newest additions to my heroclix are-

All from chaos war

Morgan Le Fay
Chaos King
Dinah Soar,
space phantom
Chase Scarlet witch and vision.

and I just placed a orders to get moreee mwahaha 

yep £15 just spent but that is on11 models :D

But except from that I think that is about it for Chaos war now!

Had a few good games last night winning 2-1 overall, he used x-men every game, while I used a mix. The two games I won both had Ultron, and she has to be the model of them two matches, spitting out drones rules. Shame I had only two drones though! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Heroclix Chaos War Collection

So I bought only half a brick and basically got all the models I want except Chaos King and Void, and need some more drones!

Here is what I got

Captain America #001
Ultron Drone #003
Sentinel #005
Masque Duplicate #007
Lava Man x2 #008
Shadow Council Soldier #009
Donald Blake #010
Tony Stark #011
Vision #013
Hank Pym #014
Ant-Man #015
Wasp #016
Madame Masque #017
Jinku #018
Black Knight #020
Speed #021
Sharon Carter #022
Ms Marvel #023
Iron Man #024
Genis-Vell #027
Wonder Man #028
Wasp #030
Victoria Hand #033
Ares #034
Sentry #035
Nick Fury #040
The Unspoken #046
Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man #056
Iron Man #201
Thor #202
Captain America #203
Space Phantom #204
Vision #205
Masque #206
Ms Marvel #207
Ultron #208
Spider-Woman #209
Wonder Man #210

Only two I need now are Void and Chaos King.... but I have just won bids for them on ebay :D They should be here later this week! Wooooooooo £20 for them both! Not bad when they are going for £15-20 each normally! 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves 1500

My Imperial Guard vs Richards Space Wolves, 1500 points, base objectives are worth 3 points.

He goes first

Turn 1-
He moves his mechanized force forward, shoots and does nothing

I well do nothing it seems as well, except my two Chimeras containing Melta vets zoom up the side of the board.

Turn 2-
His pod come in with terminators (he forgot about it first turn)  and his scouts also come in right behind my Russes, he destroys one of my russes and about it..

I shoot down all but 1 terminators, 3 of his scouts, blow up if vindicator and one of his four razorbacks.. good turn yes.

Turn 3-
Not much, he blows up a chimera and the vets all get out except a couple, and his scouts assualt a squad of Guardsmen only to be beaten down without killing one! And his terminator charges Guardsmen, and Guardsmen lost combat but held

Basically took out all his over razorbacks and killed all 6 Hunters from one and two of the others, will also killing 3 Hunters that were with his Rune Priest.
His terminator wins combat again, but I help again.

Turn 4-
Not much for his turn, 4 remaining Hunter try and charge my Storm Troopers, only for two to die while charging and the other two trip over a pepple and never make it into combat... so they stand their surrounded by 8 Storm troopers and about 40 Guardsmen... and lots of Plasma..
Terminator wins combat.. Guardsmen held... (Never has a Terminator passed this many saves.)

My turn, and the last two hunters got killed, and about it.

Turn 5-
He concedes at this point, he has one terminator (still in combat) and the rune priest.

I held my Objective with over 50 Guardsmen around it and one one held his.
He got first blood and line breaker and both Warlords were still alive

3-2 to me!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Chaos Marines or not! Eldar+ Guard

So I am needing a Chaos Army but I am saved!  As some of you know I have 5 large armies
Necrons (around 7k)
Space Wolves (around 10k)
Eldar (around 4k)
Guard (around 5k)
Nids (around 2.5k)

So my Wolves have also been used as normal Marines, blood Angels and even as Templers in one game, due to the amount of Marines I can do almost anything with them... and soo they shall also be now used as Chaos! Only one reason though as I want to ally them with my Necrons! Yes Wolves can ally, but they also cant really be within 6inches while Chaos can!

So I have access to most of the Chaos codex (except certain things like daemons) So now why do I want chaos in my Necron list you may be thinking?

To use random powers from the rule book, to use terminators, to use better MEQ and Terminator killing?

So we shall see, I still might just use the Wolves codex as I do prefer the Wolves Codex, but keeping the armies apart could cause a few problems!

I am currently liking 1999+1 lists as you can get more in, but 1500 points seems to be coming standard at my LGS and so I will need to cut some lists down to be playable, I currently dont have a game for this Thursday but I am hoping I will be able to get one to continue my 6th edition winning streak!

I have also been looking at Guard lists with Eldar allies, this seems to have some nice ideas, quick and fast hitting Eldar with the slower harder hitting Guard! But we will see!

And on other news, I am thinking about buying some Grey Knight terminators with a HQ and a storm raven as allies, maybe some normal Grey knight Marines aswell!

But I dont think I need any more armies! But we will see!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Battle Report Necrons vs Dark Angels

So basic objective mission! My second game of 6th!

My list-

Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge

5 Deathmarks

10 Immortals, Tesla

10 Immortals, Gauss, Night Scythe

9 Warriors, Ghost Ark

5 Warriors, Ghost art

Doomsday Ark

Dooms Scythe

His list (roughly) 


3 x 5 Terminators (2 squads will missile launchers, 1 with Assault cannon)

2 Forge world dreadnoughts, (once with two assault cannons)

Set up

He set up first and goes first

He starts everything on the field, from the start it always looked like he was going to charge headlong into me, so I played defensive.

I started everything on field except deathmarks and both flyers (and gauss Immortals who were in the Night Scythe.

Turn 1

He moves forward, shooting done nothing except killing 1 immortal.

I held position, with the Doomsday Ark killing two terminators.

Turn 2

He moves forward, taking hull point off the Doomsday ark and immobilises one ghost ark and weapons destroys the other.

Night Scythe comes in with immortals, goes forward drops off immortals. Immortals and Sycthe take two hull points of one of the dreadnoughts, warriors in one of the ghost arks take a hull point of the other dreadnought

Turn 3

He continues to move forward! 1 squad of terminators and 1 dreadnought completely wipes out my gauss Immortals and the other dreadnought destroys one ghost ark by taking the hull points of it.

Nothing comes in! Night scythe finishes off a dreadnought, the Tesla immortals take down a couple of terminators and the Doomsday ark kills entire assault cannon squad terminators leaving both of his independent characters on their own.

Turn 4

His shooting didnt do anything really, he assaults, 3 terminators failed to charge and one gets killed by over watch, but his characters charged and took out 5 immortals! I passed leadership and all 5 stood back up!

Death marks came in and killed 3 terminators out of his untouched squad.
Night scythe finishes off other dreadnought and the Doom scythe come in and finishes of the two terminators who failed their charge. Combat my Lord charged in and Belial challenged him, which I accepted and after Belial failed the mind shackle scarab roll he killed himself with his own Thunder Hammer, Liberian was dragged down by the remaining immortals in combat.

This left him with only 2 terminators who decided to save themselves and run (Other player gave me the game).

So overall.. I did very well, not losing a lot and killing everything but two terminators! Pleased with this list 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to Prepare for 6th meta game!

As all the cheesy people are already finding ways of breaking the game its time to boost up the competitiveness of my main army! The Necrons!

So been into a GW today, to first of moan about my rulebook...which hasn't arrived! So they say sorry blah blah and sending it by express to be at mine for tomorrow. Something to do with the warehouse having no idea about the order....
So I also picked up the power cards for 40k while there is still some stock!

Right now my Necrons have been having a lick of paint lately! Just finished 10 warriors, 7 Lychguard and Trazyn the Infinite!

So I boosted the lines with 3 new models!

Illuninor Szeras!
100 points? For a good stat line and some nice little special rules! Yes please!

But the two main purchases was to boost the competitiveness of my Necrons...
One Night Scythe and..
Doom Scythe!
Okay they are the same box, but I bought two boxes so I can make one of each!!

Intill everyone and their grandparents get anti air weapons, they should do quite well!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Space Wolves and Guard Vs Marines (First game of 6th edition)

So my first game of 6th Edition ended in a solid victory!

Completely wiping out the other player except his land raider! I also got First blood and killed his warlord!
I only lost 3 kill points!

Overall 6th has its ups and down, As I using Wolves I will always issue or except a challenge
 (as Russ intended) but at some points it does get annoying!

Moving and shooting full range with rapid fire made a massive difference with my Guard allies, a blop of 20 Guardsmen with plasma guns, were the man of the match for me, killing terminators, marines and whatever else they could shoot!

I am going to take Necron Allies next time for one reason! Guass!

Wolves kill men
Necrons kill tanks!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Space Wolves with Guard 1500points!

So here is my first 6th edition list, this was for a laugh and is not for completive play, (Well dont mean it wont be) But I look forward to trying it out!

Defence of the Fang 1500 points

Wolf Lord
Wolf claw

So this is me! *waves* I wanted something big and fun, and a terminator wolf lord! Whats better!

4 Wolf Guard in Terminator armour
3 have Wolf Claws and Storm Shields
1 has a thunder hammer and storm shield
Land Raider

So he is my body guard unit, in a nice solid land raider to protect the group, to help them rip apart the traitors in close combat but to also help add some Lascannon fire.

2 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters
Each squad has 1 flamer and 1 Plasma gun

My basic two troop choices, plasma to kill things and flamer if they get close enough or if they get charged! Basic, solid and very cheap! They will push forward to try and grap objectives.

1 Predator with all lascannons

Nice simple and fun, anti tank and anti terminator!


Primaris Psyker

Needed a guard Hq and I have always like this guy, and lets me try out some new powers aswell!

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad with 1 melta gun and 1 flamer

Flamer and melta gun as I had left over points, but these will lead my IG and hand out orders to the squads

5 Squads of 10 Guardsmen
Each squad has a Melta gun

So yer mass infantry to hold objectives or charge headlong to get one, melta guns so no tank or terminator is safe from a melta gun, or 45 rapid firing lasguns!

So there is my first 1500 point list.

6th Edition is here! Allies+ Other stuff

So with 6th edition arriving, (my book should be here in a couple of days) let looks at some bits!

Allies have to be he bit I been looking forward to the most! My Wolves charging forward with IG guard running along side them being inspired by the Space Marine presence, or my Necrons tricking Space Wolves into fighting with them to protect a tomb would from the evil Chaos Marines!
So how ever you are going to ally, there is a bit of a background behind most thing! But allies has to be the bit I have been looking forward to the most! And I already have several lists!

Building! So now you can buy building to boost your lines against the oncoming enemy, now I only see the point in this is you want cover saves for your guardsmen or some anti air guns (I getting hydras instead)
But otherwise I see this as a big money making bit by GW, the amount of people who will go out and but terrain pieces to use in their lists!  Only thing I might get is the line of barricades with a lascannon, I don't need anti air (I have a lightning fighter place thing) and my Necrons just gauss any planes down!

2D6 Charge! Now my Guard don't like this but my Wolves do! Thats why I allying both together, so my Wolves could charge 12inchs or just 2! So be interesting to see a army of Space Wolves only charge 3 inches because they tripped over a blade of grass.... but lets not go there!
I guess the idea is, with the squad getting charge firing at the charging unit, a bullet could slow the attackers down, or stop the charge and make them dive for cover! Well that's how it goes in the books anyway!

So this was only a quick look at 6th edition, will review it again when my book arrives!

My first Space Wolf and guard list will be up in about 10 minutes! So watch this space!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Space Wolves!

So, I dont know how big a normal Chapter is (I guessing about 1000 marines, split into 10 companies) but I know Space Wolves are bigger, they may have their 12 companies but doesn't include, all the blood claws!
So I decided to get my Wolves out again, as they did really well for me last time, (I hope I can ally with guard in 6th ed)
but anyway here is what I currently have,

Logan Grimnar
Ulrik the Slayer
Njal Stormcaller
Ragnar Blackname
Canis Wolfborn
3 Wolf Priests (Different configurations)
3 Rune Priests (Different configurations
5 Wolf Lords (Different configurations

10 Scouts

1 Arjac Rockfist
26 Wolf Guard Terminators (Different configurations
27 Wolf Guard

3 Drednoughts
2 Venerable Drednoughts 

45 Grey Hunters (Different configurations
51 Blood Claws (Different configurations

4 Thunderwolves (Different configurations

10 Swift Claw Bikes (Different configurations
11 Skyclaws (Different configurations

1 Land Speeder with Assault cannons

Loads of Wolves

15 Long Fangs (Different configurations

4 Land Raiders, 2God hammers, 1 Redeemar, 1 Prometheus.


1 Predator ( All Lascannons)

1 Rhino

5 Drop Pods

And allies (If they can be used)

10 Sisters and Rhino
6000 points worth of Imperial Guard

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Heroclix, Skrulls game 2!

So this time it was 2 vs 2 with 300 points each, we were up against Shield, a silver surfer and Dr strange!

And well Silver Surfer with 18 defence and defend, basically won it for them, a Maria Hill with 20 defence.. yer we were in trouble!

We did quite well in till most characters were then covered by Silver Surfer and then it went wrong...

A ally, had a few big hitters, but even so the defence values become to high to deal with!

O well a loss it is!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Heroclix - Army of Skrulls

So my first proper game using a all Skrull team was a lost, but Dr.Strange was thier only figure in 500 points, but because he kept him back, I didn't have enough Skrulls left to deal with him, overall a few better dice rolls would have seen me win, but thats dice rolls for you!

Good game and I will continue to use my Skrull team

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Heroclix games

So I scrapping the Heroclix Weekly already as at moment not playing much 40k while campaign is over and  so will end up posting alot more about heroclix for a while!

So yesterday I enjoyed playing four games of Heroclix, winning all four.

Game 1-
All characters had to have the past keyword (300 points)

Good laugh, He had a annoying dinosaur thing that it took Red skull to take down (after he build the doomsday weapon) Was close in till the weapon was complete, and then his models didnt have enough power left to deal with skull.

Game 2-
500 points

Well a cosmic Hulk who I was expecting to do really well, didn't.. adam warlock was a star here, with his penetrating blast and perplex, which came in very handy in taking down the Hulk.

Game 3-
500 points of what ever we wanted..

So he got out a 400 point big green monster! But except Destiny not dying against it and Agent Coulson knocking a click off it, it didnt seem to do that well, specially when faced against the 255 AVM Hulk which was the man of the match.

Game 4-
1000 points

So he got out the big green thing and then a sentinel and apocalypse which came to 1000 points spot on, while I had weight of numbers on my side.. and that was a major factor in this win, as none of my models could stand up directly to one of these monsters, but Hollywood and the ice giants had a really good effect in this game, also Adam Warlock again proved his worth.

Overall I agree with his reckoning that these "bigger" models should be unaffected by outwit, as this was a major problem for him, as each of my teams had some sort of outwit somewhere, which helped beat down the big monsters.

Also I have been on Ebay and spent £12 on 12 models! These will make two themed teams (One will use the Magus I already have) So watch this space, as I am not telling you anything yet :P

Friday, 8 June 2012

Heroclix Weekly 08/06/12

So here is my weekly update!

And what a better day for my models to arrive! Yep my order has arrived a day early! Awesome!

But first of all.

Trying to build a theme team at the moment, looks like it is going to be Avengers, unless I can get hold of the Defenders I want.

Havnt played any games this week, so no games to talk about :(

Right so my new models and a quick review on each one!

So I will start on the three models from the Avengers set-

Tony Stark

Awesome in a robot or armour team as he gives them a extra defence value! Nice that he can change into a Iron man if need be.
Also perplex is handy, but except from being as support character, he don't have much more use, but good at his job!


Yes I love this guy from the film, and like the look of the model so this was a must!
So hypersonic models and range is not going to hurt this guy very often with his "All Seeing" that munis thier attack by 3 if not adjacent at the start of the turn! So hulk changes and Heimdall just laughs!

Overall solid dial for his points cost, and I really like this figure, good high defence makes this character a must in my Asgardian Team.


Yep so the last one from the avengers was another Hulk! but the big 255 point one!
And he is a beast, A proper dial for a true Hulk! A beast all the way through, this guy will be used in my Avengers teams in high points game, but I can see him being bogged down in smaller games, overall a 19 defence on first like with 12 attack makes him nasty.

Moving on to the rest now! These are from the Galactic Guardians Set


Yep so a 160 point Monster.  A good all round click but nothing special, except his ability to choose a power or team ability of the other players team and use it himself! So anything from perplex to the Mystics team ability.  Add in a high defence and damage and outwit on some clix, overall not bad for his points!


So I was looking at expanding my Defenders and he was a 99p and so I added him in, overall a good click, with nothing stand out except his ability to have charge and willpower while a higher point character is on the field on the other players team.
Also he has a dummed down version of probability control, as it can only be used on the chosen character!
So not bad, but not brilliant.


Yep I had to buy him, has some awesome abilities and a good solid click for only 138 points, he should be worth at least 150 but there we go, he will be in many of my Avenger teams, and is a good solid character that can hold his own and dish out some damage.

Right I will be doing the next two together!

Adam Warlock/ Magus

Yep the annoying transforming duo! These guys both have awesome clicks and with the right models around them, almost unstoppable, overall I see both dials being very good for only 165 points, and yet when Adam warlock starts taking some damage, boom, switched to Magus who has Steal Energy and regeneration. And when Magus is healed he can transform back to Adam! Almost a unstoppable combo, if the right support characters and heavy hitters are around them! I will play these alot.

So that is all this week. Hope you enjoyed the read and read again next week :)

And while doing this, I am eating a nice piece of lemon cake, which my lovely girlfriend made :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Warriors with elite weapons!

So I bought a box of warriors (yes I already have 110 before this box) 
But with a different goal, this box were going to use up spare bits!

So to start with, made four scarabs instead of three, 3 wounds mean three heads I reckon!

Two Lychguard, to boost my squad to 7, as 10 is to expensive to run, but 7 can cope quite well!

Then I made 10 of these! Yep 10 warriors with Immortal weapons! My second squad of Immortals is done (just very cheaply) Using the spare bits from my other immortals and death marks, it worked quite well, okay they are smaller then immortals but o well!

 Then my girlfriend helped me find some card stuff and we did this! If GW reckon I am paying £30 for a Doom scythe they can ...   Anyway, it will do, card, plus doomsday weapon from when I made my arks, I can make one more of these, just need the card! 

And while taking the pictures I had a helper, she tried to help anyway.

And thats it for now!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Heroclix weekly!

So I am going to start doing a weekly heroclix update (once a week on a friday) if I remember, this will be to talk about my games and anything else I can think off!

So this week!

Only played one game, but it was a fun game against apocalypse and silver surfer!  It was a 500 point game!

I basically had Odin, and a load of support characters (two with outwit, two with perplex, and loki with probability control)

This game ended quick as Odin was hitting for 7 damage (5+ 2 perplex) straight through as I kept outwitting everything!

I took 4 damage overall, and two of them were pushing damage.

So a good game!

Also this week!

My skrull team looks almost finished, its just under 500 points!

So far
2x Skrull General
3xSkrull Commando
3xSkrull Saboteur
3xSkrull Warrior

Also in a test game, this team beat the Odin team I have been using!

And that brings me onto the last point this week!
I have just spent £20 on new figures, that should arrive in 2 weeks (week late because of jubilee)

They are-

Drax #011 from Galactic Guardians
Hollywood #013 from Galactic Guardians
Magus #020 from Galactic Guardians
Adam Warlock #010 from Galactic Guardians
Ravenous #018 from Galactic Guardians

And also from the mass market avengers gravity feed-
Heimdall #210
Tony Stark #209
Hulk #202

So a little extension, but working out at £2.45 each, I reckon a good deal for all of those!  Cant wait to try out Adam Warlock/Magus and Hollywood!

Will be fun!

Necrons vs Eldar

So another campaign game, and this one wanted to make me cry...

Up against two packed out squads of Wraith guard, 2 Wraith lords, 3 walkers and some dire avengers in a transport!

Well it was a slaughter, just couldn't kill the wraithguard will all their re-roll armour and cover saves (5+ cover thing)

O well, good game though, and I cant wait to after this campaign so I can use a different list! Mobile list here I come :D With more ap firepower as well, as that is what I am missing a lot at the current time.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Heroclix- Odin

So I going to talk about my heroclix on here aswell :D

Last night I played two games, both using the new 250 Odin! Here is my thought on him!

Good things-
Hard as Nails
Good high power and range
Good when got cheap models around him to protect him!

Bad things
Soon gets taken down by mass models
Not very good if left on his own!

I will be doing reviews on my games from now on (Proper ones) and starting from the end of June will be writing about the campaigns I will be involved in (end of every month)

Each campaign will have a different theme!

So could be a laugh :D

Also changing the name of the blog to show its not just 40k anymore!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Necrons Vs Guard

So a game vs a tank heavy Guard ( 4 chimeras, 2 Hell hounds, 4 Russes)

It was a close game to start with, he has to destroy the buildings to win, and with all his squads will Melta guns and bombs I thought he would do it, but after his infantry got out and stuck in close combat and tanks were slowly stunned in till destroyed, I ended up winning!

So not a bad result! But a good win :)

Best unit-
Warriors, fire power and close combat against guard = win

Worst Unit-
Destroyer Lord, did nothing all game, but to be honest not much for him to do as he came on, on the worst possible board edge (random reserves) 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Necrons vs Necrons

Yep, so my next game was against Necrons!
A more elite and smaller army he uses tho!

But, overall it came down to victory points, his bigger squads started taking a toll on my smaller units, overall it was close but I conceded on my turn 5, with no way of doing enough damage in 1 or 3 turns!

Overall good game!

Lessons Learnt-
Close combat kills Necrons
Need to use more teleporting and speed
Need more ap3 or better!

About it really!

Sorry about lack of updates, been at uni a lot lately, but now finished for the summer! (Yep nice 5 months off!!)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Necrons vs Space Wolves

Sorry for lack of posts my internet has been up and down like a yo yo!

So a game against wolves!  *gulp*

As a Wolves player I know how nasty they can be.

And the game finished 2-1 on objectives to the Wolves, he had a entire drop pod army which meant it was easier for him to grap the objectives! Good game, though, was a draw on turn 5 but after that I was never going to hold on!

Quick post, as I trying to write this before my internet crashes again!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ghost Arks and Doomsday Ark

So I final finished making my 2 ghost ark and my doomsday ark, one of each are painted just 1 ghost ark to paint!

Will test them in a game soon hopefully, to give them a proper review!

Friday, 13 April 2012

500 Point Necron Lists

Right so I working on some 500 point Necron lists


No Armour value
No monstrous creatures
No Special Characters
Troops 1-3
Fast Attacks 0-1
No Heavy Support
3 by 3 tables (I think)

Well these were the rules I found from last time my club did a 500 point sunday games! So I thought I would stick to it for now!

So right lets see-

My first list, was a general list, nothing special just plain, simple and easy to use.

Necron Lord
Mind Shackle Scarabs
Sempiternal weave

10 Immortals

5 Destroyers

Simple enough, Lord takes combat with immortals, while shooting weakens the other player! Nice easy simple, but I reckon could be effective!

Second List is 500 points of close combatness!! Trying to get up close and personal!

Destroyer Lord

5 Warriors

5 Praetorians

3 Wraiths

Destroyer Lord with Praetorians, but basically a fast list designed to be in combat almost straight away, warriors are there for the one troops choice, but lay down a little amount of fire where it is needed!

So I quite like both lists, I really like the second one, but I reckon the first list would be more effective!

Any comments?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Current campaign Table!

So I keep showing whats happening in my games!
And so here is the table so far (3 points for a win)

(Also sorry, I dont know why it is going funny)

25:Grey Knights.-I lost to these
19. Dark Elder -I lost to these
18: Eldar -Have not played
18. Luke Townsend.(Necrons)- MEEEEE
17: Space Marines-Havnt played
9: Sisters -Havnt played
9. Space Wolves- Havnt played (this is next game)
9.Necrons-- Havnt played
7: Imperial Guard - I won

7. Grey Knights - I won
5: Dark Eldar- I Havnt played
5. Imperial Guard- Havnt played
5. Tau- I won
4: Tau(My brother)- I won
3: Chaos Marines- I won
1: Space Marines- I won

So I still got some tough games to play, I am hopefully still pushing for second, but I reckon 3rd would be good as its my first run out with the New Necrons!
Original Goal-5th or better-I should at least finish 4th now (hopefully anyway)

Necrons Vs Marines 1750

So up against Marines this time in meat grinder!

So I was defending, meaning he has to wipe me out to the man! If I have one guy left I win! So this was one I should never lose...

My main goal was to kill everything that wasn't a infantry troop choice, as his troops come back on any of 3 table edges!
And I did this easier then I thought! And I was surprised to find I had only lost about 700 points of models! So a win for me, to keep in the race for second place, I don't think anyone is going to catch the run away leader now!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fast Necron 1500 points

Command Barge 

Command Barge 

10 Warriors
Ghost Ark 
10 Warriors
Ghost Ark 

5 Immortals 

3 Heavy Destroyers 

Doomsday Ark 



So a fast moving Necron list, I would like some scarabs in there, but I cant fit them in!
For 1500 I think it has enough armour and speed to be in the other player lines very quickly!
Command barges move 24inchs and get a 4+ save and annoy the other player while the rest moves up! And the monolith will deepstrike in!
Immortals will hold a objective or teleport though the monolith!

Necron Tactic Idea

So I am going to write up a fast Necron List, using all the annoyingness we have got! Should be interesting fast and it will work or fail! but which ever would be a laugh! I will write it up later though!
But main idea is the other player shooting stuff which is in his lines straight away and then slower stuff and walk up mostly untouched! Will show list later!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Kroot 500 points (Using Ork Codex)

I very tempted to scrap Kroot altogether and just go Orks! Some lovely things in this Ork codex.. but staying with kroot atmo!
So here is two 500 point lists!

List 1

Power Klaw

14 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

14 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

20 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaws

List 2

Weirdboy (just for lols)

15 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

15 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

5 Flash Gitz
More Dakka
Ammo runt

So which list do you think is better?

Necrons Vs Grey Nights!

So I came up against the second Grey Knight player of the campaign with a interesting mission!

Basically I had to destroy his safe house which was one of 14 ruins on the field (armour 12)
So a win by turn 4, my scarabs ate almost all the buildings on the field and my Destroyer Lord helped to!
Overall I basically ignored him unless he got to close, a dread knight got close.. destroyer lord with mind shackle!
Squads got close, my immortals with a Lord took them out squad by squad so over all, I just went for the buildings and got them in the end!

Man of Match-
Scarabs, buildings don't move so 25 attacks on a building when charging in = blown up building!

Worst of the Match-
Hard to say as everyone of my units did something.. errr dont think I had one to be honest. every unit did what I planned for it!

Right will be some Kroot (Ork) lists up later if I remember! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New GW Super Glue!

Well it still sucks lol!

Just finished repairing some Old Necron Wraiths yesterday and took hours before it actually stuck!
I just plan to stay away from metal and resin as much as possible tbh! But o well they repaired now!
And what's up with how expensive it is? you get a tiny bit and that's it! How rubbish!  Back to Revell Glue for me!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So intill I can look through the codex, here is my current ideas! To give a idea on what I am thinking!

Ghazghkual – A special character (maybe a special master shaper

Warboss- master shaper

Nobz- shaper council

Boys- carnivores (lead by shapers)

Gretchin –hounds

Storm boyz - Vultures

Ork Cannon/zap gun, Lobba- Krootox

Kommandos –Stalker Kindred

Should give me a competitive list in there somewhere!

Dont forget tho I will only be looking at 750-1000 to start with!

Also started a new label! Kroot!

Idea! Kroot Idea!

So basically I am going ahead with doing the Kroot army!
But the 3rd ed codex is soo boring and old and so I thought of a idea!

Basically a all infantry Ork list was my first idea!
You may be thinking what this has to do with kroot, but this idea has been taken from other peoples own ideas and works!

Basically I have
A Master Shaper using the rules for a leader in the book
And basic kroot carnivores becoming ork sluggas (or what ever they are called)
And maybe squad shapers are nobs leading the squads?
Also krootox using the rules for heavier orks like the lootas (I think that is what they are called)
And so on, (winged kroot for jump packs)

So basically a Ork list but made with kroot? I think this would work better and its legal, as it is using a proper codex (or so I have been told)
As long as I only use the Ork rules and the other player knows what the kroot represent it shouldn't be a problem!
So staying away from armour or anything I cant make from a kroot (so basically only using mass infantry with some other bits!)

Good idea? I have seen other people do the same thng except with Guard and Dark Eldar, but I think orks would work best!

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Kroot Project!

So I back from a great holiday with my girlfriend!
And back with a new idea!
So after one more ghost ark to make and paint, I am going to start a summer project!

750 points of kroots! Using the old 3rd edition codex!! No idea what I am going to use yet!
But will be a laugh!

Master shaper and lots of squads I think with meltabombs lol! I like the look of the snipers and the flying kroot for a laugh! But will keep you updated! Wont start it yet, but you may see some list ideas or random bits!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Ghost Ark Review... Yes or no?

So yes or no to using Ghost arks? I have play tested one a couple of times (my second one is still in the box) and I say yes!

So postivies?
A transport that can shoot at two different targets and is also open topped? So the warriors or immortals inside can also shoot! So a shooting ark!
I use them to charge into the other players lines or to sit on a objective!
Broadside is nasty two targets that can take damage, and then the squad inside can shoot ethier :D
Strong armour while shielding is up and it is a fast moving transport!
So how I run them?

1 Ghost arks with two squads of 10 warriors, one inside one outside, the squad on the outside can be repaired every turn if they got shoot! So two squads and a ghost ark!

Can make the unit expensive, so in my case very expensive if you run it like I do!
13 is good but not great and also can be dropped to 11 very quickly!

I like them! As soon as I get two made I will be running two most of the time! Good transport, open topped being the main advantage if you ask me, zoom and and shoot with everything!!


So over 5000 views since the start of this blog, and now a average of 500 views a month (except one month of 1900 views) The blog has grown on views and so I hope it keeps going!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good game, bad result!

So tonight was against Grey Knights on a kill point mission! Good player and I was always going to be chasing this game ( I have a terrible record against him and against grey knights!)

So final score was 7-5 to him, my stars were my destroyer lord and annihilation barges!
His well most things lol!

Good enjoyable game, close run thing, a few different dice rolls here and there would have changed it completely!

So review so far!
4 wins out of 6- happy with this so far
stars have been annihilation barges,
But overall I wish I could change my list, I have spent over £200 on new Necrons since our lists had to be in, so many changes I would make, including adding ghost arks and doomsday arks!!

So only negative of the night was to find out some of the missions are printed wrong!
So some games have the wrong special rules etc, meaning I no longer know if my remaining games have correct rules or not!
Very annoying as it can mean massive changes to plans and tactics to find out the missions are different then what were originally printed! Have to wait and see, still thinking this could be my last campaign, have to see how it goes for now.

But I have had a email from the university club saying that they are starting to play 40k! (intill now they just played card games and a few board games!

So do I sense a switch of clubs?
Properly not as its harder to get to the uni due to no parking, but Cambridge GW have told me I can park behind them if I want to play up there on Tuesdays!

Right off on holiday next week with my lovely girlfriend :)!! Hopefully nice weather! :D

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wave after wave

so 4 wins out of 5, yep I won.. woo! Well sort of!

First 3 turns it was really close, just trading a few kill points, in till turn 4+ it went completely wrong for the other player, as he started having a lot of half squads of smaller which started getting picked off completely, making him unable to counter attack to take my units out! So a win 10-5 on kill points..


This could of gone either way, it was the first player to take out the smaller squads would of won, lucky for me it was me, but it could of easily been him!!

O well, against grey knights next week, currently reading the mission :)

Gearing up!

So tonight I hope to make it 4 out of 5 wins, I have a fun looking game (first time I said that this campaign) and a player who I should beat, he does have his moments though, but this is like Chelsea playing Peterborough, Chelsea should win, but Peterborough know how to cause a upset!

So the mission is kill points with a twist! So yes 1 kill point for wiping a unit out but all units without a armour value come back in reserves! So yes lots of killing is needed!

And I only have 2 armoured units, so I will be fine, but I don't know how much armour he has!

So wish me luck!

Monday, 12 March 2012


So after buying a box of deathmarks and Imotek, I am now finished with my bday money lol,
Also today I have just finished my doomsday ark, make the deathmarks and base coated Imotek! So busy day!
Next up I still got a ghost ark to build and Imotek to finish, and then on to painting the deathmarks!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The way forward!

So with my new models, I will be trying a faster Necron list out, could be a laugh, arks, barges, and that kind of thing!
Could be a laugh! Will have to try it out at some point! Well I will in a few months when I made all my models I need lol

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

2 more arks!

So my ghost ark and doomsday ark are now mine! Just to paint and make then!
So that puts the amount of new models to £200+ so building up slowly, hopefully second wave soon!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Necrons Expanding!

So I am once again going to be buying stuff lol, I have been thinking of entending my nids, but I can be bothered lol, so instead I am opting for my second ghosk ark and a doom ark, to booster my lines, also thinking of getting imotek, and some death marks! so that would keep me busy for a little while!
O well most likely will buy both of the arks today or tmro and the rest when I made and painted them!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charging the Gunline!

So Next mission saw me play against Tau!
Mission basically is-
He starts on field all board except has to be at least 12 from 3 edges,
I split my army in 3, 1 bit comes in each turn from a different table edge each time, so he kept his at the back and I had a way to go! also 4 objectives were placed!

So after turn 3 it was close, all my stuff was in and we were all at short range fire fights, not much happening (only to find out he only had 2 troops) and turn 4 is when it started!
Combat happened everywhere locking a lot of his broadsides and battle suits!

My turn 5 was lucky, a veil of darkness moved a squad of immortals on a objectives, so 3 objecties I held, he held none!
His turn 5, he admiteed he was going to lose, so he chucked both troops and some battle suits at my immortals only for them to hold!

So final score
2-0 me and 1 contested by both of us!

Overall good game, good jokes about some bad dice roll!

So 3 wins out of 4, not bad I guess!