Sunday, 25 October 2015

X-wing, Lost Ark Games, Stevenage event 24/10/15

So decided to go down to Lost Ark for a X-wing event, only been down once before and last time the event was cancelled due to only two of us showing up!
This time there was twelve of us to battle it out! over four rounds.
Some good prizes on other

1st-2 Small ships/ 1 Large Ship
2nd-1 Small ship and some FFG wallets
3rd- 1 Small ship

I went for a bit of a different list for this event, wanting to try the new T-70 out, so I sent my goal of two wins out of the four games.

My list

Poe, PTL, BB8, Autothrusters
3x Bandits

So yep the Super Poe, my was to fly in formation till Poe had a good chance to split off or in till Biggs went down.

Super Poe ready for action!
Game 1-
Boba, VI, Engine, K4, Seismic
Bossk, VI, Engine, K4, Tactician, Gunner

So higher pilot skill so not much arc dodging for Poe this game.
I turned into the rocks early with all five of my ships together and found the Hounds Tooth in firing range, with Boba out of the fight at this stage, and Bossk took some serious hurt while he did double stress Biggs he only managed one damage.
Next turn some Bossk try to get behind my formation, but I had turned into him, so he crashed into Biggs, and very quickly went down.
Now Boba was in the fight but turned away to use his rear arc, Biggs went off to clear stress while the Bandits and Poe slowly took damage off Boba.
Boba managed to drop two bandits, but with the remaining bandit and Poe ships chasing him and Biggs coming around to trap him in a corner, he went down.
Win 100-24

Good start, but not really a good test for Poe.

Bossk about to be in trouble

Game 2-
3 Kihraxz
2 M3A's with Mango

So we set up at different corners so no straight joust, and I split Poe off from turn one.
He made a fast move though the rocks and knocked a shield of a Kihraxz early, before swooping in behind a rock and one shooting a M3A.
At this stage the other player decided to turn everything towards Poe, except one Kihraxz K-turned in front of my swarm, causing a crash.
When turning everything towards Poe, the other M3A landed on the rock, but the other two Kihraxz took all three shields off Poe.
At this stage he tries to K-turn the three ships that went after Poe, but the M3A goes off the board.
The other Kihraxz tries to keep blocking my formation which is now splitting up.
I rush Poe off and he quickly deals with the Kihraxz that was causing my swarm problems, while the swarm rushes off to deal with the remaining two Kihraxz fighters.
He does manage to drop a bandit, but my ships where able to finish the game easily as both his Kihraxz were heavily damaged.

Poe was amazing this game, zooming around and flew like a Interceptor, he finished two Kihraxz fighters and one M3A by himself!

Swarm trying to deal with 2 Kihraxz
So 2 out of 2! What a great start, my goal complete, so all about just trying making sure I give Poe a good run out!

Game 3-
Leebo, Pred, Recon, Title, Mango
Chewbacca, Jan, Recon, Pred

So I wanted to drop Chewbacca quickly, and I was able to quickly drop Chewbacca down to Hull early, Biggs started taking a bit of damage, but as Poe finished off Chewbacca after a couple of turns of chasing him, Biggs went down.
At this point the Bandits chucked themselves at Leebo, dealing minor damage, but Poe finally turned around and put his foot down to join in chasing Leebo.
And thats went Leebo took some real damage.
Leebo was able to drop 2 bandits but Poe with his Barrel roll, PTL, Focus, Green Move, Target Lock, really shined this game, as he was able to put heavy damage on Leebo.
Win 100-49

Poe really become a Mini Aggressor combined with a offensive Soontir this game, dealing out some real fire power to hurt both Chewbacca and Leebo.

Game 4 (Final)-
4x Royal Guard Interceptors, Autothrusters, Crack Shot

Interesting list, but he had been doing well with it all day and so wasn't going to be a easy game.
There was a lot of trading firepower in this game, and damage seemed to take ages to deal.
Poe was able to one shot a Interceptor but also found himself being shot at by two and losing his shields.
But while the Headhunters had took a beating all three where still around, only Biggs had been dropped, and by now the Interceptors had been taking damage, and slowly started to get destroyed.
Was helped by one parking on a rock, in front of three ships, including Poe.
Win 100-25

Shoot me some Interceptors!

So 4 wins out of 4, quite surprised by this, but Poe is amazing. I will continue to think of a better support to fly with him, but this list went quite well!

So finishing 1st I was able to take 2 small ships!
I took a Tie Advanced, just in case I needed a 4th one.
And I took a Kihraxz, which means I have 4 now.

Good fun day, but then I would say that!

Monday, 12 October 2015

X-wing UK Team Championship!

So it was here the UK team championship, our team of 3 vs 31 other teams.
The event was held in MK, and every body turned up, including a teams from all over the country!
Anyway it would work like a best out of 3, for your team to win you needed at least 2 wins out of the 3 games each round.

Anyway our lists!

Me (Captain)
4x Golds, TLT
Yep boring but solid

7 Headhunters with Feedback
Fun swarmy and very nasty

Rhys (Bus boy)
Soontir +mini swarm
Basically a solid list, but Rhys turned out to be the player we chucked under the bus to try and give me and Lee good match ups!

So lists set, we arrived and off we went!

Game 1 vs 186 Teal

Me vs Soontir, Vader, Palp shuttle (This game was recorded, so will be on YouTube soon)
I took this match as both Lee and Rhys didnt want it, it was quite a straight forward game, with me winning 100-0

Rhys vs Dash, 2 y-wings with TLT
Poor Rhys struggled this game he did get half points for Dash but in the end the 360 arcs were to much for him. Lose 25-100

Lee vs 5 kihraxz fighters
Lee made a mistake and flew straight at them, and by the sounds of it was pounded early on, he did knock off a couple of kihraxz but end up losing 40-100

So team lose of 1-2, not the best of starts but it turns out 186 Teal made the final! So wasnt to bad after all!

Vader is on a rock... and next turn is between a rock and some TLTs!

Game 2 vs Boston

So Rhys was chucked under the bus this round, which gave me and Lee good match ups

Me vs Kavil, Cobra, Mux, Headhunter
I took off the Headhunter before it shot, and then Cobra was soon to follow, it basically was a pick of a ship game, and it didnt take long for the TLTs to show there strength vs these low agility ships.
Win 100-0

Rhys vs Vader, Soontir, Palp Shuttle
Yep I should of took it, but we planned otherwise, and Rhys gave it a good go, but couldnt get much luck, again he got half points for shuttle
Lose 14-100

Lee vs Dash, Doni
Lee made some good work on this game, but it was helped by poor attack rolls by Dash and Doni, Lees headhunter swarm came out big winners by 100-14

So the team wins 2-1, good round for us, and Rhys seemed okay being chucked under the bus if it helped the team. I just wanted to avoid doing that every round.

The scum getting close ready for some TLT loving!

Game 3 vs Misfits

Yep our other team... we entered two teams and we played each other! We knew it was going to happen, and once again poor Rhys was under the bus.

Me vs Boba, Cobra, Graz
I hit Boba for a lot early without taking much return fire, before Cobra went down in a single shooting phase, after he gave a y-wing a munitions failure though! But soon after Graz fell, then Boba, in quite a quick game.
Win 100-0

Rhys vs Vader, Soontir, Palp Shuttle
Rhys was going to hate this list by the end of the day! But he did really well and was unlucky not to kill Vader early on, which could of changed the whole game!
By the end his opponents Soontir and Vader both had 1 Hull left! But this game went to time, so Rhys did manage to get half points for shuttle and keep Soontir alive!
Lose 14-66

Lee vs Dutch, Garvin, Rookie, Cracken
Now this game was unreal, it was so close, last turn of the game, it was a 1 Hull rookie vs a headhunter with 3 Hull/shields remaining, the rookie had blinded pilot though, and whatever the Rookie would of done, the headhunter would of been able to feedback, it was a really bad position for the poor Rookie, so Lee got a extremely close win

Wow 2-1 again, but no celebration as this was vs our fellow team mates, and none of us wanted this game, as we would of preferred to play other teams and different players.

Game 4 vs Splinter Squad

Now we looked at their lists..we looked at each other... and this was not going to be a good round.

Me vs Soontir+mini swarm
Not much to say, neither us wanted to engage on the others terms and so we didnt, there was about 4 shooting turns all game..
Draw 24-24

Rhys vs 4 Y-wings with TLT
Rhys did as good as he could of, but in the end TLTs put some hurt on him.
Lose 25-100

Lee vs 2 B-wings, 2 T-70s
I thought Lee was going to have this, but in the end I was wrong, looked close for a while, but Lee couldnt quite finish off his last ship
Lose 76-100

So 0-2 lose, but we expected it, and still happy to put up a good fight, our goal as a team was 3-2, so the last game was going to see if we could do it.

Just after one of the few shooting phases we had, not much damage was done!

Game 5 vs 186 Black

Great, another 186 team, including some strong players.

Me vs 3 Sigmas
First round of shooting saw the Phantoms fail to kill a y-wing, and so in return, the y-wings kill a phantom!
After quite a few turns of flying around and shooting, a 1 Hull phantom was left vs a fully health y-wing. Now to give the other player credit he could of ran.. but he decided that would of been boring, so tried to get his phantom back into arc, but a lucky TLT shot (I had 2 hits and he had 5 evade dice and a evade token) hot through to take his last Hull, morale ism don't trust green dice!
Win 100-72

Rhys vs 7 Headhunters with Feedback
Poor Rhys, he was going to struggle, and it looked like such a close game, at once point 2 ties vs 4 headhunters.. but Rhys pulled it round for his first win of the day! Also meaning our team would win this round!
Win 100-76

Lee vs Dash, Poe
Dash and Poe looked like they were flown really well, and Lee struggled to put any real damage on them, lose 0-100

Y-wings trying to stay at range 2-3 of a phantom!

A 2-1 team win and we got our goal of 3-2! We finished 13th in the end, and we were quite please by this, we are sad to say our other team (Misfits) finished 30th? in the end.
But overall I think we all enjoyed it, not sure if Rhys enjoyed being chucked under the bus that much, but he took it like a boss and played really well.

Quick thought on my list, its strong and boring... I doubt I will fly it again really, its extremely strong list, but flying in a box and winning isn't that fun!

Next year we have already decided to hopefully keep the same team!