Monday, 29 April 2013


So my if tank colection is growing, its now about as big as my space wolves tank collection lol
I know have -
4 chimeras
2 hellhounds
1 mantacore
1 forge world hydra
2 battle tanks
2 vanquishers
and 3 more different russes
My plan is to have around 15 russes at some point, also hoping gw release a mudesa box set

Anyway sorry about any spelling, I am on my phone lol

I will post a pic of all my tanks at some point :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

New signings!

So my Imperial Guard current fighting at the Midas campaign, have now have more reinforcements to help booster the line, some more heavy weapons to add fire power, two more leman russes (Menas I now have 7) and 1 more chimera, there is another chimera on its way, but it got a delayed flight!
Hopefully I am going to work out my entire regiment at some point.!
But these new models go well with the defence line I bought a little while ago, also recent purchases also include, a Valkyrie 

Friday, 26 April 2013


So as well as 40k, I played some netrunner against matt, who normally has a hat!

Losing two games and won 1, but still enjoying it, we just need more people to play, it seems the other two players got a bit bored of it on sunday, but hopefully we can try and get more players
As its a awesome game.
But magic seems to be everyone's choice currently, which is a shame, while I do like magic, no one is even giving netrunner a chance.
One guy even said he wont play it as its only a two player game -.-

Thursday, 25 April 2013


So my imperial guard out shoot some chaos marines!

I went all mech (5 russes, 2 chimera, and 2 planes)

and well, I lost one tank and that was it, except from that it was almost a tabling, but he quit (I dont think I would of managed it anyway)

Good game, quite fast paced and quick, as I didnt have loads of men for a change

Biggest moment of the game tho was his three deep strikes-

first one, died
Second, I got to choose where they land
third one, died

How unlucky can you get? 

Monday, 15 April 2013


So a friend and I are starting up a new business, in the event management business

We need as many likes as we can get!

So like us please :)!/TPEventsmanagement

Btw TP stands for Townsend-Pimbley

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Win Some, Lose Some, Melt Some

So game vs nids today in the new venue!

So I lost the game, got thrashed by turn 3! because over 100 guardsmen isnt enough -.-

not much to say, he just hit me with mass big creatures including two flying tyrant things!

So yer game over!

New venue.. is well hot enough to melt my models! okay not quite!
Also bit cramped, only currently can get 2 tables in for 40k, they are looking at trying to get a third in, but it will be a squish!

So not much to talk about today, but losing and melting :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The fall of Tau

So my gaurd felll asleep so out came my dark mechanicus (using chaos codex)

Its my first game using them and well I won! Close game, the mission was 'Wave assault'  and he was the attacker! (seemed the wrong way round to me)

but highlights of the game were-

Ripside vs maulerfriend in combat! the ripsides last wound, was when he blow himself up trying to go super charged!Only for the hammerhead to turn around and send my maulerfriend back to the warp.

Another funny moment was when my geared up warp smith killed 3 broadsides in one go.. it was funny as it just walked in and everything hit and wounded (as well as the extra attacks it gets)

Overall, Tau seem to be more medium range now, but they also need to keep moving! (which 6th lets them do nicely)

Could be a good game, once a few people have played using them a bit!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Imperial Guard, ready and move out!

So with two games these week, my guardsmen are running their drills!

As some of you know, I am using Guard in the current campaign, and now the club is reopened its time to start dying again :D

But first I have a friendly game tmro  against the new Tau (my Brother) he bought himself a ripside battlesuit thing aswell so could be fun.. Not sure what to use against them, gun line vs gun line, I fancy Tau over Guard, might have to call on some Space wolf allies to get into the mix!

The next game is on Thursday against tyrainds! This is a campaign game, and so far I have only played one game (against Chaos and won) so hopefully it will be two hoard armies killing each other!

But I dont know, maybe he will go heavy on big creatures? Lets see :)