Monday, 23 September 2013


Thank you everyone who looks at my blog,

I am not hitting 400-500 views a month, and this has pushed the blog to 15000 views in total :)

tale of some random gamers, 500 point lists

So I have all of them now, the lists for this thursday game!
Have a looky, spot any mistakes or point wrong let me know :)

Warboss, power claw, twin linked shoota, eavy armour
21 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss pole
21 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss pole
5 storm boyz
487 in total

Chaos Lord with power weapon and mark of Slaanesh.
10 man noise marine squad with close combat weapons and 1 blast master.
10 man CSM squad with mark of Slaanesh, 1 meltagun and 1 missile launcher.

Illic Nightspear
8 Rangers
3 Jetbikes- Shuriken Cannon
10 Dire Avengers- Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield


Farseer: Jet Bike / Singing Spear.
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Fire Prism
Swooping Hawks x6
494 points.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blood claws

So wolf painting continues!

Just finished 18 blood claws and started on 7 more and 10 jump packs for my wolfs

Still on tablet so no pictures I am sorry to say :(

Monday, 16 September 2013


Orks are all painted :)

It took 6 weeks to paint 21 models... But today I have sat here for 6 hours, and painted the other 27 models

Woooo I feel like having a party lol

No pictures I am sad to say, as my tablet won't let me upload them and I don't have a phone to currently (its broke)

But another painting day, on Thursday so space wolves get their turn

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Motivation...a funny thing!

So... I am meant to be painting orks for the tale of some random gamers but... I have no motivation

But I am painting space wolfs for the first time in 4 years! (Since I have had them)  I really enjoying painting my space wolves currently.... so errr orks are going to be a bit unpainted at this rate! lol

Space Wolves 14 company!

Name- Canis Born (14th company)

So my Wolves are becoming a new company in the Space Wolves Chapter, the idea is basically this-

The Space Wolves have been playing with the Gene seed to try and make a stable successor chapter, so after 13th company went wrong, they now have come up with what they believe a more stable gene seed, and so the 14th company is born!
The great wolf himself has decided to have Space Wolves from the other companies to follow the 14th company on all missions, so they can keep a eye on them and make sure they fight as Russ intended!

So the Canis born, were well born!
They have been kept a secret to now, as the Great Wolf finally believes it is time to let them lose!!

The Inquisition have sent a small squad of grey knights to keep a close eye on the 14th company. (Grey Knights will be used as wolf guard with power weapon and storm bolter for the game I use them)

For Russ!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fall of the Dark Elder

So my wolves in a 2.5k game played the Dark elder!

It was a interesting game, he quit on my turn 4, ( I was pretty certain he would have only had 8 wyches left and I was about to assault them and a few guardians(or whatever) which were losing against some hunters)

My lossses were around 20 marines (including long fangs and around 40 guardsmen) so not even 700 points?

So good game overall, stand out performers were drop pod squads arriving where I needed them to do the most damage or reinforce my line, thunder wolves did well, just be the amount of fire he wasted into them, and  1 was still standing!

Overall good game, but the amount Dark elder can put on the field is unbelievable, but lucky it is all very squishy!

And due to him taking small squads, over watch hurt him a lot!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Just read a great idea...

Reading through my friends blog-

He mentions the idea of a ragtag renegades army based of the dead sky, black sun book by G.McNeil, as he says ( I read the book ages ago, so will re-read)

They have been banished by their chapter, but work together to still serve the good guys :), they havnt fallen to chaos, but they raid chaos settlements etc,
I am thinking this is what is going to happen to my space wolves, I get bored of one paint scheme quickly, this will allow me to paint lots of different colour models.

So this is going to be my new project! COLOURFUL MARINES! based of the real chapters of course, I have enough unpainted marines to do it (around 10k points) :)

Thank you Khornguy for this idea ;)

Hate nids...

So another lose to Nids last night!
It was a bit different to normal tho..

The mission meant I could not win straight away, I was not set up to attack and he had 9 points of objectives I had 6, so I was not going to do well..

But if the game continued a 3-5 turns lol, I reckon I would of taken the army down, I had the more stronger remains in my opinion, only losing 11 marines, 3 long fangs, 3 terminators and a lone wolf, while he had lost a hive tyrant, tyrgon prime,l massive unit of hormaguarts and a bucket load of termagants.
 So he won because of the mission, but left on the field was-

His army-
2 zoanthropes
3 Hive Guard
15 Termaguards
and a dried up Tervigon

While I still had
1 wolf guard battle leader, geared up
1 lone wolf, geared up
20 marines
a full squad of long fangs and a half squad
1 rune priest
and 2 battle cannon weapon batteries.

But overall the game wasnt that enjoyable due to the mission, straight away ruin the game in my opinion.

O well, 2.5k game against dark eldar next week, lets see how that goes!