Monday, 31 August 2015

X-wing: Wave 7 Test Games

So a small meetup to give some of the new wave 7 ships a go!
I was up against a new player, and so he is still testing his own ideas aswell, but it gave both of us to get a chance to test what each of us wanted.

Lucky we both just about had our wave 7 arrived, or turning up while we were there!

So anyway a quick run down of the test games

Game 1
My list
Vader, Lone Wolf, Title, ATC
Redline, FCS, Munitions, Plasma Torps, Cluster Missiles
Shuttle, Emperor


Gold, Prox Mine, Blaster Turret, Title, Bomb Loadout
Wedge, R2, Swarm Tactics
Blue, Autoblaster, Flech Torp

So my first list tests the punisher with the new missile fix and also lets me try the new shiny stuff from the Raider expansion!

So this game went quite well, with Redline hitting thr B-wing with a Plasma Torp and then the turn after killed off the B-wing with a cluster, and then was able to heavily hurt the Y-wing with another missile, before Redline finally went down, the Bandit lost a duel vs the Shuttle and Vader finished off the Y-wing.
Wedge zoomed into range 1 of the shuttle and rolled 4 blanks! (I reckon the Emperor used the force), then Vader and Shuttle made quick work of him

Win 100-38

Vader is awesome, with the ability to crit everything
Redline was okay, but wasnt excited by him
Emperor... He did his job perfectly, a few extra dice changes helped a lot!

Game 2
My List
Cobra, Pred, Dampeners, Stealth
2x cartel Marauders
2x Binayres


Ten Numb, Swarm
3 Blues

So dont fly straight at B-wings, so I did, I wanted to see how the list went up against that kind of firepower, so after a joust, it was 2 headhunters and a badly damaged cartel vs 3 B-wings,
 A few turns of pot shots near enough sees the Cartel go down and another B, now from here somehow the Headhunters were able to whittle down the B-wings into nothing!

Win 100-76

The new scum fighter is good, but in the end its still a X-wing, I feel the Misthunter is going to knock any chance the scum fighter has off being seen around for long

Here they come!
Game 3
My list-
Doni, C3P0, TLT
3x Bandits


IGA, VI, Flech Cannon, Seismic Charge, Glitterstim
Bossk, Proton Rockets, k4, Hot shot, Hounds tooth, autoblaster

So off I went in formation, and dropped Bossk in two shooting phases and took out the pup the turn after, the IG was able to drop a sneaky Seismic on Biggs killing him off and was also able to drop 2 bandits, but the K-Wing done its job, and kept picking away at the IG intill it was no more!

Win 100-49

K-wing I used was a cheapish build, and I like it, it doesnt deal a lot of damage, but it is hard to track down and keep in arc.

The K-Wing ready for Test flight

The K-wing has its target in its sight
Game 4
Latts Razzi, Weapons Engineer
2x Cartel Marauders
2x Binayres


Kath, Proton bomb, bombardier, homing missiles, dampeners, Andrasta, 2x Seismic Charges
IGB, Autoblaster, Seismic charge, Hot Shot

To sum this up, Kath goes down by second turn of shooting, and then he tries to finish off the hounds tooth, but a mix of keeping him away and chucking my little ships at the IG, sees the IG fall

Win 100-0

Hounds Tooth performed well as a cheap support kind of platform instead of heavily loaded, and this is how I see it being used mostly.
The Scum fighters performed better this game, but still not convinced.

Hold Steady!

So there we go! Some nice quick test games :)

Next Blog post will be soon!
Mini Local Event, might post it up later!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

40 Conquest LCG: Local Summer Event

So off to a local event, turn out was 4 of us all playing for a bit of fun!

Here are the fractions in play!

Me: Kugath, Chaos/Orks

Ragnar, Space Marines

Eldorath, Eldar

Baharroth, Eldar

So we all planned to play everyone, so we didnt play winner vs winner etc, we just played in a random order!

I cant remember much, as once again I didnt take ant notes, so only a quick round up!

Game 1 vs Baharroth

So what I thought was going to close, turned out he couldnt do enough damage to Kugath or my daemons, I dominated command struggle, beginning of turn 2 I had 11 resource to the other players 4!
So I won on the 3rd or 4th sector.

Game 2 vs Ragnar

Now he dropped firedrake terminators on sector1 first turn!
Ouch this is going to be hard, but I did have Vile Laboratory! So for the first two turns, because he didnt have any units with the terminators, he was never able to stay on the first 2 sector, meaning kugath can go in and win them.  During a Kugath vs Ragnar fight, Ragnar was bloodied, I believe that was turn 1!

Now as game went on, he had a space wolf predator, the firedrakes, deathwing guards as well as other units, so he was able to win sector 4 and 5 (I believe) now his warlord has taken damage at this point, and when he commit to sector 6, he has a massive train of units following him, but I had the ready units, allowing me to kill his warlord.

This game was close, but with my nurglings building up on the next sector, so if he did surive and win planet 6, his warlord most likely would of been unable to survive on planet 7.
A close win

Game 3 vs Eldorath

Now, against this deck, I struggled, while I won the first 2 planets, it all went down hill from there, he had the command on every planet every turn, and in the end was able to stop kugath playing any tricks, kugath end up getting bloodied and then killed by a guardian, he was empowered and the player was able to keep him shielded!
Good game, but I was well beaten!

So 2-1 with Kugath and that put me second!

1st Eldorath, 2 wins
2nd Me, Kugath, 2 wins
3rd/4th Ragnar and Baharrogh, 1 win each

Good fun!
And I took home another fire warrior elite, I only took 1 as I already had 2 copies, even though we were all offered a playset, I didnt take the box, as again I already have one.

But I did get the Zarathur promo, now this card has some amazing art!
Anyway, I will leave you all with the pictures of the promo!
 Bad pictures though, and not the right way up! :(

Front Side

Bloodied Side