Friday, 23 March 2012

Ghost Ark Review... Yes or no?

So yes or no to using Ghost arks? I have play tested one a couple of times (my second one is still in the box) and I say yes!

So postivies?
A transport that can shoot at two different targets and is also open topped? So the warriors or immortals inside can also shoot! So a shooting ark!
I use them to charge into the other players lines or to sit on a objective!
Broadside is nasty two targets that can take damage, and then the squad inside can shoot ethier :D
Strong armour while shielding is up and it is a fast moving transport!
So how I run them?

1 Ghost arks with two squads of 10 warriors, one inside one outside, the squad on the outside can be repaired every turn if they got shoot! So two squads and a ghost ark!

Can make the unit expensive, so in my case very expensive if you run it like I do!
13 is good but not great and also can be dropped to 11 very quickly!

I like them! As soon as I get two made I will be running two most of the time! Good transport, open topped being the main advantage if you ask me, zoom and and shoot with everything!!