Saturday, 19 March 2016

X-Wing Store Championship Chatteris 19/03/16

So my second store championships of the season. This time wave 8 being just released, it was going to be fun!
Now because I had already won the range ruler at MK, it was time to try new things!

Dengar, Pred, Gonk, R5-P8, Punishing One
Eval, HLC, k4, Outlaw Tech, 4-Lom

So a bit of new fun stuff! Lets see how the scum did, this was a 14 player event, so just four rounds!

Game 1
Dengar, Pred, Gonk, R5-P8, Punishing One
Cobra, PTL, Scum Stealth device
Black Sun Headhunter

In a interesting game, he cloaked Cobra, who then just disappeared in the first round of shooting! The headhunter lived longer then it should of, which caused Eval to take some real damage. After the headhunter was blown up by Eval, he had his Dengar chasing Eval, and completely ignored my Denger! His Dengar suffered a Injured Pilot just as Eval went down.

At this stage he had no shields banked on Gonk, while I still had 3, over the following turns, I was able to whittle him down.

Win 100-47

Game 2
Hera, Autoblaster turret, nien, FCS, Intel
Dash, Pred, Recon, HLC, Title

Dash found him self in a bad place, and was taken down in the 3rd round of shooting, Hera was able to deal with Eval, but then one on one Denger was able to rip up the Ghost over many turns, last turn he called the wrong move, planting himself on a rock, and allowing Dengar to finish the game in range 1.

Win 100-47

Game 3
Bossk, Engine, Gunner, Pred, Tactician, Outlaw tech
Boba, Pred, APL, Outlaw Tech, Seismic, Dampeners

Did game started quite even, both of us taking damage across all ships, my problem happened when Eval went down, while he still had both ships alive! Both were on half points by this point, and my Dengar just couldn't put any hurt on his ships, but the droid did! By the end of the game, I think R5-P8 did more damage to his ships then I did! But while on 5 hull he rolled at range 1 with bossk, crit, crit, hit, hit. I rolled 2 blanks and boom goes Dengar.

Lose 49-100

Game 4
Guri, Pred, Autothrusters
Palob, Ion Turret
Cartel Marauder x2

This game was brutal, Dengar staying in Arc most of the time, causing some real heavy damage to his scum ships! He got Eval and Dengar down to half live, but the HLC and Dengar shooting twice, plus R5-P8 was to much for his Scum ships! A cartel went down first turn, which was big, after that, I wasn't able to focus fire much, but once all his shps had 2ish Hull left each, they started to drop quickly.

Win 100-49

Overall I enjoyed Dengar, but do I stick with him for tomorrows Store Championships I am going to?Or do I try the Ghost out! To many options!

So I finished 3rd, which means I got a second range ruler and the shiny (and heavy) coin!

So a quick write up, as I have now got to choose what I am using for tomorrows event!

Cya next time!
Luke Fishy Townsend