Tuesday, 3 July 2012

6th Edition is here! Allies+ Other stuff

So with 6th edition arriving, (my book should be here in a couple of days) let looks at some bits!

Allies have to be he bit I been looking forward to the most! My Wolves charging forward with IG guard running along side them being inspired by the Space Marine presence, or my Necrons tricking Space Wolves into fighting with them to protect a tomb would from the evil Chaos Marines!
So how ever you are going to ally, there is a bit of a background behind most thing! But allies has to be the bit I have been looking forward to the most! And I already have several lists!

Building! So now you can buy building to boost your lines against the oncoming enemy, now I only see the point in this is you want cover saves for your guardsmen or some anti air guns (I getting hydras instead)
But otherwise I see this as a big money making bit by GW, the amount of people who will go out and but terrain pieces to use in their lists!  Only thing I might get is the line of barricades with a lascannon, I don't need anti air (I have a lightning fighter place thing) and my Necrons just gauss any planes down!

2D6 Charge! Now my Guard don't like this but my Wolves do! Thats why I allying both together, so my Wolves could charge 12inchs or just 2! So be interesting to see a army of Space Wolves only charge 3 inches because they tripped over a blade of grass.... but lets not go there!
I guess the idea is, with the squad getting charge firing at the charging unit, a bullet could slow the attackers down, or stop the charge and make them dive for cover! Well that's how it goes in the books anyway!

So this was only a quick look at 6th edition, will review it again when my book arrives!

My first Space Wolf and guard list will be up in about 10 minutes! So watch this space!