Friday, 26 March 2010

Space Wolves vs Grey Knights 1500pt

Yep I played it yesturday-
Cleasne for 5th ed was what we played!
So here are the lists-


Dred, lascannon

2 x 10 grey hunters, 2 plasma guns

3 Terminators, 1 with wolf claw and storm shield
1 Land Raider

2 Vindicators

1 Pred with all lascannons

His list-

Grand master
5 terminators

lascannon armed dred

2 x 8 squads of grey knights

10 storm troopers

Well so turn one saw him redeemer not moving for the rest of the game. Thats it!

Turn 2-
His termimators get out of redeemer and being about half a cm of charging my vindicator!
His terminators and grand master to say the least, was unable to stand up to 2 vindicators!

Reallly thats the game over!

Rest of the game was my lascannons trying to destroy his radier to no effect and everything else par grey hunters going towards his men and killing a few.
His callidus did take out a grey hunter squad and so the game finished in a draw!

With no objectives help!
All were contested!

So a game with took 30 mins to play!
Doesnt happen often!

Right time to find out who I have to play in 2 weeks (:

Its in my emails....somewhere!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tomrrow, round two LGS league!

Yep tomorrow evening I have the second round of the LGS league, I am playing a grey knight player who like my won his first game.

As you might know I pulled off a shock win in the first round by beating a eldar player who knows his stuff!

I like my chances a bit more against grey knights!

So cant wait (:

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Vindicator and Whirlwind! WIP! PICTURES!!!

So here they are- the whirlwind then the vindicator!
tbh they look like most un painted vinidicators and whirlwinds!


Monday, 22 March 2010

Back up from the Fang! TANKS!

Right today been to cambridge and have now just bought my second vindicator and a whirlwind for my wolves!

I have also got a copy of next months blood angel white dwarf! And wooo its awesome! Cant wait to tear them about on the battle field! ;-)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Neil Roberts!

Yep, a few of us from college got to spend a deay with him as he showed us drawings and tried to teach us to draw! Fail on most of us!

He also showed us some of his work including most of the horus herasy books covers and there designs!

He also showed us how to draw a space marine...we all failed

But yer so good day (: shame my drawing isnt up to sratch!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

spare bits to make MORE long fangs!

I been able to rustly up to more long fangs!

With the spare bits left over from grey hunter box sets I am bee able to make another lascannon and a Multi-melta!


Friday, 12 March 2010

New Arrivals! Long Fangs!

Well I just bough a deverator box to make 2 plasma cannons and 2 heavy boltes, and with a armless marine I found! I have added a lascannon too!
Also a squad leader with the 5th deversator!

So that bring my total of long fangs to-

3 Squad Leaders
10 Missile Launchers
5 Plasma Cannons
5 Heavy Bolters
3 Lascannons

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sw vs Eldar 1500 Planetstrike, first round of LGS league

So here are the lists-
No battle report as it was a 2 and a half hour game, so I was trying to win, not remember everything!

So my list-

Rune Priest
Murderous Hurricane

3 x dred in a lucius drop pod (1 ws a venerable)

2 x 10 grey hunters with 2 plasma and 1 powerfist per squad

6 long fangs- 5 missile launchers
6 long fangs-3 heavy bolters, 2 plasma cannons

Inq Lord, 4 vet guardmen

Vindicare assassin!

His list-

Autarch, jetbike, maniblasters, laser lance, fusion gun

10 Banshees with upgrade s in a wave serpent

10 harlequins with upgrades

2 x 6 fire dragons

5 shiny spears

4 reapers, 1 exach and upgrades!


We both had bad dice rolls! but in the end I won 2 objectives to none as all he had left was 4 banshees, while I had 10 grey hunters, the plasma cannon long fang squad, 2 dreds!

This was a big surprise to me as I thought I was going to get thrashed!
But o well!

next LGS league game is

Cleanse (4th ed rule, modified to 5th)
vs Grey Knights (:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

College League-First two round!

Not going to write reports aswell.....

I won both games easily.. lol

me and my teacher are the only two with a 100% start and so its going well!

Ironclads annoyed me! but my longfangs took one down and my lord using melta bombs took down the other!

Rest of his army fell quickly to assualt!

Game two was against wolfs and well my calladus....took out, a long fang squad , a lone wolf, and a remaing 4 grey hunters! and was still alive!

This wolf player had a hq costing 235 which he cant change all through event! it won him first game but cost him second as I stayed away from him intill EVERY was able to charge him! my inq lord with a power weapon was the one to finish him!

So I won both and you get a bonus 50 points to keep each round for winning!

So 1100 points to use now :D

Monday, 8 March 2010

First round-college league!

So first and second round tomorrow!

So first round vs marines

First round lists have been released-
Mine is-

Battle leader (with blood claws)
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield
Melta Bombs


3 WolfGuard (2 with meltabombs with grey hunters the other one with bloodclaws)
3 Powerfists
2 MeltaBombs

Venerable Dred


10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma

8 Blood Claws
1 Melta


6 Long Fangs
5 Missile Launchers!

As for the first round we didnt know how each other is going to play, I took a list for all comers, powerfists in each squad just incase of something big and missiles for anti tank and meltabombs!
So will it work?

Lets see what I am up against first!

His list-




IronClad Dred
Assualt Launchers
Heavy Flamer
Hunter Killer missile

IronClad Dred
Assualt Launchers
heavy Flamer
Hunter Killer Missile

(All the sudden I may not have bought enough anti tank!)


10 Tactical Marines
Melta Gun
Power Weapon Melta Bombs

5 Scouts
4 Snipers
1 Heavybolter
Camo Cloaks

5 Scouts
4 Snipers
1 Heavybolter

(dam I may need to get close to these lol)

Attack bike

Attack bike

(ooo anti tank!)

I think it is going to be a tough game, I have beat his blood angels but this is going to be hard!

So wish me luck!

I wont know the second round list intill after this game tomorrow!

Right thanks for reading everyone!

Friday, 5 March 2010

New Arrivals!

My vindicare, callidus and inq have come though the post today! woooo

Building time!

But yer not much of a update I am sad to say!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sorry no update!

Sorry but my campain game which was due today (first round) has been pushed back to next week!
Which is fine as we have a 2 week period to play the rounds games!
I did manager to beat a Deathwing player which used 2 land raiders tho :P

So next update will be the battles which are happening on tuesday as the college league!

Thanks (:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Right so college league! ME!

Right my character has been deicede for the college league after going through many Hq's

I have gone for-

A battle leader
Wolf claw
storm shield
melta bombs!

Well 125 points

Right list making now!

My first 2 games are next tuesday!!!

Wish me luck!

And in other game on thursday against eldar at planet strike maybe moved to next week, depending if he can make that day or not!

So wish me luck again!

Monday, 1 March 2010

More space wolves made!

To make my total space wolves count up to

I have just built

3 wolf guard with thunder hammers and storm bolters

2 wolf guard with wolf claws and bolt pistols

3 wolf guard with powerfists and bolt pistols (could be grey hunters)

5 long fangs with missile launchers

10 wolf guard with plasma pistol and cc weapon, (this unit will be awesome to drop in a drop pod)

also now on order!

A inquistor
a vindicare
and a callidaus assassin!

Nice little extras I think (:

btw if you want a complete list of what I have so far, please let me no, via comment!