Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heroclix, Infinity Gauntlet

So my Infinity Gauntlet has arrived! Dont have any Gems yet, so not usable, but o dear.. didnt realise how broken it could be.
Can add this for 15-40 to any heroclix character! So Chaos King for example making him a 390 monster, that has extra abilities!! But image if Chaos King stayed alive long enough to reach the Ultimate Godhood clix!
What makes this worse is that it isn't a feat and is perfectly legal in all games! Need to buy some Gems now though!

I reckon this would work better on a 100-150 point model that could do with the boosts and abilities more!

Still could be worse, image it on Sentry/Void it would be unbeatable! I reckon I am going to run it on a character around 100 points mark.