Thursday, 30 August 2012

Quiet week

Been a quiet week, so no updates currently, have bought some more models though!


And one more but that is a surprise :D

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Warmachine, my army


Avatar of Menoth

Max Daughters of the Flame
Max Choir of Menoth

Max Exemplar Cinerators
Max Exemplar Bastions
Max Deliverers
Vassal of Menoth
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and Honour Guard

Warmachine, Crusader and Vanquisher painted

My vanquisher first, and Crusader second :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Warmachine, Crusader+ Vanquisher

So I have started painting my Heavy Jacks from the two player box set! No pictures this time, but will be when I am done! Hoping to try and get them done this week in-between work! But no promises!

But yes quick update as I have work soon :(

Monday, 20 August 2012

Warmachine, Choir, Castigator and Serverius Painted!

So today in the Garden with the girlfriend I got some more painting done! Some pictures below of what I completed, I also got a couple of other Heavy Warjacks based ready to go! But because I am now working all week till Sunday I don't think their will be any more painting or blogging this week!

Castigator, Menoth Heavy Warjack!
                                                            Choir of Menoth!

                                                                      Warcaster Serverius

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Warmachine, 25p Menoth

pSeverius +6

Vigilant 4
Vanquisher 8
Crusader 6
Daughters of the Flame 5
Min Choir 2
Vassel of Menoth 2
Rhoven and Guard 4

Overall I think it could be a fun list,
with severius casting Eye of Menoth, making models that little bit nastier and Defenders Ward on the Daughters to make them 17 def!
Also with Vision, I can hopefully not take as much damage as maybe I should do!

Will have to see how it goes when I get chance to play test it!

Warmachine, Vessal of Menoth

So here is my Vessal of Menoth, the first of my models to be completely painted, for my Menoth I plan to do this scheme throughout, (Red, Green, Bronze) And other colours for warcasters and bigger models, I wanted something quick and easy and still looks okay on the table, as I have never been one for painting I dont plan to paint great detail but I just want them to look okay on the table top!!
So tomorrow I got a busy day, as me and my girlfriend (Who I love  :P )  are having a arty day, so I hoping I  can get a warjack done, my choir and my Deliverers at least! Hopefully anyway! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Warmachine, Menoth v Khador

Right so my Menoth (which has way to much money spent on it) was up against my mates Khador!

Game 1-
35 points
We objectives, vs to seven points (get a point if you hold a objective at the end of your turn)

So Drago walks up and rips the arms, legs, cortex and also the head of my Avatar! So that wasnt pleasing! Overall it was a close game, with pkeors feat evening it up again, but over all he won with 7 points to 3!

So drago is broken!

Game 2-
35 points
No mans land

Well it was a interesting one, my feat at the right time, allowed me to take down all his ninjas and most of his man'owars leaving me in a very power position, specially as the Avatar gets revenge walks up to a jack and rips it limb from limb! Overall a win for me by Warcaster kill after my Crusader showed his warcaster why you dont stand in front of a POW 18 mace which is on a Jack with 3 focus!

Good games overall. except from knocking them down his Ninjas they seem to be a nightmare to kill!

So anyway I have placed another order, to get me two more Warcasters ( I need them if we play in the Cambridge Storm Roller events)  some daughters of the flame (my own ninjas with can easily be a match for his ninjas, and also Rhoven and his bodyguard, because some of his abilities are funny and his body guards are tough cookies and can hit hard!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Escalation ideas for War Machine

So we are looking to do a escalation league, one game a month slowly building up.

This is only a idea not the final copy!


-All games will be played on one day, to be agreed upon by the players
(Recommend last Thursday of each month)
-All players must play each other once on the chosen day.
-Proxies and unpainted models are allowed, but proxies will incur a point penalty.


3 for Win
1 for Lose
0 for not Playing (In which case other play automatically gets 3 points)
1 for a new fully painted Warjack (Must be one that has been added to the new list)
2 for Entire army painted (Has to be ENTIRE army, so not painting one month, is going to make you full behind)
- 1 for each War Caster/WarJack/Solos Or unit that has been proxied. Unit add ons that are attached to a unit, do not count as a each point.  Example- 10 Winter Guard unpainted - 1 point, if the UA is unpainted but attached it still is only a -1 point total.

Example Month
Month 1-

Player 1,
Win 2
Loses 0
2 Painted Warjacks
Total 8 points

Player 2,
Wins 1
Loses 1
3 Painted Warjacks
1 proxied War Caster
Total 6 points

Player 3
Wins 0
Loses 2
5 Painted WarJacks
Painted Army
Total 9 points

Warmachine so far!

So I have now played 3 games of Warmachine, winning 2 and losing 1!
So far I am still getting used to making sure placement is correct, and I am finding ti harder to make Warmachine models then 40k, but the 40k Metal glue is awesome on the white metal figures! But most are Plastic anyway!

So far with what I got and what I have ordered I am up to 70 points! So a 35point steam roller, would be do able, but I do need to get a second War Caster!

O well, hopefully we can get one more player interested for the escalation league!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Warmachine Review

Right so played two games of warmachine last night for the first time and here is what I got to say about it!
Well to start with I won both, first game he charged his war caster in and I smashed top the ground with a heavy jack and some Knights.

Second game he had me down to my war caster and that was it, I had 1 life left, while his war caster had ten live, he also had a heavy jack and some man o wars. But his was caster was in charging range so I chucked all my foucs into extra attacks and extra power and well... it was all or nothing as he would of won if it didn't work. But it just about worked!

Game play-
Easy enough to learn but not to basic. Had to think about placement and ways of killing their war caster without them killing yours. (which helped first game, because mine is a support caster while his was a stronger fighting caster)

I really liked this element as it made the game that bit more random, not knowing how the other player was going to spend his focus means you can never be sure what the other player is going to do! (for example when I killed his war caster second game, I stopped all upkeep spells and when for it)

I really enjoyed it, do I enjoy it as much as 40k? Dont know yet, but it makes a changed playing small games with a few models instead of big games with loads of models! And it is cheaper! Needless to say I have already bought half of the two player kit and I think I am playing again Monday and Thursday!

Happy Gaming!!! 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heroclix Arrival!

Yep so today more Heroclix arrived by post, now I dont think I need any more from Chaos war as these were the last ones I wanted!

Scarlet Witch (from the ff pack)

Why? Because Perplex and PP on one click? With Mystics? Make her one of the best Support pieces in the game along side Donald Blake

2 Iron Man Drones

Why? So Now I have four drones :D  Two Ultron and Two Iron Man drones

Max Fury

Why? Because his awesome, end of

7 Shadow Soldiers

Why? Because they make a 300 point team with Max Fury!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heroclix, Infinity Gauntlet

So my Infinity Gauntlet has arrived! Dont have any Gems yet, so not usable, but o dear.. didnt realise how broken it could be.
Can add this for 15-40 to any heroclix character! So Chaos King for example making him a 390 monster, that has extra abilities!! But image if Chaos King stayed alive long enough to reach the Ultimate Godhood clix!
What makes this worse is that it isn't a feat and is perfectly legal in all games! Need to buy some Gems now though!

I reckon this would work better on a 100-150 point model that could do with the boosts and abilities more!

Still could be worse, image it on Sentry/Void it would be unbeatable! I reckon I am going to run it on a character around 100 points mark.

Monday, 6 August 2012


So I am going to play a practice game of Warmachine on Thursday, must say I am up for it, as it looks a interesting system, just going to wait and see how it plays.

Will let you know! Better get my Space Wolf Dreds out for heavy jacks and Guard sentinels for light jacks!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Heroclix update

So gone quiet on 40k at moment, as I have got really into heroclix lately, 

The newest additions to my heroclix are-

All from chaos war

Morgan Le Fay
Chaos King
Dinah Soar,
space phantom
Chase Scarlet witch and vision.

and I just placed a orders to get moreee mwahaha 

yep £15 just spent but that is on11 models :D

But except from that I think that is about it for Chaos war now!

Had a few good games last night winning 2-1 overall, he used x-men every game, while I used a mix. The two games I won both had Ultron, and she has to be the model of them two matches, spitting out drones rules. Shame I had only two drones though!