Sunday, 31 October 2010

No update :(

Still no upodate :(

Will be soon tho lol!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Well back from greece but nothing to update with atmo sorry!

With a lot of building work going on, I am not going to have chance to play for a while now

So err yer!

Will again at some point tho!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Win vs Chaos!

Well a last turn plasma shot won me it!

It blow up a rhino that was going to draw it sooo! I won! mind you he had nothing except 4 marines left... I only lost 4 marines, 1 vindi, and a pred so not bad!
Thunder wolves won me it taking down a entire squad in one turn before finishing off another one!

One game left of the LGS league and its in 5-6 weeks time!

So blog might die a bit for a while!

O well Greece for me in 2 weeks aswell :)

Also I love my girlfriend loads <3

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Wolves do well again!

Yep so I beat the mainres on thusday!

The problem for him was that he picked he objective we had to find up on first turn... meaning I knew where my 5 Drop Pods are going :D I think if he didnt find it so quick my ary would have been more spread out!

But over all! Solid Victory!

Next up Chaos! I look forward to this one *evil grin*

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Win vs Nids! Urban Assualt! LGS league!

A missions where elites are troops and no heavy supports are allowed!

Well, tbh thunderwolf lord with wolves works well! first time I used them and for 320 for the whole unit they were awesome!

So negatives?

Tbh I cant think of any, the list had little to no trouble winning the game!

So next week up against Space Marines!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Win for my eldar!

Yep, so a big 4 player game, all against all , kill points!

I didnt lose a entire unit at all, and finished with 7 kill points!

Things to remember when playing eldar!
  • Remember to fortune (I keep forgetting lol)
  • Need more anti tank

About it lol

Monday, 14 June 2010


Sorry no pics today, but yes I have done some painting :O

Fully Painted 10 Dire Avengers and almost finished painting my new eldar toy :D

Well the motivation for all this painting? the girlfriend! <3

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Yep I beat the sisters :D

Giving me first place
With the Teacher (eldar) finishing second!

So I got my Space Wolf Battle Force as the prize meaning, more wolf guard! as I dont need blood claws or hunters!

The game against the sister started close, with both of his exorist gone by turn 2! Scouts meltabombed one and the pred destroyed the other!

Except from that! I won to the man!

Kill points- 8-2 to the Space Wolves (:

So overall good league and good fun (:

Monday, 7 June 2010

Final College League Campain Game!

As some of you know I need 1 point to secure the first spot and a nice little Space Wolf Battle Force, but I know the Sister player who is second will be going all out to try and win!

Most of you will have seen the lists (below somewhere)

So only one thing to do!

Wish me luck!

For the Wolftime, For Russ!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Last round of College league!

So all the lists are submitted and now can not change! the game is in a week and a half!
So right here is his list!
He is playing Sisters btw!
Also the mission is pitched Battle, Kill points!

Bless Weapon
Inferno Pistol
Cloak of St.Aspire
Litanies of Faith

Inferno Pistol
Frag Grenade
Cload of St.Aspire

Bolt Pistol
Power Armour

18 Sisters
Frag Grenades
2 Melta Guns

10 Sisters
Frag Grenades
2 Melta guns

10 Retributors
Frag Grenade
4 Heavy Bolters




So here is his list! He plays aggressivly with his sisters normally leaving exorists at the back of table with the retributors and then try and move everything forward!

And here is my list!
As you can see why my list! I was worred about there being 3 Exorists!

Battle Leader
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield
Melta Bombs

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

9 Blood Claws
1 Flamer
1 Power Weapon

5 Scouts
3 Meltabombs

Land Raider

6 Long Fangs
5 Missile Launchers

TL Lascannon
Sponson Lascannon


So my tactic is to use my tanks and long fangs to blow up or destroy the exorists weapons!
I will sit in a gunline, with the blood claws and battle leader in land raider, ready to close combat anything that comes near! My scouts are going to also go exorist hunting but if that fails/none exorists left they will try and get into close combat with the heavy bolter squad!

So what do you lot think?

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sorry No update!

Well I have had no new models! but o well...

I havnt had a game because I was giving the win in the LGS league due to he could not play the game! Also the LGS is onb the 8th (i think) of June! so very soon!

And I might be going to girlfriends in a min, to paint! and I might paint my bjorn model!

So hopefully more updates soon!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kill Teams

O dear, I was making a few kill team lists for tau and then noticed something..Tau HAVE to haev at least 6 firewarriors! as no where does it say in the kill-team rules that the 1+ choice is gone!
So fire warriors must be taken..o well.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

College Results round 5 and 6!

So a quick and easiy 6-0 on kill points in the first game saw me take 4 points for anniliating him!
But second game against the second place Eldar player, it came down to a draw! Which means going into the last day I am first with 20 points, second is sisters with 17, and the eldar with 16!

Right so last game I am playing sisters!! so a draw will win me the league!

But it could be a three way tie if this happens!

Sisters beat me
Eldar Anilates his enemy!

Then we all are on 20 pts!
So all to play for against sisters next time!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Finished a Librarian and a WIP whirlwind

Sorry for bad photo's but once again they are taken on my phone!
Yep so more painting...must be made...I was forced by my artist of a grilfriend this time!

So librarian...

And WIP whirlwind-

And a reminder i got round 5 and 6 of the college league tomorrow!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sorry no update!

Yep no update lately sorry! nothing to post about!

Got round 5 and 6 of college league on tuesday tho :D cant wait!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Round 5 vs guard!

Yep another win!

Grey hunters with melta guns won me the day holding 4 objectives to 1!

So good result and so at moment I remain second in the league!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Battle Chips Rhino update part 2!

Here is the battle damage!

Rhino UPDATE! Almost done! well to my standards!

Well the rhino is amost done! just got to paint the driver!

Front pic-

Side pic-

My first EVER attempt at freehand, very poor lol

one more pic to come, the battle damage I have tried to paint on it!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Rhino WIP update!-OMG I AM PAINTING!

Well I cant paint! and yet I am drawn to paint a rhino!
So the rhino continues! still bad but more green and the tracks are done :D
This may be the push I need to start painting some marines!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Painting update! Rhino!

I dont paint often! so this is a rare update! Hopefully planning to paint more often!! But my jade canis army (A very small secret space wolf successer chapter) Here is the start of my rhino! Right I havnt painted one tank for marines yet, so not sure how this will go, but I got eldar and guard tanks painted so hopefully it will be okay! I am not a good painting (:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

College league, Round 3 and 4!

Well round 3 was interesting, as my vindicator and long fangs won me the game! not much happened really, long range fire fights and blood claws killing marines! Dred popped his vindicator first turn! About it lol!

My second game, never happened as the player didnt turn up, so am given a instant win for that game!

so 7 points for me! (4 total wipe out, 3 normal win against player that didnt turn up)

So mt teacher who was joint first, made a slip up and drew against sisters of battle! and then won his second game with a drop pod stopping him wiping the other guy out!

So 4 points for him!

putting me 3 points ahead with 3 games to go!

The first prize is a battle force (: second is kept secret and 3rd is a T-shirt!

But if I win my next two games I win the league! as I got my teacher next month!

So good games once again (:

Thursday, 15 April 2010

wolves vs choas 1.5!

After a close and long game! I WON

I choose to put one bunker down so that bunker was worth 1500 victory points, so it was all or nothing!

I held the bunker and by the end of the game he had a unusable rhino and half a oblit. I had about 25 marines and a full long fang squad and a rune priest!

Happy with outcome as I was going into the game, thinking I was going to lose! but o well good game (:

SW vs Chaos tonight 1.5 LGS league!

Yep round 4 tonight!

With 1 win, 1 draw and 1 lose so far I look to go and win this game!

We both have the same amount of points in the league and so this could be a close game.

The objective is for me to defend 3 bunkers, each bunker is worth 500 points if held!

Wish me luck (:

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Nids vs Space Wolves 1500 points

Right once again, I dont have time to write a full report, but
I lost!

My list was

3 rune priests (all different)

3 x grey hunters, 2 in rhinos, 1 in drop pod
2x long fangs and a whirlwind and 3 lone wolves!

Yep he had a army of outflanking stealers and a deepstriking doom....I lost before it started!

I couldnt kill enough stealers from range and they ripped apart each squad as soon as they got close!

New Stuff!

Yep more new wolves, I have a new rune priest and a chaplain with a jump pack!

As I needed another rune priest for tonight I thought I would buy one! o well one more on order so I can field 4!

The chaplain was more of a .... o yer they sell those! and my skyclaws will have a friend!

Anyway, I not looking forward to getting battered tonight!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sorry! But nids on thursday!

Sorry about the lag of posts, been busy!

But thursday I playing nids in my LGS league at 1500 points, the game is 4th ed recon with 5th rules so should be good!

I need to do well as he has won both his games so far!

Also been reading blood angels rule book, maybe a 6th army coming alone.....

Friday, 26 March 2010

Space Wolves vs Grey Knights 1500pt

Yep I played it yesturday-
Cleasne for 5th ed was what we played!
So here are the lists-


Dred, lascannon

2 x 10 grey hunters, 2 plasma guns

3 Terminators, 1 with wolf claw and storm shield
1 Land Raider

2 Vindicators

1 Pred with all lascannons

His list-

Grand master
5 terminators

lascannon armed dred

2 x 8 squads of grey knights

10 storm troopers

Well so turn one saw him redeemer not moving for the rest of the game. Thats it!

Turn 2-
His termimators get out of redeemer and being about half a cm of charging my vindicator!
His terminators and grand master to say the least, was unable to stand up to 2 vindicators!

Reallly thats the game over!

Rest of the game was my lascannons trying to destroy his radier to no effect and everything else par grey hunters going towards his men and killing a few.
His callidus did take out a grey hunter squad and so the game finished in a draw!

With no objectives help!
All were contested!

So a game with took 30 mins to play!
Doesnt happen often!

Right time to find out who I have to play in 2 weeks (:

Its in my emails....somewhere!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tomrrow, round two LGS league!

Yep tomorrow evening I have the second round of the LGS league, I am playing a grey knight player who like my won his first game.

As you might know I pulled off a shock win in the first round by beating a eldar player who knows his stuff!

I like my chances a bit more against grey knights!

So cant wait (:

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Vindicator and Whirlwind! WIP! PICTURES!!!

So here they are- the whirlwind then the vindicator!
tbh they look like most un painted vinidicators and whirlwinds!


Monday, 22 March 2010

Back up from the Fang! TANKS!

Right today been to cambridge and have now just bought my second vindicator and a whirlwind for my wolves!

I have also got a copy of next months blood angel white dwarf! And wooo its awesome! Cant wait to tear them about on the battle field! ;-)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Neil Roberts!

Yep, a few of us from college got to spend a deay with him as he showed us drawings and tried to teach us to draw! Fail on most of us!

He also showed us some of his work including most of the horus herasy books covers and there designs!

He also showed us how to draw a space marine...we all failed

But yer so good day (: shame my drawing isnt up to sratch!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

spare bits to make MORE long fangs!

I been able to rustly up to more long fangs!

With the spare bits left over from grey hunter box sets I am bee able to make another lascannon and a Multi-melta!


Friday, 12 March 2010

New Arrivals! Long Fangs!

Well I just bough a deverator box to make 2 plasma cannons and 2 heavy boltes, and with a armless marine I found! I have added a lascannon too!
Also a squad leader with the 5th deversator!

So that bring my total of long fangs to-

3 Squad Leaders
10 Missile Launchers
5 Plasma Cannons
5 Heavy Bolters
3 Lascannons

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sw vs Eldar 1500 Planetstrike, first round of LGS league

So here are the lists-
No battle report as it was a 2 and a half hour game, so I was trying to win, not remember everything!

So my list-

Rune Priest
Murderous Hurricane

3 x dred in a lucius drop pod (1 ws a venerable)

2 x 10 grey hunters with 2 plasma and 1 powerfist per squad

6 long fangs- 5 missile launchers
6 long fangs-3 heavy bolters, 2 plasma cannons

Inq Lord, 4 vet guardmen

Vindicare assassin!

His list-

Autarch, jetbike, maniblasters, laser lance, fusion gun

10 Banshees with upgrade s in a wave serpent

10 harlequins with upgrades

2 x 6 fire dragons

5 shiny spears

4 reapers, 1 exach and upgrades!


We both had bad dice rolls! but in the end I won 2 objectives to none as all he had left was 4 banshees, while I had 10 grey hunters, the plasma cannon long fang squad, 2 dreds!

This was a big surprise to me as I thought I was going to get thrashed!
But o well!

next LGS league game is

Cleanse (4th ed rule, modified to 5th)
vs Grey Knights (:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

College League-First two round!

Not going to write reports aswell.....

I won both games easily.. lol

me and my teacher are the only two with a 100% start and so its going well!

Ironclads annoyed me! but my longfangs took one down and my lord using melta bombs took down the other!

Rest of his army fell quickly to assualt!

Game two was against wolfs and well my calladus....took out, a long fang squad , a lone wolf, and a remaing 4 grey hunters! and was still alive!

This wolf player had a hq costing 235 which he cant change all through event! it won him first game but cost him second as I stayed away from him intill EVERY was able to charge him! my inq lord with a power weapon was the one to finish him!

So I won both and you get a bonus 50 points to keep each round for winning!

So 1100 points to use now :D

Monday, 8 March 2010

First round-college league!

So first and second round tomorrow!

So first round vs marines

First round lists have been released-
Mine is-

Battle leader (with blood claws)
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield
Melta Bombs


3 WolfGuard (2 with meltabombs with grey hunters the other one with bloodclaws)
3 Powerfists
2 MeltaBombs

Venerable Dred


10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma

8 Blood Claws
1 Melta


6 Long Fangs
5 Missile Launchers!

As for the first round we didnt know how each other is going to play, I took a list for all comers, powerfists in each squad just incase of something big and missiles for anti tank and meltabombs!
So will it work?

Lets see what I am up against first!

His list-




IronClad Dred
Assualt Launchers
Heavy Flamer
Hunter Killer missile

IronClad Dred
Assualt Launchers
heavy Flamer
Hunter Killer Missile

(All the sudden I may not have bought enough anti tank!)


10 Tactical Marines
Melta Gun
Power Weapon Melta Bombs

5 Scouts
4 Snipers
1 Heavybolter
Camo Cloaks

5 Scouts
4 Snipers
1 Heavybolter

(dam I may need to get close to these lol)

Attack bike

Attack bike

(ooo anti tank!)

I think it is going to be a tough game, I have beat his blood angels but this is going to be hard!

So wish me luck!

I wont know the second round list intill after this game tomorrow!

Right thanks for reading everyone!

Friday, 5 March 2010

New Arrivals!

My vindicare, callidus and inq have come though the post today! woooo

Building time!

But yer not much of a update I am sad to say!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sorry no update!

Sorry but my campain game which was due today (first round) has been pushed back to next week!
Which is fine as we have a 2 week period to play the rounds games!
I did manager to beat a Deathwing player which used 2 land raiders tho :P

So next update will be the battles which are happening on tuesday as the college league!

Thanks (:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Right so college league! ME!

Right my character has been deicede for the college league after going through many Hq's

I have gone for-

A battle leader
Wolf claw
storm shield
melta bombs!

Well 125 points

Right list making now!

My first 2 games are next tuesday!!!

Wish me luck!

And in other game on thursday against eldar at planet strike maybe moved to next week, depending if he can make that day or not!

So wish me luck again!

Monday, 1 March 2010

More space wolves made!

To make my total space wolves count up to

I have just built

3 wolf guard with thunder hammers and storm bolters

2 wolf guard with wolf claws and bolt pistols

3 wolf guard with powerfists and bolt pistols (could be grey hunters)

5 long fangs with missile launchers

10 wolf guard with plasma pistol and cc weapon, (this unit will be awesome to drop in a drop pod)

also now on order!

A inquistor
a vindicare
and a callidaus assassin!

Nice little extras I think (:

btw if you want a complete list of what I have so far, please let me no, via comment!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

First game of gamers league!

Right my first game is against a eldar player that likes wraith guard... in planetfall! (planetstrike)

Right that is next thursday!.... soooo I will write a report and list ideas on here when I get some!

But for now, I have borrowed by brothers tau book to do some list making (:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Space Wolves 500 point event! Reports!

Right so here we are! My reports for the warhammer 40k event which has 4 rounds!

My brother also played he lost 3 and won 1! Finishing with 1 point!

Right I thought I could do quite well..... right anyway...

My list-

Battle Leader
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield

5 Grey Hunters (squad 1)
1 Plasma Gun

5 Grey Hunters (squad 2)

5 Skyclaws (with battle leader) (air 1)
1 Power weapon

5 Skyclaws (air 2)

Right first game....saw me up against nids in a capture and control mission!

Right all games were table quaters btw!

Right first game anyway-

His list-

Warrior Prime

3 Warriors
1 Barbed Strangler

20 Hormagaunts
Toxin Sacs

Doom of Malan'tai


He gets first turn (just my luck!)

Turn 1-

Everything moves towards my lines except the biovore which just sits there....
The biovore kills nothing and the warriors shoots down 2 marines
No assualt!

Right well air 1 and air 2 zoomed off towards thier lines!
Squad 1 shoot the Doom dealing 1 wound to it! and thats about it!

Turn 2-

Same again...everything moves forward except biovore!
Biovore and warriors kill nothing and Doom kills a skyclaw from air 2

All Skyclaws go froward and now are in assualt range!
Doom kills two skyclaws in my shooting phase! (I forgot about that!!)
Squad 1 do two wounds on the Doom! and then squad 2 kill the Doom with thier boltguns!
Air 1 (dont forget they have the battle leader) charge the 3 warriors and warrior prime while the remaining air 2 charge the guants!

So air 2 kill 4 guants and lose nothing in return! (2 because of fearless rule)
And air 1 does 1 wound to the prime while the warriors kill one skyclaw back! Draw....

Turn 3-

No moving..
No shooting..

The guants kill 1 blood claw and the blood claws kill nothing in return!
Air 1 loses all its skyclaws to the prime :( my battle leader wounds the prime in return, and the battle leader runs and doesnt get caught!

Right both squad 1 and squad 2 shoot the warriors and do 5 wounds between them, killing a warrior and wounding the others
Well guants kill the last skyclaw from air 2
Well my battle leader charges the warriors again and well...the prime kills the leader but the leader kills the prime! What a herioc death!

Turn 4-

His guants run towards my remianing squads..:(
Warriors kill 1 marine from shooting then charge squard 1 killing 2 while one of the warriors take a wound!

Well my turn!
Squad 2 charges the warriors aswell!
Warriors kill 1 marine, while the marines kill another warrior 1 left!

Turn 5-

Guants charge into the marines....
well all my marines die at this point...

So I lost.... dam!

Game 2- I got a bye! which is half a point so.... 1/2 points for me so far :(

Game 3-tbh I was up against a daemon annilated... he had 2 squads of 3 nurglings, 4 blood crushers, skulltaker on chariot, and a helald of knorn on a chariot....I got murdered... I killed 5 nurglings........ he killed everything!

So yer...

Last Game is game 4!

Which was against a ork player who joined the event in the last seconds and didnt reliease no tanks were allowed!

So he had 2 killa kans and 2 warbuggies! so I was allowed a melta gun on air 1 :/ lol

Right I won this one! 3-1 kill points!

I killed his mek boy and 2 squads of 15 orks with my skyclaw squads while all his killa kans and buggies went towards my grey hunters and only killed 1 squad!

So 3-1
Again no report tho :(

O well!

Finished with 1.5 points out of 4 :( which I was hoping to do better but o well beat my brother thanks to the bye :P

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sky Claws and Wolf Lord with Jump pack Done!

Well my 500 points is now fully painted for tomorrow (:

So here is my sky claws and my wolf lord-
My sky claws-

On right my wolf lord, on left skyclaws-

Right tomorrow, I will be writing reports for all the games I play and if I remember I will take pictures!

Thanks for reading (:

Rune Priest In terminator WIP!

Well some of you wont know this but the only Rune Priest I have is Njal Stormcaller! and so I thought it was time to add some more (: So I bought a rune priest in terminator armour and planning to get one in power armour to!
So I made it and here it is!
No paint yet...but me and painting dont go well (:

500 Point Event list Army Pictures!

As you can see from these pics my 2 squads of grey Hunters are done, but the leader and skyclaws only basecoated!
O well least you dont have to have a painted army for this event!

Group Shoot! Grey Hunters on left, sky claws on right, leader in center!

The 10 Grey Hunters (2 squads of 5) one painted in my scheme (green ones) other are some of the space wolves I got off a friend!

And here is my battle leader! or me! as it will be me in the college league as well (:

Tomorrow 500 point event!

As you all know I am playing in a 500 point event tomorrow!

1 HQ
2 Troops
No Armour Values
No Monstours Creatures (sorry for spelling)

So here is my list-

Battle Leader
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield

5 Grey Hunters
1 Plasma Gun

5 Grey Hunters

5 SkyClaws
1 Power weapon

5 Skyclaws

500 points spot on!

Now the idea is to be quick and hopefully this list will do well (:

Right now pictures of this army in next post!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wolf Lord WIP update!

Well I have just finished making the model!

Only diffence from last pic is I added the flag that comes in the space wolves box set!

So painting is next... so watch this space!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Me! Wolf Lord Pics! WIP!!

As some of you know, I have to have a character that cant be changed in anyway for the college league I am in!

I wanted something that can dish out pain and take it also!

I was thinking about
Wolf Lord
Twin wolf claws


Wolf Lord
Frost blade and storm shield

But then I though.....what about something fast?

So then I decieded to have a wolf lord to join sky claws! and sooo here is me! WIP!

Wolf Lord
Wolf claw
Storm shield
Jump Pack!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Half term!

Well as you all no! its half term...and becasue of this I havnt posted alot! but when I get back to college next week I will be posting again!

Next major thing is the 500 point event on sunday (:

Thanks (:

Friday, 12 February 2010

Space Wolf Army Pictures!

Right for the college league I am using a wolf lord with twin wolf claws me thinks!

But anyway...Space Wolf army pictures, sorry they were taken with a phone so not the best of pictures!

OOOO Tanks, and Terminators! What is not to like?

Well tanks and drop pods, I have 2 more drop pods not shown in picture
Thunderwolfs! I also have canis wolfborn! These guys have been awesome for me so far!

Complete 9500 points of space wolves! I have 1500 points not shown(If not more) (5 lords, 2 drop pods, 1 wolf priest, 25 marines)

One of my 3 wolf priests ( I have one on bike and a basic one as well)

TBH I know I cant paint...the blue ones are the ones I bought off a mate for very cheap as my chapter was green to start with lol!
O well there is my army!

College League!

So rounds drawn!

Its a 1000 points, but we must have a HQ which is us and that cant be changed!

Hmmm wolf lord, frost blade, storm shield? maybe!

But yes here is the mission set ups!


Pitched battle, Capture and control
Dawn of war, Annihilation


Spearhead, Seize Ground
Spearhead, Capture and Control


Pitched battle, Annihilation
Dawn of war, seize ground


Pitched battle, Annihilation!!!

Right I think these are the armies involed-This may change before the campain yet-
Me-Space Wolves
1x Blood Angels-
1x Eldar
3x Chaos Marines
2x Space Marines

I am going for second place, the eldar player (my college teacher) will most likely win it!

Looks fun tho!

Also who ever wins there games get a extra 50 points on thier list from then onwards :D
Could be fun indeed!

1500 SW vs SM

Quick report as game went my way alll the way to the end!

So annilation, pitched battle!

His List-
Chapter Master

5 Terminators

2 x 10 Marines,
2 Plasma cannons
2 Flamers

10 Marines
1 Missile launcher
1 Flamer

10 Sternguard

5 Deversators
2 Lascannons
2 Heavy Bolters

My list-

Ragnar Blackmane


2 x 15 blood claws
4 melta guns

10 swift claw bikers

3 Thunder wolfs
1 thunder hammer
2 Storm shields

6 Long fangs
3 Plasma Cannons
2 Heavy Bolters

Once again I got first turn! On a roll :P

Turn 1-

All my stuff moves forward,
Bikes kill 2 Terminators from shooting
Long fangs took postion in a building!
Ragnar and blood claws charge forward

He didnt do alot, opened fire doing......nothing

Turn 2-
Bikers and priest charge terminators and chapter master, killing 1 terminator and wounding chapter master.
Thunder wolves 1 inch off chargin devs -.-
Long fangs kill 9 marines leaving 1 plasma cannon in the squad left! He fail leadership and runs of board
BLood claws and ragnar keep going!

Sternguard hurt a squad of blood claws a lot! leaving 4 left! ouch... lucky not ragnars squad, most of his fire is unsuccessful!
All my thunder wolves took one wound each tho from devs!
Chapter masters assualt.......he lost both his other terminators I lost 2 bikes...drawn!

Turn 3-
Thunderwolves charge devs and take them all out!! but loss one in the process!
Ragnar charges the other plasma cannon squad....killing them all...losing 1 blood claw!
Long fangs take out the missile launcher tactial squad which only just got set up in a building!
The 4 blood claws charge the sternguard...he lost 3 I lost 0 he passes leadership!
Chapter master kills one bike and takes no wounds in return :( I pass leadership.

Turn 4-
Bikes finally kill chapter master, but lost 2 more bikes doing so!
Sternguard and blood claws kill nothing in combat!

Well all what is left is the combat...1 kill each!

Turn 5-
Nothing else of mine is in assualt range at moment :(
kill 2 sternguards!

His assualt...nothing

Win to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Also it is worth mentioning he did have a thunderfire cannon, but he forgot about it as it was in the same location as his dead pile!

I am surprised to see the blood claws hold in combat against sternguard....even tho the sternguard should have owned them!

But yes good game!
and a nother victory for fenis!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

5 models 500 more sw points

Right so I am making 30 marines atmo!

And 5 I made into wolf lords, putting me up to 10k points so far!

Here is what they are-

Wolf Lord-frost blade, bolt pistol
Wolf Lord-twin Wolf claws
Wolf Lord-thunder hammer, storm shield
Wolf Lord-Thunder hammer, storm bolter
Wolf Lord-wolf claw, storm shield

So this puts me on about 10015 lol

so 25 more marines and 1 drop pod to go!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thursday 11th Feb 2010

So 2 weeks ago I agreed to play a chaos player at 1.5 with my wolves getting ready for campain, so if he rememebers I will be playing him tomorrow if not.... then I dont no!


Coming soon!

Me and the deathwing player at my store have agreed to play deathwing vs wolfwing at some point! WILL BE FUN! :D

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Space Wolves Vs blood Angels

Right to start with yesturday we didnt start the league, this is to make sure all the rules are sorted out! so when I get all the details I will post the details here!!

But I did have a friendly game against my mate who play Blood Angels!

So it was a annilation, and pitched battle (:

His list-
Something like this-



5 Death Company (with chaplain)

1 Frosio dred

10 Assualt marines (combat squaded)

5 Assualt marines

My list-

Battle Leader
Plamsa Pistol
Frost Blade
Wolf Tail Talismen (I was planning to be playnig eldar lol)

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma guns
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters (With the battle leader)
2 Melta guns

TL Lascannons
Side Lascannons


Lone Wolf

Turn 1-
I go first

Move everything forward, one pod comes in and unit inside takes out 4 assualt marines that were with the captain, other shooting failed.

I forgot how fast he was :O

Squad of 5 moves shoots and charges my lone wolf...he died lol
The captain and the last remianing squad member flew towards my lines igoring the hunters in front of them.
Chaplain and the death guard assualt the drop poded squad....wiping all 10 out :(
Other squad of 5 chargers battler leader squad...I WON! he Killed none and I killed 3 (:

Turn 2-
Drop pod comes in and opens fire on the lone wolfs killers...killing...wait for it!......1
Lascannon on pred kills the captain out right :D and finishs the last guy in squad off
Battle leader finishs squad of he and his hunters are fighting.
Vindi blows the arms of the dred

Dred is getting close :/ Chaplain and death company get close, rhino going around blocking me from shooting them, not much else this turn.

Turn 3-
Hunters will melta guns go and shoot the dred doing nothing -.- Its captain lucky had split of after the chaplain.

Chaplain meltabombs the vindi...killing it Dred assualt 10 Grey Hunters with meltaguns, killing 1 haha no arms, but I cant strike back :(

Turn 4-
Plasma gun hunters from other drop pod kill 2 death company from range (:
Battle leader shoots and assualt chaplain and death company.. 1 died from plasma pistol, and his frost blade cut the rest done including the chaplain.
Dred doesnt kill anything in CC

Dred in cc is all that is left, kills 2 marines

Turn 5-
Hunters with plasma guns destroy rhino.
Only dred left!
Didnt do anything else except combat..1 more marine is dead

His last turn-
Dred kills nothing!

So...he has half of a dread left and I have a squad of hunters and half a squad, and a battle wolf!


But lessons leant? YEP, meltabombs are your friend!

Monday, 8 February 2010

1st Round of college league!

Well yep its tomorrow!
I have two lists but I cant decide which one to use!

So for now I will think about it!

Both lists are fast, basically one contains some bigger nasty stuff, and one has more AP1 and AP2 weapons then you can shake a stick at!

You will find out how the battle went tomorrow or sometime this week, aswell as which list I use, If I even use one of those yet!

O the joys of space wolves and all thier choices!

Friday, 5 February 2010

College gaming!

Right so I said something a while ago about gaming at college

Well it has been turned into a league and so my target is top 2 :P

There are 6 players at the current time, soo I got to hope me and my wolves are up to the challage:D

Also when i get time, I going to put pictures up of ALL of my space wolves (: Maybe in the next few day (:

Thursday, 4 February 2010

500 points sw vs Tau

Me and my brother had a quick 500 point game getting ready for the 500 point even later this month. Only a quick post.

So lists-

his list-


12 fire warriors
16 ish kroot

5 steath teams

My list-
Logan Grimnar

3 basic terminators

5 blood claws

5 scouts

Game comments

Well scouts came in from behind! that worked well :D

I lost 1 terminator and 1 marine, and well he didnt do very well turn 4 he had nothing left!

As it is only quick game I am not going to write anything about it atmo. But yer easy win for me (:

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Well sunday is mine and my gfs bday party sorta thing (everyone gets drunk)

so yer! no posting on sunday :P

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sw Vs Nids 1500

Each player has one base, they are the objectives
Set up-
Dawn of war

My list-

Njal Stormcaller (with the squad in the dop pod)
Canis Wolfborn (With thunderwolves)

5 Terminators
5 Wolf Claws
5 Storm Shields

9 Grey Hunters
1 Melta gun
Drop pod

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns

4 Thunderwolves
1 Thunder Hammer
2 Storm shields

6 Long Fands
5 Missile launchers

His list-
(Not sure what they had on, but here is a idea)

2 Tyrant Guard

The Parasite of Mortex

6 Ymgarl Genestealers

5 Ymgarl Genestealers

30 Hormagaunts

8 warriors
8 Spinesfists
8 Talons

1 Mawloc

He deployed stormlord and its guard, 30 hormagaunts and warriors

I deployed 10 grey hunters with the rhino!

Turn 1-
Well I went first so

All my stuff walks on except drop pod which deciedes to stay near my base instead of dropping behind him,
grey hunters and njal open fire (he uses living lightning) killing a few gaunts.

His parasite walks on, he moves everything forward...about it

Turn 2-
Long fangs take out the parasite with missile launchers
Grey hunters both squads and njal continue thier murdering of the gaunts aout 8 left

Mawloc comes underneath terminators not killing one!
His gaunts charge my grey hunters which have plasma guns and all the gaunts died..
The squad of stealers pops up out of terrian next to njal and hist squad and assualt even combat 3 kills each.
Other stealers pop up other side of map.

Turn 3-
Long fangs wound storm lord and kill a gaurd with missile launchers
Thunder wolves and canis charge Warriors almost killing them all!
Njal and his squad kill 1 stealer and lose a few hunters
Termaninators charge mawloc, Mawloc fails to wound and terminators take 4 wounds of it.

He loses all his stealers from his squad assualting njal, and so now only 3 hunters remain.
He loses all his warriors in combat and the other stealers charge killing 1 thunderwolf.
Stormlord getting close :/
Mawloc goes underground again :(

Turn 4-
Last turn :P
Njal splits with hunters, hunters run towards my objective (they now hold it, yes my drop pod was next to my objective lol)
Njal uses jaws of the world wolf and takes out the storm lord!

At this point the other player gives up,
he has 5 stealers left and half a mawloc which is out of play, while I lost 1 thunderwolf and 7 grey hunters!

So I think this shows after all the worring about the new nid codex...they can lose and lose well they did!

The stormlord dying was luck! and without that luck it may have been a different mater, but he wasnt getting to me next turn as I would have moved back next turn as it would be getting VERY close!!

O well not bad!

Never lost with wolfs yet but on blog that is my first win (:

Sw Vs nids!

Well I won!

I will put up the report soon, tomorrow or on the weekend!

But nids do die very well (:

Quick bit of inforamtion!

Bases (both player has one building as there objective)
Dawn of war layout!

Rough game information-
He had 5 stealers (the elite ones) and half of a mawloc left!

I lost 7 marines and 1 thunderwolve

So yer...I won lol
I held my objective he had no troops

SW vs Nids Tonight

So tonight I play my first game against the new nid codex!

My space puppies look forward to trying new bits out aswell!

For the first time I may try out thunderwolves tonight and Canis wolfborn himself!

So hopefully I will get information on the game up very soon! (:

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

21st Feb

Well so on the 21st of feb there is a 500 point event at my LGS, no armour values tho so looks like a flot slogging army! maybe canis and wolf cavs?

We shall see!

Also the 9th of feb is a gaming night at my college! the first of 6 or 7! My wolves once again will make a appearence in 1k or 1.5k or 2k depending on who turns up (:

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fighting the bugs!

This Thursday I got a game against the new nid codex!! My space puppies will be deployed to take out the threat to Fenis!

The report will be on here thursday night or friday morning (hopefully)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard 1500

Right so my first game of this blog!
Didnt go aswell as I hoped but here are the lists and a quick run down on what happened!

My list-

Logan Grimnar

6 Wolf Guard
6 Terminator armours
1 has wolf claw storm shield
1 has thunder hammer
3 basic
1 has power fist, cyclone missile launcher
Drop pod

10 Grey hunters
2 melta guns
power weapon
mark of teh wulfen
Drop pod

10 grey hunters
2 Plasma guns

5 scouts with cc weap and bolt pistol

6 Long fangs
3 Missile launchers
2 multi-meltas
Drop pod

Land raider

His list-
Dont know 100% what he took, but this is an idea.

Command squad
Plasma gun

Reg command
plasma gun
standard bearer

4 x 10 guardsmen each squad with 1 lascannon

10 vets with 2 flamers, 1h.flamer and harker

bane wolf

3 heavy sentinels with lascannons

5 grey knight terminators
10 grey knights, 1 was justicar with power weapon


Turn 1-
Most of my stuff was off the field (deep strike and outflanking scouts)
so he took shoots and my rhino and raider and immoblized both!

2 Drop pods drop in!
1 with Logan, the long fangs and the wolf guard with cyclone missile launcher! all jumped out and opened fire using Logans relentless and destroyed the chimera and 4 guardsmen near by, with the explosion!
Grey hunters with melta guns dopped in failing to even mark the sentinals!
my other grey hunters in rhino got out and started going forward

Turn 2-
His grey knight terminatots when up against my grey hunters and took them out in combat losing 3 of his numbers aswell!
The bane wolf and mass fire power took out 2 long fangs

Drop fails to arrive, scouts come in his time edge
Logan runs towards his 10 grey knights and so do scouts, taking most of them down! and losing almost all scouts in return and a wounded Logan.
Long fangs blow up the bane wolf, and land raider pops are sentinel

Turn 3-
harkers squad comes in and walks forward from my left table edge
sentinels blow a weapon off my land raider
logan and scouts fall in close combat buit only justicar remaining.

my drop pod with terminators comes down and shoots and kills 4 guardsmen
drop pods are shooting guardsmen killing a few.
grey hunters who were in the rhino go after the terminators but even with plasma they just dont die!
land raider has given up! lol

Turn 4-
His terminators assualt my gery hunters and I lost 6 and run!
sentinels continue shooting at land raider with no effect
his justicar charges and dies vs my terminators and harker flames the terminators killing 1!
Takes out the rest of my long fangs with mass fire power!

My terminators charged harkers squad killing THEM ALL in one quick combat!
My plasma guns from gery hunters took down his remaining bodyguards and wound the grand master!

Turn 5-
Grand master wipes out remainging grey hunters in combat, and he opens fire at terminators (with alot) and fails to kill any!

My terminators squad goes into a squad of guard and won combat and they fleed off table!
My land raider instand kills the grand master :D
about it lol!

Turn 6-
More stuff shoot terminators! Nothing happens
Drop pods continue there shooting and are doing well vs the guardsmen.
rhino repairs itself! lol
Raider does stuff all!
My terminators squad goes in and slaughters another squad of guardsmen!

Turn 7- (yes we got here! )
His shooting...nothing to worry about!

My final turn was fun!!
my terminator squad charged creeds squad! I murdered his squad somehow creed and kell took a wound each and were remaining :( they murders 3 of the terminators, the one with thunder hammer killed kell!

And that was game over!

We deiceded it was very close (he won on victory points by about 10 points) but we called it a draw and agreed it was a good game!

So a draw :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First game of blog :D

Tomo nite I play my first game and it will be the first report on this blog :D

I Shall be using my space wolves vs his imperial guard in a 1500 point game!

More details after game tomorrow! :)