Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good game, bad result!

So tonight was against Grey Knights on a kill point mission! Good player and I was always going to be chasing this game ( I have a terrible record against him and against grey knights!)

So final score was 7-5 to him, my stars were my destroyer lord and annihilation barges!
His well most things lol!

Good enjoyable game, close run thing, a few different dice rolls here and there would have changed it completely!

So review so far!
4 wins out of 6- happy with this so far
stars have been annihilation barges,
But overall I wish I could change my list, I have spent over £200 on new Necrons since our lists had to be in, so many changes I would make, including adding ghost arks and doomsday arks!!

So only negative of the night was to find out some of the missions are printed wrong!
So some games have the wrong special rules etc, meaning I no longer know if my remaining games have correct rules or not!
Very annoying as it can mean massive changes to plans and tactics to find out the missions are different then what were originally printed! Have to wait and see, still thinking this could be my last campaign, have to see how it goes for now.

But I have had a email from the university club saying that they are starting to play 40k! (intill now they just played card games and a few board games!

So do I sense a switch of clubs?
Properly not as its harder to get to the uni due to no parking, but Cambridge GW have told me I can park behind them if I want to play up there on Tuesdays!

Right off on holiday next week with my lovely girlfriend :)!! Hopefully nice weather! :D