Thursday, 21 June 2012

Space Wolves!

So, I dont know how big a normal Chapter is (I guessing about 1000 marines, split into 10 companies) but I know Space Wolves are bigger, they may have their 12 companies but doesn't include, all the blood claws!
So I decided to get my Wolves out again, as they did really well for me last time, (I hope I can ally with guard in 6th ed)
but anyway here is what I currently have,

Logan Grimnar
Ulrik the Slayer
Njal Stormcaller
Ragnar Blackname
Canis Wolfborn
3 Wolf Priests (Different configurations)
3 Rune Priests (Different configurations
5 Wolf Lords (Different configurations

10 Scouts

1 Arjac Rockfist
26 Wolf Guard Terminators (Different configurations
27 Wolf Guard

3 Drednoughts
2 Venerable Drednoughts 

45 Grey Hunters (Different configurations
51 Blood Claws (Different configurations

4 Thunderwolves (Different configurations

10 Swift Claw Bikes (Different configurations
11 Skyclaws (Different configurations

1 Land Speeder with Assault cannons

Loads of Wolves

15 Long Fangs (Different configurations

4 Land Raiders, 2God hammers, 1 Redeemar, 1 Prometheus.


1 Predator ( All Lascannons)

1 Rhino

5 Drop Pods

And allies (If they can be used)

10 Sisters and Rhino
6000 points worth of Imperial Guard

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Heroclix, Skrulls game 2!

So this time it was 2 vs 2 with 300 points each, we were up against Shield, a silver surfer and Dr strange!

And well Silver Surfer with 18 defence and defend, basically won it for them, a Maria Hill with 20 defence.. yer we were in trouble!

We did quite well in till most characters were then covered by Silver Surfer and then it went wrong...

A ally, had a few big hitters, but even so the defence values become to high to deal with!

O well a loss it is!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Heroclix - Army of Skrulls

So my first proper game using a all Skrull team was a lost, but Dr.Strange was thier only figure in 500 points, but because he kept him back, I didn't have enough Skrulls left to deal with him, overall a few better dice rolls would have seen me win, but thats dice rolls for you!

Good game and I will continue to use my Skrull team

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Heroclix games

So I scrapping the Heroclix Weekly already as at moment not playing much 40k while campaign is over and  so will end up posting alot more about heroclix for a while!

So yesterday I enjoyed playing four games of Heroclix, winning all four.

Game 1-
All characters had to have the past keyword (300 points)

Good laugh, He had a annoying dinosaur thing that it took Red skull to take down (after he build the doomsday weapon) Was close in till the weapon was complete, and then his models didnt have enough power left to deal with skull.

Game 2-
500 points

Well a cosmic Hulk who I was expecting to do really well, didn't.. adam warlock was a star here, with his penetrating blast and perplex, which came in very handy in taking down the Hulk.

Game 3-
500 points of what ever we wanted..

So he got out a 400 point big green monster! But except Destiny not dying against it and Agent Coulson knocking a click off it, it didnt seem to do that well, specially when faced against the 255 AVM Hulk which was the man of the match.

Game 4-
1000 points

So he got out the big green thing and then a sentinel and apocalypse which came to 1000 points spot on, while I had weight of numbers on my side.. and that was a major factor in this win, as none of my models could stand up directly to one of these monsters, but Hollywood and the ice giants had a really good effect in this game, also Adam Warlock again proved his worth.

Overall I agree with his reckoning that these "bigger" models should be unaffected by outwit, as this was a major problem for him, as each of my teams had some sort of outwit somewhere, which helped beat down the big monsters.

Also I have been on Ebay and spent £12 on 12 models! These will make two themed teams (One will use the Magus I already have) So watch this space, as I am not telling you anything yet :P

Friday, 8 June 2012

Heroclix Weekly 08/06/12

So here is my weekly update!

And what a better day for my models to arrive! Yep my order has arrived a day early! Awesome!

But first of all.

Trying to build a theme team at the moment, looks like it is going to be Avengers, unless I can get hold of the Defenders I want.

Havnt played any games this week, so no games to talk about :(

Right so my new models and a quick review on each one!

So I will start on the three models from the Avengers set-

Tony Stark

Awesome in a robot or armour team as he gives them a extra defence value! Nice that he can change into a Iron man if need be.
Also perplex is handy, but except from being as support character, he don't have much more use, but good at his job!


Yes I love this guy from the film, and like the look of the model so this was a must!
So hypersonic models and range is not going to hurt this guy very often with his "All Seeing" that munis thier attack by 3 if not adjacent at the start of the turn! So hulk changes and Heimdall just laughs!

Overall solid dial for his points cost, and I really like this figure, good high defence makes this character a must in my Asgardian Team.


Yep so the last one from the avengers was another Hulk! but the big 255 point one!
And he is a beast, A proper dial for a true Hulk! A beast all the way through, this guy will be used in my Avengers teams in high points game, but I can see him being bogged down in smaller games, overall a 19 defence on first like with 12 attack makes him nasty.

Moving on to the rest now! These are from the Galactic Guardians Set


Yep so a 160 point Monster.  A good all round click but nothing special, except his ability to choose a power or team ability of the other players team and use it himself! So anything from perplex to the Mystics team ability.  Add in a high defence and damage and outwit on some clix, overall not bad for his points!


So I was looking at expanding my Defenders and he was a 99p and so I added him in, overall a good click, with nothing stand out except his ability to have charge and willpower while a higher point character is on the field on the other players team.
Also he has a dummed down version of probability control, as it can only be used on the chosen character!
So not bad, but not brilliant.


Yep I had to buy him, has some awesome abilities and a good solid click for only 138 points, he should be worth at least 150 but there we go, he will be in many of my Avenger teams, and is a good solid character that can hold his own and dish out some damage.

Right I will be doing the next two together!

Adam Warlock/ Magus

Yep the annoying transforming duo! These guys both have awesome clicks and with the right models around them, almost unstoppable, overall I see both dials being very good for only 165 points, and yet when Adam warlock starts taking some damage, boom, switched to Magus who has Steal Energy and regeneration. And when Magus is healed he can transform back to Adam! Almost a unstoppable combo, if the right support characters and heavy hitters are around them! I will play these alot.

So that is all this week. Hope you enjoyed the read and read again next week :)

And while doing this, I am eating a nice piece of lemon cake, which my lovely girlfriend made :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Warriors with elite weapons!

So I bought a box of warriors (yes I already have 110 before this box) 
But with a different goal, this box were going to use up spare bits!

So to start with, made four scarabs instead of three, 3 wounds mean three heads I reckon!

Two Lychguard, to boost my squad to 7, as 10 is to expensive to run, but 7 can cope quite well!

Then I made 10 of these! Yep 10 warriors with Immortal weapons! My second squad of Immortals is done (just very cheaply) Using the spare bits from my other immortals and death marks, it worked quite well, okay they are smaller then immortals but o well!

 Then my girlfriend helped me find some card stuff and we did this! If GW reckon I am paying £30 for a Doom scythe they can ...   Anyway, it will do, card, plus doomsday weapon from when I made my arks, I can make one more of these, just need the card! 

And while taking the pictures I had a helper, she tried to help anyway.

And thats it for now!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Heroclix weekly!

So I am going to start doing a weekly heroclix update (once a week on a friday) if I remember, this will be to talk about my games and anything else I can think off!

So this week!

Only played one game, but it was a fun game against apocalypse and silver surfer!  It was a 500 point game!

I basically had Odin, and a load of support characters (two with outwit, two with perplex, and loki with probability control)

This game ended quick as Odin was hitting for 7 damage (5+ 2 perplex) straight through as I kept outwitting everything!

I took 4 damage overall, and two of them were pushing damage.

So a good game!

Also this week!

My skrull team looks almost finished, its just under 500 points!

So far
2x Skrull General
3xSkrull Commando
3xSkrull Saboteur
3xSkrull Warrior

Also in a test game, this team beat the Odin team I have been using!

And that brings me onto the last point this week!
I have just spent £20 on new figures, that should arrive in 2 weeks (week late because of jubilee)

They are-

Drax #011 from Galactic Guardians
Hollywood #013 from Galactic Guardians
Magus #020 from Galactic Guardians
Adam Warlock #010 from Galactic Guardians
Ravenous #018 from Galactic Guardians

And also from the mass market avengers gravity feed-
Heimdall #210
Tony Stark #209
Hulk #202

So a little extension, but working out at £2.45 each, I reckon a good deal for all of those!  Cant wait to try out Adam Warlock/Magus and Hollywood!

Will be fun!

Necrons vs Eldar

So another campaign game, and this one wanted to make me cry...

Up against two packed out squads of Wraith guard, 2 Wraith lords, 3 walkers and some dire avengers in a transport!

Well it was a slaughter, just couldn't kill the wraithguard will all their re-roll armour and cover saves (5+ cover thing)

O well, good game though, and I cant wait to after this campaign so I can use a different list! Mobile list here I come :D With more ap firepower as well, as that is what I am missing a lot at the current time.