Sunday, 9 November 2014

MK, Friendly X-wing

So after Rushden yesterday, I got informed of some friendly x-wing going on today at MK, so down I went, with the goal to try some more stuff out!

Game 1-
So A-wing testing with a E-wing

Corran, R2D2, Marksmenship, FCS
Farrell, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot
Tycho, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot



So I got battered, and lost 100-50, taking out a Rookie and Wes, most of the damage came from Corran, and my dislike for A-wings hasnt changed, as they got shot out the sky to easily, as a aggressive player, I dont think A-wings are for my personal style of play.

Game 2-
I have never done very well with z-95's, so I thought lets try a mini swarm and give it another go.

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Prototype Pilot, refit
Ethan, sensorm R2, engine

So I won this 100-0, hobbie was on 1 Hull left, but forcing range 3 shots on Biggs instead of the z-95's really helped me win this one, still not 100% on the z's, so I thought I would give it another go.

Game 3
So same list for me!

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Farlander, HLC, adv sensor, ptl, kyle
Farrel, ptl, test pilot, deadeye, Cluster missiles
Gemmer, VI, test pilot, refit

So again I won 100-0, and murdered Farlander very quickly, and Farrel went down quickly to, this game I was running the Z's as blockers, and it worked, by Gemmer was a nightmare to kill, all those extra evade dice.. but fell in the end.

So I starting to like that mini swarm list, but I am still not convinced.. so I loaded it up onto Vassal, and we shall see how it goes, when I get chance to play


Saturday, 8 November 2014

X-wing, rushden

So got to rushden today to get some games in against the Williams brothers, we played 4 games, and I tried something new that I have never done before.
  Game 1-
My list was a miss mash, to let me try lots of things

Rhymer, ptl,2xapt
Cowall, VI


Keyan, ptl
2x green pilot, stealth, ptl, refit

So I lost 100-22, good game, but my mush mash ships didn't hold up, what I leant was shuttle can be a beast when flown around the game, not into it.

Game 2
My list was having a go, at tusken raiders, famous sigmas, and trying out low PS phantoms

4x sigma phantoms



So we both lined up facing each other, and the first round of shooting saw a phantom and wedge go down, from here the falcon found it self flying away with little to do, while the phantoms murdered the rookie.
The falcon got rid of another phantom, but 4 red vs 1 green is never nice..
Win 100-50, lots of firepower, but no holding power, got to stay out of arcs

Game 3
So trying out E2 and tacticians

4x blue, E2, tacticians


krassis, hlc

So first turn of shooting sees krassis with 4 stress, within a few turns a blue went down as well as the saber and krassis, and then it come down to chasing sontir.

Win 100-25,  I like the idea, but b-wings dont move well enough to be without any other types of ships

Game 4
First time ever... I will be flying Biggs

Wes, r2, ptl
Keyan, opportunist
Biggs, r2d2


6 z-95, including blout and cracken

So game finished 100-0, Biggs done well by just keep getting shields back, and wes and keyan only took damage from asteroids, so some bad flying there by me, but while the list did well and seemed solid, with wes and keyan and opportunist combo, I did think that 2 more ships instead of Biggs, could of been better

Anyway, things I still want to try-
A-wing in more detail
Horton salm
Chewbacca, Biggs list, very defensive but could be interesting, maybe next time, as I don't think I will get any games in now before January.

(Written on my tablet, so grammar may be even worse then normal)

Monday, 3 November 2014

MK Return of the Jedi Event

So another MK event, ( I got to everyone this year)

And another theme, so this time taking ships from the film, and so here is my list!

Lando, VI, Nien
Wes, VI, R3-A2

Well something like that, I wasnt going to bring a Falcon, as I did have another list, but the signed Falcon picture, was my motivation of bringing Lando!

I forgot most load outs and names (as always) But then it is only a quick rough blog.

So here we go, I turned up shattered, so could be a interesting day.

So game 1-
2 low Ps Phantoms
1 Alpha Interceptor
1 Shuttle

So went and got murdered, I couldnt hit anything, (bad dice, vs really good evade dice)
and I made some silly moves etc,  so went on to lose, I got 42 points, for killing the shuttle and the Interceptor, but not the start I was looking for.
Lost 42-100

So here I go and drink a can of Monster before next game.... well that worked wonders, so I had another one to make sure I was awake!

Game 2, Scott-

So wide awake, it was a different game, I took out his Phantom after he found itself range 1 of Wes, and then the Defender fell quickly next, the shuttle was off on its own, and was never going to turn around before being shot apart

So lunch time, 1-1 not to bad, went for lunch with Lee, and we chatted about how we are doing and his list etc...... so game 3.. was always going to be Lee

Game 3-Lee

This was a murder, my dice got lucky to one shot his Interceptor, but the phantom was no match to Lando and Wes, and then a rookie pilot, near enough took on the shuttle, as it slowly got back into the fight, So good result

Game 4
42 point Horton Salm

Well, second pass saw me lose my Rookie and him lose biggs, but it came down to 2 hull Lando, and 1 Hull wes, vs 1 Hull Salm and 1 Hull Wedge, so when Lando take out Salm, he takes a risk with Wedge, and puts him out of arc of wes, but Lando can still just get a range 3 shot on him, and kills him.
Win 100-21, game of the day for me, as it was so close, and it could of swung either way

Game 5, Kyle
So my arch enemy (insert evil laugh here)
We are the only two fighting for the Lando poster... and the Grand Championship, so winner takes all.
He has duel Falcon, and I not even going to talk about this game, me and Kyle normally have close great games and have a laugh, but this was a slaughter, he didnt roll a single evade all game, but made worse, when I kept roll all natural hits, and rolled so many crits.. including 3 natural crits in one roll... so very quick win, but not a enjoyable game.. He did kill Wes though

So 4-1 and finished second in total, 1st place had killed 4 more points then me, but still got some cool stuff.

So my Grand Championship price, a awesome drinking horn (need to try it out), and the Signed Falcon Picture, and stress tokens,
I took Stress tokens over a ship(Had a choice of them or a wave 4 ship), mainly because I got all the ships I need, even though I was tempted by another Z-95, and how often do the Acrylic tokens turn up?
So some awesome prizes again, and I think that may be it for MK events this year(lots of things on) but I cant wait for next years events :)