Thursday, 23 May 2013


So Guard vs deamons todayand a lose!

I took Necron Allies he had chaos, quite close intill the fateweaver came on and changed everything!

Sums it up really

I just couldnt deal with 4 flying deamons going around!

It made me think about it tho, I really wish I used my Necrons for this campaign

I really like me Guard and my space Wolves....

but my Necrons are still at the top of my gaming list!

My first army and I have never looked back,. there still isn't a army out their I like more,
Necrons have and always will be the army I like the most, but I wish I used them this campaign!

O well

so 2 wins and 2 loses, not great but I am already bored of using Guard, so I might start putting down 190 points of guard and as much allies as I can, then fill the rest with guard!

Happy gaming!