Thursday, 29 April 2010

Round 5 vs guard!

Yep another win!

Grey hunters with melta guns won me the day holding 4 objectives to 1!

So good result and so at moment I remain second in the league!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Battle Chips Rhino update part 2!

Here is the battle damage!

Rhino UPDATE! Almost done! well to my standards!

Well the rhino is amost done! just got to paint the driver!

Front pic-

Side pic-

My first EVER attempt at freehand, very poor lol

one more pic to come, the battle damage I have tried to paint on it!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Rhino WIP update!-OMG I AM PAINTING!

Well I cant paint! and yet I am drawn to paint a rhino!
So the rhino continues! still bad but more green and the tracks are done :D
This may be the push I need to start painting some marines!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Painting update! Rhino!

I dont paint often! so this is a rare update! Hopefully planning to paint more often!! But my jade canis army (A very small secret space wolf successer chapter) Here is the start of my rhino! Right I havnt painted one tank for marines yet, so not sure how this will go, but I got eldar and guard tanks painted so hopefully it will be okay! I am not a good painting (:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

College league, Round 3 and 4!

Well round 3 was interesting, as my vindicator and long fangs won me the game! not much happened really, long range fire fights and blood claws killing marines! Dred popped his vindicator first turn! About it lol!

My second game, never happened as the player didnt turn up, so am given a instant win for that game!

so 7 points for me! (4 total wipe out, 3 normal win against player that didnt turn up)

So mt teacher who was joint first, made a slip up and drew against sisters of battle! and then won his second game with a drop pod stopping him wiping the other guy out!

So 4 points for him!

putting me 3 points ahead with 3 games to go!

The first prize is a battle force (: second is kept secret and 3rd is a T-shirt!

But if I win my next two games I win the league! as I got my teacher next month!

So good games once again (:

Thursday, 15 April 2010

wolves vs choas 1.5!

After a close and long game! I WON

I choose to put one bunker down so that bunker was worth 1500 victory points, so it was all or nothing!

I held the bunker and by the end of the game he had a unusable rhino and half a oblit. I had about 25 marines and a full long fang squad and a rune priest!

Happy with outcome as I was going into the game, thinking I was going to lose! but o well good game (:

SW vs Chaos tonight 1.5 LGS league!

Yep round 4 tonight!

With 1 win, 1 draw and 1 lose so far I look to go and win this game!

We both have the same amount of points in the league and so this could be a close game.

The objective is for me to defend 3 bunkers, each bunker is worth 500 points if held!

Wish me luck (:

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Nids vs Space Wolves 1500 points

Right once again, I dont have time to write a full report, but
I lost!

My list was

3 rune priests (all different)

3 x grey hunters, 2 in rhinos, 1 in drop pod
2x long fangs and a whirlwind and 3 lone wolves!

Yep he had a army of outflanking stealers and a deepstriking doom....I lost before it started!

I couldnt kill enough stealers from range and they ripped apart each squad as soon as they got close!

New Stuff!

Yep more new wolves, I have a new rune priest and a chaplain with a jump pack!

As I needed another rune priest for tonight I thought I would buy one! o well one more on order so I can field 4!

The chaplain was more of a .... o yer they sell those! and my skyclaws will have a friend!

Anyway, I not looking forward to getting battered tonight!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sorry! But nids on thursday!

Sorry about the lag of posts, been busy!

But thursday I playing nids in my LGS league at 1500 points, the game is 4th ed recon with 5th rules so should be good!

I need to do well as he has won both his games so far!

Also been reading blood angels rule book, maybe a 6th army coming alone.....