Tuesday, 21 July 2015

MK Summer Conquest Event!

So Yay for a Conquest event!

Currently I am loving 40k Conquest LCG, must be the game I want to play most currently!
So looking forward to this I was!!

I went with Kugath, I been going through trying Warlords out and trying to find one I really like! And for this event it was Kugaths turn!

So heres a quick report!

So I have already changed the deck, so I forgot to get a deck list for this blog! Whoops!


Game 1-
Orks With Guard

Bad match up for me, I can deal with most troops easily, but not high life troops... which Orks are full of.
He won 3 planets to my 1, and I couldnt do enough damage to his Ork swarm!
I did get his Warlord Bloodied and down to 1 more hp! So shame I didnt have anything to snipe him with left!
Lost by Planets

Planets 1-3
Icon 1-8

Game 2-
Dark Elder with Eldar

So Kugath become god in this game! I dominated Command and had full control of this game, the Dark Eldar didnt really stand up to my Chaos!
Won by Planets

Planets 3-0
Icons 6-0

Game 3-
Tau with Marines

A very close game... it came down to the last planet, in which he was able to kill of Kugath, I made a couple of small misplays which cost me the game, , even though I had won 4 out of the first 6 planets, if I got 1 attack in on the last planet I would of won.. or 2 more resource, but I didnt! So close!! What a amazing and close game.
Lose by Warlord kill

Planets 4-2
Icons 5-5

Game 4-
Elder with Dark Elder

Now after having a easy time for the first set of Eldar, I thought I should be okay this time to and well, he just couldnt seem to do anything about Kugaths tricks... I got the Banner first turn which was a great start..
And when his Warlord had 1 HP left, I warp stormed, he cancelled it, but I had a second one and used it again to blood his warlord! (I had so much resource this game)
I dominated command and combat, everything seemed to go so well this game!
Win by Planets

Planets 5-1
Icons 7-3

So a great day of Conquest and quite happy with 2-2 with a warlord I have never used before!

Even better to thing that my losses, were very close, and the Ork player I lost to in the first game, won the event!!

So Kugath is a Warlord I found I loved using! So I have taken a decision to stop going through the Warlords and work on Kugath a bit.
First time I would be doing this on a Warlord, but I found Kugath so fun to play and I think he suits my play style very well!

So prizes!
I finished 4th out of 8

So great day! Also a shout out to Matt who gave me his spare Ork Flash Kit Promos! He had 6 and 2 spare, very much appreciated!

So hope you enjoyed the quick blog post :)

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Monday, 20 July 2015

MK X-wing Duality Event

Hello all!

So a X-wing event in MK and some special rules!

Basically for game 1.3.5 you run one list, and for 2.4 you run a different one!
Also each list has to be from a different fraction!

So let me quickly run down how this event went!
And it will be a quick run down, sorry if I got games mixed up a bit.

So my lists!
For game 1,3,5 I ran Scum
For game 2,4 I ran rebels!

Scum list-
Boba Fett, Autoblaster, Engine
Kath, Pred, HLC, Engine

Rebel list-
Wes, Vi, R3-A2
2 Blues
2 Bandits

29 players battling it out!
Game 1-
Rematch of round 6 at the nationals I believe, anyway same guy and he had the same list!

Guri, Autothrusters, Determinations
Nduk, Lone Wolf
Kath, Engine, k4, PTL

So I remember how dangerous Nduk can be from our last game, so I gunned for him, and in the end 1 shoot him with kaths HLC, good start.
Rest of game we were chasing each other, he got Boba down to 2 Hull, so I took a brave choice, to split my Kath off the Kath vs Kath fight (His had 1 Hull left, mine still had 4 I think) and send her after Guri, and Guri still had 4 hull at this point...but at range 2... Kath got 4 damage though taking out Guri, before he killed Boba!  After that my hunters finished off Kath.
What a great game, quite close to
Win 100-0

At the top just off the picture is Nduk.. he didnt last the next turn!

Game 2-
Duncan Callander! Its our first game against each other.. somehow

Krassis, Recon HLC
Whisper, Rebel, ACD, FCS, VI
Academy Pilot

First turn of shooting saw Whisper fly into my swarm, he got stressed from Wes, and so Whisper couldnt re-cloak.. and that was the end of the phantom, as my swarm finished the ship off.
HE did take down a B quite quick after, but his Krassis had started taking a lot of damage, and my other B 1 shot his Academy at range 1, but before Krassis goes down, he does manage to kill of Wes
Win 100-52

Game 3-

Corran, PTL, FCS, R2D2
Han, Determination, C3P0, Title, Gunner

I remember something like this when I played last event... but I was playing it!
So I went straight for Han, but I took way to long to take him down, and had 2 badly injured firesprays vs Corran!  Yep Corran won!
Lose 56-100

Corran and the last bounty hunter... eye each other up
Game 4-
Vs my team mate Ed! And he also had a 5 ship rebel swarm!

Ibtisan, PTL
2 Bandits

We set up opposite and went straight into each other... then turned around and repeat a few times!
After a few turns of this he had a fully healthed Bandit vs a slightly damaged B-wing.
But his Bandit dodged for its life! and even got the B-wing right down to 2 Hull left, just before the B-wing finished it off!
Wow that was a close game!
Win 100-78

All that remains...

Game 5-
Rematch from a little while ago, and this is a great young lad, who is already a fantastic player even though he hasnt been in the game long! Great to see!

Corran, R2D2, FCS, PTL
Biggs, Hull, R3-A2
2 Bandits

Going up against Corran (again) I really wanted to have my small swarm, not my firesprays! O well
So I took both his Bandits out early, Biggs was either not in arc, or to far away, then Biggs fell, now I cant remember if I only had 1 firespray left or both at this point, but either way.. my last shoot of the game against Corran...
I got 4 hits with my HLC, he had 2 Hull and 1 Shield left and no actions, I thought that would be it... but nope, he rolled 3 Natural evades.. and then double tapped poor Kath to win the game!
Wow could of swung either way at the end, and such a close game!
Lose 54-100

Early turns

So even going 3-2 I had a decent MOV, which saw me finish 7th out of 29.
Took home a Recon Spec alt art card, and some of the Summer kit Evade tokens
Quite pleased with that, as these are not normally lists I would of took, not my normal Han or Dash lists.

Hope you enjoyed the read!
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Next report is a Conquest event I went to.. the day after this one, hopefully wont be long before its up!


Guest Writer: Leebo Williams talks about Armada

Star Wars Armada a new beginning

Hello boys and girls Leebo here, and I have been asked to jot down a few words about why I have chosen to have a go at Star Wars Armada. Now from the beginning of me playing x wing miniatures I always wanted to play with capital ships after playing a pc game called Empire At War. As soon as I finished that game I wanted to play big ships in big games. There was a game at the time which came with Home One ( Admiral Akbars ship) and a super star destroyer, but at the time of me finding out about it it had already gone out of print and the licence had gone elsewhere. Enter x wing miniatures game, this filled my need for space combat and was in my favourite subject of all time ‘STAR WARS’. Having played that for about a year and a half Fantasy Flight Games then released the news they were bringing out another game using the capital ships, Sold I’m in just tell me where to send my money and I want it all lol. So a core set was purchased and as I am a Rebel player at heart an assault frigate and fighter pack purchased as well.

On to the contents I suppose, the capital ships come painted, and in my opinion are done really well as is FFG’s way with their pre-paints, but the fighters only come in beige plastic for the rebels and grey plastic for the imperials. Cool I get to paint some spaceships! Now they are small but still retain quite a bit of detail. This being said a simple scheme would be in order to get the best from them. So with brush in hand I began.

First up was the two a wing squadrons from the pack, I only have GW paints in my collection so went with a skull white base coat, there is no need to under coat these ships as the paint seemed to go on well, I used scab red as a nice dark red strip down the middle of the ship and a touch on each of the engines. The cockpit was touched with black and the engine exhaust had a dab of yellow applied. Then a light Nuln oil wash applied to the whole model, which covered nicely and just filled in all the recessed areas and defined the blocks of colour well, giving a nice used look to the squadrons, objective one and they looked pretty good, so confidence brimming I moved on to the y wings.

So the ywings basically went exactly the same way technique wise and I used a bone colour for the base coat, a little grey on the engone pods and cockpit, the glass touched in black and a yellow trim around the cockpit denoting gold squadron.

So up next are the Bwings and they were a bit more fiddly, but same bone base coat, with grey the accent on the engines, wing straps and bottom gun. And then touched with orange dots as squadron markings. Black was touched on the cockpit glass and the washed with nuln oil.

Now on to the superstars the x wing squadrons as you get 4 in the core set and a further 2 in the fighter pack I had 6 to paint, these repaints do not take to long even for some one of my skill, which is basic at best. But is started the same way as the a wings with a basecoat of white, then used blood red, a brighter shade of red, to make the model pop a bit and ran a line down each side of the fuselage and then a touch on each of the upper wings. Grey was used on the engines and cockpit with black in the glass sections. Then a touch of yellow on the nose cone, and finally a wash of nuln oil.

For a basic lick of paint, they haven’t come out that bad and I cannot wait to get them onto the table and free the galaxy from under the imperial jack boot hehe. Thanks for reading this little bit of info and I hope it helps.

And remember Fly Casual and may the force be with you.

Leebo Williams.