Saturday, 27 February 2016

Local Conquest LCG event!

Hello again!

So I went into a local Conquest Event this evening, not having played in a long time!
Barrie of Guardians of Tyr, gave me some helpful tips, on deck building and tactics!! So went into this event using Worr, even though I didnt think much of him on first glance... Barrie told me the errors of my ways!

So just a quick report but here it is!

Game 1-
vs Nids, Swarmlord and Gravid Terigon!

Opening 5 planets saw 4 greens, so I was happy about this!

First turn I took full control of the board and took the first planet. At this point I had a heavy resource advantage already and my opponent called it, with me already happily set up for the next turns.
I had a muster the guard in my hand, and was about to drop 6 units onto the board. So I was confident if we continued I could have won the next planets.

Planets 1 - 0
Warlord - Both not bloodied

Not actually from the game, we had a quick rematch as we had time! We chucked everything in! I actually won this battle!

Game 2-
vs Space Marines, Ragnar.

Opening 5 planets saw only 2 greens!

First turn I dropped a troop transport. I didn't put anything on the first planet and instead set up on 3rd plant. Doing this he only put a scout on the first planet.. but it was Green, I used troop transport to win it!

Second planet he had set up nicely but each had taken one damage (first planets ability) and I dumped a load of units there, and used inquisitor fortress on one unit, and then preemptive barrage and completely wiped the second planet, causing him to pull warlord out to keep him unbloodied.

Third turn! And I went for the 3rd planet, I was already set up and so I pushed everything. He did bloody my warlord, but it was always my planet. He pulled out his warlord so he could have a 'minor personal victory' of not having his warlord bloodied, but my planet and 3 blue planets!

Planets 3 - 0
Warlords - Mine Bloodied, his not bloodied

I was now the only player on 2-0

Facing the Marines!
Game 3-
vs Orks, Nazgreg.

Interesting game, with catachan outpost I found I was hitting harder then the Orks! He took command control first turn, but I still was able to win the first planet, again with troop transport and catachan outpost.

Second turn, I gained control of the field, as first turn I picked off his troops on one of the planets and I did the same this turn, and put more command icons down then he could!
Second planet was green, and while it was a bloody fight, I was able to pull it off, with another troop transport, elysian assault team, and what I already had there. His Warlord also got bloodied trying to win this planet.

Third planet, I had already set up on, and I put everything I had here this turn, including my warlord. He was unable to muster much of a defense, with 2 units and his bloodied warlord, I dropped his rocket boys before they hit me, and then I had enough units to swarm his remaining unit and to kill his Warlord! So I didn't get the planet but I did get the warlord kill.

Planets 2 - 0
Warlords - Mine was completely untouched, his killed.

A very hurt Ork Warlord sits there, thinking.

So after it being a long time since playing Conquest properly, I have won a event!
Going 3-0 and not losing a planet all event was amazing! And now I leave you with a picture of my winnings!!

Play Matt, Promo Stracken, and 4 Promo's

Luke Fishy Townsend

Scott Byrant: Sheffield X-wing Store Championship Report


Another stores Championship event this time in sheffield at The Outpost
they also have a facebook page check them out.

LIST LIST LIST LIST well i made so many in the 5 days i had to plan for this event and changed my mind so many times.
what if i did this what if i tried that ooohhh this list looks good etc etc.
My problem is i dont get much time to play at all usually about once a month,and i havnt played since my last blog / battle report where i came 11th out 18 with a 2-2 record.
( please check that report out aswell if you havnt had chance to on this site aswell.)
I wanted to test new k wing ive got ,i also wanted to get new c3po alt art card in a list and had few in mind but as had no practise time i decided on virtually same list as last time with slight tweak.

MY LIST.......................................

PS 4 Z95 again no change
Ps4 Stresshog again no change
Dash this time instead of predator and recon i went

dash ,ptl,hlc,eu,kyle,outrider 58 pts.

My reasoning was i did struggle with the doughnut hole with only 1 action per turn so thought ptl will help with that and it did so did the free focus tokens from kyle..
And the hog when it does get vs aces does cripple there actions as it did vs 3 x xwing aces in last event.


ROUND 1 HERE WE GO............
Vs An experienced player flying

Vader tie/x1 adv comp EU,PREDATOR

He set decimator in middle and vader to his right after ive set z95 & hog to my left and dash in middle,ok im thinking inch forward slowly try get stress shot onto vader if not kenkirk depending which to then set dash onto.
Well the hog didnt even manage to get a shot of at all i think i went to fast like turn 3 instead of a 1 z95 made 3 soft left hoping it was going to block vader but missed by tiny ammount vader was then in range 1 z95 and shot of y wing aswell,he nearly stayed and turtled up but instead took action to boost and barrel roll away so he had no shot and i didnt either DAMN.
Also kenkirk move just got him out of z95 & hog arc aswell so dash laid some damage on kenkirk but only like 2 or 3,kenkirk hit the hog for 3 damage.
K turn from y wing to face vader again but vader flew of and action moved out of arc again and took damage from an out arc decimator again,dash hit decimator again for damage taking rest of its shields.
Well this is where it started to go wrong the hog died without even getting a shot off and iv got z95 stuck infront of kenkirk making him bump me so cant shoot that but can shoot dash,
Dash is rolling 4 hits with help TL and focus but with this build and pilot the Decimator is getting plus 1 agility & Ysanne gives it free evade hes rolling for evade using lone wolf for re rolls turning focus to evade or emperor to evade so basically has 2 evades every turn so im only doing 2 damage ( if i roll 4 hits that is)
well z95 drops the first time it finally gets shot and i take the decimator down to half health before dash dies,vader is totally untouched..
i think should have gone after vader with dash 360 arc even if took him out and idnt win game the mov would have helped.

GANE LOST 100-31 Not a good start.

GAME 2.......

2 X Dagger squadron b wings with title and gunner on each &
T70 x wing ps4 red squadron veteran with R2-D2 ,AT,PREDATOR.

Same ps in this game so i had move first shoot first i set up to far left and dash on right bringing z95 and hog up slow then hard 2 right to meet their 3 ships that had come straight down middle,dash had gone up and flanked in soft left getting first shots on b wing doing 3 damage with no shots back.
The stresshog got alot of stress shots of this time also putting damage onto bwing aswell z95 did tiny damage.
Tried a block with z95 that did make 1 bwing touch but also then had no shots and was in range 1 of the other b wing and t70,so lost it in this round of combat.
t70 had just k turned so hit with 1 stress from y wing but actually made big error as was range 1 of bwing i shot in worng order i should have shot b wing with primary range 1 adding stress and then gone tlt onto t70 adding 1 stress to that,but messed up so could only do primary this time WHAT A MUPPET well didnt make that mistake again.
Dash hit same bwing with more stress and on the next go so focused on the kill shot i boosted out of range 1 to get the kill shot which i did but also into arc of the T70 and took 3 damage another bad mistake i could have a should have waited as had no shots on me.
Few more rounds the b wings had gone id had couple nice only taking 1 damage of bwing with gunner my y wing dropped and it was then t70 full health and no stress by now vs dash who had 2 shields.
t70 went on the run abit and with dash move second ptl dealt some solid damage but also went down to half health game over

WIN 100-71
not happy with mov on this win with dash good movement i should have dealt more damage not moved into arc and not messed up on firing order i think def should have maybe slowed down z95 & hog let dash do some bigger damage before they could even fire..

GAME 3........Graham Saunders
CHEWIE YT-1300 c3po,r2-d2,predator,title,anti pursuit &
Jan in hwk with predator,kyle,moldy crew,EU

We showed our list before lunch and had time to have a think try set a plan,we was both on records of 1-1 and knew we each needed a win.
Jan can raise chewie primary by 1 adding a stress to itself this scared me,moldy would add focus stock pile & knew chewie would be a tank and take some shooting i wanted to kill jan first.
I set z95 hog up again far left dash middle jan and chewie was in middle but jan went on the run to his left hiding behind chewie as dash came up left to keep out arc and long way around full flank trying to get that shot on jan we had good 4 /5 turns moving then finally got some shots out.
Dash hit jan with a solid 3 damage and the other 2 chipped at chewie double stressing him so at least he couldnt title evade,the hog took damage.
Jan ran out of places to run as had dash behind him right infront of me on gaming mat and the other 2 in front he was on 1 hull so dash hit chewie so did z95 and tried to finish Jan with stresshog i failed both time but at least double stressed it,jan died the next turn.
z95 dropped and hog was badly damaged so i sent it off as fast as it dial could take it,whilst dash went in to try finish Chewie off.
r2d2 crew kept rolling a hit recovering a shield and everytime i pick the card it was a useless crit to what was happening kept getting crits that add more stress,chewie had like 6/7 stress already lol.
Right at the end graham had to call 1 on c3po roll to save him & got this twice so slowed down the hits and just before he died he managed to take out my y wing frown emoticon messing up the mov dash was above half health so...

won 100-42
really needed that y wing to stay alive that mov again is massive.
great match though vs list never faced like that before yet was fun.
c3po did his job very well r2 kept playing up.

So im 2-1 going into last match knew had to win to get any chance of anything..

SCUM firespray Boba loaded with allsorts &
yv-666 bossk mangler cannon ,greedo,and lots other bits both ships 50 pts.

Iv played a yv666 before i didnt rate it my aim was hit that first get it gone he set up smack in the middle next to each other,id already set z95 hog again to left and dash to right,his moves was 3 straight for both for first 2 turns.
i brought 2 small ships across to middle then turned to face dash had got up and around did have range on bossk so hit boba with solid damage so then changed plan & focused fire on him next round adding stress and really taking it to him,my hog took big dmage and drop nxt round after but so did boba so im now after losing z95 next round its dash vs bossk..
Well looking at its dial im thinking ive got this but dash had to move first and all sudden each move he made was hard 3 so as the moves go on im there trying to stay out of arc guessing way he goes adding some damage to him but when i guess wrong i took some serious damage.
his set up mangler turn hits to crit if i didnt defend this they then turned 1 crit into 2 hits and if i took damage card the first card was face up as crit BRUTAL dash was soon under half health and he was aswell.
Made big mistake 1 move i should have gone soft 3 away boosted and barrel rolled would have prob been in arc but had range bonus and asteroid bonus & would have taken him out of his hard 3 circle he was doing towards closer asteroids.
i went hard 1 barrel roll boost and ended up taking bi damage as he went 1 soft instaed of 3 ouch.
finished bossk of with dash having like 2 hull left

WON 100-71
ill never underestimate that ship or any other ship again and if i face a yv666 again ill def chip it down some shields before i face it 1 on 1 again & ill also go off to range 3 take an attack but have range bonus etc.


My MOV was 9 pts short of the top 4 cut 9 pts im gutted i would have faced the player who beat me he had gone 4-0 in swizz so once again id faced a top performing swizz round player who was looking strong to win the event,he had beateb tom reed in last round of swizz.

I Won alt art c3po & store championship top 8 range ruler that i really wanted so was pleased with this but gutted about the mov and been so close.

TOP 4 MATCHES........

MIRANDA ,POE ,STRESSHOG (same list i was gonna run but i dont have autothrusters yet)

Tom won

THE vader & decimator who beat me vs wedge,ello,1 x z95,1 x xwing ps4 i left this match deep into it vader and decimator had damage and was looking like an upset but dont know what happened but imps won again so the final was..

TOM VS imps, i didnt see this match dont know what happened but tom won the event..


Im pleased i stuck with my sameish list gave it another go it paid off i had great event only losing to runner up and guy who had 5-1 record on the day but really no good with my mov and dont know with the hog and z95 how to keep them alive losing them is 42 pts dropped so i think on my next event they are both out and something else stronger in.
So until nxt time which is 19th march at my regular main club
THE GRID DONCASTER they have stores event going for record 32 players.
thanks for reading hope this all makes sense have written it late at night and hope havnt dragged on to much


Monday, 22 February 2016

Guest Article by Dean Goldsmith: My Gaming Experience

The Games People Play...

I'm currently venturing into a new gaming system. After playing X-Wing exclusively for the past two years I've given in to temptation and jumped into Armada. My thoughts are now filled with Nebulon B Support Frigates and Turbolasers and Command Dials rather than TIE Fighters and Elite Pilot Talents and Twin Laser Turrets. But despite the change of scale and pace, it seems my mind is still filled...

And this got me to thinking about how the games I play are so much more than just games. More than just a couple of hours entertainment on a Tuesday night. More than the odd tournament here and there. I recently had a bit of a 'rough' eighteen months. Illness and hospital visits plagued my life for the first time and until just now I hadn't realised how much of a coping mechanism games can be. Whether it's the immediate release of forgetting the real world for an hour or two during an actual game or the hours filled list building and ruminating on tactics and battle plans during stressful hospital visits, long days at work or times when the kids are arguing over whose turn it is to have control of the telly remote, games offer us a way to turn our minds to something creative and fulfilling. I've built lists sat on the loo! I've gone over TIE Fighter formation flying tactics whilst being injected with radioactive tracer and placed in an MRI scanner. I've internally debated the merits of taking R2-D2 instead of R5-P9 on Poe Dameron whilst being screamed at by irate customers at work. Without this mental cushioning I'd have gone mad. Maybe I am mad. Maybe I'm the only one that does this. I've unwound from a hard days work writing and re-writing squad lists on numerous occasions. I've spent hours pouring over the internet looking at other peoples lists and thoughts and opinions, often not so much to improve my game but to block out whatever the wife was watching on telly at the time!

Does everyone else do this too? Does anyone else spend time building lists they never take to the table? Do other people let the games they play fill their minds and their time as much as this? Is it even healthy?

Games that require you to paint models (and I paint many of my X-Wing miniatures) offer a relaxing, fulfilling element but painting, unless you are especially lucky, is not something that can be done at work or in a hospital waiting room. Brushes, though portable are useless in the dark confines of the cinema when you've taken the kids to see some new, sub-par, animated bore-a-thon. Ever tried painting in the dark? No. But you can theorycraft and list build and plan strategies to your hearts content. And the best thing is the kids won't even notice... Neither will the wife if you're lucky!

Don't even get me started on how podcasts can ease a boring commute to work (Cloud City Radio is really worth a listen). Hours and hours of pointless waiting in traffic have been eased listening to peoples tournament experiences or their opinions on the latest new releases. Hell, even Mathwing becomes a bearable topic of discussion when you're stuck on the A45 with at least another half hour to pass before your junction!

So the next time you think about the games you play, think about what the games you play mean to you. Think about the time you spend other than playing the actual game and ask yourself “What else would I be doing with my time, if it wasn't for plastic spaceships?” Hopefully you'll be happy with the answer. In the mean time, enjoy what you do.

Oh, and of course... May the Force be with you. Always.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Guest Writer Lee: Talks about where Scum are in the Meta.

Hey guys leebo Williams here, its been a while since I wrote anything for the fishy wargaming blog,
but here we go. As I sit here following another vassal defeat, I ask myself the question I have been
asking myself since the release of my beloved faction “scum and villainy”.

This is by far my favourite faction and whenever I am building a list I always start with scum and Kath
Scarlet in particular. I love Kath and fly her very well even if I do say so myself. The two tournaments
I have under my belt have been won with Kath as my lead pilot. I tend not to fly slaves like most
people and go very fast with them and am not afraid to k turn to make sure I can return to combat
on my terms.

Now we come to my dilemma I wanted to try some of the other good pilots in the faction and
tonight I played ig 88b with ptl, advanced sensors, Mangler cannon and auto thrusters accompanied
by 2 black sun ace khiracx fighters with Crackshot and Glitterstims. I was up against Corran dash
build and while Corran went down very quickly the fact that his dash had hlc and my 3 ships are all
forward facing I lost the khiracx one by one and then played cat and mouse with the ig for a while
but slowly got taken down with dash only on 3 hull. Now without a 360 turret or an auxiliary arc I
believe I was very lucky to get dash to the point of maybe killing him. So am I barking up the wrong
tree? have the IGs had there day? Well in the hands of a good pilot they still can be a force to be
reckoned with if you have a pair but one on its own? I’m not sure how to make them effective they
need more than just lots of tokens they need the regen of A or the free evade of c or the
unpredictable nature of Ds sloop.

Now we do have Tlts y wings but if you haven’t listened to the cloud city podcast I am not a fan of
spamming Tlts in any list it’s just not x wing in my opinion, but what do I do, do I take a pair of them
with and IG so I have cover for when I need to turn the 88 round? Or do I stick with my beloved Kath
and put two Tlts with her, again it is a question of list building, which is as much a part of my hobby
as playing the actual game. Now with our store championships coming I believe it’s a point of fly
what you know and I think I may as well keep going the way I know and my first love.

Now this is a long way to waffle on about testing stuff but it comes down to comfortable flying,
running what you know and then sticking with it, in this game practice really does make perfect.

Thank you for reading my rambles and fly casual and may the force be with you.

Leebo Williams

Friday, 19 February 2016

Jay Whitbread: Warmahordes, Tales of a Journeyman

Tales of a Journeyman - A Warmahordes Story
By Jay Whitbread

Hi all, first attempt at writing a blog, but I am delighted in joining Fishy Wargaming. Bear with me if I go rambling. I started wargaming way back in the VERY early 90s ('91 I believe)
through the tried and tested method known as 40K. Eventually was drawn back in at the tender age of 25 this is when I discovered other systems and that, in a much shortened version, led to me meeting Luke and writing this.

So, I'm from Eastbourne and do my gaming over in St. Leonards, with the lovely folks at 1066 Wargaming. Recently, our resident Press Ganger decided that a Journeyman League (JML) would be
JUST the ticket to spice up the New Year. How right he was! Suddenly, we have people popping up with battlegroups saying they want to play. GREAT!! Now comes the hardest part for me...


Well, after MUCH deliberation, I went with Everblight. The imagery of the Legion just shouts at me and I love the idea behind their fluff.
This meant choosing between the standard "off-the-shelf" pLylyth set or one of the awesome alternate lists from the Journeyman League rules.That was easy, pVayl's group was chosen as I owned it all except the warlock herself.

If you've never played Warmahordes, then a JML is a great way in. If you've played one half (Warmachine or Hordes) but not the other, JML is a great way to learn.
I've been a Cryx player for a couple of years now and, as anyone who has seen me play will tell you, I'm not that good with them.
The opportunity to learn a faction from the ground up has made Legion so much fun, as I discovered in my first two games!

Game 1 - I got to face down Iron Lich Asphyxious (Cryx) and his battlegroup. I was outnumbered AND outgunned (his heavy had a Range 13 gun!!) straight away.
The aim (we thought) was to assassinate the caster, so I decided getting up the field rapidly MIGHT put Cryx on the back foot.
Vayl put Leash on her Scythean, walked forward and pulled the warbeast with her, before it went wandering further forward into the woods.
 In the meantime, the Neraph flew forwards rapidly. Well, I forgot how versatile Cryx Bonejacks are, as they advanced RAPIDLY!!
I won't bore you with a blow by blow but, needless to say, things got violent VERY quickly.
The Scythean went down like a sack of spuds and the NEraph fell foul of pAsphyxious' feat, leaving Vayl wondering how her lack of ANY threat in melee would play out.
Cunning placement, of course, won the day with her throwing the spells Malice AND Hoarfrost directly at an unguarded and focus-less enemy 'caster, killing off Asphyxious.

A jammy win but a fun game and that is what counts.

Game 2 - Circle Orboros are a tricky faction. High DEF makes smacking them quickly a lot harder, as does all their movement shenanigans.
I started with exactly the same opening gambit, learning a few things about positioning from the Cryx game.
A more conservative approach was favoured by my opponent but that, I soon found out, was a red herring! Suddenly,
my Scythean is being battered seven ways from Sunday by an angry Warpwolf and an Argus! I was in trouble,
the Neraph was out of position thanks to his 'caster (pKaya) using Spirit Door to shift across the table!
Leaving melee was the only option it had, so the free striking Argus had a go and missed, much to my relief.
I was now in a position to hurt Kaya and my Neraph used its animus to great effect, inflicting hurt upon the Warpwolf and seeing it leave the table.
The two Argus remaining went for Vayl, she was open and it was a wise move but, to my opponents chagrin, one missed! The other hit Vayl for 11 damage,
of which she then transferred half BACK to it thanks to her Talion rule. With Chiller cast on the Neraph, Kaya was a sitting duck at -2 DEF and plenty of Fury available to boost rolls.
In total, the Neraph smacked Kaya for 38 points of damage, some being transferred to the Argus but, eventually, she died.

I play for fun, even if I am getting my backside handed to me and this was a fun evening! I'm looking forward to the next phase, 15 points!
More stuff to kill and be killed by! Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get back to my painting...

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Star Wars Armada Event, Lost Arc Games 13/02/16

So a early morning but the prospect of three Armada games was appealing...

Worth noting, I am going into this event with only one game under my belt, this is a brief report.

So a 9 players Store Championship at Lost Arc Games, and well least I might get top 8 rulers.

So my list for the day is.

Imperial II Class Star Destroyer, Motti, Gunnery Team, Redundant shields, Relentless
Victory II Class Star Destroyer, Gunnery Team
Victory II Class Star Destroyer, Overload Pulse

4x Tie Fighters

So a bit of a random build, but I am going into the game, looking to learn more then anything.

Game 1-

MC80 Cruiser (Ackbar)
2x MC30C Frigate
4 A-wings

This game was brutal including him being able to stick 9 damage on my ISD in one go.
The game looked his, with my losing a VSD and both my other ships heavily damaged.
Our fighters near enough cancelled each other out.

But then his MC80 went down, and everything changed, the MC30's couldnt stand the remaining fire power and couldn't stick any damage back onto the remaining star destroyers

Win 370-201

Game 2-

Mc80 Cruiser (Ackbar)
2x Assualt Frigate
5 X-wings

So first 4 turns nothing, not even a shot!
Last couple of turns he put enough damage through while I struggled to line up any real shots, my VSD's didnt shoot once

Lose 12-113

Game 3-

3x Assault Frigates
1 CR90 (Ackbar)
5 Awings

Going into this game, I had have enough of playing against Ackbar, and once again I was playing vs him!

Brutal game, where he kept his ships at high speeds meaning I never really got any good shots away.

Lose 80-298

So a good day, with me finishing 5th! So I got some templates which are cool.

Overall the game needs some variety and soon, as I doubt I will attend another event while Ackbar is everywhere!

Good day though!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

X-Wing Report: Guest Writer, Scott Bryant

At ZONE OUT doncaster check them out on facebook

18 players have come out today only 2 imperial lists 2/3 scum and rest rebels,Theres not 1 single ig or falcon in sight today.
2014 National Champion & top 4 at FFG WORLDS 2014 Keith Wilson & also my Scott Feeney who won his last event The Winter kit with a 4-0 at the event.

Scott is flying same list as he did at winter kit
2 x ps2 Blue Squadron B wing
1x ps4 Dagger Squadron with b-wing/E2 Gunner
1 x ps4 Dagger Squadron with b-wing/E2 Nien Numb

Keith Wilson is running
Soontir VI Autothrusters, Royal guard, PTL
Decimator Rear admiral rebel captive,VI,Gunner,Ysanne.

PS8 Dash ty2400 Predator,HLC,recon specialist,EU,outrider 58pts

PS4 Y wing BTL-A4,TLT,R3-A2 Stresshog 28pts

PS4 Z95 12pts

Toal 99pts

I went predator over PTL on dash for the re rolls even if stressed & recon for the extra defensive focus help.
The stresshog is to cripple higher pilots action skills & help cripple ships token bonus play to then hit with dash hlc attacks.
Also went ps4 on 2 ships to help vs the lower swarms and 4 x tlt lists,lets me shoot before them.
I was tempted with LONE WOLF but as never tried it before thought id wait on that.

Ive run this list 5 times so far with 5 wins so feeling good but this will be a bigger test.

GAME 1.....................5 Ship swarm
2 X Z95 PS1

Never played a swarm with my list yet and think it could be weak against them esp if they can get focused fire onto my stresshog.
I set up as far away as i can and move slow as i can waiting to see how he starts,once see hes near the middle dash makes 3 soft and boost behind and takes out 1 z95 in 1 attack with no arcs on me.
Alot of careful moving and staying out most arc i do damage on few ships and take another z95 out before the other 2 ships come into play,then not long before the swarm is gone.

100-0 win very happy
still shields on all ships.

GAME 2....................Another 5 ship swarm

5 x kihraxz PS2

Another swarm feeling good but this player i know but never actually played and he is good with well practised formation flying.
dash comes in chipping away damage but not as much as i hope,the dice going bad even with predator re rolls.
I take out 2 kihraxz in this game but dash gets hit with a crit damage of reduce pilot skill to 0 OMG thats brutal for dash and i lose dash few rounds later, and to much for my other ships to handle.
1 of his ships has 1 hull survives my 2 primary & 2 x tlt then kills me.

LOST 40-100
Tough game But this player james plum went onto win the event even he admitted my dice were shocking.

GAME 3...................3 ship build

2 x k wing PS2 with tactitian TLT


Was gutted about last games loss it was first loss with this list,then i made huge massive mistake.
I knew i wanted to just get a shot at 1 k wing vs dash hit him with 3/4 damage then with pilot skill advantage take him out before he could really get a shot.
I moved dash totally the wrong way no knowing that k wings can do a 360 primary OMG so ive moved into range 1 thinking he cant attack,1 k wing does 3 damage primary the other k wing does 2 damage from tlt and Poe does 3 damage aswell.
Im down to 2 hull stranded and my other shios are other side of the board,i do little bit damage but die next round,and game ends not long after totally gutted
WHAT A MUPPET I AM hard lesson learnt

LOST 100-0

GAME 4.....Last round before cut vs 3 ship x wings




Finally im VS some higher ace pilots and my stresshog can do what its made for.
Lesoon learnt on dash i set the 2 small ships running as dash hugs the edge letting him move along far side until hes far enough down and then sweep dash through asteroids out of arc hitting wes first for 3 damage.after 2 more rounds shooting before wes can finally get a shot hes on 1 hull and dies only taking 1 shield of dash.
Stresshog then hits wedge for double stress also taking 2 shields of him dash also does damage & not long before wedge dies leaving 3 vs 1 poe full health and z95 on 2 hull stresshog taken damage and dash always out of arc.
i manage to get z95 right behind poe and just bump him every time hes not to fussed as really chasing dash down getting in dash range 1 doughnut alot of turns.

WIN 63-0 dash on 1 shield y wing on 2 hull z95 2 hull..

So i finish the swizz with record 2-2 and finish in 11th whioch earns me 2 x c3po alt art cards.


scott feenay who lost in swizz to keith had to face him again & couldnt get the win though was good battle he had both ships down to 1 hull.
Well played scott your list is serving you well

2nd match was the
5 x khiraz that beat me
b wing farlander advance sensors ptl
3 x rookie X Wings 1 had intergrated astromech and r2 astromech..

Scum swarm wins.


Keith Wilson soontir & decimator.

James manages to hit decimator with a reduce ps to 0 massive crit and that begins to take damage as cant get out of arc as good and the game ends
james wins 100-


Well played to all players


Thank you for the guest article Scott Bryant! Fancy writing a article for the blog? Get in touch!