Friday, 20 July 2012

Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves 1500

My Imperial Guard vs Richards Space Wolves, 1500 points, base objectives are worth 3 points.

He goes first

Turn 1-
He moves his mechanized force forward, shoots and does nothing

I well do nothing it seems as well, except my two Chimeras containing Melta vets zoom up the side of the board.

Turn 2-
His pod come in with terminators (he forgot about it first turn)  and his scouts also come in right behind my Russes, he destroys one of my russes and about it..

I shoot down all but 1 terminators, 3 of his scouts, blow up if vindicator and one of his four razorbacks.. good turn yes.

Turn 3-
Not much, he blows up a chimera and the vets all get out except a couple, and his scouts assualt a squad of Guardsmen only to be beaten down without killing one! And his terminator charges Guardsmen, and Guardsmen lost combat but held

Basically took out all his over razorbacks and killed all 6 Hunters from one and two of the others, will also killing 3 Hunters that were with his Rune Priest.
His terminator wins combat again, but I help again.

Turn 4-
Not much for his turn, 4 remaining Hunter try and charge my Storm Troopers, only for two to die while charging and the other two trip over a pepple and never make it into combat... so they stand their surrounded by 8 Storm troopers and about 40 Guardsmen... and lots of Plasma..
Terminator wins combat.. Guardsmen held... (Never has a Terminator passed this many saves.)

My turn, and the last two hunters got killed, and about it.

Turn 5-
He concedes at this point, he has one terminator (still in combat) and the rune priest.

I held my Objective with over 50 Guardsmen around it and one one held his.
He got first blood and line breaker and both Warlords were still alive

3-2 to me!