Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Escalation ideas for War Machine

So we are looking to do a escalation league, one game a month slowly building up.

This is only a idea not the final copy!


-All games will be played on one day, to be agreed upon by the players
(Recommend last Thursday of each month)
-All players must play each other once on the chosen day.
-Proxies and unpainted models are allowed, but proxies will incur a point penalty.


3 for Win
1 for Lose
0 for not Playing (In which case other play automatically gets 3 points)
1 for a new fully painted Warjack (Must be one that has been added to the new list)
2 for Entire army painted (Has to be ENTIRE army, so not painting one month, is going to make you full behind)
- 1 for each War Caster/WarJack/Solos Or unit that has been proxied. Unit add ons that are attached to a unit, do not count as a each point.  Example- 10 Winter Guard unpainted - 1 point, if the UA is unpainted but attached it still is only a -1 point total.

Example Month
Month 1-

Player 1,
Win 2
Loses 0
2 Painted Warjacks
Total 8 points

Player 2,
Wins 1
Loses 1
3 Painted Warjacks
1 proxied War Caster
Total 6 points

Player 3
Wins 0
Loses 2
5 Painted WarJacks
Painted Army
Total 9 points