Thursday, 5 July 2012

Space Wolves and Guard Vs Marines (First game of 6th edition)

So my first game of 6th Edition ended in a solid victory!

Completely wiping out the other player except his land raider! I also got First blood and killed his warlord!
I only lost 3 kill points!

Overall 6th has its ups and down, As I using Wolves I will always issue or except a challenge
 (as Russ intended) but at some points it does get annoying!

Moving and shooting full range with rapid fire made a massive difference with my Guard allies, a blop of 20 Guardsmen with plasma guns, were the man of the match for me, killing terminators, marines and whatever else they could shoot!

I am going to take Necron Allies next time for one reason! Guass!

Wolves kill men
Necrons kill tanks!