Friday, 17 August 2012

Warmachine, Menoth v Khador

Right so my Menoth (which has way to much money spent on it) was up against my mates Khador!

Game 1-
35 points
We objectives, vs to seven points (get a point if you hold a objective at the end of your turn)

So Drago walks up and rips the arms, legs, cortex and also the head of my Avatar! So that wasnt pleasing! Overall it was a close game, with pkeors feat evening it up again, but over all he won with 7 points to 3!

So drago is broken!

Game 2-
35 points
No mans land

Well it was a interesting one, my feat at the right time, allowed me to take down all his ninjas and most of his man'owars leaving me in a very power position, specially as the Avatar gets revenge walks up to a jack and rips it limb from limb! Overall a win for me by Warcaster kill after my Crusader showed his warcaster why you dont stand in front of a POW 18 mace which is on a Jack with 3 focus!

Good games overall. except from knocking them down his Ninjas they seem to be a nightmare to kill!

So anyway I have placed another order, to get me two more Warcasters ( I need them if we play in the Cambridge Storm Roller events)  some daughters of the flame (my own ninjas with can easily be a match for his ninjas, and also Rhoven and his bodyguard, because some of his abilities are funny and his body guards are tough cookies and can hit hard!