Monday, 16 July 2012

Chaos Marines or not! Eldar+ Guard

So I am needing a Chaos Army but I am saved!  As some of you know I have 5 large armies
Necrons (around 7k)
Space Wolves (around 10k)
Eldar (around 4k)
Guard (around 5k)
Nids (around 2.5k)

So my Wolves have also been used as normal Marines, blood Angels and even as Templers in one game, due to the amount of Marines I can do almost anything with them... and soo they shall also be now used as Chaos! Only one reason though as I want to ally them with my Necrons! Yes Wolves can ally, but they also cant really be within 6inches while Chaos can!

So I have access to most of the Chaos codex (except certain things like daemons) So now why do I want chaos in my Necron list you may be thinking?

To use random powers from the rule book, to use terminators, to use better MEQ and Terminator killing?

So we shall see, I still might just use the Wolves codex as I do prefer the Wolves Codex, but keeping the armies apart could cause a few problems!

I am currently liking 1999+1 lists as you can get more in, but 1500 points seems to be coming standard at my LGS and so I will need to cut some lists down to be playable, I currently dont have a game for this Thursday but I am hoping I will be able to get one to continue my 6th edition winning streak!

I have also been looking at Guard lists with Eldar allies, this seems to have some nice ideas, quick and fast hitting Eldar with the slower harder hitting Guard! But we will see!

And on other news, I am thinking about buying some Grey Knight terminators with a HQ and a storm raven as allies, maybe some normal Grey knight Marines aswell!

But I dont think I need any more armies! But we will see!