Tuesday, 16 December 2014

X-wing Rugby event

So last weekend I turned up to a event in Rugby, very good event held by the nice people of Shadow Games.
As always sorry I forget most players names :(

I couldnt choose between trying out the VT-49 or the YT2400 but when I second Vt-49 turned up... my choice was made!

Twin VT list-

Read Admiral Chiraneau
Rebel Captive
Veteran Instincts

Captain Oicunn
Mara Jade

Idea is Chiraneau picks shots from range dealing damage while Oicunn gets into the mix and causes damage and stress aswell as a general issues for the other player.

Game 1 vs Gary (I had played this great guy on vassal a couple of times, great lad)
Gary was the only other player running a Decimator in this event, but he ran his with Whisper
I started this game well putting 13 hits on his Decimator, but my dice turned, I couldnt roll a hit for anything, intill a lucky turn when Chiraneau rolled 4 natural hits on a uncloaked phantom (I shoot first) and with him onnly having two hull left, he was gone, by the end of it, it was a very close game, I finished with 2 Hull left on Chiraneau and that was it!
Win 100-50

Game 2
Up against 3 Tie fights, 1 interceptor and Echo.

I really dont want to be playing against phantoms as they each my hull to quick, but this game, Oicunn ramming and Mara jade won me it, causing him to not be able to K-turn around me and do much else, I had a full heath Chiraneau and Oicunn who had 1 hull left.
Win 100-0

Game 3
Whisper and 4 ties... great another phantoms, so glad I put VI on Chiraneau now.
Close game, lots of stress on his ships, he tried to run off to clear stress and regroup, but whisper was in range 3 of Chiraneau, so he murdered him. A highlight of this game though was the Academy pilot who in the late game had 1 hull left, and would not die.... took 3-4? turns of shooting at various ranges before he finally fell, and then a howlrunner with stealth turned out to be a easy task to drop!
Win 100-50

Game 4 and last one of the swiss
Against Craig Reed.
Yep he was after his revenge! Already beaten him twice in a past event, and now he wants to get one back
And he had 7 ties... not a list I wanted to be up against.
This game turned into me trying to drop a tie a turn.. and most turns I did, including first range 3 engages, ruthlessness must of dealt around about 4-5 points of damage this game, including on the last turn when Oicunn shots down a tie at range 1, and uses ruthlessness to finish off dark curse.. as always a very good and enjoyable game against Craig, and very very close.
Result 100-50

Semi final
So I go into the semi finals as the top player, but finding out I had to be leaving asap, my game against Tom was very quick and brutal, He had Dash and Chewbacca, he done 8 damage in two shoots from Dash, and hits me hard early on, but as soon as Chiraneau gets into range 1 of dash, dash couldnt escape and soon falls, but by this stage it was Chiraneau vs chewbacca and chewbacca had the hull advantage and went on to destroy Chiraneau, think chewbacca had 4 hull left.
Good game, but knowing I couldnt stay for the final, it was good to get going.
Results 52-100

So off I went got a Promo Jendon card and a Y-wing box for 4th place (didnt have time to play the play off)

Good day and hopefully will be down again :)

Only one picture, as I forgot to take many.

This is from game 3, as we lined up turn 2

Sunday, 9 November 2014

MK, Friendly X-wing

So after Rushden yesterday, I got informed of some friendly x-wing going on today at MK, so down I went, with the goal to try some more stuff out!

Game 1-
So A-wing testing with a E-wing

Corran, R2D2, Marksmenship, FCS
Farrell, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot
Tycho, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot



So I got battered, and lost 100-50, taking out a Rookie and Wes, most of the damage came from Corran, and my dislike for A-wings hasnt changed, as they got shot out the sky to easily, as a aggressive player, I dont think A-wings are for my personal style of play.

Game 2-
I have never done very well with z-95's, so I thought lets try a mini swarm and give it another go.

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Prototype Pilot, refit
Ethan, sensorm R2, engine

So I won this 100-0, hobbie was on 1 Hull left, but forcing range 3 shots on Biggs instead of the z-95's really helped me win this one, still not 100% on the z's, so I thought I would give it another go.

Game 3
So same list for me!

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Farlander, HLC, adv sensor, ptl, kyle
Farrel, ptl, test pilot, deadeye, Cluster missiles
Gemmer, VI, test pilot, refit

So again I won 100-0, and murdered Farlander very quickly, and Farrel went down quickly to, this game I was running the Z's as blockers, and it worked, by Gemmer was a nightmare to kill, all those extra evade dice.. but fell in the end.

So I starting to like that mini swarm list, but I am still not convinced.. so I loaded it up onto Vassal, and we shall see how it goes, when I get chance to play


Saturday, 8 November 2014

X-wing, rushden

So got to rushden today to get some games in against the Williams brothers, we played 4 games, and I tried something new that I have never done before.
  Game 1-
My list was a miss mash, to let me try lots of things

Rhymer, ptl,2xapt
Cowall, VI


Keyan, ptl
2x green pilot, stealth, ptl, refit

So I lost 100-22, good game, but my mush mash ships didn't hold up, what I leant was shuttle can be a beast when flown around the game, not into it.

Game 2
My list was having a go, at tusken raiders, famous sigmas, and trying out low PS phantoms

4x sigma phantoms



So we both lined up facing each other, and the first round of shooting saw a phantom and wedge go down, from here the falcon found it self flying away with little to do, while the phantoms murdered the rookie.
The falcon got rid of another phantom, but 4 red vs 1 green is never nice..
Win 100-50, lots of firepower, but no holding power, got to stay out of arcs

Game 3
So trying out E2 and tacticians

4x blue, E2, tacticians


krassis, hlc

So first turn of shooting sees krassis with 4 stress, within a few turns a blue went down as well as the saber and krassis, and then it come down to chasing sontir.

Win 100-25,  I like the idea, but b-wings dont move well enough to be without any other types of ships

Game 4
First time ever... I will be flying Biggs

Wes, r2, ptl
Keyan, opportunist
Biggs, r2d2


6 z-95, including blout and cracken

So game finished 100-0, Biggs done well by just keep getting shields back, and wes and keyan only took damage from asteroids, so some bad flying there by me, but while the list did well and seemed solid, with wes and keyan and opportunist combo, I did think that 2 more ships instead of Biggs, could of been better

Anyway, things I still want to try-
A-wing in more detail
Horton salm
Chewbacca, Biggs list, very defensive but could be interesting, maybe next time, as I don't think I will get any games in now before January.

(Written on my tablet, so grammar may be even worse then normal)

Monday, 3 November 2014

MK Return of the Jedi Event

So another MK event, ( I got to everyone this year)

And another theme, so this time taking ships from the film, and so here is my list!

Lando, VI, Nien
Wes, VI, R3-A2

Well something like that, I wasnt going to bring a Falcon, as I did have another list, but the signed Falcon picture, was my motivation of bringing Lando!

I forgot most load outs and names (as always) But then it is only a quick rough blog.

So here we go, I turned up shattered, so could be a interesting day.

So game 1-
2 low Ps Phantoms
1 Alpha Interceptor
1 Shuttle

So went and got murdered, I couldnt hit anything, (bad dice, vs really good evade dice)
and I made some silly moves etc,  so went on to lose, I got 42 points, for killing the shuttle and the Interceptor, but not the start I was looking for.
Lost 42-100

So here I go and drink a can of Monster before next game.... well that worked wonders, so I had another one to make sure I was awake!

Game 2, Scott-

So wide awake, it was a different game, I took out his Phantom after he found itself range 1 of Wes, and then the Defender fell quickly next, the shuttle was off on its own, and was never going to turn around before being shot apart

So lunch time, 1-1 not to bad, went for lunch with Lee, and we chatted about how we are doing and his list etc...... so game 3.. was always going to be Lee

Game 3-Lee

This was a murder, my dice got lucky to one shot his Interceptor, but the phantom was no match to Lando and Wes, and then a rookie pilot, near enough took on the shuttle, as it slowly got back into the fight, So good result

Game 4
42 point Horton Salm

Well, second pass saw me lose my Rookie and him lose biggs, but it came down to 2 hull Lando, and 1 Hull wes, vs 1 Hull Salm and 1 Hull Wedge, so when Lando take out Salm, he takes a risk with Wedge, and puts him out of arc of wes, but Lando can still just get a range 3 shot on him, and kills him.
Win 100-21, game of the day for me, as it was so close, and it could of swung either way

Game 5, Kyle
So my arch enemy (insert evil laugh here)
We are the only two fighting for the Lando poster... and the Grand Championship, so winner takes all.
He has duel Falcon, and I not even going to talk about this game, me and Kyle normally have close great games and have a laugh, but this was a slaughter, he didnt roll a single evade all game, but made worse, when I kept roll all natural hits, and rolled so many crits.. including 3 natural crits in one roll... so very quick win, but not a enjoyable game.. He did kill Wes though

So 4-1 and finished second in total, 1st place had killed 4 more points then me, but still got some cool stuff.

So my Grand Championship price, a awesome drinking horn (need to try it out), and the Signed Falcon Picture, and stress tokens,
I took Stress tokens over a ship(Had a choice of them or a wave 4 ship), mainly because I got all the ships I need, even though I was tempted by another Z-95, and how often do the Acrylic tokens turn up?
So some awesome prizes again, and I think that may be it for MK events this year(lots of things on) but I cant wait for next years events :)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mk Warmachine Event

Thats right... warmachine...

I had very little idea how to play but I have loads in storage, so I got it out and off I went!

3 games, I lost all 3, finishing second from bottom, but I feel I was learning something each game, I even went on and won a friendly game afterwards.
So quick run down

I played Menoth, and here shall be the list!


Game 1 lost 5-3 on control points against legion

Game 2 0-0 but lost by caster kill

Game 3 2-1 (I think) to me, but lost my caster kill

So overall 5 control points in total saved me from bottem, but good fun

List run down-

-pkreoss, feat not brilliant as most things seemed inmune to knock down, so something else next time

-Crusader... awesome when loaded up with focus

-Redeemer, but hit and miss, will try something else next time

-Choir... yep beefing jacks up is nice

-Deliverers, terrible cant hit a brick wall..

-Cinerators, they are okay, but I been told bastions are better, because bastions can spread damage

-Vassal, will use 2 next time

-Errants, awesome, will use UA next time I reckon to increase how dangerous they are

So only a quick run down :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

MK: X-wing Epic event

So this is only going to be a quick blog, as I have been busy :(

So a 3 game day at MK, each game is 2 and a half hours at 300 points....
I went in and was tired before starting (Been in Nottingham day before) and by the end of it, I think everyone was asleep.

Moral is.. Epic is great, but not 3 in one go!

So my list was

8 Ties (including Howlrunner)
3 Bounty hunters with Heavy Laser cannons
Jonus, so them Lasers can re-roll!
and 2 shuttles!

Yep I played Imperials instead of Rebels for the first time ever at MK, thinking 300 points lets me try a lot of Imperials in one go! And it did... but I still prefer rebels

Game 1-
Mini swarm
Mini Bomber swarm
2 shuttles
Boba Fett

Game went all the way to time, I won by 266-133 (I think)
He gained the upper hand early on, by finishing 3 ships, while I hadnt killed any, but I couldnt get fire focuses on anything, but the damage on his side started to toll, as a lot of his ships only had 1/2 hull left, so over about 3 turns I was able to destroy, most of his fleet.
Game win

Game 2-
Cant remember, but basically everything that gives actions away... Kyle, Garvin, Dutch etc

So a big 300 point formation sitting in front of me, my Bounty hunters lined up with the Shuttles and Jonus to go head on, and the Ties to flank..

He shoots first( his entire fleet is basically above ps6)  Fails to kill anything.. I shoot back, kill Roark, and almost Blout, over the next couple of turns my Ties turned up, and by the end of it, I won, 300-60ish? I think, my bounty hunters cannons killing near enough anything they shoot!

So 2-0, somehow, and currently sitting first!

Final time

Game 3-
4-5 x-wings
1 Y-wing
4 Basic Z-95s

I take out 2 x-wings and all the z-95s within the first 2 turns, and after another turn he has near enough no support ships, except a rookie and Hobbie and the Tantive... but I could not get enough damage on that Tantive, and it murders.... well everything, 1 shot ties... 5 attack dice a time with main weapon!

So yes I lost, I went for support ships first to try and then focus on the Huge ship after, so mistake that was, should of gone straight for the Tantive, and dealt with support ships after, but by this point I was so shattered I was beyond paying attention. Good game though

So 2-1 and I will never play a epic event again, a epic game yes, as they are fun, but they dont work as well as a event.

Quite happy, finishing 4th out of 16 (I think) and got a cool R2D2 mug

First place went to the guy I lost to in game 3
Second place went to Matt, the guy I travel up with, so massive well done to him!
Third place went to the guy I beat in game 2

So overall very happy, and I am pleased to hear next event will return to a 100 point normal games!

Happy gaming :)

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nasa x-wing league Day!

So I got 6 games in towards the Nasa x-wing league!
Here is a quick run down,
You play each other twice, once as Rebels(home) and then as Imperials (away)
So quick run down

Game 1,
My 3 Hwk list, vs mini swarm with sontir
And I won, only lost Roark, and picked off a tie a turn, (starting with Howlrunner)
At one point Kyle had 17+ focus tokens! Always fun

Game 2
My Imperials (2 Delta pilots, 1 bounty hunter with HLC) vs Han + 2 x-wings

First turn... 4 hits on a x-wing, he didnt roll 1 evade....
Turn 2, dead x-wing
Turn 3, another dead x-wing
Turn 5, dead Falcon

Sums it up really!
Solid win.

Game 3
My Imperials vs Wedge, Ten numb and Kyle

Now it came down to Kyle vs a damaged defender, in the end, his Kyle won out, close game though!

Game 4
My rebels (2 Green pilots, ptl, concussion and Corran Horn beefed up) vs 4 interceptors

This game was quite funny, first round of shooting saw 2 interceptors go down and 1 A-wing!
From here 1 interceptors chased after the A-wing for a few turns, before killing it, but Corran Horn, went on a murdering spree, and won me the game, I am really liking Corran Horn now..

Game 5
My rebels (2 Green pilots, ptl, concussion and Corran Horn beefed up)  vs 3 Interceptors and a shuttle
Basically after the shuttle was out of the game (flew past me) my A-wings and Corran took out the 3 Interceptors and then chased after the shuttle, I did lose 1 A-wing to Darth Vader who was on the shuttle though!

Game 6
My Imperials, vs Chewbacca, Biggs, Y-wing
This game came down to a 1 hull chewbacca vs a 1 Hull defender, but he got stuck on a asteroid, so my defender was able to finish him, this game was close all the way through, and was a great game, could of swung either way!

So anyway that was a very quick run down off my first 6 league games, 5- wins and 1 lose.
I will post up the table when it has been updated

Happy gaming

And to prove I played 3 Hwks, here is a picture!

Monday, 25 August 2014

New 7th ed Space Wolf Codex

So after 3 games with the new Space Wolfs this weekend, here is what I think of the new codex-

So HQ first

Wolf Lord/Wolf Guard Battle leader- Still a solid choice, good relics now to help out

Ragnar Blackmane- nice solid HQ choice now, still dies to powerfists and anything that can instant kill him, die to no eternal warrior

Harald Deathwolf/ Canis Wolfborn- Havnt tried these yet, but not to bothered by them!

Rune Priests- as always awesome! Now only 60 points?? yep I will take at least 2 most games

Njal Stormcaller- Just take 3 rune priests for the same cost, still a solid choice though, but no weather changing fun now

Wolf Priest/ Ulrik the slayer- Never use Priests of any kind

Bjorn- Awesome! Better and cheaper then last codex.. I take him near enough every game

Moving on to the troops-

Blood claws- Now cheaper, so finally worth taking! Silly attacks on the charge is just fun

Grey Hunters- Still a solid Troop choice, a bit more expensive now if you want the CC weapons and special weapons

So Elites-

Scouts/Lone Wolfs/Arjac- Havnt used yet

Drednoughts- Still awesome, and cheaper then old codex

Murderfang- well.... 9 possible attacks on the charge.. anything else need to be said?

Wolf Guard- As always a solid choice, no more splitting squads up to lead units now.

Zooming on to the fast attack-

SwiftClaws/Rhino/Razorbacks/Drop Pods/Land Speeders/Skyclaws/Fenrisian Wolfs- not much change

Storm Wolf- Havnt used, but looks a fun flying assault transport

Thunderwolfs- Now cheaper and still as awesome, I reckon I will use these a lot more often now, 10 points cheaper a model soon builds up!

Heavy Support-

Most things have stayed the same, except some tanks had a small point deduction


Long Fangs- Still awesome but now more expensive, missile launchers go up by 5 points each.. so my 15 missile launchers may get dropped to 10

Stormfang- I used this once and well.... it turned up... destroyed a Hammerhead... next turn destroyed a flyer... it really is a flying brick being 12 armour all the way round, and packs a massive punch!

So that is about it :)
I havnt used Logan Grimnar, and I guess I will never get the chance, as most people will not play against Lord of wars.... well he isnt a titan but o well!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

40k MK event, Tank battle!

So long time since much has gone on, but anyway! Here is a quick post about a event I went to yesterday!

So you are only allowed tanks, heavy support choices are also troop choices, and all tanks hold objectives (including walkers etc)
You can have only have infantry if they start inside a transport.
I used the Old Space Wolf Codex

My list-

Land Raider
Land Raider, Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers
Predator, with lots of Lascannons
Dreadnought, Multi-melta
Dreadnought, lascannon
Dreadnought, lascannon, missile launcher

Game 1 vs Guard

So a squadron of Vanquishers, point and destroy what they like.. I took down 3 battle tanks, but armour 14 on the front everywhere, proved to difficult
Game lost, Got thrashed

Game 2 vs Marines

Now in this game, we both killed 2 bits of armour each, which shows how tough tanks are becoming, he won by 49-33 points, so it was quite close, if my dreadnought was 1 inch closer the score would of been, 43-39 to me, but it wasnt, this must of been the best and closest game of the day!
Game lose, very close

Game 3 vs Guard

So he has tank destroyers, bane wolfs and a land raider, could be fun
Well He has 1 destroyer left at the end of the game, I held all 5 objectives and had only lost a land raider, Bjorn being man of the match, for punching a land raider to nothing and then assault cannoning a banewolf.. into nothing!
Game win, Complete control

Game 4 vs Dark Angels

I cant remember the in and outs of his list, but something list, but something like, 3 dreds, 7 preds and a land raider... everything got lascannons... o no..
Well I go first... unleash everything, (close deployment) and I take out 2 preds, 1 dred, and then my vindicators take out the weapons on 2 more preds... so return fire was minimal, by the end of the game, I had lost Bjorn, and he had lost everything... it was a tank graveyard! Score finished 69-9 to me
Game win, Complete control

So 2 wins, 2 loses, which is always good and a middle of the group finish, with Dark Elder first, and Space Marines 2nd and 3rd

As with 40k, I go to have fun, and I have no chance in keeping up with the power gamers, and the money they spend on a weekly bases, but I did treat myself to the New Space wolf codex, which is awesome for tanks... and a StormFang Gunship.. which after finally seeing one today, it does look awesome!

Anyway :)

Happy Gaming 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

St Neots Casual event

So last night, a group of 6 of us got together to play a bit of x-wing,  I decided to go Imperial... well as a casual event I wanted to try something different, instead of Rebels which I have been doing really well with! Also in the end only 1 player brought rebels.

So I thought I would try some wave 4 aswell!

My list

Bounty Hunter
Delta Pilot     (Now both of these are Hull and shield heavy and act quite like rebel ships, hence why I choose them, this should help my fly Imperials quite well)

Whisper, VI, ACD (Now I wanted to use a more Imperially ship, as in one that flies around and never gets shot... so I choose the Phantom.. as no ship can do it better, if flown right)

Game 1-
Echo, VI, Advanced Sensors, ACD,  Navigator
Rexlar, HLC, Cluster missiles, predator, shield upgrade

Well first thoughts were that Rexlar look very nasty, but he would struggle against a Phantom, Cluster Missiles for example will struggle to do much against my Defender or Phantom, but could be quite handy against my Firespray.  Echo is fun to see being used, as apparently the best ship in the current meta, but with whisper I knew I was moving last, so I was quite happy with that.

For most of the game, not much happened, except a few pot shots around, in the last 10 mins of time, my Defender fell, then his Phantom and then my bounty hunter got its first shot in and finished his defender.
The problem with this game was my Firespray never got into the action intill the last round, so I was relying on a defender and a phantom against a better defender and a beefed up phantom, so winning this 100-30 was quite surprising, as Rexlar should of murdered my defender quite well.
Result-win (100-30)

Game 2-
Boba Fett, saboteur, marksmenship, Seimic Charge, assault missile
Jonus, cluster missiles, proton torpedo
Mithel, stealth

Looking at his list, was that Boba was very loaded up, never seen Boba on a table, not known a firespray loaded like that, the list itself doesnt have much firepower, and very little survivability.
And that is how the game went, 100-0, and I didnt relly take much damage all game, my phantom lost a shield, but that was my flying over a obstacle (I meant to do it, got a range 1 shot that way out of arc)
He flew boba off the field instead of getting him murdered, as he got trapped in corner, and he would of had all 3 of my ships at range 1.
Result-win, (100-0)

Game 3-
Wedge, R2D2
Corren Horn, R2F2

Well good list, but could of done with more upgrades on the E and B wing and dropping Wedge for Biggs but anyway..
The first combat, he took a few shields of my Defender, but his Wedge went down, which was always the goal.. cant let Wedge get a shot in against my Phantom!
And it went a bit like that, phantom staying out of arcs and shooting and the defender just K-turning and shooting everything, by the end my Phantom and Defender had 1 Hull left each and my Bounty Hunter had lost about 2 shields, so while it was a 100-0 he was unlucky not to make that 100-67 by the Phantom and Defender surviving.
Result-win, (100-0)

So 3-0 with Imperials, 300-30, which is unreal,  never thought that would happen! Phantoms are quite easy to play, and not as difficult as I thought it would be, but I still think the Defender is awesome.
I now dislike Firesprays though, I dont know if thats because I fly the Falcon a lot, but I really missed the 1 sharp on the Firespray!

O well good to dust of some Imperials and give them a run :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A New hope, 100 point x-wing event

So here is a quick run down of the x-wing event today and MK, once again it was a good day, with awesome people :)

So first of all, it is a themed event, but you still can run any ship

So with wave 4 just out, I was a bit worried about phantoms, so here is my list

Wes Jenson
Flechette torps

Han Solo


Idea is, wes is PS 10 so shoots before phantoms are shoot and cloak, so he stresses them with the torp and chewbacca finished them! Anyway..

Game 1 vs Scott
Scott was running 3 Phantoms (bugger)
Both the named ones and a sigma!

Anyway the sigma died early, wes and chewbacca saw to that, then it was about making Wes stress a phantom and chewbacca and Tarn killing it, but I would like to point out, Tarn should of been dead twice, but Scott's range 1 phantom dice were very unlucky!
Match Win

Game 2 vs Wedge, Biggs and a B-wing (named one)

All 3 were beefed up, this was a very close game, he made a big mistake when he barrel rolled his B-wing into arc of my X-wing, letting me murder it, but it came down to a 5 Hull chewbacca killing off Wedge last of all, good close game though
Match win

Game 3 vs Kyle
And more phantom fun,
He had Whisper beefed up with cloaking device, advanced sensors, VI, recon spec
and he also had 4 ties!
This game was close, but Phantom died early, in the same manner as last ones... stress.. die!
Close game and it come to a draw in the end, and we both agreed it was the correct result for such a close game!

Game 4
This was against a mirror list, same pilots, a couple of different upgrades!
But this game went... my Wes dies, in the same turn, his Tarn dies.... His Wes died, in the same turn my Tarn dies!
And at this point it was my 9 life Falcon vs his 3 life Falcon, and with Han solo co piloting mine, I can get 2-3 hits easy a time, so bang! Down goes his Falcon
Match Win

Game 5
So winner takes all! Winner of this wins the event, and its against Kyle again (Game 3)
This game was a lot quicker and 1 sided.. I stressed his Phantom but failed to kill it, his phantom then needing to do a green, crashed into my Falcon and then Wes opened fire and killed it quickly!  I then took a tie down, but lost the Falcon, but my two x-wing pilots took 2 more ties down quite easily (On the turn after he killed the Falcon) and he conceded the game!

So I win a event :)
Prizes was the MK x-wing championship helmet, which so far I have 1, Ed and Ryan also have 1 each... best bit is, we are all on the same championship team!
I also got a Rebel Transport and a poster, but I passed the poster to second place (Which end up being Ed anyway)

Anyway here is the trophy and a picture of the Rebel Transport.

Happy Gaming :)

Rebel Transport

Trophy, this one isnt mine, as I do not have a picture of mine handy, the plaque at the bottom, says
'Guardians of Tye
Star Wars X-wing
July 2014'

Monday, 9 June 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing

So I decided to play Attack wing! Yes I know... we all know x-wing is better! But Attack wing is easier for me to get a game of!
So I chose the ship I thought looked coolest (I have no idea about star trek) and I bought 2 of them...

Yes its a Borg Sphere, so after buying it, I quickly learn attack wing isn't balanced!! Well my Borg have gone 6 games without lose, against anything and everything my opponent can think of to beat them, so while I like my Borg Spheres, I think I better collect a second fraction, but that will be it, I have no intention of playing or buying into this game as much as X-wing, but still good to get some fun games of anything in!

Anyway, just a quick post :)   

Sunday, 8 June 2014

X-wing, MK Wave 4 pre Release Event

So after my unreal success at the MK regional, I got myself booked in to the wave 4 pre release event/

I went in, to try out some of the new x-wings and upgrades etc, to see well.. how they fly!

My list was

Han solo

Wes Janson


So, once again I forget who I played against (except my rival Ryan) who once again I cant beat -.-
But anyway, here is a quick overall of my games! Also I have only just noticed, I only ever played against Imperials!

Game 1-
Royal Guard, PTL
Royal Guard, PTL
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot

As the first game of the day, I never remember much, except killing off a interceptor early on, and hitting the other one with a reduce damage by 1, turning it into a expensive tie, as he was never able to get rid of it.
Good game, I think I lost both x-wings in the end, even though Tarn must of rolled 10+ evades in a row, when on 1 Hull left!
Game win

Game 2-
Against, Kyle
Kath, ion cannon, rebel captive
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot

This game I didnt lose a single ship, I focused on the Ties, once they were gone, I just used Wes to strip tokens off Kath and then Chewbacca to lay down the hurt, he admitted after his mistake was going after chewbacca not the X-wings, first, causing the result to finish 100-0,  (Only my second white was win, last one was quarter finals at regional)
Game Win

Game 3-
Against, Ryan (mwahaha)
Academy pilot
4 Bombers (Think they were the ps2, 16 point ones) Cant remember what the Imperial Scum call them!

So this game was difficult right off, Tarn died, then wes, then time was called! I killed 2 bombers, but there was to much Hull to chew through, just couldnt get enough damage dealt quick enough, good game though!  Also every time Ryan has borrowed ships off me, he wins the event......
Game lose

Game 4-
Bounty Hunter
2 Interceptors

This game was my favourite, as we both had a good laugh and a enjoyable game, His bounty hunter did enjoy landing on asteroids and his interceptors flew straight at all 3 of my ships, but a good laugh and a very enjoyable game!
Game Win

So 3-1, I was quite pleased at this, and then to find out there was 5 of us on 3-1!  But I was happy no mater where I finished, then I was told I was playing Ryan in the final! Rematch mark 2!
I choose Rebels as well I only ever fly Rebels!

Game errr went badly for me, some bad flying etc, but I got a E-wing to take home, (Would of been my first choice anyway)  And we had a good game, but I still cant beat Ryan -.-
 Here is the video for the final, Thanks for Scott to recording it :)

I am the left player, and Ryan is the right :)

Here are some Pictures from the day, more to come later

Game 1, My set up

Game 1, getting into position to deal with interceptors 

Game 1, About mid game, the the ships left

I had pictures from the other games, but my phone is playing up, first drop box, then phone, so I am not destined to get photos on here!

Anyway that is all from me again :) 

Saturday, 31 May 2014


So I have not posted anything since my Kill team event, I have no reason for this, so woops

Anyway so heres what I have been up to

I went back to Mk for a combat patrol event, I won 3, and lost 3, so not to bad, every player had a marine army of some sort, except me, I had Necrons. The winner was a Blood Angel player, good fun!

So what else, well 7th ed of 40k is here, and its looking good so far, well what I have seen of it.

My small force of Grey Knights is now fully painted and finished, the force includes
1 Inquisitor
5 Interceptors
10 Strike Marines
5 Terminators

Dont forget the force is mainly to be used as a ally, but can be fielded alone, I plan on having 3 of these small forces, (1 on each layer of my small GW carry case), and while there is some more slots for future Grey Knights, I am starting on level 2! Tau, now basically 12 Warriors, so two squads of 6, and then as many Crisis suits as will fit on the layer!

Now I have still not chosen on the 3rd layer yet!

So about it, hopefully I will have more to report soon!

Happy Gaming :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

40k: MK Kill teams

So today I played in a kill team event at MK.
This is only a quick run down, as I forgot to take pictures or write down lists :(

My list was-
10 Hunters, 1 Flamer, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma Pistol, 1 Rhino, 200 on the dot

Game 1-
Against, Tzeentch marines

This game involved me hiding in the rhino, as he would be unable to break it without his powers, but second turn his psyker, killed itself meaning, I just picked the marines off one by one

Game 2-
Tau, 3 battlesuits, 4 pathfinders

This game involved his suits dodging out of cover, killing everything, running back to cover.. and then I failed my break test quite quickly

Game 3-
Eldar, 5 wraithguards

First turn I took out the only model that had a weapon above str 5, meaning once again I hide inside my rhino, and the Hunter with the plasma pistol, took out 3 wraith guards, while the plasma gunner blow himself up!

Game 4-
Imperial Guard, 10 vets, 1 chimera

In the first couple of times, I took out the chimera with bolter fire, and then just sent my hunters out, to take down any guardsmen they could find, to be fair the other player had some terrible cover save rolls.

Game 5-
Daemons, not entirely sure what he had

He wiped me out by turn 2, ap2 flamers and str 9 weapons, I did kill a model though lol

Game 6-
Elder, 10 Warp spiders

So turn 1 he pinned near enough all my marines when the rhino exploded, and from there he just popped 1 marine by marine, my last standing marine turned around and killed two specialists in close combat, but then I failed a break test

Game 7-
Marines, 5 stern-guard, rhino

This was very quick, turn 1 I blow up his rhino with a plasma gun, he then lost a marine in the explosion, he quickly starting murdering my marines though, but once he lost 1 more marine, he failed his break test and fled

So 4 wins and 3 loses, and was a very good fun event :)

Also the daemons won the event, by the sounds of it, he wiped most people in 2-3 turns.

Anyway Happy gaming :)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

X-wing: MK Regionals

So yesterday, it was a return to x-wing (first time since the MK store championships)
(Also thanks to my lovely girlfriend, who let me text her all the information all day, once again she had no idea what anything meant)

My list
3x Blue Pilots with Advanced sensors
1x Rookie with R2D2, everyone said I should of run Biggs, but running R2D2, paid off, I got a awesome photo :)

Anyway. Here is a quick highlight of the day (Sorry Forgot a few names)

Game 1-
Bounty Hunter, Gunner
Bounty Hunter, Gunner
Shuttle, Vader

Now to be 100% honest I don't remember much from this game, except he made a mistake and didnt use Vader to finish off my rookie, which meant it zoomed off to heal up on its shields, and most of the game involed my b-wings chasing the two bounty hunters around.
Full Win :)

Game 2-
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Howlrunner, Determination 
Soontir fel, PTL, Targeting Computer

This was a good game, he made a mistake with Soontir fel and put the ship in front of all 4 of mine, which meant boom, dead sontir, and after that it was pick off the ties time, as soon as I got a couple of ties down and howlrunner down, it was game over, good game tho :)
Full Win

Game 3-
Against Neil
Hwk, ion turret
Hwk, ion turret
Blue Pilot, HLC
Blue Pilot, HLC

I was not looking forward to this game, ions and HLCs would rip through my B-wings, but as the game turned out, my dice were on fire, first contact resulted in one of his b-wings going down and a heavily damage Hwk, it was a good game though, as he started clawing it back, but I think the early exchange and my dice rolls all game, won it,
This can was unreal, I dont think I missed a shoot all game, really fun game though, I think this was my game of the day, fun game up against a good player :)
Full Win

Game 4-
Against Craig
Howlrunner, Stealth
Mauler Mithel
Dark Curse
Black pilot, vet instincts 
Black pilot, vet instincts 

This was a very close game, I made a mistake early and parked a b-wing on a asteroid, which cost me early big time, but this game was a funny one, one of the turns saw all of our ships lined up to shoot each other (near enough most at range 1) and only 1 damage was dealt the entire round! As soon as I was able to get the ties down to 3, I still had 3 ships left, and two were on very good health, from that point it was a case of pick the ties of one by one.
Full win

Now that last game, means I won 4 games in one event for the first time, also my total number of wins in ALL events I have played in is only 5.....

Game 5-
Bounty Hunter, Gunner
Bounty Hunter, Gunner
Shuttle, Vader

This isnt the same guy, there were three of these lists flying around (I think)

Anyway, this one come down to a Bounty hunter with 1 shield and 6 hull left) against my rookie with 2 hull?, I cant remember, anyway, with a few minutes left he was going to win, in till he fly his last bounty hunter off the table by millimetres! So somehow I won this game, but to be fair to my opponent, he should of won and he was easily the better player
Full win

So I am the only player on 5-0 at this point, but it now goes into a top 8 knockout.
So being 1st at this stage means I play the 8th place player

I also got some cool dice for getting this far, aswell as my photo, I am quite happy with my lot at this point

Game 6- Quarter finals
Dagger, Advanced Sensor
Dagger, Advanced Sensor
Gold, ion turret
Gold, ion turret

So errr, well I thought this was a bad match up for me, but the same thing happened that happened against Neil in Game 3, first contact saw his B-wings causing 1 damage, but him losing a B-wing in return.
In the next few turns I murdered the other B-wing, but the two y-wings kept popping one shield a time, but in the end, as soon as I got 1 of the y-wings down, the other had 3 ships (that weren't ioned) chasing him, and he soon fell, first game today where I didnt lose a ship
Full Win

Right so I got some awesome movement templates at this point, now I wasnt going to the Nationals, so that was it on my prize lot, but semi-finals anyway!

Game 7-Semi-finals
Against Craig, rematch
Howlrunner, Stealth
Mauler Mithel
Dark Curse
Black pilot, vet instincts 
Black pilot, vet instincts 

So a rematch, this game was really close in the middle, intill a few ties dropped and then the game was mine, I almost mucked up by spending my rookie off on its own, but it worked quite well in the end, also I lost a b-wing quickly, and I thought that was game at that point, but it proved to be a very close game, and Craig was another player that was great to play against.
Full win

Game 8-Finals
Against Keith
8 Academy pilots

Now believe it or not, I have never played against a tie swarm, before today, the only swarm I played against was Round 2, and against Craig, so I had no idea how to approach this game and well my ships got murdered one by one, my damage output was below average (I guess that was coming, after my unbelievable dice rolls all day) Good game, and a solid win to Keith.

So I finished 2nd, I am happy about that, normally I win 2-3 games and thats it, but to win 7 was unreal :)
Thats all my luck used up for the next 10+ events though :)

Matt travelled with me as always, he won 2 out of 5, but a couple of his games were close, so I assume he wasnt far off a another win or two

Well run event as always. Cant wait for the next one :)

Anyway here are some pictures of the day :)

Game 2, ties are everywhere

Game 3, first contact

Game 4, my rebels, first more ties

Prizes for the day, evade tokens for top 16, dice for top 8(these look really cool)
and top 4 movement templates , which also look cool :)

My prize for the highest place astromech, hence why R2D2 proved such a good choice :)

Anyway that is it again till Monday, when I am back in MK for a 40k Kill team event :)

Monday, 28 April 2014

40k: Grey Knights! And Finished Monolith

Yes the title is in correct! I am starting a Grey Knight army, this will only be a small army to use with my Space Wolves and my Necrons, it will consist of all infantry models, so mainly just marines!

Anyway heres my first purchase

3 Boxes of Grey Knight Marines and 1 Box of Grey Knight terminators, also not pictured Grey Knight codex

So as this new army starts, I splashed a bit more then I planned, I was only going to get two boxes for now, but o well, 4 boxes it is!

Anyway in other news..

My Necron Monolith completely finished, including the added green plastic :)

Anyway that is all for now, I am painting up a Grey Knight as a test and hope to have him done soon, will post pictures when he is done!

Also this weekend I am in MK again this time for two different events-
Saturday 3rd of May, X-wing Regional Finals
Monday 5th of May, 40k kill teams!

Now for the x-wing I think I will use this list-

Chewbacca, Draw thier fire
Jan Ors, Squad Leader, Ion Turret

Fun list that can put out some hurt with Ors and Chewbacca combining.

As for the 40k event, I have not lost a single game of Kill teams at Game Workshop since the latest campaign as started, so I might play with my current list which is-
3 Wraiths
5 Deathmarks

But I may not! I have not fully decided yet.

Anyway, Thanks for reading and happy gaming :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

40K, Necrons out for the kill again!

Hello all :)

My Necrons kept up their advance today with two more wins on the Campaign, I wanted to get 500 point games in, but when I turned up, no one except was high enough, so started with a kill team game, and then a 500 point player did turn up.

First game- kill teams

I won and lost nothing, 3 wraiths and 5 deathmarks were nasty, he couldn't kill the wraiths while the death marks sat on the objective, so my 4th kill team score

Second game was against Marines, this was a 500 point level, he had a flyer, which fell to rapid firing warriors.. I played a Monolith in this game.. which properly was a bit mean, as he never was able to land a hit on it, and finding out the Monolith can fire at multiple targets, meant it just went around murdering marines and scouts, and a razorback 

Best part of this game was, I tried out Szeras, and he used his lance and instant killed a librarian in terminator armour.

Both good games, both easy wins tho, I am once again ahead of the campaign, maybe I have finally worked out how to use Necrons!
In other news, I am selling my Imperial Guard and have agreed a price and they will be gone soon, I will buy a 3rd army, but only a small army that can ally with both Necrons and Space Wolves, this army will mainly be used as a allied force and will not contain anything bigger then a terminator, as I play to fit it all in a small GW carrying case, which used to belong to my Imperial Guards HQs... yes just HQ!  So I will gain so much room in my wardrobe for well... more gaming stuff :D
Anyway, Happy Gaming to all :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

40k More Games!

So got 2 more games in today at GW in thier campaign, the first game was against a Marine player.. nothing to write up here, never lost a model and well he never passed a save!

So I have 3 wins, but 2 wins allows you to go up to the next stage which is 500 points, so I found someone else who is also on 500 points and off we went!

He flooded the field with guardsmen, vets though and so had a lot of upgrades on them, I played 2 destroyers, a overlord and some immortals and warriors

Game ended with-

Both of us controlling a objective
Both slaying the warlord
But I got first blood!
So I win with 4 Warriors left on the field while he had 15ish vets, it was very close game, specially as my Immortals and Lord where cut down very early

But I bought my self some Tomb Blades and may use them next time I play, hopefully next week :)

Happy Gaming :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

40k: Necron Monolith painted! Well kind of.....

So I kind of painted my Necron Monolith I post up earlier, now dont forget I dont paint, and so it may look rubbish, but it will do me :)   So here it is!

I have not added the green rods and green door yet, but for now it shall do :) In till I get around to it :)

Happy Gaming :)

40K: Necron Monolith!

So, today I have a morning off work, (I have a poorly dog) but it is a good excuse to get some more painting done, so today's goal a Necron Monolith, I have 3 of these War machines, one is painted in my old scheme of red and silver, this one will be painted up with the new scheme of blue and well... silver! Updates in the next few days when its done :)

Its ready!

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Warhammer 40k Necron Kill Team

So my Necrons came out for a walk today! For some 200 point kill team action, here was my list

7 Immortals
6 Warriors

So won my first game against a new player (Troy, yay :D)  He used the shops 10 Dark Angel Marines, so Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon and a Plasma Pistol.
With all the Plasma lying around I was quite worried, but in the end, I came out with only losing 1 Warrior!

Second game was vs Imperial Guard (Alex) he used 10 geared up storm troopers, now this game didnt take long, his weapons needing 5's to wound really caused him problems and again I lost just 1 Warrior (The same one again)

Last game I had time for was against Chaos
Now he had 5 Marines and as many Cultists as he could field, which meant I didnt have enough fire power to put them all down, but I had a good go. It came down to the wire and it was drawn at the end, I had 2 Immortals and 2 Warriors left, he had 1 Chaos Marine and 4-5 Cultists, so it was close and could of swung either way

But I am glad I have been able to get back into 40k now

I also picked up the Escalation book, which is now completely legal along side the normal rulebook, and apparently GW might start putting super Heavies into the new codex's in the future, so I might have to get myself a Necron super heavy! The only problem is, the other player bet of brought enough anti tank weapons! :)

Anyway happy gaming :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Warhammer 40k, Arena battle

So today I was involved in a 600 point free for all, there were around 12 of us, and well it was deadly, I brought my Wolves and teams up with a Tau player and another Wolf player, and we lasted to right in till the end, I dropped out on about turn 8 as after playing for 6 hours and I had about 3 marines left, I left it to my allies.

But this is the first time I have played 40k in around 6-8 months, and it was a good way to get back into the game, friendly atmosphere with some random rule added in by the store manager (basically he blows stuff up randomly) and that kept the game moving very well.

Tomorrow I might play a game or two of kill teams, but this time I shall get my Necrons out, and give it a game if I get time :)

Happy Gaming

And here is a picture, again taken randomly from google :)

Space Wolf Marine with a Wolf, by Demewer

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Star wars LCG MK Store Championship Results!

So here is the results from todays store championships I went to :)

Due to me not taking notes, I may have gotten some of the games mixed up, but here is a good idea of the day. :)

My goal at the beginning of the day was top 4, so I could receive a gaming mat, so here we go-

Game 1 vs Kyle

His darkside deck didnt kick off very well, and very quickly, Luke, the Falcon made very quick work of the objectives early
Darkside dial at 5, lightside, 3 objectives (win)

So now my darkside decks turn, I am happier with my darkside then lightside, but he is a good player, so I had to be careful. I quickly got the force and kept it all game, and destroyed 2 objectives to his 0, so I won! YAY!
Darkside dial at 12(win), lightside,0 objectives

so 8 points on my first game! WOO

Game 2 vs Ryan

Right so me and Ryan have a bit of history, him and his brother both beat me at x-wing, and I am also part of their championship team for x-wing. I wanted to beat Ryan at something! So here goes nothing!

I went lightside again first and well, won very quickly, he just couldnt stop super friends in the form of Han etc
Darkside dial 6, lightside, 3 objectives (win)

Then came my darkside, and this game was unbelievable, it came down to a turn, he was so close to winning, but where he couldnt get the last damages placed, he left himself open for me to walk in and finish the game!
Darkside dail 12(win), lightside, 2 objectives

Game 3 vs Anton

Right so here goes I am 1st at this point, but after this game, the whole lot gets cut to 4 players (semi-final) so I know I am through at this stage, so this game was just that.. a game with nothing to lose..... lucky for me in the end

Both games he thrashed me! So quick and nothing happened, so no need to write anything else here!

So at the cut we have
Callum-14(i think)
All other players are dropped at this point

So its me vs Callum and Ryan and Anton play each other in the semi-finals, then we find out that Ryans deck is illegal, so Anton goes straight into the final, dam I have already lost to him! Anyway I got to get past Callum next in my semi final!

Game 4 (Semi-final) vs Callum

So I end up playing darkside first, this game proved to be close but I scrapped the dial to 12, but I had 2 objectives with little life left on each! So it could of gone either way!
Darkside dial at 12(win), Lightside, 1 objective

so my lightsides turn, I know I have to destroy 2 objectives and then even if I lose, I still go to the final on a modified win, so I went straight out knowing what I needed, I quickly destroyed 1 objective, which helped, I then to get a second, I had to chuck everything at one, and only just got it! woo, he did win this game though
Darkside dial at 12(win) Lightside, 2 objectives

So well I wanted a playmatt, and now I am in the FINAL! I couldn't believe it, but it was against Anton, and I got thrashed once!

Game 5(Final) vs Anton

So I played Darkside first and well got Vader and his saber out earlier, but Anton had damaged my objectives hard and quickly, so from there I used Vader to hit his objective and use as many cheap blockers as possible, it was close, but he made a mistake last turn, and I won! Just mind you, but I did!
Darkside dial at 12(win), Lightside, 2 objectives

Right so at this point, to win I need to win my game or lose, but only let him destroy 2 objectives, (My darkside had destroyed 3) But he destroyed 4 in our earlier game, so I wasnt 100% confident.

My Lightside got a good start, with Falcon and then Han Solo, hitting 2 objectives hard, I had destroyed 1 objective, he had destroyed 1 to, it was close, and then he graps another objective which puts the deathstar dial to 10!, wait so if I destroy 1 more objective to get 2 objectives, I win, because on his turn (if I dont take the force), he wins, but he wont get another turn to destroy a objective! So I push everything I had to destroy one of his objectives... and it worked... his turn dial went to 12, but he only destroyed 2 objectives not 3 (to draw, and force a 3rd game) or 4 to win!!
Darkside dial at 12 (win), Lightside, 2 objectives

So I won, I sat there in near shock, I am still new to this game, but I won!  I wanted a game mat, but I come out with a plaque, a game box of my choosing (I choose boba) Anton got the other one, 2 promo copies of Han Solo and a bye in a regional!

So that is my day, it was a surprising one, but I finally won something!

Here are my prizes
Happy gaming :)

Store Champion Plaque

Certificate, also gives me a bye at a regional of my chosing

Card box, not that exciting but it will find a use I am sure

And the top 3 (or 4 if TO gives his up) play mat, this is what I wanted, and I got one, I am well chuffed with it :) 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Busy Busy

So I have been quite busy, so that is why the lack of updates, so here is my last two weeks-

Last sunday played some star wars lcg, won 5-1 (I think) good games, some became a bit one sided, but still good games, I also played another game (forgot its name), involved dice monsters, and rather enjoyed it, a quick fun casual game, nice and relaxing!

So thats about it, I am once again in MK this Saturday but this time for Star wars LCG store championship! So I have been practising on line some of my decks to allow me to prepare, so hopefully I won't lose all my games.

Well thats about it, I will report back after MK Saturday to let you all know my results.

Happy gaming :)

And here is a random picture, of star wars things! :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Star wars LCG: Got some games

Yay, so today, I got 8 games of the Star wars LCG in, lost 5 and won 3, but a very good afternoon of gaming.

My DS main deck (Imperial Navy) won its only game, and my LS main deck (Smuggles and Spies) won two games, but my other 5 random decks all lost (guess it was to be expected)

I am now changing my main DS deck  though, as I really need some control, yes its all fun having unlimited resources to spend and loads of star destroyers etc, but it really needs some control, it only just won against a very good deck mind.

It was all great fun and good practice against a really good opponent, and to be fair I think near enough all 8 games were close, but then that's the game, hopefully get some more games in next week, its shame there is not more players, just us two, plus one other, the the other player gets bored to easily and doesn't play anything for long (unless it is the cursed magic!)

I am also looking forward to playing in MK for this game, so I will have two games to play up there, yay for more players to play against. Also helps that in my x-wing championship team, both of my team mates also play this star wars LCG, which sort of convinced me to get into it :)

Anyway happy gaming everyone.
As normal here are some pictures, again related to this game.

One of the Imperial Navy capital ships
Chewbacca for the smugglers deck

Sunday, 9 March 2014

New game: Star wars LCG

So I have picked up a new game (for a good price) after one game, as I got well into the system

So after playing a few more games today of the game, which is the Star Wars LCG, I am still very excited with this game, being into star wars helps as well!

This and x-wing mini's have to be two of the best games I play currently, both being based on Star wars meaning a very big universe to base the games as well as plenty of options to do.

I wont write much about this game, except the edge mechanics and the force balance are small parts of the game, but they all help build one good game, if you ask me FFG have got this game spot on, anyway only a quick blog post, sorry I have not been more active lately.

So here are some pictures to leave you with, today they are going to be based on this game.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

X-wing, MK store championship results

So first of all, well done to Ryan (I claim I half won...as half of his list was borrowed off me)   well done tho!

Anyway, I dont know where I finished yet, mid tableish. But here is the day anyway-

My list
Chewbacca, PTL, Title, Concussion Missile
Blue, adv sensor x2

Game 1 against Kyle
He played with the list that is all over the internet, which is
2x dagger, adv sensor

Cut it short, I was wiped out quickly, only managing to kill biggs and time I had done that I had nothing left, he finished 3rd in the end, and is a good player

Game 2 against Ed
Now Ed is Ryan's brother and all three of us are part of a championship team, good game.
His list-
3x Red pilots

this came down to 2 hull left on chewbacca and 2 left on Wedge, as you can image.. Wedge got into range 1 and shoots first! Bye bye my Falcon!

Game 3 against John
He used
Hwk, ion turret
Blue, adv sensor
Blue, Ion cannon

This game was annoying... I took out Wedge and the adv sensor blue easy, but at the same time he took out both of my b-wings, and from that point he kept ioning chewbacca... and yep no actions for me etc and I just couldnt shake the stress, missed with the Hwk rolling double evade almost every time... lost again!

Game 4 vs Matt H
He used
Kath Scarlet, Deadeye, Assault missiles, Seismic Charge, Recon spec
3 Ties (two were named)

Interesting game, I took out the firespray without taking much punishment, in total he just about killed both of my b-wings, but I had a near enough untouched falcon, yay my first win!

Game 5 vs Andrew
His list
Major Rhymer with 2x adv proton, ptl
3 Ties (Ps3 and Ps4 ones)

Interesting game, he took my b-wings out with them near enough doing nothing (I made a big mistake with my movement) but while this was going on, chewbacca was in annoying mood (well for Andrew) he one hit Howlrunner... then the PS4 tie... then took out the other two ties before major Rhymer got back into the fight, at this point he has no Protons left... so a full health (near enough) falcon vs basically a normal bomber at this point... yep Falcon won me that one!

So 2 wins and 3 loses, and a mid table finish (I will confirm my finishing spot when results go up)

Good day. Here is what I learnt

-4 Rebel ships are so much better then 3... even if one is a Falcon
-Pilot Skill isnt everything
-B-wings with adv sensors require to much thinking and positioning to get the most out of them

So the regional finals are next! I will most likely fly rebels again, and I reckon I will try out my list at the end of March when my LGS hold their x-wing event, this will give me some practice flying it, will have 4 ships though.

Here are a few pictures from the day, I didnt get many though as I forgot

Happy Gaming :)

Game 2 vs Ed

Game 4 vs Matt H

Game 4 vs Matt H, Kath in the Firespray and Chewbacca in the Falcon,
eye each other up, with Chewbacca coming out as the winner

Game 4 vs Matt H, Kath about to die aswell as a tie fighter...
B-wings dont last much longer mind you

The Card on the left is the store championship card everyone gets
The card on the right is the prize for the bottom 12 players
(20 players in total)  Yay cards though :D Any prize is still a prize!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

X-wing: Preparing for store championships

So I know I have not posted in a while, but I have been busy

So with the MK store championships around the corner(March 1st) I am again looking at lists to use, I dont go out to win it, but I am happy with 2-3 wins out of 5.

Last MK event I ran,

Dutch, ion cannon
Blue, FCS

I finished 6th, and could of finished higher with one more ship kill, so overall a good first tournament.

So I go into this one, wondering what to take? By the sounds of it as this is a store championship event, the players are bringing out the big guns, tie swarms etc

So I am thinking of bring a Han Shoots First list, so not decided but here a couple of options I am thinking about

Han, Gunner, Markmanship, Merc co-pilot

Han, Gunner, Title
Blue, FCS
Blue, FCS

So maybe something like that

Anyway, happy gaming :)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

X-wing miniatures, Wave 4 Preview

So I would like to start this by saying.... WOOO E-wings! Been looking forward to these!
So this post will be a little look at wave 4,  nothing special just a peek.
Must say I plan on buying two of everything, the Headhunter while you can field 8 at 100 points, I don't really like the idea of Rebel swarm!
Ships are meant for release around Q2 this year, but knowing FFG maybe Q4 in 2017? Anway

So review, lets start with the fraction I play most, the rebels


The E-wing is the most powerful of the Rebel ships in this way, boasting 3 Attack Dice with the option to Target lock and focus, making it on the same attack level as a X-wing, but its Hull drops down to 2 from a x-wing (dam, Vader and proton bombs are going to hurt) but goes up to 3 shields, while also being able to barrel roll and evade, yes I know a rebel heavy hitter ship that can evade!

So overall-
  • 3 Attack 
  • 3 Agility
  • 2 Hull
  • 3 Shields
  • Points 27+
  • Upgrade slots, System upgrade, Droid, Torpedoes
  • Actions, Target Lock, focus, Evade, Barrel roll

I reckon adding upgrades like, sensor jammer, and stealth device and R2-F2 could make this ship a nightmare to destroy.. 5 evade dice basic! but it would be very expensive.

Next up, Z-95 Headhunter 

I am not to excited about this ship, at 12-19 points you can swarm them, but I just prefer other options, mind you for a 5 point drop from the most basic A-wing, and only losing 1 Agility, I reckon A-wings are now near enough dead

  • 2 Attack 
  • 2 Agility
  • 2 Hull
  • 2 Shields
  • Points 12-19
  • Upgrade slots, Missile
  • Actions, Target Lock, focus
So now onto the two new Imperial Ships-

The Tie Defender

So wow, we now have the most expensive small basic ship in the game at 30 points, the basic pilot is more expensive then Wedge, but for good reasons, 3 on everything (attack etc) makes it a big ship and hard to take down, also it doesn't have evade (thankfully), but at 30 points a max of three of them, does balance it out very well, it has a new move options, never seen before on a dial apparently, so most likely a 1 K-turn, and hopefully not reversing

  • 3 Attack 
  • 3 Agility
  • 3 Hull
  • 3 Shields
  • Points 30+
  • Upgrade slots, Cannon, Missile
  • Actions, Target Lock, focus, Barrel roll
Tie Phantom is last

Now I left this ship for last for one reason, it will change the current Meta massively, this ships will rip apart the very popular B-wings and a lot of low agility ships, why you ask? well its the first ship to break the rule of 3, it has a massive 4 attack dice, and as its primary weapon 5 attack dice at range 1!!! This ship also brings in a new ability that allows the ship to cloak, we don't know what this does yet tho, with only 2 Hull and 2 Shields, the ship will be destroyed quite quickly, but then it can dish out damage to leave a mark first.

  • 4 Attack 
  • 2 Agility
  • 2 Hull
  • 2 Shields
  • Points 25+
  • Upgrade slots, System upgrade, Crew
  • Actions, Focus, Barrel Roll, Evade, Cloak
Now just image this ship with advanced sensors, you near enough could not touch it, but I cant see it being able to move like a interceptor etc, I would think it would have a similar dial to the X-wing

So ouch, 4 nice shiny ships which will give the Imperials some big hitters while allowing the Rebels to Swarm, my rebels may take a back sit when wave 4 comes out, but I reckon I will still be playing Rebels more often then Imperials, just maybe not using as many B-wings

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the quick preview, I am sure other blogs have gone into more details though, but that was mine anyway :)

Happy Gaming, and here is a parting picture :)