Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Misfits championship!

So our little team of 5 all got a mini event going, purpose was to practice lists ready for the store championships we were attending.
We were allowed to give advice and remind each other things, as this was to help each other out.

Very fun and causal event :)

Here is the run down with some pictures :)
As there was 5 of us, 1 person sits out every round, everyone played everyone, I also counted the wins by Rebel and Imperial forces

Round 1-
Lee (tie swarm) vs Luke (Han with 2 x-wings)
Close game, but Han wouldnt fall quick enough.
Luke wins 64-46

Rhys (Decimator/Firespray) vs Ryan (BBBBZ)
Rhys flew into Ryans rebel swarm, which meant damage soon built up on the poor Imperials
Ryan wins 100-0

Rebels 2 Imperials 0

Lee thinking.. how can I kill that Han!

Imperials flying into a rebel swarm

Round 2-
Edward(Firespray, mini swarm) vs Rhys(4 ship rebels)
Edwards ships picked off the rebels a ship at the time
Edward wins 100-30

Ryan(Rebel Tulips) vs Luke (Han with 2 x-wings)
Han skimmed the edges shooting and picking on ships, whey all the other ships jousted
Luke wins 100-21

Rebels 3 Imperials 1

The Imperials hunt down the Rebels

Han watching the Joust between the 6 Rebel ships
 Round 3-
Edward(Firespray, mini swarm) vs Ryan(Rebel Tulips)
The Imperials went on the hunt, and took out the Rebels, and poor Wedge fell last
Edward wins 100-36

Lee(Phantom, mini swarm) vs Rhys(Falcon with escort)
The phantom and the swarm charged in taking apart the Falcon and its support
Lee wins 100-36

Rebels 3 Imperials 3

Round 4-
Lee(Phantom, mini swarm) vs Ryan (Tie swarm)
In a close game, the Phantom was the deciding factor
Lee wins 72-24

Edward(Firespray, mini swarm) vs Luke (Han with 2 x-wings)
The rebels quickly find the X-wings have been taken out, and the Falcon gets chased down and destroyed
Edward win 100-30

Rebels 3 Imperials 5
The Phantom looks menacing 
Round 5-
Lee(Phantom, mini swarm) vs Edward(Firespray, mini swarm)
The Firespray and support make quick work of the Phantoms support, before taking down the Phantom aswell
Edward win 100-0

Rhys (BBBBZ) vs Luke (Phantom and Decimator)
The Imperials made some big mistakes in this game, the Phantom crashed into the rebel formation, while cloaked (it couldn't uncloak)and then the rebels blasted it out the sky, before turning and taking down the Decimator, all in under 20 minutes
Rhys win 100-0

Rebels 4 Imperials 6
Ties lining up their shots onto the Firespray
 So a good day, and good practice, here are the final scores!

So Imperials edged the Rebels with 6 wins over 4

And here is the finishing postions

3rd Luke
4th Ryan

Doom spoon for last place given to Rhys (left)  and then Misfits trophy for first place, given to a very happy looking Ed (Right)

Till next time :)

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Conquest and X-wing!

So Saturday saw 4 of us play some conquest!
I went 2-1 in the Swiss and then won in the final, i was using Ragner Blackmane as my Warlord

Game 1-

Very close game against Dark Eldar, I won on the 7th planet by warlord kill, both of us had 3 planets each at this point!

Game 2-

Played against Marines and got thrashed completely, he had the perfect set up, and nothing I could do about it

Game 3-

Vs Chaos, this game was won by me killing the Warlord on Planet 5, he had to commit to planet 5, as if I won the planet I won the game anyway.

Game 4(Final)

Vs the Marines I lost to in game 2, Got a warlord kill again this game (theme running?) on the 5th planet, game turned a bit one sided, I got a bit lucky due to after I used a Mulligan on a rubbish hand, the new hand gave me 3 Elysian Assault teams... which set me up very quickly

Good fun and some nice prizes
Prizes :)

I also got 4 games on X-wing in, using my Imperial big 3 list (I am trying this list out for store championships) The list basically is a Patrol leader with rebel Captive, basic bounty hunter, and a shuttle with Darth Vader

Game 1
vs Wedge, Wes and Garvin
Won 100-33, my list just out lived theirs basically

Game 2
Vs Wedge, Wes, Biggs, Tala
Won 100-33 again, same as last time, as soon as Biggs fell so did Wedge, leaving Wes and a Tala vs a untouched decimator and a half life shuttle.

Game 3
Vs Twin Firespray
I won this 100-24, including taking one bounty hunter out in first round on shooting (range 1 of two of my ships) and he hit it with relentless, and after that it was a case of chasing after his other bounty hunter.

Game 4
Rematch vs the twin firesprays
This time it was a 100-0 win for me, long game, lots of chasing, and 1 Hull left on my bounty hunter, and not much on my Decimator or shuttle either! Good game though

But I am now scrapping this list for the store championships, as I do not believe it can take on lists such as Dash and Corran, hmmm back to the drawing board

Anyway a very quick written post as its getting late

Happy Gaming :)