Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dark Mechanicus

So I am going to start a little project!
Using the chaos codex I will build a Dark Mechanicus army!

So a Warpsmith is on order as well as some chaos cultists!

Not going to do any conversations but the idea is to create a display army! I dont paint, so this is a massive challenge for me!

So I will keep everyone in formed on how this goes :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More painting!

So I ran out of spray paint, but I was able to base 2 chimeras and 2 hellhounds before it run out!

So quick painting after noon but they do now have grey camo :D

Being my armies colours are black and grey.. not much more to do on them, just a few bits :)


So after been shown how to play netrunner, I decided I really liked it! (Always good when my game cupboard is over flowing as it is :P )

So I was able to get hold of the core set for a bit cheaper and look forward to playing some more games!

Overall though, hopefully get some more games in on Sunday :D

Friday, 25 January 2013


So if you havnt already done it, here is another chance to do if for me :P
Every reply counts :)

Survey on social media :)

Score Board

So I used to do this, but havnt in years!

So from this year (2013)

I will keep a record of wins, draws and loses of each army

(Down the right of the page)  :)

Happy gaming

10 more to the pile

So another 10 Guardsmen done, (Snap fit ones)

Just need around 40 more I think :D

My goal is to make three platoons

150 Guardsmen with lasguns
3 command squads

So that isnt including special weapons etc, which I already have, as some times, 10 Guardsmen with first line second line, and 30 shoots is enough (From one squad)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Next Campaign game

My next one will most likely be played late now due to the club not open next week, so the 21st it looks like for my first campaign game (Or my next one I should say)
But here are my fixtures, I am playing Imperial Guard)

After every game I will update this post and re-post it :)

Round 1 (Purge the Alien / Hammer & Anvil).
(Dark angels)Ian Turner v Luke Townsend

Round 2 (Big Guns Never Tire / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend v Mark Allen (Nids)

Round 3 (The Scouring / Dawn of War).
(Grey Knights) Simon Butler v Luke Townsend

Round 4 (The Emperor's Will / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Brian White (Grey Knights)

Round 5 (The Relic / Vanguard).
(Dark angels) Benjo Gray v Luke Townsend

Round 6 (Crusade / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Aven Taylor (Daemons)

Round 7 (Purge the Alien / Dawn of War).
(Necrons) Mike Parker v Luke Townsend

Round 8 (Big Guns Never Tire / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Richard McMannus (Dark angels)

Round 9 (Crusade / Dawn of War).
(Chaos) Richard Curr v Luke Townsend

Round 10 (The Scouring / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend (Bye).

Round 11 (The Emperor's Will / Dawn of War).
Luke Townsend v Joel Tate (Eldar)

Round 12 (The Relic / Hammer & Anvil).
(Grey knights) Dan Durham v Luke Townsend

Round 13 (Crusade / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend v Richard Neary (Space marines)

Round 14 (Purge the Alien / Dawn of War).
(chaos) Mark Thomas v Luke Townsend -------won

Round 15 (Big Guns Never Tire / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Jon Quinn (blood angels)

Imperial Guard vs new Dark Angels!

So first off, my first campaign game (which I drew) is to be replayed, few mistakes on both of our parts (both still havnt played many 6th ed games) So lets see how that goes!

So today a friendly game vs dark angel, 1750 points 5 objectives, with heavy supports able to claim them!

Game finished
2-1 objectives to me
First blood- him
Line Breaker- me
Slay the warlord - me

4-2 final score, I had most of my army left though, he had a few marines, so one more turn it might have been over!
It started really close, but after turn 3 the amount of shoots took their toll and his army fell apart  (His bikers literally fell apart)
Also the first game I have ever used orders.. and wow they are game changers! Normally I run Yarrick and vets, but orders are now going to be in every list :D
So the good and bad-

Bought Creed to use today and wow him and his orders just game changing, four a turn is awesome

Guardsmen as much as about 70 guardsmen with lasguns, melta and plasma can do,  they died.. there was always plenty more! So many shoots nothing could stand in front of them!

Executioner- Never stopped its plamsa goodness! 5 plasma cannons took out 10 marines, 6 terminators and a special character.. and that was just over 2 turns!

Manticore- as much as people hate these, its range and strength 10 really came in handy!

Storm troopers had a good game taking on marines with ap3 guns, and meltas and plasmas of course!

Nothing, all seemed to work perfectly the list flowed well and worked well as a whole :)

Campaign next week :) Dont know who I got though, will look later!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Motivated Day

So no pictures this time, but today I managed to fully paint-
10 Guardsmen
6 Plasma armed guardsmen
10 penal legion models!

Good day :D

My guard are now almost under one paint scheme and are almost all painted :O
Never thought I would see the day that was done!
But after painting over a 100 models in the last week or so, I am almost there, but I suppose I have plenty more to go!

Also I want to buy more guardsmen :D

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Midas Campaign

So who are my regiment  And why are they fighting in the Midas crusade? (Midas crusade is our campaign )

Sector Name-Fogtic
Amount of planets in sector-3
Capital planet-Fogtic
Other Planets-Finion, Neck
Standing army-4 Imperial Guard regiment
Colours- Grey and Black
Other notes- Sector under protection of Space Wolves, sector is known for low clouds and heavy mist. The uniform used by the Guard allows for camo in these condition
Reason for fighting in the Midas Crusade- Called upon to work alongside the Space Wolves. Currently operate outside of Warmasters Xerxes command and currently under command of the Space Wolves.
Army deployed- 3 full regiments, including Aircraft, Tanks and Transports
Crusade goal- To destroy all signs of chaos and help the Space Wolves hunt down Thousand Sons, which are believed to be hiding in the Midas sector.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Imperial Guard! New stuff :D

So lots of money spent in the last few weeks!

So here is whats new!
10 Storm Troopers, + 2 special weapon storm troopers (1 Plasma gun, 1 melta gun)

Planning to make a manticore with this :)

10 penal legion models :)   (Used the chaos cultist models)

10 more guardsmen! As you can never have enough, I want to get loads of the snap fit guardsmen :)

Forgeworld Hydra tank! Yes I wanted it! I will control the sky :)

Last and not least! I went into the old games shop to pick up some old paints! And I got all of this :O
50-60 paints, crafting saw, loads of PVA glue and some squad bases for £25!
Not bad :D

Friday, 18 January 2013

Imperial Guard vs Chaos 1750

So my second game vs the new chaos! Once again campaign game and this time kill points!

It started really close, but he only had 2 squads of terminators, 3 squads of marines and a  couple of other bits!

But he walked his terminators forward into a gun line!
So didnt end well..

He first squad never saw combat, taken out my 3 russes and 30 guardsmen, the other terminator squad was at half strength when it charged my other 30 man squad but this squad had yarrick and after 3 turns of combat and 10-15 guardsmen dead, I beat them down!

So So my storm troopers finished off some marines and my long ranged weapons killed some aswell!

Game finished at-

5-1 units destroyed to me
I also got
First Blood
Slay the Warlord
Line Breaker

So a 8-1 victory to me :)

Next week a friendly against the new dark angels :D

Friday, 11 January 2013

Why Do I bother? Campaign game one! Imperial Guard+Wolves vs Chaos!

So this game didnt really have much game play! Just it took a while!

So I drew, 0-0 objectives each, even as per normal, I outnumbered, out gunned him with what I had left!
I couldnt roll a 3+ to save my life, while I have never seen someone roll so many 6s!

So yes it took over a hour to set up!
40mins to get him to the table, because he was "relaxing"
We then rolled etc, I set up first, and he went to get a drink!
I set up my 5 models.. and he took 15 mins to get a drink -.-
Then he continued to set his up which took another 20mins as he was more interested in talking then playing!

This wouldnt normally bother me, but he is one of the slowest players at the club in-game!
He takes forever to work out what to do, while on my turn he keeps wandering off!

Couple of examples!
Standing there looking at a model for a few mins, then says, he has a gun...
I turned around to him and said shot in then! He goes I dont know what at!
he have one target! A dred, a chimera, and some guardsmen! It was a bolt pistol!

Overall I do question why I bother turning up to play tbh.

My dreadnought has 2 pens on the turn it came into play.. both from a reaper cannon!
So my dreds one arm fires back... and misses -.-

Rant over

Hopefully next weeks campaign game will be better.. or I can see it being a very short campaign for me as I lose patients! 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Survey, social media as a business tool!

Hello for uni, I have to do a research project :(
So does anyone feel like doing it for me?


I know this isnt a usual post for me, but on average I get 500 unique views a month!

So I am sure a few of you could do this :)

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

40k campaign!

So with the new 40k campaign starting soon! I thought I would post the rules-

* 1750pts.
* Fixed codex but list can be changed in game.
* Forge World is legal if your opponent has agreed to it at start of the campaign.
* A FW army list needs an equivilent codex for those games where FW is not allowed (so eldar & corsairs, for example).
* Allies can be taken, and changed each game.
* Fortifications are fine except for the Fortress of Redemption (table space reasons).
* Missions will be rulebook only. You will know games in advance.
* Each game will have a random Warzone Trait rolled at start of the game.

So all good, except to get back into the game I got a friendly organised!
But found out we are playing each other first round, so we agreed to make it the campaign game!

So first round of campaign on Thursday :D