Friday, 1 June 2012

Heroclix weekly!

So I am going to start doing a weekly heroclix update (once a week on a friday) if I remember, this will be to talk about my games and anything else I can think off!

So this week!

Only played one game, but it was a fun game against apocalypse and silver surfer!  It was a 500 point game!

I basically had Odin, and a load of support characters (two with outwit, two with perplex, and loki with probability control)

This game ended quick as Odin was hitting for 7 damage (5+ 2 perplex) straight through as I kept outwitting everything!

I took 4 damage overall, and two of them were pushing damage.

So a good game!

Also this week!

My skrull team looks almost finished, its just under 500 points!

So far
2x Skrull General
3xSkrull Commando
3xSkrull Saboteur
3xSkrull Warrior

Also in a test game, this team beat the Odin team I have been using!

And that brings me onto the last point this week!
I have just spent £20 on new figures, that should arrive in 2 weeks (week late because of jubilee)

They are-

Drax #011 from Galactic Guardians
Hollywood #013 from Galactic Guardians
Magus #020 from Galactic Guardians
Adam Warlock #010 from Galactic Guardians
Ravenous #018 from Galactic Guardians

And also from the mass market avengers gravity feed-
Heimdall #210
Tony Stark #209
Hulk #202

So a little extension, but working out at £2.45 each, I reckon a good deal for all of those!  Cant wait to try out Adam Warlock/Magus and Hollywood!

Will be fun!