Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Heroclix Chaos War Collection

So I bought only half a brick and basically got all the models I want except Chaos King and Void, and need some more drones!

Here is what I got

Captain America #001
Ultron Drone #003
Sentinel #005
Masque Duplicate #007
Lava Man x2 #008
Shadow Council Soldier #009
Donald Blake #010
Tony Stark #011
Vision #013
Hank Pym #014
Ant-Man #015
Wasp #016
Madame Masque #017
Jinku #018
Black Knight #020
Speed #021
Sharon Carter #022
Ms Marvel #023
Iron Man #024
Genis-Vell #027
Wonder Man #028
Wasp #030
Victoria Hand #033
Ares #034
Sentry #035
Nick Fury #040
The Unspoken #046
Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man #056
Iron Man #201
Thor #202
Captain America #203
Space Phantom #204
Vision #205
Masque #206
Ms Marvel #207
Ultron #208
Spider-Woman #209
Wonder Man #210

Only two I need now are Void and Chaos King.... but I have just won bids for them on ebay :D They should be here later this week! Wooooooooo £20 for them both! Not bad when they are going for £15-20 each normally! 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves 1500

My Imperial Guard vs Richards Space Wolves, 1500 points, base objectives are worth 3 points.

He goes first

Turn 1-
He moves his mechanized force forward, shoots and does nothing

I well do nothing it seems as well, except my two Chimeras containing Melta vets zoom up the side of the board.

Turn 2-
His pod come in with terminators (he forgot about it first turn)  and his scouts also come in right behind my Russes, he destroys one of my russes and about it..

I shoot down all but 1 terminators, 3 of his scouts, blow up if vindicator and one of his four razorbacks.. good turn yes.

Turn 3-
Not much, he blows up a chimera and the vets all get out except a couple, and his scouts assualt a squad of Guardsmen only to be beaten down without killing one! And his terminator charges Guardsmen, and Guardsmen lost combat but held

Basically took out all his over razorbacks and killed all 6 Hunters from one and two of the others, will also killing 3 Hunters that were with his Rune Priest.
His terminator wins combat again, but I help again.

Turn 4-
Not much for his turn, 4 remaining Hunter try and charge my Storm Troopers, only for two to die while charging and the other two trip over a pepple and never make it into combat... so they stand their surrounded by 8 Storm troopers and about 40 Guardsmen... and lots of Plasma..
Terminator wins combat.. Guardsmen held... (Never has a Terminator passed this many saves.)

My turn, and the last two hunters got killed, and about it.

Turn 5-
He concedes at this point, he has one terminator (still in combat) and the rune priest.

I held my Objective with over 50 Guardsmen around it and one one held his.
He got first blood and line breaker and both Warlords were still alive

3-2 to me!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Chaos Marines or not! Eldar+ Guard

So I am needing a Chaos Army but I am saved!  As some of you know I have 5 large armies
Necrons (around 7k)
Space Wolves (around 10k)
Eldar (around 4k)
Guard (around 5k)
Nids (around 2.5k)

So my Wolves have also been used as normal Marines, blood Angels and even as Templers in one game, due to the amount of Marines I can do almost anything with them... and soo they shall also be now used as Chaos! Only one reason though as I want to ally them with my Necrons! Yes Wolves can ally, but they also cant really be within 6inches while Chaos can!

So I have access to most of the Chaos codex (except certain things like daemons) So now why do I want chaos in my Necron list you may be thinking?

To use random powers from the rule book, to use terminators, to use better MEQ and Terminator killing?

So we shall see, I still might just use the Wolves codex as I do prefer the Wolves Codex, but keeping the armies apart could cause a few problems!

I am currently liking 1999+1 lists as you can get more in, but 1500 points seems to be coming standard at my LGS and so I will need to cut some lists down to be playable, I currently dont have a game for this Thursday but I am hoping I will be able to get one to continue my 6th edition winning streak!

I have also been looking at Guard lists with Eldar allies, this seems to have some nice ideas, quick and fast hitting Eldar with the slower harder hitting Guard! But we will see!

And on other news, I am thinking about buying some Grey Knight terminators with a HQ and a storm raven as allies, maybe some normal Grey knight Marines aswell!

But I dont think I need any more armies! But we will see!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Battle Report Necrons vs Dark Angels

So basic objective mission! My second game of 6th!

My list-

Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge

5 Deathmarks

10 Immortals, Tesla

10 Immortals, Gauss, Night Scythe

9 Warriors, Ghost Ark

5 Warriors, Ghost art

Doomsday Ark

Dooms Scythe

His list (roughly) 


3 x 5 Terminators (2 squads will missile launchers, 1 with Assault cannon)

2 Forge world dreadnoughts, (once with two assault cannons)

Set up

He set up first and goes first

He starts everything on the field, from the start it always looked like he was going to charge headlong into me, so I played defensive.

I started everything on field except deathmarks and both flyers (and gauss Immortals who were in the Night Scythe.

Turn 1

He moves forward, shooting done nothing except killing 1 immortal.

I held position, with the Doomsday Ark killing two terminators.

Turn 2

He moves forward, taking hull point off the Doomsday ark and immobilises one ghost ark and weapons destroys the other.

Night Scythe comes in with immortals, goes forward drops off immortals. Immortals and Sycthe take two hull points of one of the dreadnoughts, warriors in one of the ghost arks take a hull point of the other dreadnought

Turn 3

He continues to move forward! 1 squad of terminators and 1 dreadnought completely wipes out my gauss Immortals and the other dreadnought destroys one ghost ark by taking the hull points of it.

Nothing comes in! Night scythe finishes off a dreadnought, the Tesla immortals take down a couple of terminators and the Doomsday ark kills entire assault cannon squad terminators leaving both of his independent characters on their own.

Turn 4

His shooting didnt do anything really, he assaults, 3 terminators failed to charge and one gets killed by over watch, but his characters charged and took out 5 immortals! I passed leadership and all 5 stood back up!

Death marks came in and killed 3 terminators out of his untouched squad.
Night scythe finishes off other dreadnought and the Doom scythe come in and finishes of the two terminators who failed their charge. Combat my Lord charged in and Belial challenged him, which I accepted and after Belial failed the mind shackle scarab roll he killed himself with his own Thunder Hammer, Liberian was dragged down by the remaining immortals in combat.

This left him with only 2 terminators who decided to save themselves and run (Other player gave me the game).

So overall.. I did very well, not losing a lot and killing everything but two terminators! Pleased with this list 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to Prepare for 6th meta game!

As all the cheesy people are already finding ways of breaking the game its time to boost up the competitiveness of my main army! The Necrons!

So been into a GW today, to first of moan about my rulebook...which hasn't arrived! So they say sorry blah blah and sending it by express to be at mine for tomorrow. Something to do with the warehouse having no idea about the order....
So I also picked up the power cards for 40k while there is still some stock!

Right now my Necrons have been having a lick of paint lately! Just finished 10 warriors, 7 Lychguard and Trazyn the Infinite!

So I boosted the lines with 3 new models!

Illuninor Szeras!
100 points? For a good stat line and some nice little special rules! Yes please!

But the two main purchases was to boost the competitiveness of my Necrons...
One Night Scythe and..
Doom Scythe!
Okay they are the same box, but I bought two boxes so I can make one of each!!

Intill everyone and their grandparents get anti air weapons, they should do quite well!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Space Wolves and Guard Vs Marines (First game of 6th edition)

So my first game of 6th Edition ended in a solid victory!

Completely wiping out the other player except his land raider! I also got First blood and killed his warlord!
I only lost 3 kill points!

Overall 6th has its ups and down, As I using Wolves I will always issue or except a challenge
 (as Russ intended) but at some points it does get annoying!

Moving and shooting full range with rapid fire made a massive difference with my Guard allies, a blop of 20 Guardsmen with plasma guns, were the man of the match for me, killing terminators, marines and whatever else they could shoot!

I am going to take Necron Allies next time for one reason! Guass!

Wolves kill men
Necrons kill tanks!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Space Wolves with Guard 1500points!

So here is my first 6th edition list, this was for a laugh and is not for completive play, (Well dont mean it wont be) But I look forward to trying it out!

Defence of the Fang 1500 points

Wolf Lord
Wolf claw

So this is me! *waves* I wanted something big and fun, and a terminator wolf lord! Whats better!

4 Wolf Guard in Terminator armour
3 have Wolf Claws and Storm Shields
1 has a thunder hammer and storm shield
Land Raider

So he is my body guard unit, in a nice solid land raider to protect the group, to help them rip apart the traitors in close combat but to also help add some Lascannon fire.

2 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters
Each squad has 1 flamer and 1 Plasma gun

My basic two troop choices, plasma to kill things and flamer if they get close enough or if they get charged! Basic, solid and very cheap! They will push forward to try and grap objectives.

1 Predator with all lascannons

Nice simple and fun, anti tank and anti terminator!


Primaris Psyker

Needed a guard Hq and I have always like this guy, and lets me try out some new powers aswell!

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad with 1 melta gun and 1 flamer

Flamer and melta gun as I had left over points, but these will lead my IG and hand out orders to the squads

5 Squads of 10 Guardsmen
Each squad has a Melta gun

So yer mass infantry to hold objectives or charge headlong to get one, melta guns so no tank or terminator is safe from a melta gun, or 45 rapid firing lasguns!

So there is my first 1500 point list.

6th Edition is here! Allies+ Other stuff

So with 6th edition arriving, (my book should be here in a couple of days) let looks at some bits!

Allies have to be he bit I been looking forward to the most! My Wolves charging forward with IG guard running along side them being inspired by the Space Marine presence, or my Necrons tricking Space Wolves into fighting with them to protect a tomb would from the evil Chaos Marines!
So how ever you are going to ally, there is a bit of a background behind most thing! But allies has to be the bit I have been looking forward to the most! And I already have several lists!

Building! So now you can buy building to boost your lines against the oncoming enemy, now I only see the point in this is you want cover saves for your guardsmen or some anti air guns (I getting hydras instead)
But otherwise I see this as a big money making bit by GW, the amount of people who will go out and but terrain pieces to use in their lists!  Only thing I might get is the line of barricades with a lascannon, I don't need anti air (I have a lightning fighter place thing) and my Necrons just gauss any planes down!

2D6 Charge! Now my Guard don't like this but my Wolves do! Thats why I allying both together, so my Wolves could charge 12inchs or just 2! So be interesting to see a army of Space Wolves only charge 3 inches because they tripped over a blade of grass.... but lets not go there!
I guess the idea is, with the squad getting charge firing at the charging unit, a bullet could slow the attackers down, or stop the charge and make them dive for cover! Well that's how it goes in the books anyway!

So this was only a quick look at 6th edition, will review it again when my book arrives!

My first Space Wolf and guard list will be up in about 10 minutes! So watch this space!