Friday, 11 November 2011

Necron Review- Imotekh The Stormlord

So yer my first review of the new codex and its on our big leader Imotekh!

Well he is 225 points to start with and so you except much! and so he will also need protection so I wouldn't ever spend extra points on the command barge!

Average, nothing stands out here really! Just a normal Necron Over Lord with 2+ save! So already I would so not worth his points! But lets look at his war gear amd special rules!

War Gear-

BloodSwarm nanoscarabs-
Unique ability to Imotekh, it basically helps your flayed ones deep strike near a infantry unit which you have chosen at the beginning of the game, great if you like flayed ones, not so great if you dont, I will let you make up your own mind on this ability, but I think it is pointless.

Gaunlet of fire-
Why the hell has Imotekh got this? yes he will almost always hit and wound with it, but no power weapon? surly a 225 point character shoud ignore armour saves? well he doesn't! So err that is a big put off with me, but lucky he is a good support character! (pricey tho)

Phase Shifter-
No ifs, No buts! LOVE IT! 3+ invulnerable, great no problem here, and yep Imotekh should have it at his points csost!

meh, average at best wargear, only good if reanimation protocols work!

Sempiternal Weave-
This is what gives him is 2+ armour save, so yep good wargear!

Staff of the destroyer-
Right a one use only shooting attack.. Which I love! 2D6 from Imotekh into any direction and you could have a lot of enemies (and maybe allies aswell)

So wargear is a big meh, some good, some average, still not worth his points cost! BUT Special rules is where the fun is!

Special Rules-
I will not cover Independent character, Phaeron, Reanimation protocols and ever-living as they are standard things

Humiliating defeat-
So if he kills a character, he make sit easier to win combat! Meh its ok, but with no power weapon of a kind, he has to kill someone first!

Hyperlogical Strategy-
Awesome, except against Orks, and useless if you are going first anyway! Just a better seize the initiative roll!

Lord of the Storm-
Right this is where Imotekh becomes the STORMlord, so basically he makes the game night fight(in till you roll a bad number)
and while it is night fight he can try and hurt stuff with d6 str 8 hits on any unit the storm hits (it needs a 6 to hit, but every enemy unit has to roll mwahahaha) so awesome, but unreliable!

Not worth his points, no power weapon and only 1 main special rule, maybe is he was 35-45 points cheaper, but he is average at best, there are better special character in the book for less!
Bit disappointed as he is meant to be our "big guy"

O well, next up is Nemesor Zahndrekh (when I get a round to it)