Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charging the Gunline!

So Next mission saw me play against Tau!
Mission basically is-
He starts on field all board except has to be at least 12 from 3 edges,
I split my army in 3, 1 bit comes in each turn from a different table edge each time, so he kept his at the back and I had a way to go! also 4 objectives were placed!

So after turn 3 it was close, all my stuff was in and we were all at short range fire fights, not much happening (only to find out he only had 2 troops) and turn 4 is when it started!
Combat happened everywhere locking a lot of his broadsides and battle suits!

My turn 5 was lucky, a veil of darkness moved a squad of immortals on a objectives, so 3 objecties I held, he held none!
His turn 5, he admiteed he was going to lose, so he chucked both troops and some battle suits at my immortals only for them to hold!

So final score
2-0 me and 1 contested by both of us!

Overall good game, good jokes about some bad dice roll!

So 3 wins out of 4, not bad I guess!