Sunday, 27 July 2014

St Neots Casual event

So last night, a group of 6 of us got together to play a bit of x-wing,  I decided to go Imperial... well as a casual event I wanted to try something different, instead of Rebels which I have been doing really well with! Also in the end only 1 player brought rebels.

So I thought I would try some wave 4 aswell!

My list

Bounty Hunter
Delta Pilot     (Now both of these are Hull and shield heavy and act quite like rebel ships, hence why I choose them, this should help my fly Imperials quite well)

Whisper, VI, ACD (Now I wanted to use a more Imperially ship, as in one that flies around and never gets shot... so I choose the Phantom.. as no ship can do it better, if flown right)

Game 1-
Echo, VI, Advanced Sensors, ACD,  Navigator
Rexlar, HLC, Cluster missiles, predator, shield upgrade

Well first thoughts were that Rexlar look very nasty, but he would struggle against a Phantom, Cluster Missiles for example will struggle to do much against my Defender or Phantom, but could be quite handy against my Firespray.  Echo is fun to see being used, as apparently the best ship in the current meta, but with whisper I knew I was moving last, so I was quite happy with that.

For most of the game, not much happened, except a few pot shots around, in the last 10 mins of time, my Defender fell, then his Phantom and then my bounty hunter got its first shot in and finished his defender.
The problem with this game was my Firespray never got into the action intill the last round, so I was relying on a defender and a phantom against a better defender and a beefed up phantom, so winning this 100-30 was quite surprising, as Rexlar should of murdered my defender quite well.
Result-win (100-30)

Game 2-
Boba Fett, saboteur, marksmenship, Seimic Charge, assault missile
Jonus, cluster missiles, proton torpedo
Mithel, stealth

Looking at his list, was that Boba was very loaded up, never seen Boba on a table, not known a firespray loaded like that, the list itself doesnt have much firepower, and very little survivability.
And that is how the game went, 100-0, and I didnt relly take much damage all game, my phantom lost a shield, but that was my flying over a obstacle (I meant to do it, got a range 1 shot that way out of arc)
He flew boba off the field instead of getting him murdered, as he got trapped in corner, and he would of had all 3 of my ships at range 1.
Result-win, (100-0)

Game 3-
Wedge, R2D2
Corren Horn, R2F2

Well good list, but could of done with more upgrades on the E and B wing and dropping Wedge for Biggs but anyway..
The first combat, he took a few shields of my Defender, but his Wedge went down, which was always the goal.. cant let Wedge get a shot in against my Phantom!
And it went a bit like that, phantom staying out of arcs and shooting and the defender just K-turning and shooting everything, by the end my Phantom and Defender had 1 Hull left each and my Bounty Hunter had lost about 2 shields, so while it was a 100-0 he was unlucky not to make that 100-67 by the Phantom and Defender surviving.
Result-win, (100-0)

So 3-0 with Imperials, 300-30, which is unreal,  never thought that would happen! Phantoms are quite easy to play, and not as difficult as I thought it would be, but I still think the Defender is awesome.
I now dislike Firesprays though, I dont know if thats because I fly the Falcon a lot, but I really missed the 1 sharp on the Firespray!

O well good to dust of some Imperials and give them a run :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A New hope, 100 point x-wing event

So here is a quick run down of the x-wing event today and MK, once again it was a good day, with awesome people :)

So first of all, it is a themed event, but you still can run any ship

So with wave 4 just out, I was a bit worried about phantoms, so here is my list

Wes Jenson
Flechette torps

Han Solo


Idea is, wes is PS 10 so shoots before phantoms are shoot and cloak, so he stresses them with the torp and chewbacca finished them! Anyway..

Game 1 vs Scott
Scott was running 3 Phantoms (bugger)
Both the named ones and a sigma!

Anyway the sigma died early, wes and chewbacca saw to that, then it was about making Wes stress a phantom and chewbacca and Tarn killing it, but I would like to point out, Tarn should of been dead twice, but Scott's range 1 phantom dice were very unlucky!
Match Win

Game 2 vs Wedge, Biggs and a B-wing (named one)

All 3 were beefed up, this was a very close game, he made a big mistake when he barrel rolled his B-wing into arc of my X-wing, letting me murder it, but it came down to a 5 Hull chewbacca killing off Wedge last of all, good close game though
Match win

Game 3 vs Kyle
And more phantom fun,
He had Whisper beefed up with cloaking device, advanced sensors, VI, recon spec
and he also had 4 ties!
This game was close, but Phantom died early, in the same manner as last ones... stress.. die!
Close game and it come to a draw in the end, and we both agreed it was the correct result for such a close game!

Game 4
This was against a mirror list, same pilots, a couple of different upgrades!
But this game went... my Wes dies, in the same turn, his Tarn dies.... His Wes died, in the same turn my Tarn dies!
And at this point it was my 9 life Falcon vs his 3 life Falcon, and with Han solo co piloting mine, I can get 2-3 hits easy a time, so bang! Down goes his Falcon
Match Win

Game 5
So winner takes all! Winner of this wins the event, and its against Kyle again (Game 3)
This game was a lot quicker and 1 sided.. I stressed his Phantom but failed to kill it, his phantom then needing to do a green, crashed into my Falcon and then Wes opened fire and killed it quickly!  I then took a tie down, but lost the Falcon, but my two x-wing pilots took 2 more ties down quite easily (On the turn after he killed the Falcon) and he conceded the game!

So I win a event :)
Prizes was the MK x-wing championship helmet, which so far I have 1, Ed and Ryan also have 1 each... best bit is, we are all on the same championship team!
I also got a Rebel Transport and a poster, but I passed the poster to second place (Which end up being Ed anyway)

Anyway here is the trophy and a picture of the Rebel Transport.

Happy Gaming :)

Rebel Transport

Trophy, this one isnt mine, as I do not have a picture of mine handy, the plaque at the bottom, says
'Guardians of Tye
Star Wars X-wing
July 2014'