Tuesday, 16 December 2014

X-wing Rugby event

So last weekend I turned up to a event in Rugby, very good event held by the nice people of Shadow Games.
As always sorry I forget most players names :(

I couldnt choose between trying out the VT-49 or the YT2400 but when I second Vt-49 turned up... my choice was made!

Twin VT list-

Read Admiral Chiraneau
Rebel Captive
Veteran Instincts

Captain Oicunn
Mara Jade

Idea is Chiraneau picks shots from range dealing damage while Oicunn gets into the mix and causes damage and stress aswell as a general issues for the other player.

Game 1 vs Gary (I had played this great guy on vassal a couple of times, great lad)
Gary was the only other player running a Decimator in this event, but he ran his with Whisper
I started this game well putting 13 hits on his Decimator, but my dice turned, I couldnt roll a hit for anything, intill a lucky turn when Chiraneau rolled 4 natural hits on a uncloaked phantom (I shoot first) and with him onnly having two hull left, he was gone, by the end of it, it was a very close game, I finished with 2 Hull left on Chiraneau and that was it!
Win 100-50

Game 2
Up against 3 Tie fights, 1 interceptor and Echo.

I really dont want to be playing against phantoms as they each my hull to quick, but this game, Oicunn ramming and Mara jade won me it, causing him to not be able to K-turn around me and do much else, I had a full heath Chiraneau and Oicunn who had 1 hull left.
Win 100-0

Game 3
Whisper and 4 ties... great another phantoms, so glad I put VI on Chiraneau now.
Close game, lots of stress on his ships, he tried to run off to clear stress and regroup, but whisper was in range 3 of Chiraneau, so he murdered him. A highlight of this game though was the Academy pilot who in the late game had 1 hull left, and would not die.... took 3-4? turns of shooting at various ranges before he finally fell, and then a howlrunner with stealth turned out to be a easy task to drop!
Win 100-50

Game 4 and last one of the swiss
Against Craig Reed.
Yep he was after his revenge! Already beaten him twice in a past event, and now he wants to get one back
And he had 7 ties... not a list I wanted to be up against.
This game turned into me trying to drop a tie a turn.. and most turns I did, including first range 3 engages, ruthlessness must of dealt around about 4-5 points of damage this game, including on the last turn when Oicunn shots down a tie at range 1, and uses ruthlessness to finish off dark curse.. as always a very good and enjoyable game against Craig, and very very close.
Result 100-50

Semi final
So I go into the semi finals as the top player, but finding out I had to be leaving asap, my game against Tom was very quick and brutal, He had Dash and Chewbacca, he done 8 damage in two shoots from Dash, and hits me hard early on, but as soon as Chiraneau gets into range 1 of dash, dash couldnt escape and soon falls, but by this stage it was Chiraneau vs chewbacca and chewbacca had the hull advantage and went on to destroy Chiraneau, think chewbacca had 4 hull left.
Good game, but knowing I couldnt stay for the final, it was good to get going.
Results 52-100

So off I went got a Promo Jendon card and a Y-wing box for 4th place (didnt have time to play the play off)

Good day and hopefully will be down again :)

Only one picture, as I forgot to take many.

This is from game 3, as we lined up turn 2