Friday, 10 August 2012

Warmachine Review

Right so played two games of warmachine last night for the first time and here is what I got to say about it!
Well to start with I won both, first game he charged his war caster in and I smashed top the ground with a heavy jack and some Knights.

Second game he had me down to my war caster and that was it, I had 1 life left, while his war caster had ten live, he also had a heavy jack and some man o wars. But his was caster was in charging range so I chucked all my foucs into extra attacks and extra power and well... it was all or nothing as he would of won if it didn't work. But it just about worked!

Game play-
Easy enough to learn but not to basic. Had to think about placement and ways of killing their war caster without them killing yours. (which helped first game, because mine is a support caster while his was a stronger fighting caster)

I really liked this element as it made the game that bit more random, not knowing how the other player was going to spend his focus means you can never be sure what the other player is going to do! (for example when I killed his war caster second game, I stopped all upkeep spells and when for it)

I really enjoyed it, do I enjoy it as much as 40k? Dont know yet, but it makes a changed playing small games with a few models instead of big games with loads of models! And it is cheaper! Needless to say I have already bought half of the two player kit and I think I am playing again Monday and Thursday!

Happy Gaming!!!