Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Space Wolves with Guard 1500points!

So here is my first 6th edition list, this was for a laugh and is not for completive play, (Well dont mean it wont be) But I look forward to trying it out!

Defence of the Fang 1500 points

Wolf Lord
Wolf claw

So this is me! *waves* I wanted something big and fun, and a terminator wolf lord! Whats better!

4 Wolf Guard in Terminator armour
3 have Wolf Claws and Storm Shields
1 has a thunder hammer and storm shield
Land Raider

So he is my body guard unit, in a nice solid land raider to protect the group, to help them rip apart the traitors in close combat but to also help add some Lascannon fire.

2 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters
Each squad has 1 flamer and 1 Plasma gun

My basic two troop choices, plasma to kill things and flamer if they get close enough or if they get charged! Basic, solid and very cheap! They will push forward to try and grap objectives.

1 Predator with all lascannons

Nice simple and fun, anti tank and anti terminator!


Primaris Psyker

Needed a guard Hq and I have always like this guy, and lets me try out some new powers aswell!

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad with 1 melta gun and 1 flamer

Flamer and melta gun as I had left over points, but these will lead my IG and hand out orders to the squads

5 Squads of 10 Guardsmen
Each squad has a Melta gun

So yer mass infantry to hold objectives or charge headlong to get one, melta guns so no tank or terminator is safe from a melta gun, or 45 rapid firing lasguns!

So there is my first 1500 point list.