Saturday, 17 January 2015

X-wing MK January

So back to MK for some more x-wing fun!
Having never used Han or used a yt-2400 on a table top, and with store champions/regionals around the corner thought I would give them a test!
Normal stuff, might have got bits mixed up from games (I dont take notes)

So the list is basically Han who is a hard nut to bring down and using swarm tactics to make the yt-2400 shot at ps9 to! Also 98 points just in case there is a couple of phantoms flying around!

Han solo
-Swarm tactics
-Falcon title

Wild Space Fringer
-Heavy Laser Cannon

So my Falcon and a outrider basically! and off we went!

Game 1
Vessery, VI, HLC
Chiraneau, Expose, Isard, Experimental interface

So this list looks solid and was always going to be hard, but after he dropped my outrider, it was always going to be his game, I got lucky with a crit on his decimator meaning he couldnt use pilot abilities etc, but after his decimator went down, I just couldnt use Han to out move Vessery well enough, needed engine upgrade!
Result- Lose 57-100

Game 2
Chewbacca, vi, C3p0, lando
Leebo, outrider, HLC, recon spec,

So this started off close, but my mistake here was getting my ships to far away from each other, both of our Falcons took down the outriders, and left a duel, but my Falcon only have 2 hull left vs his 8 hull was always going to be hard! But he finally got my Falcon at range 1, his falcon only having 2 Hull left! Got out flown this game well and truly
Result-Lose 50-100

Game 3
2 Rookies
2 Blues, 1 with FCS
1 Bandit

So to sum this game up, outrider stays out of arc all game and snipes, while the Falcon does the same and only gets a few damage, this guy kept crashing and was unlucky on a lot of his dice
Result- Win 100-0

Game 4
Ociunn, expose
Kendrick, determination, gunner, isard

Interesting build to go up against, expose with no experimental interface just doesnt work in my opinion, but anyway, proved to be a close game with his Ociunn going down first, and then my outrider limped away to try to live (It had 1 hull left) and Han went on to deal with Kendrick, just.. only had 2 Hull left at the end of the game.
Result Win 100-0

Game 5
Leebo, outrider, hlc, determination, recon spec
Biggs, r4d6, hull upgrade
Cracken, swarm tactics

This game has to be my favourite today! Losing the outrider in the first 2-3 turns but somehow crashing into biggs to keep shooting Cracken, and then staying out of range of Leebo till I finished Biggs.. then it came down to the face that Leebo couldnt do enough damage to actually hurt the Falcon, and a few turns I got my Falcon into range 1, meant I was able to turn this game around, very fun and enjoyable game.
Result- Win 100-42

Overall a good day, and as always a well run event by the TO, came away with a Dagger promo card and some Acrylic seismic bomb tokens, finishing 6th I think

Anyway heres a couple of pictures! Forgot to take many!

Game 3, Bandit already been destroyed, and some large ship arc dodging

Game 4, My ships hunting themselves some Imperial Decimators