Sunday, 29 December 2013

Xmas Update

Hello All!

So I reckon this maybe the last update of this year, so I thought I would just say hi to everyone again!

So in my gaming cupboard lately a theme has been around star wars (Thanks to the x-wing mini game)
And my girlfriend noticed this, so look what  she got her parents to buy me-

Yep a lego x-wing, I reckon I might get my favourite ship next.. the A-wing and of course.. in lego! 

More importantly my Spaces wolveswho are already above 13k in points got a some reinforcments-

15 wolves and 6 thunder wolves :)

Overall xmas wasnt very game related this year, as my gaming time has died down, but I am going into Cambridge Monday and might find out what is on up there at the weekends.

Hope everyone got some nice gaming bits for christmas :)

And have a good new year :)

Cya next year, unless inspiration strikes and I post before then :) 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Hello all

Hope everyone has had a nice Xmas and hope you are looking forward to the new year

So I know my blog has been quiet lately but hopefully I can get to do some more updates soon :)

I got lots of Wolves for Xmas so hopefully my canis army is almost complete


Sunday, 24 November 2013

2 more random 100 point rebel lists

So some more random x-wing lists :)

A hard hitting list

Ten Numb (B-wing)

Blue Squadron Pilot (B-wing)

Wedge Antilles (X-wing)

and the second list is a 4 ship list, bit more fun and wont win much

Outer Rim Smuggler (YT-1300)

Prototype Pilot (A-wing)
Cluster missiles

Prototype Pilot (A-wing)
Cluster missiles

Prototype Pilot (A-wing)
Cluster missiles

So both of these lists are just for a bit of fun, shame I make all these lists and half will never see game play, its a shame I cant play as often as I would like :(

First x-wing imperial win :)

So my first win with imperials today, here is my list

Colonel Jenson
Darth Vader

Captain jonus
Seismic charges
Cluster missiles
Proton torpedoes

Major rhymer
Seismic charges
Cluster missiles
Proton torpedoes

Friends list, he took no upgrades

Basic a-wing

Luke Skywalker



Basically I was able to get all missiles and bombs off except one seismic!
Darth Vader got a direct on the a-wing one hitting it and the missiles and torpedoes took all the x-wings down to 4 hull in total
Then 1 seismic took out two x-wings while wounding my shuttle (o well)

But then the shuttle shot the last one at range 1 and whatever he rolled, he would be dying.

But good game with even dice rolls for both sides
He was unlucky early on when darth Vader did crit wedge and made him lose his pilot ability, that made a big difference.

But overall I didn't crash once for the first time ever while he did crash a lot! But we didn't have any obstacles which may have helped both of us.

So quite happy with the result, specially as I am starting to get better at moving ships and keeping in formation, nice to see a strategy work out perfectly, anyway that is all for today.

Happy gaming :)

Friday, 22 November 2013

New tie intercepters review

Not done by me!

But it's a good interesting read

Random 100 point rebel list!! 2 hwks and ORS

So just a random list that would be fun to play, doubt it will win much tho lol

So here it is :)

Outer Rim Smuggler
Anti pursuit lasers
Millennium Falcon

Rebel operative
Ion cannon turret

Gold squadron pilot
Ion cannon turret

Revel operative
Blaster turret
Record specialist
Moldy crow

Thursday, 7 November 2013

X-wing a few rebel lists

Here are some random rebel lists for the x-wing game.

ABXY 100 point list

Green squadron pilot
Push the limit
Stealth device

Blue squadron pilot
Fire control system
Ion cannon

Rookie pilot

Gold squadron pilot
Ion cannon turret

A-wing speed 100 point list

Tycho celchu
Push the limit
Homing missiles
Shield upgrade

Green squadron pilot
Push the limit
Homing missiles
Stealth device

Green squadron pilot
Push the limit
Homing missiles
Stealth device

Tri x-wing 100 point list

Luke Skywalker
Shield upgrade

Wedge Antilles
Shield upgrade

Garven Dreis

So three random lists, just been making a few lists and here are three lists I quite like


Monday, 4 November 2013

Update on x-wing collection

So now after ebaying stuff, got me more then I thought, using just the ebay money I have near enough got plenty of x-wing

Here is my collection (when everything turns up etc)

3 Starters (dont ask why, one came in a bundle with wave 1 ships etc for good price, I wanted the ships, and it was a good price for the ships alone, just a bonus to have a 3rd starter

1 x-wing box
1 tie fighter box
1 y-wing box
1 Tie advanced box

1 Millennium falcon
1 Slave 1
3 A-wings
3 Tie Interceptors

1 Hwk-290
1 Lamba Class Shuttle
2 B-wing
2 Tie Bomber

And that is all :)

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

X-wing, a few list ideas

So I have been making a few x-wing lists, 100 points btw, here are 4 I like, 3 rebel lists and 1 Imperial

So let's Start with the Imperial, as its straight forward and quite common

Night beast (tie fighter)

Mauler mithel (tie fighter)
Engine upgrade

Dark curse (tie fighter)

4 Academy pilots (tie fighters)

So 7 ties, and the common tradition Imperial swarm, so nothing to say here.

So let's try a rebel list, now most 100 point rebel list have 2-3 ships, so I had a go with one with 4 ships

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Red squadron pilot (x-wing)
Shield upgrade

Rookie pilot (x-wing)

Basic idea is that the a-wings use their speed to go up the flank of the other player, while the x-wings use their brute force and shields to go up the middle and start hitting the other players ships, before the a-wings come along and hits with their homing missiles

Next list then,

Kyle-katarn (Hwk-290)
Blaster turret
Recon specialists
Moldy crow

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Basic idea, kyle in his famous ship, supplies the b-wings with focus, while they go around blowing stuff up with their torpedoes, kyles Hwk-290 packs a punch with its blaster turret, turning a support ship into a hard hitting ship with 360 turret

Last list has only two ships

Han-solo (yt-1300)
Adrenaline rush

Chewbacca (yt-1300)
Luke Skywalker (crew)
Adrenaline rush

Yep you see it, two nice yt-1300, won't stop a swarm but would be a strong list against most builds, with han and Chewbacca piloting 1 each it makes some powerful damage output.
For some of the friends who don't game, but do read this, I know most of you don't know what a yt-1300 is, its basically the millennium falcon :)

So a few lists, what do people think?

Happy gaming :)

Friday, 25 October 2013


So I am selling a few bits on ebay, basically armies I have bought, and changed my mind on, as well as some brand new in the box models!
Auctions end tomorrow, but fancy a look? Here are the links

Used Models-

Warhammer 40k, Chaos Army

Warhammer, Khorne Deamon Army

Warhammer, Tzeentch Deamon Army

New Models-

Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons

Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard Chimera

Warhammer 40k, Necron Flayed Ones

So the reason I am selling them new models is that most have been sitting there for 6+months, I am not interested in building more Imperial Guard currently and the Necron Flayed ones I bought to many boxes

Happy Gaming :)


So my best friend from uni, has recommended me on his blog, so its only fair I recommend his back :)
He talks about every day things, such as days out, but does reviews, such as gaming consoles (such as upcoming xbox1, and ps4) an

The second blog I am going to recommend is another friends blog, but like mine he talks about gaming systems., such as warhammer 40k, he also makes cards for warlord traits and the such, so give it a look!
musingsofawargamer! CLICK HERE

So give these a look if you fancy :)

Happy Gaming

New blog Targets

So as most of you know, I am a bit inconsistent on my posting, well I plan to change that, planning to post at least twice in a week, I am also going to start putting links on the blog every now and again, to other blogs I recommend.

Just a quick update, this is all part of the plan to try and push the blog to over 1000 views each month. The blog currently sits inbetween the 600-700 bracket :) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

X-wing rebels

So, I finally have some rebels and got to use them tonight

First game was my

Upgrade etc, can't remember the rest

Up against a tooled up b-wing and x-wing

And I won, the focus factory hwk means the b-wing is always able to target lock and then use focus on torpedo's

Second game was 50 points more, so I added Chewbacca in the falcon, and he played 5 ties, 1 intercepter and a firespray

Well his luck was terrible, he rolled 2 evades in 30 rolls I think so her I won, without losing a ship on either game.

But both games he had terrible luck and rolls.

Overall I learned how important barrel rolls can be, and how important it is to keep the right ships focused

Happy gaming :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Forward the Space Craft! (x-wing)

So x-wing! A game which I have started to enjoy a lot! only played 3 games so far, but still its a good game!

A game where it is balanced!  And even when I have lost I have still had a enjoyable game! So why is this game so enjoyable? Why has this game been picked up by more gamers then the makers predicted?

The balance is what does it for me, I have played so many gaming system and have always seen unbalance everywhere, but in this game, there is very little to unbalance it. but it comes down to your skill to move your ships around (I am not very good at this yet.... I keep crashing -.- )

Yes and its based on Star Wars, the Rebels vs the Imperial, which also makes it that bit more fun, based on something most people know about, has made it even easier to pick up for me, as there is little to no background needed for this game! As we all know about star wars!!

Anyway, just a quick post :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Eldar and x-wing

So a bad night for my gaming

My wolfs got thrashed by eldar... No wonder everyone is saying they are broken!

Took a 1000 points out in 2 turns... Wtf? Deathknight thing is way to powerful!!

And x-wing was a bit closer but lost at that to!  I need more ships I think!  O no money spending time lol!!

Hope everyone else is winning more then me this week!

Monday, 23 September 2013


Thank you everyone who looks at my blog,

I am not hitting 400-500 views a month, and this has pushed the blog to 15000 views in total :)

tale of some random gamers, 500 point lists

So I have all of them now, the lists for this thursday game!
Have a looky, spot any mistakes or point wrong let me know :)

Warboss, power claw, twin linked shoota, eavy armour
21 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss pole
21 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss pole
5 storm boyz
487 in total

Chaos Lord with power weapon and mark of Slaanesh.
10 man noise marine squad with close combat weapons and 1 blast master.
10 man CSM squad with mark of Slaanesh, 1 meltagun and 1 missile launcher.

Illic Nightspear
8 Rangers
3 Jetbikes- Shuriken Cannon
10 Dire Avengers- Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield


Farseer: Jet Bike / Singing Spear.
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Windrider Jet Bike Squad x3
Fire Prism
Swooping Hawks x6
494 points.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blood claws

So wolf painting continues!

Just finished 18 blood claws and started on 7 more and 10 jump packs for my wolfs

Still on tablet so no pictures I am sorry to say :(

Monday, 16 September 2013


Orks are all painted :)

It took 6 weeks to paint 21 models... But today I have sat here for 6 hours, and painted the other 27 models

Woooo I feel like having a party lol

No pictures I am sad to say, as my tablet won't let me upload them and I don't have a phone to currently (its broke)

But another painting day, on Thursday so space wolves get their turn

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Motivation...a funny thing!

So... I am meant to be painting orks for the tale of some random gamers but... I have no motivation

But I am painting space wolfs for the first time in 4 years! (Since I have had them)  I really enjoying painting my space wolves currently.... so errr orks are going to be a bit unpainted at this rate! lol

Space Wolves 14 company!

Name- Canis Born (14th company)

So my Wolves are becoming a new company in the Space Wolves Chapter, the idea is basically this-

The Space Wolves have been playing with the Gene seed to try and make a stable successor chapter, so after 13th company went wrong, they now have come up with what they believe a more stable gene seed, and so the 14th company is born!
The great wolf himself has decided to have Space Wolves from the other companies to follow the 14th company on all missions, so they can keep a eye on them and make sure they fight as Russ intended!

So the Canis born, were well born!
They have been kept a secret to now, as the Great Wolf finally believes it is time to let them lose!!

The Inquisition have sent a small squad of grey knights to keep a close eye on the 14th company. (Grey Knights will be used as wolf guard with power weapon and storm bolter for the game I use them)

For Russ!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fall of the Dark Elder

So my wolves in a 2.5k game played the Dark elder!

It was a interesting game, he quit on my turn 4, ( I was pretty certain he would have only had 8 wyches left and I was about to assault them and a few guardians(or whatever) which were losing against some hunters)

My lossses were around 20 marines (including long fangs and around 40 guardsmen) so not even 700 points?

So good game overall, stand out performers were drop pod squads arriving where I needed them to do the most damage or reinforce my line, thunder wolves did well, just be the amount of fire he wasted into them, and  1 was still standing!

Overall good game, but the amount Dark elder can put on the field is unbelievable, but lucky it is all very squishy!

And due to him taking small squads, over watch hurt him a lot!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Just read a great idea...

Reading through my friends blog-

He mentions the idea of a ragtag renegades army based of the dead sky, black sun book by G.McNeil, as he says ( I read the book ages ago, so will re-read)

They have been banished by their chapter, but work together to still serve the good guys :), they havnt fallen to chaos, but they raid chaos settlements etc,
I am thinking this is what is going to happen to my space wolves, I get bored of one paint scheme quickly, this will allow me to paint lots of different colour models.

So this is going to be my new project! COLOURFUL MARINES! based of the real chapters of course, I have enough unpainted marines to do it (around 10k points) :)

Thank you Khornguy for this idea ;)

Hate nids...

So another lose to Nids last night!
It was a bit different to normal tho..

The mission meant I could not win straight away, I was not set up to attack and he had 9 points of objectives I had 6, so I was not going to do well..

But if the game continued a 3-5 turns lol, I reckon I would of taken the army down, I had the more stronger remains in my opinion, only losing 11 marines, 3 long fangs, 3 terminators and a lone wolf, while he had lost a hive tyrant, tyrgon prime,l massive unit of hormaguarts and a bucket load of termagants.
 So he won because of the mission, but left on the field was-

His army-
2 zoanthropes
3 Hive Guard
15 Termaguards
and a dried up Tervigon

While I still had
1 wolf guard battle leader, geared up
1 lone wolf, geared up
20 marines
a full squad of long fangs and a half squad
1 rune priest
and 2 battle cannon weapon batteries.

But overall the game wasnt that enjoyable due to the mission, straight away ruin the game in my opinion.

O well, 2.5k game against dark eldar next week, lets see how that goes!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Space Wolves review 6th!

So after my game last night went like this-

Nids come forward
Nids get shoot
Wolves win, with only one unit making it to combat (genestealers) and they got beaten down in combat by wolves!

Only my second ever win against nids to my knowledge, as they always been a bit of a curse to me! but o well

Anyway quick review of wolves (very quick)

Keep Calm
Use Wolves!


Logan Grimnar
He is a beast, but way to expensive, nice abilities and weaponry, but I you can get a full squad of Grey Hunters AND long fangs for his cost, so 5/10

Njal Stormcaller
Best psychic in the wolves codex, but also expensive, the weather ability is nice but not game changing, can take two normal rune priests for his cost will points left over, but not a bad choice 6/10

Ragnar blackmane,
instant kill, to expensive... he dies used him a few times, never done any good, 2/10

Ulrik the Slayer
One of the special characters I like, against nids and new eldar he is awesome, and is well costed as well, I will use him more, but he is now only ap4 on combat, still good choice against certain armies 7/10

Why? Just take a lord instead on a thunderwolf.. that way you get a invulnerable save 2/10

6th ed has hurt him with the new glancing rules, but overall still a VERY solid choice, who I like to use often (6/10)

Wolf Lords
are the second best HQ choice in the codex, lots of perfect load outs, but I like thunderwolf, twin claws and a belt of russ (8/10)

Rune priests
Best HQ in the codex, JOTWW is broken and I have always had a lot of success with it, and the living lightning is also a awesome spell. I always take at least one of these, sometimes (like last night) I take 3! 10/10

Wolf Priest
meh, take Ulrik instead 2/10

Battle Leader
Same as lord but slightly worse, still a good choice 6/10


Wolf Guard
Can take anything. so yer awesome! normally use them as terminators, which the wolf claw and storm shield load out is expensive but broken in 6th ed cc rules 8/10

Dreadnoughts/ Venerable
Both die to easily, dont use them often, 3/10

Iron priest
nothing needs to be said, never ever use this 0/10

meh okay, but used to be better when they could assault, still might pop a tank or something 4/10

Long Wolf
Basically a mini hive tyrant if you tool him out well, awesome model, that has to die! chuck it at something and look how hard he can be to kill! 7/10


Grey Hunters
Cheap, awesome, marines, nothing else needs to be said, one of if not the best troop choice in the game 10/10

Blood Claws
Take hunters instead for the same cost 2/10

Fast Attack

Thunderwolf Cavalry
drool, lovely lovely lovely,  they just destroy anything they get near! I going to get another 10 of these now there is plastic options, take often 8/10

Swiftclaw bikers
Own 10, never used them, just so many better options in this codex 2/10

Same as the bikers but a but less usefull 1/10

Land Speeders
I personally dont like them, but a lot of people do, so I will let you decide 4/10

Fenrisain Wolfs
massive cheap tarpit, add a wolf lord on a thunder wolf and you are set, without a thunder wolf 1/10 with a thunder wolf 8/10

Heavy Support

Long fangs
take missile launchers.. always missiles 10/10 for lots of missiles

Long fangs are better and dont die as quick as one of these 4/10

I like them for some long range support , doesnt kill much but can do some damage 6/10

Why? you close combat, you want to kill your own guys? maybe to lead a tank spearhead tho 6/10

Land Raiders (all 3)
Good transport and fire power, I lke the Redeemer the most 8/10 as it  wants to get in combat for its flamers, then the godhammer can offer some nice anti tank support 6/10 and the crusader is only good for its capacity 5/10


Tin death box of doom, could for a quick rush forward in the first turn and second if you are lucky 3/10

Dont use them to trainsport models, I use them to support my long fangs but offering more range support, good but not great 7/10

Drop pods
9/10 straight off, I know Russ believes we should stay on the group, but how about a way to drop in, open fire, and then next turn charge the remaining lot? awesome

So yer I did say quick review lol, but I might get my wolves back out a bit more!

Make Russ proud! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Update on everything!

So quick update on my gaming then!

So I have been given a 3000 point daemon army for fantasy... last time I played fantasy I had dwarfs, so least I get to try some magic again, still split if I will continue with them or not, but I thought I would have a go.

Played a game with my wolves vs a Tau player and rushed his lines with 4 land raiders, well he only destroyed 1, the rest of the game was well easy, as Tau cant hold the rush of 30 marines + 8 Terminators in combat!

Last and not least, the tale of 4 gamers (is now 4 of us not 5) has been pushed back a month, it was agreed by all due to one gamer not being able to make it, and some another to sort out money etc.
But on my progress I now have painted 20 orks and my war boss, so I am getting there! Least I have another month to get them painted now :)

Happy gaming :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


So I have no all my orks! All of them are made and now need to get painting asap!

Also I will be posting up the first months mission within the next week or so!

Looking forward to chopping up something :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ork Pics

So still waiting on 10 more boyz and my codex, then I all need is to buy/convert a HQ

Here is some pics to show you how I am doing so far!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013


So for the Tale of some Random gamers (not the real title)
I have chosen Orks, why have I? well lets have a look

-Always wanted to do them!
-Never had the money

About it really, and with this whole thing, going up by 250 each month (start at 500) it allows me to build my green tide slowly, so money wont become a problem!

I have also decided to make the entire army out of plastic only! Means I lose a few options, but lets see how it goes!

So far i have bought the codex and 2 boxes of Ork boyz, as well as 5 storm boyz,

Havnt started painting yet, about to do that today :)

Here is some pictures!

10 boyz and a nob

my 5 storm boyz, awesome models!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tale of some Random Gamers!

So four of us are finally going to do this, we need some motivation, so here we are!

Rules currently (Subject to change)



Month 1- 500

Month 2- 750

Month 3-1000

Month 4-1250

Month 5-1500

Scores (Painting)

1 Point for each painted model (Single model)

2 Points for each painted Vehicle (Anything with an armour value)

2 Points for painted Squad (2-5 Models)

4 Points for painted Squad (6-10)

6 Points for painted Squads (11-20)

2 Points for best painted model each week (Must be a new model that has been added, can be a single figure or squad as agreed)

Scores (Gaming)

3 Points for a win

2 Point for a draw

1Point for a lose


Games will be played in team battles (2v2) or one big battle (1v1v1v1)

Each month will have a different mission and/or special rule

Games will be played 4-5 weeks after the last game; this is to allow some freedom in choosing the week

Armies cannot change; allies and apocalypse are allowed, following the usual rules found in the main 40k rulebook and relevant forge world book.

You must have the up to date rules for your army, all disputes will be agreed upon or sorted by a dice roll.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So as most people know, Necrons is my main army and has always been my favourite

So after spending another £100 on them (woops) and still more to come

I am almost finish my collection

Just a few more bits-

Nemesor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron

They are now the only two special characters I am missing!
Anyway also I want to get-

10 Flayed ones, ( I already have 10, but I want a unit of 20)
5 Deathmarks ( I have 5, but I want 10 lol)
1 annihilation barge ( I want 3 lol, so I need 1 more)

and I think that is it currently.

My current collection of Necrons looks like this (what I own)

Imotekh the stormlord
Illuminor Szweas
Orikan the Diviner
Anrakyr the Traveller
Trazyn the Infinite
2 Necron Overlords
1 Destroyer Lords

3 Necron Lords
5 Crypteks

100 Necron Warriors
10 Immortals with Tesla Cabines
10 Immortals with Guardd Blasters

2 Ghost Arks
1 Night Scythe

5 Deathmarks
7 Lychguards with Shields
5 Lychguards with warscythes ( bought these on monday)
5 Praetorians
1 C'Tan Shard
10 Flayed ones

3 Wraiths
20 Scarabs (ish anyway)
8 Necron Destroyers
4 Necron Heavy Destroyers

1 Doomsday ark
3 Necron Monoliths
1 Doom Scythe
2 Canoptek Spyders

I also have 2 command barges/ annihilation barges,  they can be either, 

Friday, 7 June 2013

And so its over!

So another loss for my guard, but the Necron half of the army did well,

But overall my guard got taken out quickly leaving me with no way of holding objectives :(

It was one of the most fun games I have had this campaign tho, good enjoyable with a good laugh afterwards.

But on a side note, it will be my last campaign game of this campaign, my guard are going into hiding and I am getting out my necrons fully (out of the tombs of plastic boxes that are hiding away)

So from this point, intill next campaign I will be only playing in friendlies with my Necrons and no more campaign games.

Hopefully I can get to try out all the special characters, some might not be brilliant, but I want to have a laugh with them.

Happy Gaming :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bored of 40k

Yes 40k is boring me!

I love my necrons and dont plan to stop playing, but for now the current campaign is on I am using Guard (and I am bored of them) but I no longer see a point of playing.

I love playing competitively, but only if I am having fun as well, but we seem to have 1-2 players who now seem to win every game, and it looks like they will dominate the 40k leagues from now on, which does make it boring for a lot of us.  I few people have said the same thing and I think next time round it would be a good idea to have 2 leagues again. I have never been this de-motivated to play since I started the game.

I love 6th and imo its the best edition I have played in, I love the new necrons etc but the only 'fun games' I have had lately have been against my brother and against Marks Nids (which I lost) but they have been fun games.

Lets see what the future holds, but I am starting to head back over to warmachine and magic a lot more then I used to.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


So Guard vs deamons todayand a lose!

I took Necron Allies he had chaos, quite close intill the fateweaver came on and changed everything!

Sums it up really

I just couldnt deal with 4 flying deamons going around!

It made me think about it tho, I really wish I used my Necrons for this campaign

I really like me Guard and my space Wolves....

but my Necrons are still at the top of my gaming list!

My first army and I have never looked back,. there still isn't a army out their I like more,
Necrons have and always will be the army I like the most, but I wish I used them this campaign!

O well

so 2 wins and 2 loses, not great but I am already bored of using Guard, so I might start putting down 190 points of guard and as much allies as I can, then fill the rest with guard!

Happy gaming!

Monday, 29 April 2013


So my if tank colection is growing, its now about as big as my space wolves tank collection lol
I know have -
4 chimeras
2 hellhounds
1 mantacore
1 forge world hydra
2 battle tanks
2 vanquishers
and 3 more different russes
My plan is to have around 15 russes at some point, also hoping gw release a mudesa box set

Anyway sorry about any spelling, I am on my phone lol

I will post a pic of all my tanks at some point :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

New signings!

So my Imperial Guard current fighting at the Midas campaign, have now have more reinforcements to help booster the line, some more heavy weapons to add fire power, two more leman russes (Menas I now have 7) and 1 more chimera, there is another chimera on its way, but it got a delayed flight!
Hopefully I am going to work out my entire regiment at some point.!
But these new models go well with the defence line I bought a little while ago, also recent purchases also include, a Valkyrie 

Friday, 26 April 2013


So as well as 40k, I played some netrunner against matt, who normally has a hat!

Losing two games and won 1, but still enjoying it, we just need more people to play, it seems the other two players got a bit bored of it on sunday, but hopefully we can try and get more players
As its a awesome game.
But magic seems to be everyone's choice currently, which is a shame, while I do like magic, no one is even giving netrunner a chance.
One guy even said he wont play it as its only a two player game -.-

Thursday, 25 April 2013


So my imperial guard out shoot some chaos marines!

I went all mech (5 russes, 2 chimera, and 2 planes)

and well, I lost one tank and that was it, except from that it was almost a tabling, but he quit (I dont think I would of managed it anyway)

Good game, quite fast paced and quick, as I didnt have loads of men for a change

Biggest moment of the game tho was his three deep strikes-

first one, died
Second, I got to choose where they land
third one, died

How unlucky can you get? 

Monday, 15 April 2013


So a friend and I are starting up a new business, in the event management business

We need as many likes as we can get!

So like us please :)!/TPEventsmanagement

Btw TP stands for Townsend-Pimbley

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Win Some, Lose Some, Melt Some

So game vs nids today in the new venue!

So I lost the game, got thrashed by turn 3! because over 100 guardsmen isnt enough -.-

not much to say, he just hit me with mass big creatures including two flying tyrant things!

So yer game over!

New venue.. is well hot enough to melt my models! okay not quite!
Also bit cramped, only currently can get 2 tables in for 40k, they are looking at trying to get a third in, but it will be a squish!

So not much to talk about today, but losing and melting :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The fall of Tau

So my gaurd felll asleep so out came my dark mechanicus (using chaos codex)

Its my first game using them and well I won! Close game, the mission was 'Wave assault'  and he was the attacker! (seemed the wrong way round to me)

but highlights of the game were-

Ripside vs maulerfriend in combat! the ripsides last wound, was when he blow himself up trying to go super charged!Only for the hammerhead to turn around and send my maulerfriend back to the warp.

Another funny moment was when my geared up warp smith killed 3 broadsides in one go.. it was funny as it just walked in and everything hit and wounded (as well as the extra attacks it gets)

Overall, Tau seem to be more medium range now, but they also need to keep moving! (which 6th lets them do nicely)

Could be a good game, once a few people have played using them a bit!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Imperial Guard, ready and move out!

So with two games these week, my guardsmen are running their drills!

As some of you know, I am using Guard in the current campaign, and now the club is reopened its time to start dying again :D

But first I have a friendly game tmro  against the new Tau (my Brother) he bought himself a ripside battlesuit thing aswell so could be fun.. Not sure what to use against them, gun line vs gun line, I fancy Tau over Guard, might have to call on some Space wolf allies to get into the mix!

The next game is on Thursday against tyrainds! This is a campaign game, and so far I have only played one game (against Chaos and won) so hopefully it will be two hoard armies killing each other!

But I dont know, maybe he will go heavy on big creatures? Lets see :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

No games!

So currently with our local pub where we play being done up, the gaming has almost stopped to a halt.

Currently I have got back into magic though, for the first time in years!

But thats about it currently :(  another 3-4 weeks before miniature gaming starts again :(

Friday, 8 February 2013

Dark mech update!

So my dark army of robotic goodness has started!

I have started painting my Warpsmith (No pics yet)

And I now have in total

1 Warpsmith
2 Hellbrutes
49 Cultists!

Happy gaming :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Dark Mechanicus ideas!

So heres my ideas so far!
Dont forget I wont convert this is for a bit of fun! But I will re-write the codex with different names etc for the units I will use (None of the rules or points costs will change, basically cutting half the units out and limiting my options!)
 Codex- Chaos Space Marines-
Everything has mark or Nurgle,


Warpsmith- I am sure you can work out why!
Deamon Price- Haven't decided how yet, but a giant robot with wings?

None I think

Cultists- Basically the minons of the Dark Mechanicus

Helldrake- Flying robot dragon!! enough said!

Forgefiend and a Maulerfiend! Giant robot monster things :D
Defiler- going to change the design of this a bit tho, to make a crawling spider looking thing!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dark Mechanicus

So I am going to start a little project!
Using the chaos codex I will build a Dark Mechanicus army!

So a Warpsmith is on order as well as some chaos cultists!

Not going to do any conversations but the idea is to create a display army! I dont paint, so this is a massive challenge for me!

So I will keep everyone in formed on how this goes :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More painting!

So I ran out of spray paint, but I was able to base 2 chimeras and 2 hellhounds before it run out!

So quick painting after noon but they do now have grey camo :D

Being my armies colours are black and grey.. not much more to do on them, just a few bits :)


So after been shown how to play netrunner, I decided I really liked it! (Always good when my game cupboard is over flowing as it is :P )

So I was able to get hold of the core set for a bit cheaper and look forward to playing some more games!

Overall though, hopefully get some more games in on Sunday :D

Friday, 25 January 2013


So if you havnt already done it, here is another chance to do if for me :P
Every reply counts :)

Survey on social media :)

Score Board

So I used to do this, but havnt in years!

So from this year (2013)

I will keep a record of wins, draws and loses of each army

(Down the right of the page)  :)

Happy gaming

10 more to the pile

So another 10 Guardsmen done, (Snap fit ones)

Just need around 40 more I think :D

My goal is to make three platoons

150 Guardsmen with lasguns
3 command squads

So that isnt including special weapons etc, which I already have, as some times, 10 Guardsmen with first line second line, and 30 shoots is enough (From one squad)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Next Campaign game

My next one will most likely be played late now due to the club not open next week, so the 21st it looks like for my first campaign game (Or my next one I should say)
But here are my fixtures, I am playing Imperial Guard)

After every game I will update this post and re-post it :)

Round 1 (Purge the Alien / Hammer & Anvil).
(Dark angels)Ian Turner v Luke Townsend

Round 2 (Big Guns Never Tire / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend v Mark Allen (Nids)

Round 3 (The Scouring / Dawn of War).
(Grey Knights) Simon Butler v Luke Townsend

Round 4 (The Emperor's Will / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Brian White (Grey Knights)

Round 5 (The Relic / Vanguard).
(Dark angels) Benjo Gray v Luke Townsend

Round 6 (Crusade / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Aven Taylor (Daemons)

Round 7 (Purge the Alien / Dawn of War).
(Necrons) Mike Parker v Luke Townsend

Round 8 (Big Guns Never Tire / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Richard McMannus (Dark angels)

Round 9 (Crusade / Dawn of War).
(Chaos) Richard Curr v Luke Townsend

Round 10 (The Scouring / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend (Bye).

Round 11 (The Emperor's Will / Dawn of War).
Luke Townsend v Joel Tate (Eldar)

Round 12 (The Relic / Hammer & Anvil).
(Grey knights) Dan Durham v Luke Townsend

Round 13 (Crusade / Vanguard).
Luke Townsend v Richard Neary (Space marines)

Round 14 (Purge the Alien / Dawn of War).
(chaos) Mark Thomas v Luke Townsend -------won

Round 15 (Big Guns Never Tire / Hammer & Anvil).
Luke Townsend v Jon Quinn (blood angels)

Imperial Guard vs new Dark Angels!

So first off, my first campaign game (which I drew) is to be replayed, few mistakes on both of our parts (both still havnt played many 6th ed games) So lets see how that goes!

So today a friendly game vs dark angel, 1750 points 5 objectives, with heavy supports able to claim them!

Game finished
2-1 objectives to me
First blood- him
Line Breaker- me
Slay the warlord - me

4-2 final score, I had most of my army left though, he had a few marines, so one more turn it might have been over!
It started really close, but after turn 3 the amount of shoots took their toll and his army fell apart  (His bikers literally fell apart)
Also the first game I have ever used orders.. and wow they are game changers! Normally I run Yarrick and vets, but orders are now going to be in every list :D
So the good and bad-

Bought Creed to use today and wow him and his orders just game changing, four a turn is awesome

Guardsmen as much as about 70 guardsmen with lasguns, melta and plasma can do,  they died.. there was always plenty more! So many shoots nothing could stand in front of them!

Executioner- Never stopped its plamsa goodness! 5 plasma cannons took out 10 marines, 6 terminators and a special character.. and that was just over 2 turns!

Manticore- as much as people hate these, its range and strength 10 really came in handy!

Storm troopers had a good game taking on marines with ap3 guns, and meltas and plasmas of course!

Nothing, all seemed to work perfectly the list flowed well and worked well as a whole :)

Campaign next week :) Dont know who I got though, will look later!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Motivated Day

So no pictures this time, but today I managed to fully paint-
10 Guardsmen
6 Plasma armed guardsmen
10 penal legion models!

Good day :D

My guard are now almost under one paint scheme and are almost all painted :O
Never thought I would see the day that was done!
But after painting over a 100 models in the last week or so, I am almost there, but I suppose I have plenty more to go!

Also I want to buy more guardsmen :D

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Midas Campaign

So who are my regiment  And why are they fighting in the Midas crusade? (Midas crusade is our campaign )

Sector Name-Fogtic
Amount of planets in sector-3
Capital planet-Fogtic
Other Planets-Finion, Neck
Standing army-4 Imperial Guard regiment
Colours- Grey and Black
Other notes- Sector under protection of Space Wolves, sector is known for low clouds and heavy mist. The uniform used by the Guard allows for camo in these condition
Reason for fighting in the Midas Crusade- Called upon to work alongside the Space Wolves. Currently operate outside of Warmasters Xerxes command and currently under command of the Space Wolves.
Army deployed- 3 full regiments, including Aircraft, Tanks and Transports
Crusade goal- To destroy all signs of chaos and help the Space Wolves hunt down Thousand Sons, which are believed to be hiding in the Midas sector.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Imperial Guard! New stuff :D

So lots of money spent in the last few weeks!

So here is whats new!
10 Storm Troopers, + 2 special weapon storm troopers (1 Plasma gun, 1 melta gun)

Planning to make a manticore with this :)

10 penal legion models :)   (Used the chaos cultist models)

10 more guardsmen! As you can never have enough, I want to get loads of the snap fit guardsmen :)

Forgeworld Hydra tank! Yes I wanted it! I will control the sky :)

Last and not least! I went into the old games shop to pick up some old paints! And I got all of this :O
50-60 paints, crafting saw, loads of PVA glue and some squad bases for £25!
Not bad :D

Friday, 18 January 2013

Imperial Guard vs Chaos 1750

So my second game vs the new chaos! Once again campaign game and this time kill points!

It started really close, but he only had 2 squads of terminators, 3 squads of marines and a  couple of other bits!

But he walked his terminators forward into a gun line!
So didnt end well..

He first squad never saw combat, taken out my 3 russes and 30 guardsmen, the other terminator squad was at half strength when it charged my other 30 man squad but this squad had yarrick and after 3 turns of combat and 10-15 guardsmen dead, I beat them down!

So So my storm troopers finished off some marines and my long ranged weapons killed some aswell!

Game finished at-

5-1 units destroyed to me
I also got
First Blood
Slay the Warlord
Line Breaker

So a 8-1 victory to me :)

Next week a friendly against the new dark angels :D

Friday, 11 January 2013

Why Do I bother? Campaign game one! Imperial Guard+Wolves vs Chaos!

So this game didnt really have much game play! Just it took a while!

So I drew, 0-0 objectives each, even as per normal, I outnumbered, out gunned him with what I had left!
I couldnt roll a 3+ to save my life, while I have never seen someone roll so many 6s!

So yes it took over a hour to set up!
40mins to get him to the table, because he was "relaxing"
We then rolled etc, I set up first, and he went to get a drink!
I set up my 5 models.. and he took 15 mins to get a drink -.-
Then he continued to set his up which took another 20mins as he was more interested in talking then playing!

This wouldnt normally bother me, but he is one of the slowest players at the club in-game!
He takes forever to work out what to do, while on my turn he keeps wandering off!

Couple of examples!
Standing there looking at a model for a few mins, then says, he has a gun...
I turned around to him and said shot in then! He goes I dont know what at!
he have one target! A dred, a chimera, and some guardsmen! It was a bolt pistol!

Overall I do question why I bother turning up to play tbh.

My dreadnought has 2 pens on the turn it came into play.. both from a reaper cannon!
So my dreds one arm fires back... and misses -.-

Rant over

Hopefully next weeks campaign game will be better.. or I can see it being a very short campaign for me as I lose patients! 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Survey, social media as a business tool!

Hello for uni, I have to do a research project :(
So does anyone feel like doing it for me?


I know this isnt a usual post for me, but on average I get 500 unique views a month!

So I am sure a few of you could do this :)

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

40k campaign!

So with the new 40k campaign starting soon! I thought I would post the rules-

* 1750pts.
* Fixed codex but list can be changed in game.
* Forge World is legal if your opponent has agreed to it at start of the campaign.
* A FW army list needs an equivilent codex for those games where FW is not allowed (so eldar & corsairs, for example).
* Allies can be taken, and changed each game.
* Fortifications are fine except for the Fortress of Redemption (table space reasons).
* Missions will be rulebook only. You will know games in advance.
* Each game will have a random Warzone Trait rolled at start of the game.

So all good, except to get back into the game I got a friendly organised!
But found out we are playing each other first round, so we agreed to make it the campaign game!

So first round of campaign on Thursday :D