Monday, 21 December 2015

X-wing, Lost Arc Game, 19/12/2015

So this will most likely be my last X-wing event of the year, worry not as I have two more planned in January!
So this event followed standard rules, 100 point dog fight etc.

11 players turned up meaning there would be a bye.
4 Rounds of Swiss.

So for this events run down, I will be covering my own games as well as my brothers, his was the first event he has attended and he has only played about 3 games before hand.
I wont talk much about his games, as I wouldnt of been able to see much.

My list-

Poe, VI, R2D2, Autothrusters
Han, Pred, C3P0, Gunner, Engine, Title

Standard list for cracking the aces meta, you have Han the Nutcracker and Poe who will be chasing Soontir and Phantoms.

My Brothers list-
Basic Firespray
Basic Hound Tooth

So one of each of the big ships, this was always going to only be a laugh for him, so he thought why not!

The players are off!

Round 1-

I played
Boba, Dampeners, Recon, VI, Engine
4x Black Sun headhunters

This game didnt start well for me, I messed up on my opening turns and got Poe trapped next to Han, I did drop a headhunter, but Poe was taken down in one round, which was unlucky considering he had focus token to!
Han played the clever game, hitting headhunters one by one, but struggling to do real damage, but over the turns he was able to drop the rest of them.
I was almost able to turn it around, but a direct hit stopped me being able to knock Boba down to half hp.
Small spoiler, this guy actually wins the event, so not to unhappy about this! Losing to the winner is not a bad way of losing.

Lose 52-100

Brother played
Tarn, R7
Jake, Vi, Autothrusters, Title, PTL, Proton
2x Green pilots, PTL, Refit, Title, Crack shot

PTL A-wings caused some real problems, and kept picking away at the Scum ships slowly but surely.

Lose 0-100
Han flying around the Scum!

Round 2-
I played
Bounty Hunter, APL
5x Obsidians

Great another firespray!
Once again Poe got in all sorts of trouble, but this time managed to either evade, dodge or get enough shields back to stay in the fight.
The other player committed all his Ties to chasing Poe, which worked in my favour in the end, as Han came in and started picking them off. The firespray went after Han and struggled to do any damage.

Win 100-0

Brother got the bye, so a 150 MOV Victory!

Poe finally turns the tides on the Ties.. which were chasing before this point!

Round 3-

I played
Whisper, VI, ACD, FCS
Soontir, PTL, Autothrusters
Shuttle, Palp

Well my list was designed to crack the Imperial Aces list, and it did, I rushed for the Shuttle and even though it was limping away, it could not get away from a chasing Han, it helped that Whisper went through 3 rocks this game, but my list can drop a Whisper and Soontir while arc dodging them.

Win 100-0

Brother played
Bounty Hunter, APL
5x Obsidians

So same guy I played in round 2, my brother needs to learn to target certain ships, he had near enough all the Ties down to 1 or 2 Hull.

Lose 0-100

Chase the Shuttle! 

Round 4-

I played
Echo, VI, ACD, Recon, Jammer
Jax, PTL, Autothrusters, Title, Ion Engine
Shuttle, Mara Jade, Intel Agent

Slightly different version, but same outcome, Echo died quickly, followed by the shuttle, Jax was causing some problems though, and Han just couldnt get the damage through. Poe made a lucky K-turn and finished about 1mm from Jax, this allowed Poe to shoot Jax into space rocks.

Win 100-0

Brother played
Farladner, wired, Plasma Torps
Poe, BB8
Horton, R5-X3, TLT

From what I saw of this game, it looked like the Rebel player wasnt able to put real damage on the large Scum ships, allowing the rebels to be picked off, one by one.

Win 100-0

Han trying to crack Jax, but keeps failing

Final places
I finished 2nd
Brother finished 6th

This event saw a lot of different builds, except maybe the two shuttle builds and my Han build, but its good to see a diverse meta.


Prizes for Second place!

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

X-wing, MK 100 point Event 07/11/15

So last Guardians of Tyr X-wing event for the year and so of course I was going!
Here is there webpage, get involved next year!

So its a sell out of 32 players, but 1 player didnt show, means there was a bye going around!

Right so I planned on taking Dash and Corran to see how they role in the current meta, and I do love Corran!
My Original list-
Dash, PTL, Title, HLC, Engine, Kyle
Corran, VI., FCS, R2D2

Now this was the list, but to adapt to the current meta I needed to beat TLTs, and so changes were had!

New list-
Dash, PTL, Title, Mango Cannon, Engine, Nien
Corran, VI, FCS, R2D2, Engine

So this will allow me to move faster and fight in a range 1 of TLT lists, with Engine on Corran and range 1 shots with Dash!

VS high PS aces, I had a PS10 Corran, who should be able to lay down the hurt, vs Whisper/ Soontir.
I was a little bit worried by VI Vader, but as he cant use autothrusters, Dash should be able to deal with him!

Also with the Stress Bots going around, Corran can still use FCS so he wouldnt mind being stressed to much! But Dash had to stay away if I played vs any Stress lists!

Game 1-
Poe, VI, Autothrusters, R2D2
Wedge, Pred, BB8, Plasma Torps

Interesting list, but lucky for me I was able to pass him initiative.

Early turns see Dash get a bit closer then he wanted to, but lucky only Wedge could line him up, but that did see three shields come off Dash for only one on Biggs!
But then he swung after Corran, leaving Wedge with no shots, and Biggs in the middle of Corran and Dash.
He did strip a shield of Corran with Poe, as I kept my focus, and I would regain it anyway.
Biggs goes down before he can get a second shot, Corran and Dash making quick work of him.

Next turn saw Wedge K-turn and Poe doing a Talon Roll, leaving both with no shots.
Dash also had no shot this turn. But Corran did a 2 bank and boost right into the back of Wedge at range 1. Double Tapped him and BOOM!

Poe did take a while to kill, but in the end he couldn't do any damage to me, as he couldn't line up many good shots.

Win 100-0

Corran about to shot Wedge down

Game 2-
Dash, PTL, APL, Title, HLC, Kyle
Doni, TLT, Engine, C3P0, Seismic

We both go after each others Dash quite quick, I am able to keep my Dash in his range 1 hole, but couldnt get much damage though, Doni was heavily hurting my Dash, with range 1 and dropping a shield to hurt him. APL also came into play a lot this game. When my Dash went down, I still had a fully shielded Corran, his Dash went of the board due to being stressed and not able to do hard turns, (The Crit that makes then red moves)

So Corran vs Doni....
Long finish, Corran even with FCS was rolling 1 hit, which was going through, (Doni couldnt roll a evade!) But he would re gen it, and then do 1 damage to me, which I re gen.

I did have a good turn and was able to double tap him all the way down to 2 Hull left, but he slowly got his shields back!

Last turn of the Game (On the Timer!), Corran is fully shielded still vs Doni who has 2 Hull and 3 Shields. My first shot is range 3, he guesses 1 with C3P0, but rolls no evades, he shoots back to re gen, and I double tap and get 3 more damage through to take out Doni! Close game, but at just before this I was up 56-53, and I couldnt see a way for Doni to kill Corran.

Win 100-53

Chase his Dash (His was the red one)

Game 3-
Guri, Pred, Sensor Jammer, Autothrusers, Title
3 Cartel Marauders

So not much to say here! Very quick game, 2 mins off the quickest game of the day!
I couldnt punch any damage through onto the Cartel Marauders down to his fantastic evade dice (only rolled 1 Green that wasnt a evade)
He downed Corran in 1 shot with a natural roll of Crit, Crit, Crit, Hit, to my 3 blanks, (It was a direct hit!)
And Dash was just hunted, around the board by chasing ships, not able to do enough damage to take down the chasing crafts.
Lose 0-100

Game 4-
Han, Pred, C3P0, Gunner, Title, Engine
Poe, VI, R5-P9, Autothrusters

Now my goal here was to take out Poe and have Corran left, as Corran vs Han, I fancy Corrans chances.

And that is near enough what happens, I am able to chase Poe down, while staying away from Han (Except the odd range 3 shots).
Taking Down Poe did cause quite a bit of Damage on Dash, and in the end Han is able to take down Dash, but with Corran laying down some serious hurt on Han, it wasnt to mater.
Even when Han, evades and uses C3P0, I would just double tap, and then re gen and repeat.

Win 100-53

Game 5-
Mux, TLT
3 Y-wings, TLT, Unhinged

Here it was, the 4 TLT list (Only 1 at the end)!

So it started by Dash trading shots with just 1 Y-wing, by trying to skip by the sides of his formation.
And then it happened!
Corran and Dash spent 2-3 turns fully engaged with the TLTs (alot of the time at Range 1), and then fled out the other side as we both regrouped.
I had Dash down to 3 Hull remaining at this point, and Corran shield less (Fully regained all shields before next engagement)
I turned Dash back on himself and left Corran charging head on, he turned 1 Y-wing to go for Dash, while Corran got into Range 1 of Mux, and double tapped him to dust!
Corran kept taking fire, but is able to re gen just as quick, Dash plays with Fire dodging out of range or into Range 1 of the remaining Y-wings, as last turn was called I had a 1 Hull Dash and a near enough untouched Corran, but this turn Dash wouldnt be able to dodge (got trapped) a 6 Hull Y-wing, so I got Corran into range 1, to double tap it if needed (I had to kill that Y-wing as he would kill Dash)
But it turned out Dash and Corran took the Y-wing out before it could shot!
Dash lived!

Win 75-26

So a good event, with my finishing 5th due to poor MOV, but I did pick a couple of prizes up

I always need another notepad, as during this events I write everything down! So I go through them quite quick, and a promo card, as I am trying to get 8 of these ones!

Quick run down of what was on show!

There were a lot of Aces lists, 3 Aces or Palp and Aces, not as many TLTs as I thought only about 4-5 in the end, and Poe was around in force to!
Not many two ship builds, I believe there was only 5

As the top 5 lists below show, there isnt a single type of list that is dominating currently (Also the top 16 at worlds showed this!)

Anyway Here was the top 5 lists

1- Vader, Fel, Jax
2 - Whisper, Vader, Palp shuttle
3- Guri, 3 Khraxz 
5- Dash/Corran (me)

Hope you enjoyed the read!
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ANd now have a Youtube Page for Vassal Games!


Monday, 2 November 2015

X-Wing, Guest Writer James Wilks talks about GamesFest 31/10/2015

So a write up by James Wilks for the X-wing event at Games Fest 31/10/2015

X-Wing tournament at GamesFest MiniCon, Tring, 31/10/2015

I stumbled upon GamesFest on facebook purely by chance.   It was billed as a mini convention, which included an x-wing tourney.   Several traders were going to be there; including Lost Ark and Calamity Comics, and several other games where being played as well as X-Wing.

There were 3 swiss rounds of 75 minutes followed by a cut of 4.   And an epic prizes on offer - a Tantive IV for first place

Following winning a K-Wing in the Cloud City Radio competition, Pro-Painted by MandalMotors, I put a list together based around Esege Tuketu.

Esege Tuketu (K-Wing); Twin Laser Turret; Recon Specialist
Dutch Vander (Y-Wing); Twin Laser Turret
Poe Dameron (T-70); Veteran Instincts; BB-8

The game-plan was to keep Esege and Dutch within Range 2 of each other in order to share focus and grant free target locks.   I went for VI on Poe as I thought I would come up against Soontir, and I wanted to ensure I was moving last.

Game 1 versus Chris
Poe (Push the limit, Autothursters, BB-8, weapons guidance)
Dash (Outrider, HLC, Kyle, Engine upgrade, Push the limit)

My deployment was poor, forgetting about the Range 2 restriction on Esege’s and Dutch’s abilities.  As Chris’ Dash and Poe veered off to their right, Dutch was left out of the fight for several rounds.

Chris’s Poe went down in some range 1 Poe-on-Poe action.    Esege and Dutch were whittled down and taken out by long range HLC shots, leaving my Poe to chase down Dash.

So, in the last round with Dash on one health, and Poe on three health and one shield.  At Range 2 through a roid.   Poe rolled 3 hits, Dash rolled 3 evades.  Dash returned fire with 4 hits, while Poe rolled 3 blanks.

Loss 69-100

A close game, on any other day Poe should have caused the final damage or at least survived another round.

Game 2 versus Ian
4x Royal Guard Interceptors, Autothrusters, Crack Shot

I’ve met Ian in MK several times but never played him before.  

On the whole, I was able to stick with the game-plan and keep the Esege and Dutch in proximity, sharing Focus and Target lock.   Poe got caught in a kill-zone between two Inceptors.
The TLT’s seems to have been designed for use against interceptors, as they went “pop” one by one.

Win 100-34

Game 3 versus Rob
K-wing(TLT, Recon, Prox Mines, Extra Munitions)
Y-wing(Ion Cannon, BTL, Stress-Driod)
and 3x Z-95

Rob set up his all-pilot-skill-2 squad facing across the board, at right-angles to the usual convention.
I had seen in Rob’s previous game that his Y handed out stress and Ion tokens, so much so that one ship had five stress token!, so I decided make that the Y priority target, partly because my build relies on actions, but mainly because I only brought 3 stress token along with me.
After trading a few shots, with little damage, Rob’s K-wing dropped proximity mine, only for Rob’s Y-wing to immediately fly in to it.

We entered the end-game with just a K each, mine with full hull, 4 shields, a target lock and a higher pilot skill from a few moves ago and Rob’s the full hull and 3 shields.    Slowly, steadily but surely, we traded TLT shots – the result was inevitable.

Win 100-63

Game 4 (Semi Final) versus Chris (again)
Poe (Push the limit, Autothursters, BB-8, weapons guidance) and Dash (Outrider, HLC, Kyle, Engine upgrade, Push the limit)

After losing by the final role of the dice last time against Chris, I was eager for revenge.   I took a more aggressive approach, setting up closer together and heading more directly in a rough formation.  
This paid off initially, as I focused-fire on Chris’ approaching Poe, with my Poe finishing him with a range 1 pounding in the second round of shooting.
This should have given me the advantage, but my inability to bring all guns to bear coupled with both by red and green dice deserting me, meant I was unable to covert my advantage and instead my K-Wing and Y-Wing got picked off one by one by Dash’s HLC.  Leaving Dash on 2 hull against Poe on 3 hull and one shield.
After a mad dash across the board, I finally got in range… it was like Range 1 plus half a millimetre.  Poe fired blanks, and caught 4 HLC hits in the face back – game over, and near as makes no difference the exact same result.

Lose 69-100

Game 5 (3rd/4th place playoff) versus Rob (again)
K-wing, Y-wing, and 3x Z-95

This was the second time I had come up against Rob, and feeling confident following my win in our previous game, I set up to go head to head directly towards him.
Poe bought-it early on after causing only minor damage to Rob stress-bot Y-wing.    I thought that it by game over at that point, but next turn Rob tried K Turn his stressed Y-wing.   I turn Rob’s Y-wing towards the table edge and in front of his Z-95’s – causing a few collisions.
My K and Y then combined to pick of a Z, then pounded his K with two lots of TLT’s.  
We were left with my Y-wing with 3 hull remaining against 2x Z-95’s, one untouched, and the other with 2 hull and 1 shield remaining.      Rob was unable to give both his Z-95 shots at the same time, but I was able to peck-away at the Z’s turn after turn, eventually taking them both down.

Win 100-71

So 3 wins out of 5 and 3rd place overall.

The combo of Esege and Dutch is amazing – I total understand why Miranda would be picked each time ahead of Esege, and Horton is preferred over Dutch – but Esege and Dutch do so much more to help each other the Miranda and Horton ever will.

Poe is good – but he’s can’t arc dodge quite like Soontir, or hit as hard as Wedge, Corran or Talanbane.

James Wilks

Sunday, 25 October 2015

X-wing, Lost Ark Games, Stevenage event 24/10/15

So decided to go down to Lost Ark for a X-wing event, only been down once before and last time the event was cancelled due to only two of us showing up!
This time there was twelve of us to battle it out! over four rounds.
Some good prizes on other

1st-2 Small ships/ 1 Large Ship
2nd-1 Small ship and some FFG wallets
3rd- 1 Small ship

I went for a bit of a different list for this event, wanting to try the new T-70 out, so I sent my goal of two wins out of the four games.

My list

Poe, PTL, BB8, Autothrusters
3x Bandits

So yep the Super Poe, my was to fly in formation till Poe had a good chance to split off or in till Biggs went down.

Super Poe ready for action!
Game 1-
Boba, VI, Engine, K4, Seismic
Bossk, VI, Engine, K4, Tactician, Gunner

So higher pilot skill so not much arc dodging for Poe this game.
I turned into the rocks early with all five of my ships together and found the Hounds Tooth in firing range, with Boba out of the fight at this stage, and Bossk took some serious hurt while he did double stress Biggs he only managed one damage.
Next turn some Bossk try to get behind my formation, but I had turned into him, so he crashed into Biggs, and very quickly went down.
Now Boba was in the fight but turned away to use his rear arc, Biggs went off to clear stress while the Bandits and Poe slowly took damage off Boba.
Boba managed to drop two bandits, but with the remaining bandit and Poe ships chasing him and Biggs coming around to trap him in a corner, he went down.
Win 100-24

Good start, but not really a good test for Poe.

Bossk about to be in trouble

Game 2-
3 Kihraxz
2 M3A's with Mango

So we set up at different corners so no straight joust, and I split Poe off from turn one.
He made a fast move though the rocks and knocked a shield of a Kihraxz early, before swooping in behind a rock and one shooting a M3A.
At this stage the other player decided to turn everything towards Poe, except one Kihraxz K-turned in front of my swarm, causing a crash.
When turning everything towards Poe, the other M3A landed on the rock, but the other two Kihraxz took all three shields off Poe.
At this stage he tries to K-turn the three ships that went after Poe, but the M3A goes off the board.
The other Kihraxz tries to keep blocking my formation which is now splitting up.
I rush Poe off and he quickly deals with the Kihraxz that was causing my swarm problems, while the swarm rushes off to deal with the remaining two Kihraxz fighters.
He does manage to drop a bandit, but my ships where able to finish the game easily as both his Kihraxz were heavily damaged.

Poe was amazing this game, zooming around and flew like a Interceptor, he finished two Kihraxz fighters and one M3A by himself!

Swarm trying to deal with 2 Kihraxz
So 2 out of 2! What a great start, my goal complete, so all about just trying making sure I give Poe a good run out!

Game 3-
Leebo, Pred, Recon, Title, Mango
Chewbacca, Jan, Recon, Pred

So I wanted to drop Chewbacca quickly, and I was able to quickly drop Chewbacca down to Hull early, Biggs started taking a bit of damage, but as Poe finished off Chewbacca after a couple of turns of chasing him, Biggs went down.
At this point the Bandits chucked themselves at Leebo, dealing minor damage, but Poe finally turned around and put his foot down to join in chasing Leebo.
And thats went Leebo took some real damage.
Leebo was able to drop 2 bandits but Poe with his Barrel roll, PTL, Focus, Green Move, Target Lock, really shined this game, as he was able to put heavy damage on Leebo.
Win 100-49

Poe really become a Mini Aggressor combined with a offensive Soontir this game, dealing out some real fire power to hurt both Chewbacca and Leebo.

Game 4 (Final)-
4x Royal Guard Interceptors, Autothrusters, Crack Shot

Interesting list, but he had been doing well with it all day and so wasn't going to be a easy game.
There was a lot of trading firepower in this game, and damage seemed to take ages to deal.
Poe was able to one shot a Interceptor but also found himself being shot at by two and losing his shields.
But while the Headhunters had took a beating all three where still around, only Biggs had been dropped, and by now the Interceptors had been taking damage, and slowly started to get destroyed.
Was helped by one parking on a rock, in front of three ships, including Poe.
Win 100-25

Shoot me some Interceptors!

So 4 wins out of 4, quite surprised by this, but Poe is amazing. I will continue to think of a better support to fly with him, but this list went quite well!

So finishing 1st I was able to take 2 small ships!
I took a Tie Advanced, just in case I needed a 4th one.
And I took a Kihraxz, which means I have 4 now.

Good fun day, but then I would say that!

Monday, 12 October 2015

X-wing UK Team Championship!

So it was here the UK team championship, our team of 3 vs 31 other teams.
The event was held in MK, and every body turned up, including a teams from all over the country!
Anyway it would work like a best out of 3, for your team to win you needed at least 2 wins out of the 3 games each round.

Anyway our lists!

Me (Captain)
4x Golds, TLT
Yep boring but solid

7 Headhunters with Feedback
Fun swarmy and very nasty

Rhys (Bus boy)
Soontir +mini swarm
Basically a solid list, but Rhys turned out to be the player we chucked under the bus to try and give me and Lee good match ups!

So lists set, we arrived and off we went!

Game 1 vs 186 Teal

Me vs Soontir, Vader, Palp shuttle (This game was recorded, so will be on YouTube soon)
I took this match as both Lee and Rhys didnt want it, it was quite a straight forward game, with me winning 100-0

Rhys vs Dash, 2 y-wings with TLT
Poor Rhys struggled this game he did get half points for Dash but in the end the 360 arcs were to much for him. Lose 25-100

Lee vs 5 kihraxz fighters
Lee made a mistake and flew straight at them, and by the sounds of it was pounded early on, he did knock off a couple of kihraxz but end up losing 40-100

So team lose of 1-2, not the best of starts but it turns out 186 Teal made the final! So wasnt to bad after all!

Vader is on a rock... and next turn is between a rock and some TLTs!

Game 2 vs Boston

So Rhys was chucked under the bus this round, which gave me and Lee good match ups

Me vs Kavil, Cobra, Mux, Headhunter
I took off the Headhunter before it shot, and then Cobra was soon to follow, it basically was a pick of a ship game, and it didnt take long for the TLTs to show there strength vs these low agility ships.
Win 100-0

Rhys vs Vader, Soontir, Palp Shuttle
Yep I should of took it, but we planned otherwise, and Rhys gave it a good go, but couldnt get much luck, again he got half points for shuttle
Lose 14-100

Lee vs Dash, Doni
Lee made some good work on this game, but it was helped by poor attack rolls by Dash and Doni, Lees headhunter swarm came out big winners by 100-14

So the team wins 2-1, good round for us, and Rhys seemed okay being chucked under the bus if it helped the team. I just wanted to avoid doing that every round.

The scum getting close ready for some TLT loving!

Game 3 vs Misfits

Yep our other team... we entered two teams and we played each other! We knew it was going to happen, and once again poor Rhys was under the bus.

Me vs Boba, Cobra, Graz
I hit Boba for a lot early without taking much return fire, before Cobra went down in a single shooting phase, after he gave a y-wing a munitions failure though! But soon after Graz fell, then Boba, in quite a quick game.
Win 100-0

Rhys vs Vader, Soontir, Palp Shuttle
Rhys was going to hate this list by the end of the day! But he did really well and was unlucky not to kill Vader early on, which could of changed the whole game!
By the end his opponents Soontir and Vader both had 1 Hull left! But this game went to time, so Rhys did manage to get half points for shuttle and keep Soontir alive!
Lose 14-66

Lee vs Dutch, Garvin, Rookie, Cracken
Now this game was unreal, it was so close, last turn of the game, it was a 1 Hull rookie vs a headhunter with 3 Hull/shields remaining, the rookie had blinded pilot though, and whatever the Rookie would of done, the headhunter would of been able to feedback, it was a really bad position for the poor Rookie, so Lee got a extremely close win

Wow 2-1 again, but no celebration as this was vs our fellow team mates, and none of us wanted this game, as we would of preferred to play other teams and different players.

Game 4 vs Splinter Squad

Now we looked at their lists..we looked at each other... and this was not going to be a good round.

Me vs Soontir+mini swarm
Not much to say, neither us wanted to engage on the others terms and so we didnt, there was about 4 shooting turns all game..
Draw 24-24

Rhys vs 4 Y-wings with TLT
Rhys did as good as he could of, but in the end TLTs put some hurt on him.
Lose 25-100

Lee vs 2 B-wings, 2 T-70s
I thought Lee was going to have this, but in the end I was wrong, looked close for a while, but Lee couldnt quite finish off his last ship
Lose 76-100

So 0-2 lose, but we expected it, and still happy to put up a good fight, our goal as a team was 3-2, so the last game was going to see if we could do it.

Just after one of the few shooting phases we had, not much damage was done!

Game 5 vs 186 Black

Great, another 186 team, including some strong players.

Me vs 3 Sigmas
First round of shooting saw the Phantoms fail to kill a y-wing, and so in return, the y-wings kill a phantom!
After quite a few turns of flying around and shooting, a 1 Hull phantom was left vs a fully health y-wing. Now to give the other player credit he could of ran.. but he decided that would of been boring, so tried to get his phantom back into arc, but a lucky TLT shot (I had 2 hits and he had 5 evade dice and a evade token) hot through to take his last Hull, morale ism don't trust green dice!
Win 100-72

Rhys vs 7 Headhunters with Feedback
Poor Rhys, he was going to struggle, and it looked like such a close game, at once point 2 ties vs 4 headhunters.. but Rhys pulled it round for his first win of the day! Also meaning our team would win this round!
Win 100-76

Lee vs Dash, Poe
Dash and Poe looked like they were flown really well, and Lee struggled to put any real damage on them, lose 0-100

Y-wings trying to stay at range 2-3 of a phantom!

A 2-1 team win and we got our goal of 3-2! We finished 13th in the end, and we were quite please by this, we are sad to say our other team (Misfits) finished 30th? in the end.
But overall I think we all enjoyed it, not sure if Rhys enjoyed being chucked under the bus that much, but he took it like a boss and played really well.

Quick thought on my list, its strong and boring... I doubt I will fly it again really, its extremely strong list, but flying in a box and winning isn't that fun!

Next year we have already decided to hopefully keep the same team!

Monday, 21 September 2015

X-Wing Interclubs Event

So Sunday the 20th of September was the Inter club event, held in MK by Mr Ryan Toone!
Four teams were involved.
  • 186th, London
  • Flight Deckers, Around Birmingham
  • Vanguardians of the Galaxy, Bristol
  • Nasa, Northampton, that was us!
Teams will be referred as there location for ease of writing this report.

So the day was to be 5 games, 1 vs each of the teams in a group style set up, and then a knockout stage of 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd.

So my list for the day-
Biggs, Hull
3x Gold Pilots, TLT
Idea behind Biggs in this list, so to allow the TLTs to do their work early without any pressure, with Biggs being the target. So lets see how it did.

A good crowd with all 32 players showing up ready for the event.

A room full of gamers- One of Ryans Pictures
Game 1 vs Birmingham 

So first off I got drawn against Craig Reed (2013 National Champion?)  and it was always going to happen, I have beaten him 3 times running, and he was keen for some revenge.

His List
IGB+C, VI, HLC, FCS, Autothrusters, Dampeners

So up against the dreaded Duel IGs, a list I wasnt sure I could deal with.

Early engagements sees us both having to make difficult choices with movement, as we both get trapped in, but as IGB drops and Biggs drop, it looks like maybe my Y-Wings have a chance.
Now this is when it gets interesting, very quickly I am able to get his last IG down to 1 Hull remaining, for the cost of a Y-wing, but after that neither of my remaining Y-wings seems to have it in them to cause that last bit of damage, and over the course of well must be a good 15+ turns, he slowly deleted my Y-wings.

Lose 49-100
Team Score 2-6

Overall it was a close game, coming down to the IGs ability to dodge and evade every shot, the team overall did quite well, with some close games, and recording a good amount of kills and points.

Game 2 vs Bristol

So found out I was up against a new player, who had played less then a hand full of games, but that was not going to mater. It was to be a dice off.

4x Synicates, TLT, Unhinged

Yep a TLT dice off, and that it was happened, there is not much to say about this game, except I think he fluffed more rolls then me, Biggs had a big impact in the first couple of turns, meaning one of his Y-wings didnt get a shot in the second turn as Biggs finished him off. But except from that it was a good fun game of flying around each other.

Win 100-52
Team Score 4-4

A good showing by the team, with some good scores and impressive performances, highlight was seeing a 4 Tie Advance list taking down a full Tie Swarm.

Shoot and repeat
Game 3 vs London

Up against the UK Nationals runner up, so I knew I was in for a tough game.

Corran, FCS, PTL, Engine, R2D2, Flechette
Gold, TLT
Gold, TLT, R3-A2

First round of shooting seems him send Corran straight into range one of my formation, opening fire onto Biggs, and doing very little damage. But Biggs opened fire stripping Corran of tokens and causing damage, and Corran was quickly finished off my two of the Y-wings at range one.
Wow that was unreal, at this stage the game was over, I quickly took down the remaining Gold pilots, with the loss of Biggs.

Win 100-28
Team Score 2-6

Some quite close looking games again this round, but the London team were able to record a strong win over the team.

Biggs eyeing up Corran

Semi Final time,
Birmingham (2nd) vs Bristol (3rd)
London (1st) vs Northampton (4th)

Semi Final vs London

My opponent for this game was the Nordic National Champion, and I believe I was up against his Nordic list.

Han, Pred, Luke, C3P0, Title, Engine
Jake, PTL, Title, Proton Rockets, VI, Autothrusters

I knew I needed to drop Jake and then after that, my TLTs should cause Han some real issues.
at long range I was able to put some damage on Jake but not enough to finish the A-wing.
Jake zoomed into range one and was able to get his Proton Rockets off killing Biggs, but Jake was exposed and become picked off by the Y-wings.
Now the game turned, the TLT put some serious hurt onto Han, and Han was unable to take any Y-wings out.

Win 100-28
Team Score 3-5

A closer round this time, and it looked like a few of our games we did lose, could of swung either way.

3rd Place Playoff vs Bristol

A few players are tiring at this point, and so this could be a close round.

Fel, PTL, stealth, Autothrusters, Title
Vader, ATC, Title, Pred, Proton
Shuttle, Emperor

I went into this game with a faint, pretending to rush forward and then turning sharply and rushing for the shuttle, this did allow me to take down the shuttle, with all four ships intact.
With the Emperor out of the game, it was much easier to hunt Fel and after a few turns the TLTs finally become to much for Fel.
Vader did get his Rockets off at a Y-wing but at this stage it didnt mater, Vader was being picked at by the TLTs and without any autothrusters or Emperor he couldn't withstand the fire power.

Win 100-0
Team Score 2-6

Now everyone of our players destroyed ships this round and again some very close looking games that could of swung either way.

Eyeing up the Shuttle with Fel and Vader getting caught out
Overall a good fun day, here is the final placements

Team placements
1st London
2nd Birmingham
3rd Bristol
4th Northampton

The teams overall scores (this is for all 5 rounds)

London, 150 points and a MOV of 5472
Birmingham, 90 points and a MOV of 3741
Bristol, 95 points and a MOV of 3906
Northampton, 65 points and a MOV of 2881

Well done to London for winning and a big well done to the current UK National Champion, for going all day without losing a ship and winning all of his games.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

MK X-wing Event, Assassination

So once again off to MK to play in a X-wing event, but this time with a twist.
"You Must Use Either a unique pilot or crew as part of your 100 point list.
If you face an opponent who has the same unique character, both you and your opponent remove either the pilot ability or turn over the crew card so that neither player uses it during your game"

So a nice rule, which could make it extremely interesting if you face any mirror matches.
I made a choice to test a Imperial list idea I had and here it is!

Darth Vader, Title, ATC
Soontir, PTL, Autothrusters
Whisper, VI, ACD

So basically we have three awesome arc dodging ships, but none of them could be loaded out fully, so this event was to decide which two I will most likely stick with and replace the third with a shuttle!

So into the games.

Game 1 vs
Dash, PTL, HLC, Nien, Engine
2x Blues

Great so Dash with HLC, this could really hurt my ships, and it did!

I was able to drop the B-wings but losing Fel and Vader in the process,  but in the end the HLC was to much for Whisper to survive.

Not a good start for the arc dodging Imperials 

Lose 44-100
Soontir Trying to put some hurt onto Dash

Game 2 vs
Razzi, Bossk, Gunnrer, K4, Engine
2x Black Sun kihraxz fighters, Glitterstim, Crack Shot

O great... A list which can make Soontir Agility 1 for a turn! Ouch!

So first exchanges saw me drop a Kihraxz before it even could return fire.
He dropped Vader and Soontir while losing his other Kihraxz and while taking a few hits on Razzi...
Now this game turned interesting, so many times he should of killed Whisper, only for Whisper to make a great agility roll or for Razzi to fluff the roll completely.
In the end Whisper was able to finish Razzi off, but Whisper really pushed his luck.

Win 100-62

First Kihraxz Fighter dies from Phantom and Vader
Game 3 vs
Doni, Extra Munitions, TLT< Recon, Homing Missiles, Ion Bomb
Cracken, Cluster Missiles
2x Bandits with a missile each

Now TLT can really mess my ships up, but it turns out he used a homing missile which didnt cause any damage, and then Doni was destroyed before the ship was able to shoot again!
After that my ships were quickly able to pick off the headhunters 1 by 1, in total I only took 1 damage and that was to one of Whispers shields, both Soontir and Vader were untouched.

Win 100-0

So at 2-1 this point, with a list I am struggling to fly well, I decided I would be happy with 1 more win and go 3-2 on the day.

Game 4 vs
Binayre, Feedback
Talonbane, Pred, Engine
Ps 5 Scyk, Title, Mango, Stealth, Crack Shot
Blacksun, Crack shot

Interesting game, that saw Vader get taken down first turn, after that Soontir went arc dodging and the other player went straight after him, while Whisper drops the Blacksun Kihraxz and then 1 shots the Scyk.
As Soontir got trapped in the corner, Talonbane Cobra had only a couple of Hull left and the Binayre due to feedback and taking a shot only had 1 hull remaining. So Cobra finished off Soontir after a good 6-7 turn chase, but this left Whisper to kill of Cobra and then next turn finish off the Headhunter!

Win 100-62

Soontir dodging all but 1 of his 4 ships!

Game 5 vs
Doni, TLT, C3P0
Horton, TLT
Dutch, TLT, VI, Elite pilot droid

Well... a list that should take me to pieces, the dreaded TLT. Early on I got Horton right down and was unlucky not to finish him a turn or two before I did! But the TLT took there toll on my list and I just couldn't keep my ships from losing shields and Hull.. first Vader then Soontir. Then Whisper did jump in and kill Dutch only for Doni to finish the Phantom off.

Lose 62-100

Prepare for incoming from them TLTs!

Overall a very good day, and finishing 8th out of 26th, with a list I didnt fly well cant be to bad!
So I will look into a new Imperial list or changes to this one, but back to Rebels for the next event.

Prizes I took away from the event.

Promo card and Lando bobble head

He goes well with the rest of them! He looks Nervous with Vader next to him though!

Hope you enjoyed the read!
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Local X-wing Event!

So a small local X-wing event, 6 players, I run happened over a week ago now, yep its took me a while to sort out the write up.

Quick disclaimer, this was very quickly written, so please forgive all the grammar mistakes.

Now I had to play because of a odd number if I didn't and I don't like making a player sit out every round, anyway a very quick run down!

My list-
Vader, Lone Wolf, Title, ATC
Redline, FCS, extra Munitions, cluster missiles, plasma torps
Shuttle, Emperor

Game 1 vs
Lando, Expert Handling, Assault Missile, Nien, Title
Wedge, Markmenship, Proton Torps, R5, Engine

Wow this game was interesting, it turned into crit heaven, with Vader getting at least 2 crits a time on the Falcon, with Emperor and ATC, Redline didnt do much, shoot 1 or maybe 2 shots all game, except from that, Vader won this game basically!


Game 2 vs
Kath, Rebel Captive, Autoblaster, PTL, Engine
Rexlar, Engine, PTL, Ion Cannon

Close game, where damage just wouldnt stick! I got 3 missiles/Torps off with redline and basically did a couple of damage in total! I did get lucky and was able to drop Rexlar near the end.


Game 3 vs
Lando, Nein, Gunner, Title, PTL, Engine
Dutch, Ion Turret, 2xproton Torps, engine, R2

Dutch went down early, but then a Plasma Torp, Vader and then a Cluster Missile will do that to a Y-wing!
Lando tried to run for a few turns, Redline got a cluster off at Lando but couldnt keep up with him as Lando ran off, but Vader dealing loads of crits again was enough to finish the Falcon.


So top for me fun event and everyone seemed to enjoy it, cant wait for the next one.
All players got 2 Recon Promos, and a prize of their choice, everyone seemed happy with what they got :)

Here are some random pictures from the evening.
X-wing MK report coming soon
B-wing looks in trouble!

Early turns

Target Locks everywhere

Imperial vs Imperial!

Monday, 31 August 2015

X-wing: Wave 7 Test Games

So a small meetup to give some of the new wave 7 ships a go!
I was up against a new player, and so he is still testing his own ideas aswell, but it gave both of us to get a chance to test what each of us wanted.

Lucky we both just about had our wave 7 arrived, or turning up while we were there!

So anyway a quick run down of the test games

Game 1
My list
Vader, Lone Wolf, Title, ATC
Redline, FCS, Munitions, Plasma Torps, Cluster Missiles
Shuttle, Emperor


Gold, Prox Mine, Blaster Turret, Title, Bomb Loadout
Wedge, R2, Swarm Tactics
Blue, Autoblaster, Flech Torp

So my first list tests the punisher with the new missile fix and also lets me try the new shiny stuff from the Raider expansion!

So this game went quite well, with Redline hitting thr B-wing with a Plasma Torp and then the turn after killed off the B-wing with a cluster, and then was able to heavily hurt the Y-wing with another missile, before Redline finally went down, the Bandit lost a duel vs the Shuttle and Vader finished off the Y-wing.
Wedge zoomed into range 1 of the shuttle and rolled 4 blanks! (I reckon the Emperor used the force), then Vader and Shuttle made quick work of him

Win 100-38

Vader is awesome, with the ability to crit everything
Redline was okay, but wasnt excited by him
Emperor... He did his job perfectly, a few extra dice changes helped a lot!

Game 2
My List
Cobra, Pred, Dampeners, Stealth
2x cartel Marauders
2x Binayres


Ten Numb, Swarm
3 Blues

So dont fly straight at B-wings, so I did, I wanted to see how the list went up against that kind of firepower, so after a joust, it was 2 headhunters and a badly damaged cartel vs 3 B-wings,
 A few turns of pot shots near enough sees the Cartel go down and another B, now from here somehow the Headhunters were able to whittle down the B-wings into nothing!

Win 100-76

The new scum fighter is good, but in the end its still a X-wing, I feel the Misthunter is going to knock any chance the scum fighter has off being seen around for long

Here they come!
Game 3
My list-
Doni, C3P0, TLT
3x Bandits


IGA, VI, Flech Cannon, Seismic Charge, Glitterstim
Bossk, Proton Rockets, k4, Hot shot, Hounds tooth, autoblaster

So off I went in formation, and dropped Bossk in two shooting phases and took out the pup the turn after, the IG was able to drop a sneaky Seismic on Biggs killing him off and was also able to drop 2 bandits, but the K-Wing done its job, and kept picking away at the IG intill it was no more!

Win 100-49

K-wing I used was a cheapish build, and I like it, it doesnt deal a lot of damage, but it is hard to track down and keep in arc.

The K-Wing ready for Test flight

The K-wing has its target in its sight
Game 4
Latts Razzi, Weapons Engineer
2x Cartel Marauders
2x Binayres


Kath, Proton bomb, bombardier, homing missiles, dampeners, Andrasta, 2x Seismic Charges
IGB, Autoblaster, Seismic charge, Hot Shot

To sum this up, Kath goes down by second turn of shooting, and then he tries to finish off the hounds tooth, but a mix of keeping him away and chucking my little ships at the IG, sees the IG fall

Win 100-0

Hounds Tooth performed well as a cheap support kind of platform instead of heavily loaded, and this is how I see it being used mostly.
The Scum fighters performed better this game, but still not convinced.

Hold Steady!

So there we go! Some nice quick test games :)

Next Blog post will be soon!
Mini Local Event, might post it up later!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

40 Conquest LCG: Local Summer Event

So off to a local event, turn out was 4 of us all playing for a bit of fun!

Here are the fractions in play!

Me: Kugath, Chaos/Orks

Ragnar, Space Marines

Eldorath, Eldar

Baharroth, Eldar

So we all planned to play everyone, so we didnt play winner vs winner etc, we just played in a random order!

I cant remember much, as once again I didnt take ant notes, so only a quick round up!

Game 1 vs Baharroth

So what I thought was going to close, turned out he couldnt do enough damage to Kugath or my daemons, I dominated command struggle, beginning of turn 2 I had 11 resource to the other players 4!
So I won on the 3rd or 4th sector.

Game 2 vs Ragnar

Now he dropped firedrake terminators on sector1 first turn!
Ouch this is going to be hard, but I did have Vile Laboratory! So for the first two turns, because he didnt have any units with the terminators, he was never able to stay on the first 2 sector, meaning kugath can go in and win them.  During a Kugath vs Ragnar fight, Ragnar was bloodied, I believe that was turn 1!

Now as game went on, he had a space wolf predator, the firedrakes, deathwing guards as well as other units, so he was able to win sector 4 and 5 (I believe) now his warlord has taken damage at this point, and when he commit to sector 6, he has a massive train of units following him, but I had the ready units, allowing me to kill his warlord.

This game was close, but with my nurglings building up on the next sector, so if he did surive and win planet 6, his warlord most likely would of been unable to survive on planet 7.
A close win

Game 3 vs Eldorath

Now, against this deck, I struggled, while I won the first 2 planets, it all went down hill from there, he had the command on every planet every turn, and in the end was able to stop kugath playing any tricks, kugath end up getting bloodied and then killed by a guardian, he was empowered and the player was able to keep him shielded!
Good game, but I was well beaten!

So 2-1 with Kugath and that put me second!

1st Eldorath, 2 wins
2nd Me, Kugath, 2 wins
3rd/4th Ragnar and Baharrogh, 1 win each

Good fun!
And I took home another fire warrior elite, I only took 1 as I already had 2 copies, even though we were all offered a playset, I didnt take the box, as again I already have one.

But I did get the Zarathur promo, now this card has some amazing art!
Anyway, I will leave you all with the pictures of the promo!
 Bad pictures though, and not the right way up! :(

Front Side

Bloodied Side

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

MK Summer Conquest Event!

So Yay for a Conquest event!

Currently I am loving 40k Conquest LCG, must be the game I want to play most currently!
So looking forward to this I was!!

I went with Kugath, I been going through trying Warlords out and trying to find one I really like! And for this event it was Kugaths turn!

So heres a quick report!

So I have already changed the deck, so I forgot to get a deck list for this blog! Whoops!


Game 1-
Orks With Guard

Bad match up for me, I can deal with most troops easily, but not high life troops... which Orks are full of.
He won 3 planets to my 1, and I couldnt do enough damage to his Ork swarm!
I did get his Warlord Bloodied and down to 1 more hp! So shame I didnt have anything to snipe him with left!
Lost by Planets

Planets 1-3
Icon 1-8

Game 2-
Dark Elder with Eldar

So Kugath become god in this game! I dominated Command and had full control of this game, the Dark Eldar didnt really stand up to my Chaos!
Won by Planets

Planets 3-0
Icons 6-0

Game 3-
Tau with Marines

A very close game... it came down to the last planet, in which he was able to kill of Kugath, I made a couple of small misplays which cost me the game, , even though I had won 4 out of the first 6 planets, if I got 1 attack in on the last planet I would of won.. or 2 more resource, but I didnt! So close!! What a amazing and close game.
Lose by Warlord kill

Planets 4-2
Icons 5-5

Game 4-
Elder with Dark Elder

Now after having a easy time for the first set of Eldar, I thought I should be okay this time to and well, he just couldnt seem to do anything about Kugaths tricks... I got the Banner first turn which was a great start..
And when his Warlord had 1 HP left, I warp stormed, he cancelled it, but I had a second one and used it again to blood his warlord! (I had so much resource this game)
I dominated command and combat, everything seemed to go so well this game!
Win by Planets

Planets 5-1
Icons 7-3

So a great day of Conquest and quite happy with 2-2 with a warlord I have never used before!

Even better to thing that my losses, were very close, and the Ork player I lost to in the first game, won the event!!

So Kugath is a Warlord I found I loved using! So I have taken a decision to stop going through the Warlords and work on Kugath a bit.
First time I would be doing this on a Warlord, but I found Kugath so fun to play and I think he suits my play style very well!

So prizes!
I finished 4th out of 8

So great day! Also a shout out to Matt who gave me his spare Ork Flash Kit Promos! He had 6 and 2 spare, very much appreciated!

So hope you enjoyed the quick blog post :)

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Monday, 20 July 2015

MK X-wing Duality Event

Hello all!

So a X-wing event in MK and some special rules!

Basically for game 1.3.5 you run one list, and for 2.4 you run a different one!
Also each list has to be from a different fraction!

So let me quickly run down how this event went!
And it will be a quick run down, sorry if I got games mixed up a bit.

So my lists!
For game 1,3,5 I ran Scum
For game 2,4 I ran rebels!

Scum list-
Boba Fett, Autoblaster, Engine
Kath, Pred, HLC, Engine

Rebel list-
Wes, Vi, R3-A2
2 Blues
2 Bandits

29 players battling it out!
Game 1-
Rematch of round 6 at the nationals I believe, anyway same guy and he had the same list!

Guri, Autothrusters, Determinations
Nduk, Lone Wolf
Kath, Engine, k4, PTL

So I remember how dangerous Nduk can be from our last game, so I gunned for him, and in the end 1 shoot him with kaths HLC, good start.
Rest of game we were chasing each other, he got Boba down to 2 Hull, so I took a brave choice, to split my Kath off the Kath vs Kath fight (His had 1 Hull left, mine still had 4 I think) and send her after Guri, and Guri still had 4 hull at this point...but at range 2... Kath got 4 damage though taking out Guri, before he killed Boba!  After that my hunters finished off Kath.
What a great game, quite close to
Win 100-0

At the top just off the picture is Nduk.. he didnt last the next turn!

Game 2-
Duncan Callander! Its our first game against each other.. somehow

Krassis, Recon HLC
Whisper, Rebel, ACD, FCS, VI
Academy Pilot

First turn of shooting saw Whisper fly into my swarm, he got stressed from Wes, and so Whisper couldnt re-cloak.. and that was the end of the phantom, as my swarm finished the ship off.
HE did take down a B quite quick after, but his Krassis had started taking a lot of damage, and my other B 1 shot his Academy at range 1, but before Krassis goes down, he does manage to kill of Wes
Win 100-52

Game 3-

Corran, PTL, FCS, R2D2
Han, Determination, C3P0, Title, Gunner

I remember something like this when I played last event... but I was playing it!
So I went straight for Han, but I took way to long to take him down, and had 2 badly injured firesprays vs Corran!  Yep Corran won!
Lose 56-100

Corran and the last bounty hunter... eye each other up
Game 4-
Vs my team mate Ed! And he also had a 5 ship rebel swarm!

Ibtisan, PTL
2 Bandits

We set up opposite and went straight into each other... then turned around and repeat a few times!
After a few turns of this he had a fully healthed Bandit vs a slightly damaged B-wing.
But his Bandit dodged for its life! and even got the B-wing right down to 2 Hull left, just before the B-wing finished it off!
Wow that was a close game!
Win 100-78

All that remains...

Game 5-
Rematch from a little while ago, and this is a great young lad, who is already a fantastic player even though he hasnt been in the game long! Great to see!

Corran, R2D2, FCS, PTL
Biggs, Hull, R3-A2
2 Bandits

Going up against Corran (again) I really wanted to have my small swarm, not my firesprays! O well
So I took both his Bandits out early, Biggs was either not in arc, or to far away, then Biggs fell, now I cant remember if I only had 1 firespray left or both at this point, but either way.. my last shoot of the game against Corran...
I got 4 hits with my HLC, he had 2 Hull and 1 Shield left and no actions, I thought that would be it... but nope, he rolled 3 Natural evades.. and then double tapped poor Kath to win the game!
Wow could of swung either way at the end, and such a close game!
Lose 54-100

Early turns

So even going 3-2 I had a decent MOV, which saw me finish 7th out of 29.
Took home a Recon Spec alt art card, and some of the Summer kit Evade tokens
Quite pleased with that, as these are not normally lists I would of took, not my normal Han or Dash lists.

Hope you enjoyed the read!
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Next report is a Conquest event I went to.. the day after this one, hopefully wont be long before its up!


Guest Writer: Leebo Williams talks about Armada

Star Wars Armada a new beginning

Hello boys and girls Leebo here, and I have been asked to jot down a few words about why I have chosen to have a go at Star Wars Armada. Now from the beginning of me playing x wing miniatures I always wanted to play with capital ships after playing a pc game called Empire At War. As soon as I finished that game I wanted to play big ships in big games. There was a game at the time which came with Home One ( Admiral Akbars ship) and a super star destroyer, but at the time of me finding out about it it had already gone out of print and the licence had gone elsewhere. Enter x wing miniatures game, this filled my need for space combat and was in my favourite subject of all time ‘STAR WARS’. Having played that for about a year and a half Fantasy Flight Games then released the news they were bringing out another game using the capital ships, Sold I’m in just tell me where to send my money and I want it all lol. So a core set was purchased and as I am a Rebel player at heart an assault frigate and fighter pack purchased as well.

On to the contents I suppose, the capital ships come painted, and in my opinion are done really well as is FFG’s way with their pre-paints, but the fighters only come in beige plastic for the rebels and grey plastic for the imperials. Cool I get to paint some spaceships! Now they are small but still retain quite a bit of detail. This being said a simple scheme would be in order to get the best from them. So with brush in hand I began.

First up was the two a wing squadrons from the pack, I only have GW paints in my collection so went with a skull white base coat, there is no need to under coat these ships as the paint seemed to go on well, I used scab red as a nice dark red strip down the middle of the ship and a touch on each of the engines. The cockpit was touched with black and the engine exhaust had a dab of yellow applied. Then a light Nuln oil wash applied to the whole model, which covered nicely and just filled in all the recessed areas and defined the blocks of colour well, giving a nice used look to the squadrons, objective one and they looked pretty good, so confidence brimming I moved on to the y wings.

So the ywings basically went exactly the same way technique wise and I used a bone colour for the base coat, a little grey on the engone pods and cockpit, the glass touched in black and a yellow trim around the cockpit denoting gold squadron.

So up next are the Bwings and they were a bit more fiddly, but same bone base coat, with grey the accent on the engines, wing straps and bottom gun. And then touched with orange dots as squadron markings. Black was touched on the cockpit glass and the washed with nuln oil.

Now on to the superstars the x wing squadrons as you get 4 in the core set and a further 2 in the fighter pack I had 6 to paint, these repaints do not take to long even for some one of my skill, which is basic at best. But is started the same way as the a wings with a basecoat of white, then used blood red, a brighter shade of red, to make the model pop a bit and ran a line down each side of the fuselage and then a touch on each of the upper wings. Grey was used on the engines and cockpit with black in the glass sections. Then a touch of yellow on the nose cone, and finally a wash of nuln oil.

For a basic lick of paint, they haven’t come out that bad and I cannot wait to get them onto the table and free the galaxy from under the imperial jack boot hehe. Thanks for reading this little bit of info and I hope it helps.

And remember Fly Casual and may the force be with you.

Leebo Williams.