Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Idea! Kroot Idea!

So basically I am going ahead with doing the Kroot army!
But the 3rd ed codex is soo boring and old and so I thought of a idea!

Basically a all infantry Ork list was my first idea!
You may be thinking what this has to do with kroot, but this idea has been taken from other peoples own ideas and works!

Basically I have
A Master Shaper using the rules for a leader in the book
And basic kroot carnivores becoming ork sluggas (or what ever they are called)
And maybe squad shapers are nobs leading the squads?
Also krootox using the rules for heavier orks like the lootas (I think that is what they are called)
And so on, (winged kroot for jump packs)

So basically a Ork list but made with kroot? I think this would work better and its legal, as it is using a proper codex (or so I have been told)
As long as I only use the Ork rules and the other player knows what the kroot represent it shouldn't be a problem!
So staying away from armour or anything I cant make from a kroot (so basically only using mass infantry with some other bits!)

Good idea? I have seen other people do the same thng except with Guard and Dark Eldar, but I think orks would work best!