Friday, 23 March 2012

Ghost Ark Review... Yes or no?

So yes or no to using Ghost arks? I have play tested one a couple of times (my second one is still in the box) and I say yes!

So postivies?
A transport that can shoot at two different targets and is also open topped? So the warriors or immortals inside can also shoot! So a shooting ark!
I use them to charge into the other players lines or to sit on a objective!
Broadside is nasty two targets that can take damage, and then the squad inside can shoot ethier :D
Strong armour while shielding is up and it is a fast moving transport!
So how I run them?

1 Ghost arks with two squads of 10 warriors, one inside one outside, the squad on the outside can be repaired every turn if they got shoot! So two squads and a ghost ark!

Can make the unit expensive, so in my case very expensive if you run it like I do!
13 is good but not great and also can be dropped to 11 very quickly!

I like them! As soon as I get two made I will be running two most of the time! Good transport, open topped being the main advantage if you ask me, zoom and and shoot with everything!!


So over 5000 views since the start of this blog, and now a average of 500 views a month (except one month of 1900 views) The blog has grown on views and so I hope it keeps going!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good game, bad result!

So tonight was against Grey Knights on a kill point mission! Good player and I was always going to be chasing this game ( I have a terrible record against him and against grey knights!)

So final score was 7-5 to him, my stars were my destroyer lord and annihilation barges!
His well most things lol!

Good enjoyable game, close run thing, a few different dice rolls here and there would have changed it completely!

So review so far!
4 wins out of 6- happy with this so far
stars have been annihilation barges,
But overall I wish I could change my list, I have spent over £200 on new Necrons since our lists had to be in, so many changes I would make, including adding ghost arks and doomsday arks!!

So only negative of the night was to find out some of the missions are printed wrong!
So some games have the wrong special rules etc, meaning I no longer know if my remaining games have correct rules or not!
Very annoying as it can mean massive changes to plans and tactics to find out the missions are different then what were originally printed! Have to wait and see, still thinking this could be my last campaign, have to see how it goes for now.

But I have had a email from the university club saying that they are starting to play 40k! (intill now they just played card games and a few board games!

So do I sense a switch of clubs?
Properly not as its harder to get to the uni due to no parking, but Cambridge GW have told me I can park behind them if I want to play up there on Tuesdays!

Right off on holiday next week with my lovely girlfriend :)!! Hopefully nice weather! :D

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wave after wave

so 4 wins out of 5, yep I won.. woo! Well sort of!

First 3 turns it was really close, just trading a few kill points, in till turn 4+ it went completely wrong for the other player, as he started having a lot of half squads of smaller which started getting picked off completely, making him unable to counter attack to take my units out! So a win 10-5 on kill points..


This could of gone either way, it was the first player to take out the smaller squads would of won, lucky for me it was me, but it could of easily been him!!

O well, against grey knights next week, currently reading the mission :)

Gearing up!

So tonight I hope to make it 4 out of 5 wins, I have a fun looking game (first time I said that this campaign) and a player who I should beat, he does have his moments though, but this is like Chelsea playing Peterborough, Chelsea should win, but Peterborough know how to cause a upset!

So the mission is kill points with a twist! So yes 1 kill point for wiping a unit out but all units without a armour value come back in reserves! So yes lots of killing is needed!

And I only have 2 armoured units, so I will be fine, but I don't know how much armour he has!

So wish me luck!

Monday, 12 March 2012


So after buying a box of deathmarks and Imotek, I am now finished with my bday money lol,
Also today I have just finished my doomsday ark, make the deathmarks and base coated Imotek! So busy day!
Next up I still got a ghost ark to build and Imotek to finish, and then on to painting the deathmarks!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The way forward!

So with my new models, I will be trying a faster Necron list out, could be a laugh, arks, barges, and that kind of thing!
Could be a laugh! Will have to try it out at some point! Well I will in a few months when I made all my models I need lol

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

2 more arks!

So my ghost ark and doomsday ark are now mine! Just to paint and make then!
So that puts the amount of new models to £200+ so building up slowly, hopefully second wave soon!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Necrons Expanding!

So I am once again going to be buying stuff lol, I have been thinking of entending my nids, but I can be bothered lol, so instead I am opting for my second ghosk ark and a doom ark, to booster my lines, also thinking of getting imotek, and some death marks! so that would keep me busy for a little while!
O well most likely will buy both of the arks today or tmro and the rest when I made and painted them!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charging the Gunline!

So Next mission saw me play against Tau!
Mission basically is-
He starts on field all board except has to be at least 12 from 3 edges,
I split my army in 3, 1 bit comes in each turn from a different table edge each time, so he kept his at the back and I had a way to go! also 4 objectives were placed!

So after turn 3 it was close, all my stuff was in and we were all at short range fire fights, not much happening (only to find out he only had 2 troops) and turn 4 is when it started!
Combat happened everywhere locking a lot of his broadsides and battle suits!

My turn 5 was lucky, a veil of darkness moved a squad of immortals on a objectives, so 3 objecties I held, he held none!
His turn 5, he admiteed he was going to lose, so he chucked both troops and some battle suits at my immortals only for them to hold!

So final score
2-0 me and 1 contested by both of us!

Overall good game, good jokes about some bad dice roll!

So 3 wins out of 4, not bad I guess!