Friday, 6 April 2012

Necrons Vs Grey Nights!

So I came up against the second Grey Knight player of the campaign with a interesting mission!

Basically I had to destroy his safe house which was one of 14 ruins on the field (armour 12)
So a win by turn 4, my scarabs ate almost all the buildings on the field and my Destroyer Lord helped to!
Overall I basically ignored him unless he got to close, a dread knight got close.. destroyer lord with mind shackle!
Squads got close, my immortals with a Lord took them out squad by squad so over all, I just went for the buildings and got them in the end!

Man of Match-
Scarabs, buildings don't move so 25 attacks on a building when charging in = blown up building!

Worst of the Match-
Hard to say as everyone of my units did something.. errr dont think I had one to be honest. every unit did what I planned for it!

Right will be some Kroot (Ork) lists up later if I remember!