Friday, 21 September 2012

Warhammer 40k, Eldar vs Wolves

So long time since I have played a 40k game! But last night I got my Eldar out (First time in over 3 years) for a 1.5k game vs Wolves!

Well only a quick post this one!

3 Objectives and neither of us hold either so we drew!
or so I thought intill now while I am writing this! We forgot about the secondary objectives! I killed warlock and had line breaker he had first blood...

So I would have won if we remembered that!

O well, so first game with Eldar in a long time, I now remember why I have some many jetbikes! 4 of them did well, so think of loads * Evil thoughts*
Pathfinders I found to be okay, didnt seem to kill that much.
Avatar rocks.. ripped through 3 squads and a rune priest!  Had 1 wound left after the game!

Overall though, I should have brought more Dire Avengers and took out my Warp spiders, (They did nothing and were the first blood kill)   Or learnt to place them better! I guess this game werent helped by my habbit of rolling 11's with my Farseers tests! And my dice rolling meaning I failed 7 4+ in a row!

O well good game though!

Might use Eldar again next time, but with Guard for a bit more numbers and firepower!

Warmachine, Repenter and Redeemer!

So some more painted stuff! First up are my two Repenters, one was painted ages ago and one yesterday! And below is my Redeemer! So another 10 points done!

Also my second reckoner have arrived!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Warmachine Bastion and Army update!

So a painted squad of Bastions!

Army update (What I have and whats painted)

pseverius (Painted)
pkreoss (painted)

Repenter (Painted)
Vanquisher (Painted)
Reckoner (On Order)
Castigator (Painted)
Crusader (Painted)

Max Choir (Painted)
Bastions (Painted)
Max Daughters
Max Daughters (Unmade)
Max Exemplar Errants with UA
Max Deliverers (Painted)
Rhoven and Honor Guard
Paladin of the wall
Paladin of the wall
Nicia (Painted)
Vassal of Menoth (Painted)
pEiryss (Painted)

So 5 Warcasters and 132 points! (140 when second Reckoner arrives) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Warmachine, Battle Reports

So my Menoth had two games tonight, none against a 15 point Cryx list and one vs a 25 point Khador list!

Game 1-
15 Cryx
He used battle box!

I had
min Choir
min Errants

So I won this, my feat turn wiped out 3 out of his 4 jacks, the 4th one didnt last much longer either!
He charged his Warcaster at Kreoss and chucked all his focus at him (bad mistake on my part) but Kreoss had 3 boxes left... so guess how it finished!
The feat was awesome vs Cryz, auto hitting against high def was really the big turning point in my game as to start with it was looking grim!

Game 2
He had
Battle box Warjacks

I had
Min choir
Max Bastions
Min Deliverers
Vassel of Menoth

Another win, not the most convincing though, Drakun had a early end when the Vanquisher boosted by Choir and Eye of Menoth made quick work of him!
Game was looking close, but after my Bastions turned Drago into scrap, he pushed eVlad behind my lines, and lined him up against my Warcaster knowing he was going to be hard to hit, I feated (clearing off his focus) and cast Death Sentence, My Bastions (still at full strength) Turned around and walked up and splatted him!

Good game, wish I had my Reckoner for this one though (should arrived tomorrow)

so 6-5 I am winning now overall between us two!

ekreoss I really like and I can see some big advantages with the Errants too!
Cant wait to try them out again!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Warmachine Update

So I just bought the plastic reckoner box for £14.50! Look forward to that when it arrives!  Our second best jack behind the Avatar, so could be fun!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So my second Repenter came through the post today! £3 for a brand new one! Bargain!

Right so now the other Warmachine player has started Cryx which will be fun, but as they are a lot of stealth and high def and as Menoth has loads of blasts and a higher then average Mat, I hopefully will be okay!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Warmachine Painting!

So at my Girlfriends house again today and we did some more painting! Here are a few more bits which I painted today!