Monday, 28 April 2014

40k: Grey Knights! And Finished Monolith

Yes the title is in correct! I am starting a Grey Knight army, this will only be a small army to use with my Space Wolves and my Necrons, it will consist of all infantry models, so mainly just marines!

Anyway heres my first purchase

3 Boxes of Grey Knight Marines and 1 Box of Grey Knight terminators, also not pictured Grey Knight codex

So as this new army starts, I splashed a bit more then I planned, I was only going to get two boxes for now, but o well, 4 boxes it is!

Anyway in other news..

My Necron Monolith completely finished, including the added green plastic :)

Anyway that is all for now, I am painting up a Grey Knight as a test and hope to have him done soon, will post pictures when he is done!

Also this weekend I am in MK again this time for two different events-
Saturday 3rd of May, X-wing Regional Finals
Monday 5th of May, 40k kill teams!

Now for the x-wing I think I will use this list-

Chewbacca, Draw thier fire
Jan Ors, Squad Leader, Ion Turret

Fun list that can put out some hurt with Ors and Chewbacca combining.

As for the 40k event, I have not lost a single game of Kill teams at Game Workshop since the latest campaign as started, so I might play with my current list which is-
3 Wraiths
5 Deathmarks

But I may not! I have not fully decided yet.

Anyway, Thanks for reading and happy gaming :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

40K, Necrons out for the kill again!

Hello all :)

My Necrons kept up their advance today with two more wins on the Campaign, I wanted to get 500 point games in, but when I turned up, no one except was high enough, so started with a kill team game, and then a 500 point player did turn up.

First game- kill teams

I won and lost nothing, 3 wraiths and 5 deathmarks were nasty, he couldn't kill the wraiths while the death marks sat on the objective, so my 4th kill team score

Second game was against Marines, this was a 500 point level, he had a flyer, which fell to rapid firing warriors.. I played a Monolith in this game.. which properly was a bit mean, as he never was able to land a hit on it, and finding out the Monolith can fire at multiple targets, meant it just went around murdering marines and scouts, and a razorback 

Best part of this game was, I tried out Szeras, and he used his lance and instant killed a librarian in terminator armour.

Both good games, both easy wins tho, I am once again ahead of the campaign, maybe I have finally worked out how to use Necrons!
In other news, I am selling my Imperial Guard and have agreed a price and they will be gone soon, I will buy a 3rd army, but only a small army that can ally with both Necrons and Space Wolves, this army will mainly be used as a allied force and will not contain anything bigger then a terminator, as I play to fit it all in a small GW carrying case, which used to belong to my Imperial Guards HQs... yes just HQ!  So I will gain so much room in my wardrobe for well... more gaming stuff :D
Anyway, Happy Gaming to all :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

40k More Games!

So got 2 more games in today at GW in thier campaign, the first game was against a Marine player.. nothing to write up here, never lost a model and well he never passed a save!

So I have 3 wins, but 2 wins allows you to go up to the next stage which is 500 points, so I found someone else who is also on 500 points and off we went!

He flooded the field with guardsmen, vets though and so had a lot of upgrades on them, I played 2 destroyers, a overlord and some immortals and warriors

Game ended with-

Both of us controlling a objective
Both slaying the warlord
But I got first blood!
So I win with 4 Warriors left on the field while he had 15ish vets, it was very close game, specially as my Immortals and Lord where cut down very early

But I bought my self some Tomb Blades and may use them next time I play, hopefully next week :)

Happy Gaming :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

40k: Necron Monolith painted! Well kind of.....

So I kind of painted my Necron Monolith I post up earlier, now dont forget I dont paint, and so it may look rubbish, but it will do me :)   So here it is!

I have not added the green rods and green door yet, but for now it shall do :) In till I get around to it :)

Happy Gaming :)

40K: Necron Monolith!

So, today I have a morning off work, (I have a poorly dog) but it is a good excuse to get some more painting done, so today's goal a Necron Monolith, I have 3 of these War machines, one is painted in my old scheme of red and silver, this one will be painted up with the new scheme of blue and well... silver! Updates in the next few days when its done :)

Its ready!

Happy Gaming :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Warhammer 40k Necron Kill Team

So my Necrons came out for a walk today! For some 200 point kill team action, here was my list

7 Immortals
6 Warriors

So won my first game against a new player (Troy, yay :D)  He used the shops 10 Dark Angel Marines, so Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon and a Plasma Pistol.
With all the Plasma lying around I was quite worried, but in the end, I came out with only losing 1 Warrior!

Second game was vs Imperial Guard (Alex) he used 10 geared up storm troopers, now this game didnt take long, his weapons needing 5's to wound really caused him problems and again I lost just 1 Warrior (The same one again)

Last game I had time for was against Chaos
Now he had 5 Marines and as many Cultists as he could field, which meant I didnt have enough fire power to put them all down, but I had a good go. It came down to the wire and it was drawn at the end, I had 2 Immortals and 2 Warriors left, he had 1 Chaos Marine and 4-5 Cultists, so it was close and could of swung either way

But I am glad I have been able to get back into 40k now

I also picked up the Escalation book, which is now completely legal along side the normal rulebook, and apparently GW might start putting super Heavies into the new codex's in the future, so I might have to get myself a Necron super heavy! The only problem is, the other player bet of brought enough anti tank weapons! :)

Anyway happy gaming :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Warhammer 40k, Arena battle

So today I was involved in a 600 point free for all, there were around 12 of us, and well it was deadly, I brought my Wolves and teams up with a Tau player and another Wolf player, and we lasted to right in till the end, I dropped out on about turn 8 as after playing for 6 hours and I had about 3 marines left, I left it to my allies.

But this is the first time I have played 40k in around 6-8 months, and it was a good way to get back into the game, friendly atmosphere with some random rule added in by the store manager (basically he blows stuff up randomly) and that kept the game moving very well.

Tomorrow I might play a game or two of kill teams, but this time I shall get my Necrons out, and give it a game if I get time :)

Happy Gaming

And here is a picture, again taken randomly from google :)

Space Wolf Marine with a Wolf, by Demewer