Thursday, 21 June 2012

Space Wolves!

So, I dont know how big a normal Chapter is (I guessing about 1000 marines, split into 10 companies) but I know Space Wolves are bigger, they may have their 12 companies but doesn't include, all the blood claws!
So I decided to get my Wolves out again, as they did really well for me last time, (I hope I can ally with guard in 6th ed)
but anyway here is what I currently have,

Logan Grimnar
Ulrik the Slayer
Njal Stormcaller
Ragnar Blackname
Canis Wolfborn
3 Wolf Priests (Different configurations)
3 Rune Priests (Different configurations
5 Wolf Lords (Different configurations

10 Scouts

1 Arjac Rockfist
26 Wolf Guard Terminators (Different configurations
27 Wolf Guard

3 Drednoughts
2 Venerable Drednoughts 

45 Grey Hunters (Different configurations
51 Blood Claws (Different configurations

4 Thunderwolves (Different configurations

10 Swift Claw Bikes (Different configurations
11 Skyclaws (Different configurations

1 Land Speeder with Assault cannons

Loads of Wolves

15 Long Fangs (Different configurations

4 Land Raiders, 2God hammers, 1 Redeemar, 1 Prometheus.


1 Predator ( All Lascannons)

1 Rhino

5 Drop Pods

And allies (If they can be used)

10 Sisters and Rhino
6000 points worth of Imperial Guard