Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Heroclix games

So I scrapping the Heroclix Weekly already as at moment not playing much 40k while campaign is over and  so will end up posting alot more about heroclix for a while!

So yesterday I enjoyed playing four games of Heroclix, winning all four.

Game 1-
All characters had to have the past keyword (300 points)

Good laugh, He had a annoying dinosaur thing that it took Red skull to take down (after he build the doomsday weapon) Was close in till the weapon was complete, and then his models didnt have enough power left to deal with skull.

Game 2-
500 points

Well a cosmic Hulk who I was expecting to do really well, didn't.. adam warlock was a star here, with his penetrating blast and perplex, which came in very handy in taking down the Hulk.

Game 3-
500 points of what ever we wanted..

So he got out a 400 point big green monster! But except Destiny not dying against it and Agent Coulson knocking a click off it, it didnt seem to do that well, specially when faced against the 255 AVM Hulk which was the man of the match.

Game 4-
1000 points

So he got out the big green thing and then a sentinel and apocalypse which came to 1000 points spot on, while I had weight of numbers on my side.. and that was a major factor in this win, as none of my models could stand up directly to one of these monsters, but Hollywood and the ice giants had a really good effect in this game, also Adam Warlock again proved his worth.

Overall I agree with his reckoning that these "bigger" models should be unaffected by outwit, as this was a major problem for him, as each of my teams had some sort of outwit somewhere, which helped beat down the big monsters.

Also I have been on Ebay and spent £12 on 12 models! These will make two themed teams (One will use the Magus I already have) So watch this space, as I am not telling you anything yet :P