Friday, 18 May 2012

Heroclix- Odin

So I going to talk about my heroclix on here aswell :D

Last night I played two games, both using the new 250 Odin! Here is my thought on him!

Good things-
Hard as Nails
Good high power and range
Good when got cheap models around him to protect him!

Bad things
Soon gets taken down by mass models
Not very good if left on his own!

I will be doing reviews on my games from now on (Proper ones) and starting from the end of June will be writing about the campaigns I will be involved in (end of every month)

Each campaign will have a different theme!

So could be a laugh :D

Also changing the name of the blog to show its not just 40k anymore!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Necrons Vs Guard

So a game vs a tank heavy Guard ( 4 chimeras, 2 Hell hounds, 4 Russes)

It was a close game to start with, he has to destroy the buildings to win, and with all his squads will Melta guns and bombs I thought he would do it, but after his infantry got out and stuck in close combat and tanks were slowly stunned in till destroyed, I ended up winning!

So not a bad result! But a good win :)

Best unit-
Warriors, fire power and close combat against guard = win

Worst Unit-
Destroyer Lord, did nothing all game, but to be honest not much for him to do as he came on, on the worst possible board edge (random reserves) 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Necrons vs Necrons

Yep, so my next game was against Necrons!
A more elite and smaller army he uses tho!

But, overall it came down to victory points, his bigger squads started taking a toll on my smaller units, overall it was close but I conceded on my turn 5, with no way of doing enough damage in 1 or 3 turns!

Overall good game!

Lessons Learnt-
Close combat kills Necrons
Need to use more teleporting and speed
Need more ap3 or better!

About it really!

Sorry about lack of updates, been at uni a lot lately, but now finished for the summer! (Yep nice 5 months off!!)