Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Warriors with elite weapons!

So I bought a box of warriors (yes I already have 110 before this box) 
But with a different goal, this box were going to use up spare bits!

So to start with, made four scarabs instead of three, 3 wounds mean three heads I reckon!

Two Lychguard, to boost my squad to 7, as 10 is to expensive to run, but 7 can cope quite well!

Then I made 10 of these! Yep 10 warriors with Immortal weapons! My second squad of Immortals is done (just very cheaply) Using the spare bits from my other immortals and death marks, it worked quite well, okay they are smaller then immortals but o well!

 Then my girlfriend helped me find some card stuff and we did this! If GW reckon I am paying £30 for a Doom scythe they can ...   Anyway, it will do, card, plus doomsday weapon from when I made my arks, I can make one more of these, just need the card! 

And while taking the pictures I had a helper, she tried to help anyway.

And thats it for now!