Sunday, 22 April 2012

Necrons vs Space Wolves

Sorry for lack of posts my internet has been up and down like a yo yo!

So a game against wolves!  *gulp*

As a Wolves player I know how nasty they can be.

And the game finished 2-1 on objectives to the Wolves, he had a entire drop pod army which meant it was easier for him to grap the objectives! Good game, though, was a draw on turn 5 but after that I was never going to hold on!

Quick post, as I trying to write this before my internet crashes again!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ghost Arks and Doomsday Ark

So I final finished making my 2 ghost ark and my doomsday ark, one of each are painted just 1 ghost ark to paint!

Will test them in a game soon hopefully, to give them a proper review!

Friday, 13 April 2012

500 Point Necron Lists

Right so I working on some 500 point Necron lists


No Armour value
No monstrous creatures
No Special Characters
Troops 1-3
Fast Attacks 0-1
No Heavy Support
3 by 3 tables (I think)

Well these were the rules I found from last time my club did a 500 point sunday games! So I thought I would stick to it for now!

So right lets see-

My first list, was a general list, nothing special just plain, simple and easy to use.

Necron Lord
Mind Shackle Scarabs
Sempiternal weave

10 Immortals

5 Destroyers

Simple enough, Lord takes combat with immortals, while shooting weakens the other player! Nice easy simple, but I reckon could be effective!

Second List is 500 points of close combatness!! Trying to get up close and personal!

Destroyer Lord

5 Warriors

5 Praetorians

3 Wraiths

Destroyer Lord with Praetorians, but basically a fast list designed to be in combat almost straight away, warriors are there for the one troops choice, but lay down a little amount of fire where it is needed!

So I quite like both lists, I really like the second one, but I reckon the first list would be more effective!

Any comments?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Current campaign Table!

So I keep showing whats happening in my games!
And so here is the table so far (3 points for a win)

(Also sorry, I dont know why it is going funny)

25:Grey Knights.-I lost to these
19. Dark Elder -I lost to these
18: Eldar -Have not played
18. Luke Townsend.(Necrons)- MEEEEE
17: Space Marines-Havnt played
9: Sisters -Havnt played
9. Space Wolves- Havnt played (this is next game)
9.Necrons-- Havnt played
7: Imperial Guard - I won

7. Grey Knights - I won
5: Dark Eldar- I Havnt played
5. Imperial Guard- Havnt played
5. Tau- I won
4: Tau(My brother)- I won
3: Chaos Marines- I won
1: Space Marines- I won

So I still got some tough games to play, I am hopefully still pushing for second, but I reckon 3rd would be good as its my first run out with the New Necrons!
Original Goal-5th or better-I should at least finish 4th now (hopefully anyway)

Necrons Vs Marines 1750

So up against Marines this time in meat grinder!

So I was defending, meaning he has to wipe me out to the man! If I have one guy left I win! So this was one I should never lose...

My main goal was to kill everything that wasn't a infantry troop choice, as his troops come back on any of 3 table edges!
And I did this easier then I thought! And I was surprised to find I had only lost about 700 points of models! So a win for me, to keep in the race for second place, I don't think anyone is going to catch the run away leader now!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fast Necron 1500 points

Command Barge 

Command Barge 

10 Warriors
Ghost Ark 
10 Warriors
Ghost Ark 

5 Immortals 

3 Heavy Destroyers 

Doomsday Ark 



So a fast moving Necron list, I would like some scarabs in there, but I cant fit them in!
For 1500 I think it has enough armour and speed to be in the other player lines very quickly!
Command barges move 24inchs and get a 4+ save and annoy the other player while the rest moves up! And the monolith will deepstrike in!
Immortals will hold a objective or teleport though the monolith!

Necron Tactic Idea

So I am going to write up a fast Necron List, using all the annoyingness we have got! Should be interesting fast and it will work or fail! but which ever would be a laugh! I will write it up later though!
But main idea is the other player shooting stuff which is in his lines straight away and then slower stuff and walk up mostly untouched! Will show list later!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Kroot 500 points (Using Ork Codex)

I very tempted to scrap Kroot altogether and just go Orks! Some lovely things in this Ork codex.. but staying with kroot atmo!
So here is two 500 point lists!

List 1

Power Klaw

14 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

14 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

20 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaws

List 2

Weirdboy (just for lols)

15 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

15 Boyz
1 Nob
Power Klaw

5 Flash Gitz
More Dakka
Ammo runt

So which list do you think is better?

Necrons Vs Grey Nights!

So I came up against the second Grey Knight player of the campaign with a interesting mission!

Basically I had to destroy his safe house which was one of 14 ruins on the field (armour 12)
So a win by turn 4, my scarabs ate almost all the buildings on the field and my Destroyer Lord helped to!
Overall I basically ignored him unless he got to close, a dread knight got close.. destroyer lord with mind shackle!
Squads got close, my immortals with a Lord took them out squad by squad so over all, I just went for the buildings and got them in the end!

Man of Match-
Scarabs, buildings don't move so 25 attacks on a building when charging in = blown up building!

Worst of the Match-
Hard to say as everyone of my units did something.. errr dont think I had one to be honest. every unit did what I planned for it!

Right will be some Kroot (Ork) lists up later if I remember! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New GW Super Glue!

Well it still sucks lol!

Just finished repairing some Old Necron Wraiths yesterday and took hours before it actually stuck!
I just plan to stay away from metal and resin as much as possible tbh! But o well they repaired now!
And what's up with how expensive it is? you get a tiny bit and that's it! How rubbish!  Back to Revell Glue for me!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So intill I can look through the codex, here is my current ideas! To give a idea on what I am thinking!

Ghazghkual – A special character (maybe a special master shaper

Warboss- master shaper

Nobz- shaper council

Boys- carnivores (lead by shapers)

Gretchin –hounds

Storm boyz - Vultures

Ork Cannon/zap gun, Lobba- Krootox

Kommandos –Stalker Kindred

Should give me a competitive list in there somewhere!

Dont forget tho I will only be looking at 750-1000 to start with!

Also started a new label! Kroot!

Idea! Kroot Idea!

So basically I am going ahead with doing the Kroot army!
But the 3rd ed codex is soo boring and old and so I thought of a idea!

Basically a all infantry Ork list was my first idea!
You may be thinking what this has to do with kroot, but this idea has been taken from other peoples own ideas and works!

Basically I have
A Master Shaper using the rules for a leader in the book
And basic kroot carnivores becoming ork sluggas (or what ever they are called)
And maybe squad shapers are nobs leading the squads?
Also krootox using the rules for heavier orks like the lootas (I think that is what they are called)
And so on, (winged kroot for jump packs)

So basically a Ork list but made with kroot? I think this would work better and its legal, as it is using a proper codex (or so I have been told)
As long as I only use the Ork rules and the other player knows what the kroot represent it shouldn't be a problem!
So staying away from armour or anything I cant make from a kroot (so basically only using mass infantry with some other bits!)

Good idea? I have seen other people do the same thng except with Guard and Dark Eldar, but I think orks would work best!

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Kroot Project!

So I back from a great holiday with my girlfriend!
And back with a new idea!
So after one more ghost ark to make and paint, I am going to start a summer project!

750 points of kroots! Using the old 3rd edition codex!! No idea what I am going to use yet!
But will be a laugh!

Master shaper and lots of squads I think with meltabombs lol! I like the look of the snipers and the flying kroot for a laugh! But will keep you updated! Wont start it yet, but you may see some list ideas or random bits!