Thursday, 15 July 2010

Win vs Chaos!

Well a last turn plasma shot won me it!

It blow up a rhino that was going to draw it sooo! I won! mind you he had nothing except 4 marines left... I only lost 4 marines, 1 vindi, and a pred so not bad!
Thunder wolves won me it taking down a entire squad in one turn before finishing off another one!

One game left of the LGS league and its in 5-6 weeks time!

So blog might die a bit for a while!

O well Greece for me in 2 weeks aswell :)

Also I love my girlfriend loads <3

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Wolves do well again!

Yep so I beat the mainres on thusday!

The problem for him was that he picked he objective we had to find up on first turn... meaning I knew where my 5 Drop Pods are going :D I think if he didnt find it so quick my ary would have been more spread out!

But over all! Solid Victory!

Next up Chaos! I look forward to this one *evil grin*