Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to Prepare for 6th meta game!

As all the cheesy people are already finding ways of breaking the game its time to boost up the competitiveness of my main army! The Necrons!

So been into a GW today, to first of moan about my rulebook...which hasn't arrived! So they say sorry blah blah and sending it by express to be at mine for tomorrow. Something to do with the warehouse having no idea about the order....
So I also picked up the power cards for 40k while there is still some stock!

Right now my Necrons have been having a lick of paint lately! Just finished 10 warriors, 7 Lychguard and Trazyn the Infinite!

So I boosted the lines with 3 new models!

Illuninor Szeras!
100 points? For a good stat line and some nice little special rules! Yes please!

But the two main purchases was to boost the competitiveness of my Necrons...
One Night Scythe and..
Doom Scythe!
Okay they are the same box, but I bought two boxes so I can make one of each!!

Intill everyone and their grandparents get anti air weapons, they should do quite well!